Homepage Meta Keywords, Auto Refresh for Galleries, bug fixes

This week we’ve got a little something for everyone.

SEO: Use your Meta, Part II

Lots of you have asked us why you couldn’t enter meta keywords, so here’s your chance! Log in, visit your Control Panel‘s Settings tab and look at the Search Engine Settings and Optimizations line (formerly just “SEO”). Under the Homepage Meta Description box is a new Homepage Meta Keywords area. Fill that in so search engines may easily classify your site.

Look here for the full deets on how to use all of our powerful SEO tools.

Gallery Refresher

Refresh, refresh, refresh... Eager Smuggers may be used to hitting that button on their browser after uploading, just to catch their photos as they morph from “Processing” to finished thumbs.

Now, upload a few photos and sit back. We made your galleries proactive, so they automatically refresh as the images populate it. Save your clicking for something else!

Try it on any gallery that uses our SmugMug viewing style. We’ll update the others as soon as we can.

Bug Fixes:

  • We fixed the shopping cart for photos bought from hidden galleries. Now if someone buys from you and the gallery is set to Hide Owner, we won’t reveal your nickname in the image link.
  • Designating a feature photo from a Journal-style gallery will feature it without popping open the Lightbox.

Have a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend,

The SmugMug Family

Google Analytics, New Upload Button and bug fixes

We’ve got a few goodies to share with you this week:

Google Analytics for All

In the old days, getting Google to track your website’s stats required Advanced Customization and was only available for Power Users and Pros. Those days are over.

Google Analytics reports

Check your Control Panel and see a brand new box in your Settings tab. Drop your Google-provided Web Property ID in that box and boom! You’re ready to go.

You’ll still need to open a Google Analytics profile for your site but they’ll provide you with that number, which starts with a “UA” and contains dashes and several digits.

Lots of you may be asking, “Great! Can I switch?” Of course, but just remember to remove your old footer code first.

Button Swap

Since so many Smuggers put more than just photos into their galleries, we swapped our “Add Photos” button for one stamped with a classic, familiar “Upload.” No matter what it says, remember that it’s your starting point when you have photos, movies, or files to move in to your galleries.

Upload files

Three bug fixes:

  • Switching off Photoranking in the gallery settings should now instantly remove your photos from the Popular Photos box. No more jiggling required.
  • The watermarking Fade slider was being a bit slippery if you  were using Safari. Use it again…without the little green button running away.
  • Tweak for Pros: We now accept dashes ( – ) in your account number if your bank’s format contains them. If you want to check or change this, your Tax & Payment info is found in your Control Panel’s Pros tab. All about reporting.

Happy Analyzing and uploading!

All the best,

The SmugMug family

Thank You Prints, Stickers, Event Marketing and bug fixes

While we were releasing batch after batch of bug fixes and tweaks, we also had a few secrets up our sleeves. It’s time to unveil a groundbreaking new feature for our Pro Smuggers: custom Thank You Prints and Stickers.

Order Branding: Your logo from start to finish.

You’ve had the ability to brand your shopping cart, but we dialed this feature up to eleven. Design your own thank you notes that get included with your print orders and put custom stickers on the outside of the shipping box.  Sound cool? It is.

Getting mail never looked so good.

Enable your Thank You Prints and Stickers for just $1 per order. Turn them on in your Control Panel > Pros tab and fine-tune them in your gallery settings, under Printing. You can also use either lab:

  • EZ Prints: They’ll add a Thank You Print to any order that contains prints, and add Stickers to any order that contains merchandise. You can also put a custom Sender Name on the return label so your customers know who the shipment is from.
  • Bay Photo: Get Thank You Prints and/or stickers added to any order, any time.

We hope you and your customers are as ecstatic as we are.  Look here for the full details and feel free to let us know what you think about these great new additions.  Want to talk about it, ask questions, show off your branding?   Head over to Dgrin.

Current Events

You’ll notice that our Events feature also got a few improvements:

  • Just like the rest of your site, Events are now NiceName compatible. This means we’ll make a friendly URL from your Event name, so your guests can remember the links easily. But you can always adjust it if you wish.
  • Events (and Sharegroups) are unlisted by default, so your private galleries aren’t revealed even if you forget to click that button during setup. Don’t forget that this means the URL will have a code of letters and numbers at the end of the NiceName; include that when you copy the link. Of course, you can leave your Event public  to get the simplest URL.
  • You can also arrange galleries in your Event, so click the new Arrange mode checkbox and drag your thumbnails get organized.
  • Sharing your Event just got a bit more powerful, too. Enter multiple email addresses in the Participant email field and separate them with a comma.
  • We’ve also given you Macros so you can easily copy and paste terms into your messages and ensure that you get the information right — regardless of how many guests you’re emailing in a go.
  • Have you revised our default share message and love what you wrote? Save it as a Template and use it again and again when emailing guests from that Event.

All this information has been added to our help page here. We’ve got even more exciting improvements in the works for this feature, so don’t be shy if you’ve got feedback for us.

The Bug Fix

Some of you wrote to us because you were having stubborn items not staying put when shopping. We’ve made a change to our cart so adding items should work across all browsers, especially if the site has set a custom domain.

That’s it from us this week. Enjoy your new features and we’ll see you next time!

All the best,

The SmugMug Family