Bug Fix Finale

We just shipped a few bug fixes before 2010 shuts the door:

  • Generous gift-givers can enter line breaks in the custom message box without causing hiccups with the Seal the Deal button.
  • Some digital-download-only orders were being being charged for order branding (stickers and thank you prints). Obviously, we won’t do this anymore.
  • Arranging galleries should “stick” when you save ’em. Some folks were telling us that it was being stubborn.

We wish all of you a safe and happy New Year! See you on the flip side with lots of great new things to come.

Here’s to sharing great pictures together,

The SmugMug Family

Refugees Welcome

Feeling nervous lately? We understand.

If you or anyone you know is shopping around for an alternative solution, our door is always open. As always, SmugMug understands how important your memories are. Isn’t that why you bought that expensive camera?

It’s our priority to make your photos feel as safe in their galleries as you are in your home. Give us a try for two full weeks with our completely free trial account. No credit card required. You can slurp in all your photos with this easy Firefox plug-in and find out if we’re a good fit.

If you love us, use the code flickr to save 20% off your first year (expires March 1st, 2011). No risk, no guilt. Advertisements and annoyances sold separately. (Our features list)

my gosh I love Smugmug.com. it's like if Flickr had kept evolving all this time.
my gosh I love Smugmug.com. it's like if Flickr had kept evolving all this time.

We hope that you’ll agree with our fans: SmugMug is a great place to stuff your pics!

Here’s to getting peace of mind together,

The SmugMug Family

SmugMug + Facebook = SmugmugTab

Face it: Everyone who’s anyone has a fan page for their photo site.

Make yours look better and be sure that it stays updated whenever you add fresh photos to your SmugMug account. Our generous friends over at Tabfusion gave us (and you) a simple app to funnel in your whole SmugMug site in just a few clicks. It’s called SmugmugTab and here’s how it’s done:

First, grab it from their Facebook page right here. Once you’ve authorized connection to your SmugMug account, you can join the two on the Pages tab:

The visit their homepage here and click Add to my Page:

Bingo! You’re all set to wow your fans with every pixel you’ve got. Your entire SmugMug site will appear under the Portfolio tab:

Clicking the Enter link at the bottom will really blow them away. Your viewers can browse through your public, non-locked galleries and view pics big… or they can View on SmugMug to visit your site:

The first 10,000 Smuggers to try out this app get free VIP benefits. SmugmugTab is normally just $10/year or $20 for three years, but as a VIP your fan page can be beautifully Smug for a full year… for free. Best of all, folks don’t have to leave Facebook to view every photo (and video) on your site.

If you’d like to poke around a bit more and tweak your settings, just click the green and black “SmugmugTab” icon on your Facebook sidebar and click through the different options.

Happy holidays from all of us, and thanks to Tabfusion for the awesome gift!

Here’s to sharing great pictures together,

The SmugMug Family

Last Minute Gift Ideas for Photographers

Did you wait? It’s never too late! All of us at SmugMug put our noggins together to share our best, most gratifying gift ideas for photo nuts like you.


We know it’s a shameless plug but we do think that completely unlimited, safe and secure photo sharing is a pretty perfect present for just about anyone. With our newest Gift of SmugMug, you can easily bestow your budding photographer friends with just a few clicks. Choose between three account types and even save them the fuss of renewing with two (or three) years.

It’s quick, simple, and we promise to be nice to them. From $35

Camera Phone Fisheye, Wide-Angle and Macro lenses

They may be small, but these deceptive little doodads will open up your camera phone in a big way. Give the gift of focal length with this great little stocking stuffer. From $25


It’s beefier than an iPhone lens, but Lightroom will revolutionize the way you edit photos. Period. This could be life-changing, folks. What will you do with all that free time? $249

Eye-Fi Connect X2

Wireless photo transfers from your camera to your computer (or your SmugMug gallery!)  Need we say more? $49.99

Moo Mini Cards

It’s never too late to make an earth-shattering, job-booking first impression. MOO prints up gorgeous, thick, smooth, pro-grade business cards in funky little sizes. They’re business cards with a twist.  We love usin’ ‘em! From $19.99

Tickets to Sandy Puc’s The Power of Passion Photography Tour

The best investment is education. Treat yourself (or a friend) to an invaluable seminar that will kick start your business and give you an edge. They’re starting in early 2011 so snag a seat and don’t miss out. $99


Spice up your photos by turning them into arresting, hands-free videos. No more snoozing through your holiday slideshows, cuz even grandma will be dancing to your tunes.

You pick the theme. You pick the music. Animoto does the rest. $30/year

Gift Certificate for Kevin Kubota Image Tools

Inspire your photo friends with custom filters, actions and other creative image tools.  Their workflow is worth it. From $50

3-in-1 iPad Camera Connector

Don’t let a perfectly good iPad go to waste. Load photos directly to it from your camera and free up more space for shooting those holiday party shenanigans. $29.99

Re-Stickable Wall Decal Frames

A fun and totally non-permanent way to dress up plain spaces with your best faces.  Change your mind? Peel it off and pick a new spot. We use them to decorate Smuggy Central! From $20

If you’re still stumped, don’t forget to check out ClubSmug for awesome, exclusive deals on photo-centric goodies. Log in and tell them Smuggy sent you.

We hope our list has refueled your gift-buying mojo. And if you’ve already done all your shopping, we just helped you get a 12-month start on next year.

Here’s to making photographers happy together!

The SmugMug Family

SmugMug Mobile for Android

UPDATE: We’ve released a newer version of the Android app that lets you browse your SmugMug galleries, upload, and share. Learn more here!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our long-awaited Android app: SmugMug Mobile! Just like it says, you can shoot and share your pics from wherever you are, whenever you are.

Snap photos and videos from your phone and send them up to your site in seconds. You can even choose multiple photos from your Android gallery and queue them up for SmugMug in one go.

Best of all, the included Browse feature makes it easier than ever to whip out your best at a moment’s notice. Show off at home, the office, or while out walking the dog. Full details here.

New to SmugMug? Join us for a free trial through the app and you’ll automatically get 50% off your first full year.

The app is free, so grab it from the Android Market and let us know what you think.

Here’s to making mobile media magical!
The SmugMug Family

SmugMug: One of the Best Web Apps of 2010

It’s our job to make your jaws drop, but ours hit the floor when we heard we’re on the Best Web Apps of 2010 list on Appstorm.com.

When SmugMug started 8 years ago, none of us ever dreamed of being ranked alongside such giants as Google and Facebook. But here we are and we’re tickled fuchsia with excitement. It’s awesome to see the dedication for what we do reflect in moms, dads, grandmas, students, pros and everyone their photos touch each day.

We work hard, but we wouldn’t be where we were without our fantastic, ecstatic, loyal and totally honest array of customers.

As sweet as it is, we won’t be resting on our laurels. The New Year is just around the corner and we’ve got to hurry and get started. If you thought 2010 was full of goodies, wait ’til you see 2011.

Here’s to making beautiful pictures together,

The SmugMug Family

HTML5 and SmugVault, Login Page Tweaks and a Ton of Bug Fixes

SmugVault and the HTML5 Uploader

The newest addition to our uploader lineup is now compatible with SmugVault. This means you can drag and drop in all kinds of files (or just really, really big ones) and they’ll upload seamlessly into your archives. Do I need a SmugVault?


Are we in yet? Are we in yet?

We cleaned up our login page and made it smarter. For those who aren’t a fan of Facebook, you can click the new “Disable it” link under the login box and we’ll remember that you’d rather log in the traditional way for a whole year.

In addition, you can disable the “SmugMug Connect” permissions on your Facebook account and we’ll start from scratch the next time you hit the login page… no more repeated automated attempts that were frustrating some of our users. More about logging in.

Bug fixes

What a Character!

  • You can buy a Gift of SmugMug for someone (or someones) with special characters in their names. Go ahead and get an account for Mom & Dad!
  • You no longer have to add a double space around HTML links in your captions. Everything should be properly spaced as you type them.
  • Entering the “<” character in a Category name no longer causes the NiceName to be cut off.
  • Our “Ask Real People” contact form understands that some of you have email addresses with plus signs in them.
  • Quotes in your gallery viewing passwords won’t cause weirdness in the Gallery Settings page.
  • We don’t permit line breaks in Category names anymore. Strange, but true.
  • … but if you do have a space or a line break in your Category name, it doesn’t break your customizations.
  • The Easy Customizer will still load and work even if you’ve somehow entered weird characters in your navbar code.

Pro stuff:

  • Setting prices on Packages won’t inadvertently switch it from a multi-image to a single-image one, or flip the color correction option.
  • If your client is buying Packages from an unlisted gallery, we won’t show them ones available for your public galleries.

This and that:

  • We fixed the navigation links in galleries set to Traditional viewing style. They were acting funny when they contained Collected photos.
  • We had a few cases where phantom empty subcategories were appearing on the Arrange screen, but they shouldn’t show up and confuse you any more.
  • Photos collected into a public gallery now appear on your map, even if they’re originally from unlisted galleries.
  • If your original, full-res file is smaller than our 1 MP resolution, we won’t upsize them (and compromise image quality) when someone buys it as a Digital Download.

Here’s to fixing great things together,

The SmugMug Family