Better Sharegroups, new Pro logo, bug fixes

Sharegroups v2.0

Sharegroups got a makeover and a new privacy feature so your guests can feel more at ease. You can now protect your Sharegroups with a viewing password, and you can opt to let that password unlock all the galleries within it, too.

Creating Sharegroups

Keep in mind that if you expect to get multiple people viewing the Sharegroup and need to limit certain folks to certain galleries, you may want to ignore this option.

Try it yourself! Start from your Control Panel > Customize tab. And here’s our updated help page.

Create your own Sharegroups

New. Blue.

A lot of you asked what’s up with that catchy blue SmugMug Pro logo that we displayed at trade shows and on our fliers. The time has come to put it to work on our site. If you’re browsing a Pro site, you’ll see it show up instead of our standard green logo in our header.

New SmugMug Pro logo

Show on the go: Mobile site improvements

We already started making our mobile site better, and this week we’ve done even more to make sure your fans get a sweet experience – even if they’re not at their desk.

When your SmugMug site is viewed for the first time, your guests will notice a new sleek banner at the top with a prompt to switch to the lightweight mobile version. Don’t like it? Power and Pro members can hide this prompt by adding the following CSS to their Advanced Customization:

#mobileSiteBar { display: none; }

You and your visitors can still use the mobile site by going directly to the (or link.

SmugMug mobile site

The gallery view should load much faster because we now use your existing Thumbnail images. Pick one to view the single photo, and then touch the arrows in the bottom corners to step forward or back. Tap the image to see it bigger. Enjoy!

Gallery thumbnails:

Last week, we remodeled some behind-the-scenes stuff that caused category and subcategory thumbnails to behave a bit differently. A lot of you wrote in asking about this and we heard you! We rolled things back to the way they were:

  • Categories respect any featured photos that you’ve chosen in your galleries. Also, if you don’t have a featured photo set, we’ll pick one from the first gallery in the category.
  • If you had passworded galleries in a category or subcategory, we show the gray lock icon rather than the not-entirely-accurate “Empty gallery” image.
  • Changing a featured photo will refresh and display when the gallery thumbnail appears on your homepage.

And because we’ve been busy bees, here are this week’s bug fixes:

  • If you were trying to edit a gallery title or description from a Category/Subcategory page and had trouble, try it again. All should be well.
  • Pros can again use the little arrows to navigate between images when cropping photos in Proof Delay.
  • Galleries containing just collected photos had trouble displaying thumbnails when setting prices in bulk. No more.
  • If you don’t have any photos yet on your site, we properly display the “No galleries found” message rather than a lonely blank page.
  • Arranging galleries in your custom Category should not only save, but redirect you back to the proper category view.
  • You can enter your username and password on the login page and hit the enter/return key to submit it. This sometimes failed in the past when you were using IE. Of course, you can always use your mouse to just click on the “Login” button.
  • We made a few minor improvements to our bulk Collect Photos page, since some things weren’t aligned as nicely as we liked.
  • IE users can again view galleries with single and double quotes in the title.
  • When applicable, clicking a collected image’s “Photo by” link takes you back to the custom (and not the SmugMug) domain.
  • You can once again view popular photos  from all of the categories from our Browse page, even if there’s a space in the name.
  • Go ahead and put a plus sign (+) in your gallery description field. We can take it! (again)

All the best,

The SmugMug Family

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10 thoughts on “Better Sharegroups, new Pro logo, bug fixes”

  1. Mobile Fixes are a step backwards on the iPhone, in my opinion

    1. The scrolling feature of the previous ‘version’ was much more user friendly, and displayed a larger image without the need to click on a thumbnail.

    2. The largest size now displayed, without ‘exiting’ app, is smaller than it used to be because space is used for the back and forward buttons.

    However thank you for fixing the behavior with regards to the back button when a larger version, outside the app, is displayed.

    Personally I would have just left everything alone and fixed the back issue with the larger image display.

  2. Great updates, as usual! Just interested as to why the new ProLogo hasn’t made it’s way to the shopping cart? I hate that green Smugmug

  3. Nice addition to the Sharegroup function!

    I don’t like the green either, but the blue – wow, it really pops on the screen.🙂

  4. James :

    So the whole SmugMugPro build up is just a logo with blue in it?….

    Hi James, no certainly not🙂 It started in Jan 2009 with the addition of Bay Photo as our Pro Lab. Then we added new SEO for pros, pro branding in the shopping cart (more to come), coupons, packages, event marketing, easy customizer, and more. And we’re not finished adding pro features, either.

  5. As I discovered by accident on my Droid, photos that are protected from right-click downloading on a PC website can be downloaded at will from a mobile site. Andy Williams suggested current actions could be to turn off the mobile site and make sure your photos are watermarked. I pushed for a better, more reasonable solution – one that should be almost trivial to implement – simply give us the ability to totally nix downloads as a gallery option. ‘Seems like SM should be able to control what they push out the door!.

  6. I would like to see the merchandize set up upgraded. Maybe a separate tab with actual pictures of what the merchandize looks like. It is buried and people have a hard time finding it. It definitely needs photos; people want to see what they are getting.

  7. I would love to have a simple way for my clients to order prints via this application. I would so quickly get an ipad and have clients order prints on location or even at a viewing session. Basically a wireless, touchscreen online printing lab, now that’s powerful stuff. Please please please look into a way for clients to utliize our smugmug account on our ipad.

  8. Please remove the smugmug branding from the shopping cart!!! I am looking at leaving smugmug because of that terrible logo that confuses customers and makes me look unprofessional!

  9. I have to agree with Michael Strong. I was out viewing my site as a visitor would and the shopping cart shoul dno thave the
    Photo Hosting Login Help or that SMUGMUG PRO logo. If we are paying 150.00 for the service I think the shopping cart should be 100% our branding – NOT SMUGMUG’s. It is confusing and really should not be present for PRO’s.

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