Save a Tree: Electronic 1099s for Pros

Taxes are rarely referred to as “fun” or “exciting” but we certainly hope that this year you’ll call them “easy.”

In 2010 we launched electronic payments, getting you your money quicker, safer and faster. To come full circle we’re doing the same for your 1099 forms.

If we paid you $600 or more this year and you’re a U.S. Pro who is not a corporation, LLC-C or a non-profit,  you’ll receive a 1099. We’ve notified all qualifying Pros this week and included instructions on how to consent to, download and unlock the PDF form 1099.  Please check your email or any spam folders if you don’t recall seeing this important message from us.

Still no love? Visit your Control Panel > Pros tab and look under Electronic 1099 Access.

Please do this as soon as you finish reading our email… or right now if you were putting it off. It takes just a few clicks and we need you to make sure that all the information on it is correct. Accurate info means faster filing, which means you can be done with your taxes and out the door.

Strange things afoot on your 1099? Contact us right away. We can help.

More questions? Check out our reporting help page for all the bits and bobs.

We know the buck won’t stop here. Cheers to you and a prolific 2011!

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