New Pro Feature: Boutique Packaging

Save yourself the paper cuts and let us gift wrap your orders. Boutique Packaging is here!

Specify a minimum dollar amount and we’ll place qualifying orders into a beautiful, sturdy gift box or folder. Prints fulfilled through Bay Photo will get an additional gold paper ribbon adorning it all. Perfect.

Boutique Packaging costs just $7 a pop. Orders containing prints from both Bay Photo and EZ Prints are $7 per lab. Like coupons and order branding, we’ll deduct this from your profits or bill the card you have on file.

We’ll wrap all prints, ThinWraps and MetalPrints up to 11×14 in size. Enable it in your Control Panel and use your Gallery Settings to determine which photos get pampered. We’ll take it from there.

Need to change something? Be sure all of your galleries are safeguarded with Proof Delay so you can review your orders. With this feature you can add or remove Boutique Packaging from any qualifying order that’s been placed with 3-5 Day shipping (or faster). This is a super-simple way to be sure you’ll wow your customers… even if they buy from galleries where Boutique Packaging wasn’t set

Finally, Boutique Packaging applies to single-Pro orders, only. If your customers buy from more than one photographer, our regular packaging and shipping options will apply.

Get all the details on our help page here. Try it now and let us know what you think!

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

48 thoughts on “New Pro Feature: Boutique Packaging”

  1. Looks nice – might have to consider if I want to burn up some of my profits on this – but like having the option avaialbe for sure.

    1. Michael,

      think of it this way … your profits from Smug aren’t profits until the check comes. People will spread the word, by word of mouth, and the return on the investment will be humongous! raise your prices by 7% and it covers the cost of the packaging as long as they order $100 or more.

    1. Hi, the colors are as we state in our help page – beautiful brown boxes with cream tissue paper and gold ribbons from Bay, and black boxes with white tissue paper from EZP. Thanks!

    2. This is a limitation from the respective labs. I use Bay a lot outside of SmugMug and the brown packaging looks nice – but choices would be nicer. As a pro, it’s important to me to have my work presented in a professional manner. Set yourself apart. Beats wearing a tie… Andy, it would be nice if we could automate adding one or more user-defined non-print “products” (such as packaging charges) charge to orders rather than changing our price lists. Maybe a 2012 feature?

    1. Hi Leighton, no, not at this time – only you can set it, for your galleries. The other option of course is to be sure your your galleries are set for proof delay, then you can simply click a link in your proof delay screen, to add boutique packaging to an order (for $7) to wow a customer🙂

  2. Great options to have for sure, especially for the up-coming holidays!

    Aside from the new service, one thing that has been on my mind is…can the photo labs do drop ship to our customers w/our business name/address on the package as well whenever a purchase is made from our site, that would be great branding and truly personalized service imho. Thanks!

  3. By “a pop” do you mean per item, or per order? If a client ordered a ginormous amount of prints, etc., would it be $7 for the entire order?

  4. Lucky me, brown is one of my brand colors!!! This is perfect since I’m about to roll out my new logo, redesign my site, and add cards and stickers to my packaging…and increase my prices to pay for it!

    Thanks Smugmug, for using my color scheme LOL!

  5. Awesome. I was just going to order boxes because I love the quality of the prints from Bay Photo over WHCC but they didnt offer the box option. Now they do Yippie!!!

  6. Not sure why it’s can be just added to the S&H charges that is paid upon checkout. I use this with my other pro labs and it is much more straight forward.

  7. Every time I get around to thinking about something I find it here. Now just add the ipad magic order button and I will think you guys are even cooler than you are now🙂.

  8. I love the boxes but the ribbons are ugly. I would not present to my customers. sorry but to be honest I prefer Mpix’s boutique packaging. much more elegant. still love smugmug for everything else

  9. “Our regular packaging and shipping options will apply when your clients buy from more than one Pro.

    Boutique Packaging requires 3-5 Business Day shipping (or faster) so if it’s enabled, your clients won’t see the 6-10 Business Day option when they check out. Shipping details.

    You can turn on Boutique Packaging during the proofing period only if your client chose 3-5 Business Day shipping (or faster) in the shopping cart.

    Gotcha: Boutique Packaging applies only to logged-out, Pro-priced orders on which you earn profits.”

    Above is pasted from your website. I am wondering why I was charged for boutique packaging on an order that I did not earn profits? (Order had a coupon code for at cost) Not a big deal but I ended up losing money on the order which I did not anticipate because of the previous web post. Thanks for help on this!

  10. I like this idea.

    I’ve been using SMGMG for years and really been enjoying your recent updates/upgrades for what we sell.

    Thanks, D.

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