Follow Me Links for Twitter and Facebook, Bug Fixes

Promote Thyself

We made a simple but useful addition to the Share button, called Follow Me. Now your fans can go from your galleries right to your pages on Facebook, Twitter and to your blog:

To activate it, open up your Control Panel‘s Settings tab and fill in the spaces under “Follow Links.” We’ve moved things around a bit so these Facebook-y/Twitter-y features are found under the new Social Settings header:

You can fill out all three options or even just one or two if you choose. We’ll display whatever you give us, or nothing at all if you prefer to lay low.

Login Cleanup

On a related note, we refined the layout of our login page so you if you don’t like Facebook logins, you can disable it at eye level. We also added the global Facebook login toggle to your Control Panel, as shown above.

Two Bug Fixes

  • Your Download All emails will now include the file size. Just so you know how much awesomeness you shoot.
  • Pros: We made sure that your clients’ tracking details are again displayed on your order pages so both of you can keep track of when and where those shipments went.

Here’s to making photo sharing easier,

The SmugMug Family

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17 thoughts on “Follow Me Links for Twitter and Facebook, Bug Fixes”

      1. Do you think it could be designed a new module? Because for the pros, it contradicts itself to try to block everything off, then require the social side to be in share. (or have I not tried it yet.) I have Easy Sharing, External Links turned off to protect image saving.

  1. I figured it was something I had done!

    Now I wonder why I did that. Must have had a reason at the time. Oh well.

    Thanks Andy, I appreciate the help.

  2. Great addition, thank you! Just wanted to let you know the “Control Panel” link directly below the first image is broken, leading to a non-SmugMug domain.

  3. I also think this is great but I have one concern. Do we have to worry about facebook taking our rights to our photographs? My understanding is that facebook can take any image off of facebook for their own promotion without compensation. I’m hoping that since Smugmug is my host, that my rights will stay with me.

    I could be totally off on this but I’ve been doing lots of research on ownership and copyrights so facebook makes me nervous.

    1. Hi Fred, using ‘follow me’ doesn’t do ANYTHING with your images – it just gives your visitors a way to link up with you on your Facebook, or other pages. Your photos on SmugMug are yours – not ours or Facebook’s🙂 If you put photos on Facebook, then you’re subject to their terms. – Andy

    1. Hi Matt, there’s a number of ways you can do this with customization (if you want to put those buttons in your footer) or just simple HTML in your Bio box if you want to keep your theme to the default. Twitter may provide a logo image for you to use, so you can just embed that with a link to your feed. Shoot our Support Heroes an email if you need more help!

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