24 Very Megabytes

Oh, just one more change that we snuck in this week:

  • All Smuggers can now upload photos up to 24 MB apiece.

Ya’ll asked. Ya’ll get.

Gone are the days of itty-bitty point-and-shoot pics. Technology moves fast and now you can upload straight from your cams. Keep them in JPG, PNG or GIF formats and you’re good to go.

Here’s to making (big) beautiful pictures together,

The SmugMug Family

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

11 thoughts on “24 Very Megabytes”

  1. huge thanks from both me and my 5DMkii ! shoot in raw and i’m looking forward to leaving my jpeg export at 90% without bumping into the limit. Thanks!!!

    1. Andy, for the remaining file size discussions. Simply edit your business rules to only focus on maximum megapixel size and ignore file size. I think the max size for pros is 41MegaPixles.

      Well just make the limit 41MP. That will even allow the new Pentax D645 @ 40MP to upload unrestricted and possibly the next version of the D3X to upload with no issues requiring another edit to your business rules on the backend.

      Not to mention you’d also serve some other medium format customers that are locked out due to size restrictions.

      1. Hello – This is Bob Cain via my twitter account..,
        Now that the Nikon D800’s mainstream DSLR is @ 36MP can you eliminate the size restriction and only focus on MegaPixel limit.

        Here is a sample photo off the Nikon website that is 36MB (under your MP limit) however is OVER your file size limit of 24Megabytes.

        This file is 29Megabytes in size.


  2. Andy Williams :

    Johnny :
    This is great but i wish it was increased for pro users

    Hi Johnny, if you need help with your workflow, let me know. I shoot with 21MP cameras, professionally – and never need more than 24Mb files. I’m happy to assist, just write me, ATTN: Andy, http://smugmug.com/help/emailreal

    Hey Andy,

    I wish as well that you would increase the limits for pro useres. I occassionally do panorama images which are way more than 24 mb.



  3. “Gone are the days of itty-bitty point-and-shoot pics.”

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: 24MB is an itty-bitty point and shoot pic. That’s nothing. A stitched panorama can easily exceed 24 MB (try stitching 6-10 images together, and you’re approaching the size of a 16-bit medium format image).

    Or take a 4×5 and drum scan it. Now you’re looking at an image of up to 1 GB in 16-bit color. The current file limits require downsizing that to 1% of its original resolution and removing a large portion of the color detail, and on top of that, compressing it using a lossy codec.

    The result? Smug just doesn’t cut it for fine art printing. That’s why I stopped using Smug for print fulfillment, and now use it only for the online galleries and unlimited number of files.

    Of course, uploading a gallery full of 1 GB images isn’t very practical, so a better solution is probably to support custom order fulfillment, using the puny 24MB images as proxies instead of printing those tiny images themselves.

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