Bulk Downloads, Cart Update, Bug Fixes

Filenames and Custom Domain for Bulk Downloads

As soon as we added bulk downloads to the site a few weeks ago, you asked for two more things: use original filenames as part of the downloaded filename, and your custom domain in the download url. Today, we added both! Thanks for the feedback, everyone!

Shopping Cart Update


Are you a Pro? We updated the ‘buy multiple photos’ page to use your personal branding, and to show SmugMug’s mini-footer instead of our full footer. We also updated the footer in the main shopping cart to use only the mini-footer when photos are bought from Pro sites.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where videos playing in full screen had a frame-grab of the video as a background instead of the normal black background.
  • Packages with cards in them now show an error when the image being used to fill the package does not meet the size requirements.


The SmugMug Family

A Whole Lotta Bug Fixes

The Smuggy never sleeps. We’ve got a slew of fixes and improvements to share with you this week.

And now, here’s a few bug fixes you may notice:

  • We fixed a bug that was letting images be ordered as 4×8 or 5×7 cards even if they didn’t fit our dimension requirements. (Review them here!) And speaking of cards, you’ll find that they’re no longer buried under our other print items: Cards have their own tab in the shopping cart.

  • Our in-gallery cropping tool returns you to the photo you had selected, rather than zipping you to back to the beginning.
  • Pros rejoice: Bulk replacing photos in Proof Delay work properly again.
  • We better understand and parse your photos’ EXIF data, so everything you expect should show up when you view the file info.
  • We fixed your Smart Galleries‘ exclusion options. So go ahead and mix up your Smart Gallery rules and be sure you get exactly the photos you want.
  • Referral credits once again apply towards the Gift of SmugMug, so go help out your favorite photographer-in-need.
  • You already know about our great Be Social feature that lets you pick the thumbnail you want for Facebook. If you prefer to just copy the gallery link and post it right on your wall, it should read the correct image from the start.
  • We’ll let you pick the type of subscription on our new signup page (monthly or annual payments), so you’ll be sure to get the plan that works best for you . We also rearranged the login page a bit so you can more easily link your account to Facebook… or not.

Have a safe, wonderful, photo-filled weekend!

The Team at SmugMug

An Outdoor Photographer

As summer draws to a close, most of us are ready to stay indoors in the warmth. For others, the changing seasons mean getting out and catching the best of nature’s offerings.

Brian Grossenbacher expertly captures the wild, breathtaking experience of the hunt in his beautiful, journalistic photographs:

Get a feel for the outdoors in his other galleries here.

24 Very Megabytes

Oh, just one more change that we snuck in this week:

  • All Smuggers can now upload photos up to 24 MB apiece.

Ya’ll asked. Ya’ll get.

Gone are the days of itty-bitty point-and-shoot pics. Technology moves fast and now you can upload straight from your cams. Keep them in JPG, PNG or GIF formats and you’re good to go.

Here’s to making (big) beautiful pictures together,

The SmugMug Family

Bulk Gallery Downloads, New Trial, Monthly Subscriptions, PhotoFusion tour and bug fixes

Although things got quiet on the outside, the SmugElves have been feverishly busy since we posted last. We hope you love the goodies we’re shipping tonight.

Backups: Bulk Owner Save for Galleries

Yeah, you heard that right. One of the most-requested features we’ve gotten was for Smuggers to be able to zip up and download whole galleries… without using a third party application.

That time has come! Find it in your gallery Tools menu, under Download All. They work similarly to the bulk order downloads we recently debuted.

  • Everything in the gallery will be zipped up: photos, videos, SmugVault files and collected photos if you own them, too.
  • We’ll send you an email containing a link to the zip file. It’s good for two weeks, but if you don’t get to it in time, just go back to the gallery and request a new one.
  • Files 200 MB and larger may follow along in separate emails, so keep your eyes peeled.

You can use this feature to make backups of your own work. Pros might love it to burn CDs of photo shoots for their clients. Just remember that the zip file is not locked with a password and can be opened by anyone who gets the link. Be aware when you share!  Read all about it here.

Got Questions? We’ve got answers.

New Trial for New Smuggers

We’ve been polishing up our signup process so that it matches our recently-updated homepage. Now, all trial accounts will launch at the Pro level to give folks a chance to test drive the full range of our features.

We also renamed our Standard accounts Basic accounts, while we were already in there making changes.

After your trial is over you’ll see the subscription signup process is a lot friendlier, giving newbies the chance to review what features they used and base their decision on their needs.

You can also sign up using your Facebook login info if you like to keep things simple. Existing SmugMuggers can link their account to their Facebook ID, so look here for more info. The catch: Right now, all third party applications like MacDaddy, Lightroom, Star Explorer, etc will require you to use your SmugMug login credentials.

Go ahead and tell your friends about us so they can witness the awesomeness on their own. Or start a new trial yourself… just to see.

Monthly Subscriptions

Over the years we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people who wanted to be Smug but didn’t want to renew their account in one lump sum. We heard ya.

Sign up in small chunks and we’ll bill you on a month-by-month basis. We won’t bug you with renewals unless we sense something’s funky with your account, or if you’ve piled up enough referral credits to get your next month for free.

Burning answers to burning questions:

  • Discount coupons will be distributed across the first 12 payments (your first year).
  • Referral credits will apply to your total, any excess rolling over to the following month’s renewal.
  • You can’t yet switch between annual and monthly renewals. But stay tuned!

If you need more details, our account billing page has been updated with this shiny new info.

Who is SmugMug?

If you’ve ever wondered who we are and what we’re about, maybe this will help:

Award-winning videographer Anton Lorimer put this incredible piece together to give you a behind-the-scenes look at us, our mission and how we roll.

View it (and share it) from our updated Pro marketing page. Enjoy! We sure did.

HD PhotoFusion Seminars

Great news for all of you aspiring HD videographers: Our friends at PhotoFusion Revolution are touring North America until November. Catch a seminar in your city and learn effective photo and video editing techniques to push your skills to the cutting edge. Their live demos will help you shape your next project from camera to client.

Use the code SMGMGM to get $15 off the regular admission price. Hurry up… They won’t be in town for long!

Visit their site for previews, examples, tour dates and lots more.

Bug fixes

  • We strengthened our Stats a bit by making sure that we don’t remove hit counts when you delete images. They’re still valid numbers. We also cleaned up the interface so only the galleries that registered hits for the date range will show.
  • We squished a card creator bug so you can always browse other photos in the gallery and use them in your cards. Design away!
  • For our holiday early birds, we’ve got 2010-dated holiday cards now for this holiday season. Check ’em out in the card builder now.
  • By popular demand, our slideshow viewing style now has a transparent background so you can stretch your browser as large as you like.
  • You can create new galleries without hiccups or holdups. Pros with lots of priced galleries were seeing some slowness there before.
  • Watch the messages in your upload log. They should be clearer so you know why your files did or didn’t show up.

That’s it for now. As always, our ears are perked for your thoughts, feedback and suggestions.

All the best,

The SmugMug Family