Photo Cards are back

We’ve been getting emails from lots of you asking about cards for the holiday season. So, we’ve updated our custom card creator so it works better and faster, especially if your site has a custom domain or if your galleries are locked down. There’s no time like the present to start planning your greets… or just send a hello using your favorite pics.

If you’re a Pro who sells cards from hidden galleries, rest assured that we won’t reveal your site when your clients add them to the cart.

Remember that we’ve got tons of gorgeous templates waiting to frame your images, or you can whip up your own card designs from scratch. Pros can price them and let their clients customize to their hearts’ content. Who doesn’t love mail? Get greeting!

All the best,

The SmugMug Family

Quick Share improvements

Thanks for all the feedback you Smuggers have been sending us on the Quick Share feature. This week we’re making a few changes to make it even better:

  • Tweet and Like buttons should now post links for the photo you pick in Popular and Keyword galleries (not the whole gallery).
  • Say it all: Quick Share buttons won’t squish your captions to one side in Journal style.
  • We’ve updated the Quick Share permissions for collected photos. They’ll heed the privacy and sharing options set on the original gallery.
  • We fixed a bug in Quick Sharing for Facebook: When there’s a 2nd link in the ‘like’ post on your wall, it now directs properly to your homepage, not, erem…. ours.
  • You’ll now see fresh new phrases when you hit that Tweet button.

Finally… We fixed a small Stats bug that was hiding the current day’s hits if your date range started before July 3rd.

Happy Sharing,

The SmugMug Family

Lightroom 3 and SmugMug

SmugMug and Lightroom: Friends Forever

It’s a match made in heaven: Lightroom 3 lovers downloading the latest Adobe update will see a familiar face under Publish Services:

Don’t see it yet? Click Lightroom’s Help > Check for Updates... to get the latest version.

Now it’s easier than ever to import, organize, edit and publish your photos… all from one place. Got questions? We’ve got answers.

If you’re a Lightroom buff looking for a place to park your pics, you’re in luck. Set up your SmugMug account right through Lightroom’s Publishing Manager, and we’ll hook you up with a sweet trial account. It’s free for 14 days… and you automatically get 20% off your first year.

As always, let us know what you think. We’ve got our eyes and ears on this Dgrin thread, so don’t be shy.


‘Til next time,

The SmugMug Family