Fresh Holiday Cards, New SMUGs and Fixed Bugs

New Cards. Yule Love Them.

Face it: A lot of us don’t get the holiday stuff done until the eleventh hour. It’s already December but tonight we’re showing you that it sometimes pays to procrastinate:

We’ve released a slew of new Winter Holiday and Christmas cards, so dive in and get your greetings going now! They’re available in both 4×8 and 5×7 sizes. More info.

SMUGs: Growing Up Mighty Swiftly

From Philly to Fairbanks, our SmugMug User Groups have grown from a sprinkling of cities to a nationwide wave of happy SMUGgers. We’ve updated our info site so that photographers of all shapes, skills and sizes can find where to geek and gab.

Check out our new, intuitive map and locate your closest meeting. Click a pin to get details on when and where:

If you’re dying to charter a meeting in your town and want to know how, we’ve got good info for you, too. Look right under the new Leaders tab, or click here.

Remember that our User Groups are open to everyone, so whether you’re a veteran Smugger or if you just love photography, there’s a seat waiting for you. See you there!

Bug Fixes

  • You can now change the case in your SmugMug nickname (example: “smugmug” to “SmugMug”) in one easy go. That option is always found in your Control Panel’s Settings tab.
  • HTML entered in your gallery description fields no longer cover thumbnails in Pros’ “Set Prices” screens.
  • Pros can once again buy their own photos in bulk even when they’ve custom priced their items at $0.

Here’s to sharing great photos together,

The SmugMug Family

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