Refugees Welcome

Feeling nervous lately? We understand.

If you or anyone you know is shopping around for an alternative solution, our door is always open. As always, SmugMug understands how important your memories are. Isn’t that why you bought that expensive camera?

It’s our priority to make your photos feel as safe in their galleries as you are in your home. Give us a try for two full weeks with our completely free trial account. No credit card required. You can slurp in all your photos with this easy Firefox plug-in and find out if we’re a good fit.

If you love us, use the code flickr to save 20% off your first year (expires March 1st, 2011). No risk, no guilt. Advertisements and annoyances sold separately. (Our features list)

my gosh I love it's like if Flickr had kept evolving all this time.
my gosh I love it's like if Flickr had kept evolving all this time.

We hope that you’ll agree with our fans: SmugMug is a great place to stuff your pics!

Here’s to getting peace of mind together,

The SmugMug Family

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

18 thoughts on “Refugees Welcome”

  1. Heya!

    I am looking at SmugMug as a Flickr alternative. It seems the “themes” end up being “skins” . . . you can have any color you want, as long as the layout stays the same.

    What might be compelling to the refugees, if possible, is a Flickr theme. Especially an old-school Flickr theme. Makes switching more of an impulse buy.

    As it is, I feel like I need to kick the tires a lot more before I pull the switch.


    1. Howdy Danny, You’re correct that “themes” are mostly* visual skinning, what I think you’re looking for are the display style options. Give “traditional” a try, it comes close to the viewing style of old-school flickr. (Though to be honest, I’m a bit fuzzy on what Flickr used to look like these days.🙂

      * It *is* possible to do some serious layout changes with advanced customizations however, see some of the example sites at

    2. Kevin, you’re right. Smugmug “themes” are essentially skins. Smugmug layout options are extremely limited. You get more choice than Flickr, but that’s not saying much since Flickr has almost no layout options. Smugmug only gives you a few “display style options” that support the full stretchy feature set, and some deprecated alternatives that aren’t supported anymore.

      cabbey, Smugmug keeps flogging the featured sites as examples of “serious layout changes,” but that isn’t true no matter how many times Smugmug repeats it. What Smugmug keeps trying to call “serious layout changes” only affect the HOME PAGE and general toolbar navigation. That is all. If you dig into every single example site, when you get down to the GALLERY level, there is hardly any gallery layout customization beyond the theme skin. You’d better like the few layouts Smugmug provides, because you can’t really change them. Want to move the thumbnails to the right or bottom? Can’t do it. Want to move the Twitter and Facebook buttons below the caption? Can’t do it. Have an idea for a cool photo layout like you see on other web sites and cool Flash photography portfolios? Cannot be done on Smugmug. Want to adjust spacing between elements? Really difficult to do without it blowing up the layout under various circumstances. For gallery layouts, you’re stuck with the desperately few options Smugmug gives you, and too much customization requires an intermediate knowledge of CSS if you want to avoid problems in special cases and in the future.

      I’m on Smugmug’s side, I renew annually and all, but the serious lack of layout flexibility needs to be addressed at some point.

      1. Although I’ve had smugmug less than a year, I have been able to customize countless areas of my site way beyond the theme skins. The hat thing with smugmug is the ability to receive endless support and instruction via the forum. Even CSS newbies can cut and paste via the Included Instructions. Smugmug sites can be anything you imagine. Dig deeper in the forums…many of your issues are fixed there. The rest can be answered by the support heroes.

  2. Just made the switch from flickr today🙂 I’ve got only positive things to say about the SmuggLr Firefox plugin – it made everything extremely easy and the whole process of moving >3,000 photos over took minutes and a few clicks.

    I was initially worried about all the time I had put in carefully tagging and organizing my photos on flickr, but SmuggLr kept all that structure and information neatly in my SmugMug new setup. Looking forward to some great times and even more photos!

  3. I would be willing to make the jump but the lowest tier of pricing needs to be reduced or at least add video to justify double the price.

  4. Natalie, Flickr was able to restore the account and photos, and gave that member 25 years or pro service.

    I actually really like smugmug, but what they’re missing compared to flickr are privacy controls at the individual photo level. When you share an album with someone, you share ALL the photos in that album. I’d like to at least be able to make a distinction between “friends” or “family” as is allowed in Flickr.

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