PayPal and Currency Options for International Pros

G’day, international Pros! So many of you have been asking for electronic payments, so have we got a sweet update for you. PayPal to pay you in foreign currencies!

Visit your Control Panel and look under the Pros tab. You should see some shiny new options in the Tax and Payment Info details that make it far, far easier for us to pay you:

Gone are the days of snail mailing paper cheques across the pond (or the border). Just tell us what currency you’d prefer and verify your PayPal address. We’ll get your money sent to you quickly and painlessly at your next payment date. Need a review on how that’s done? Check the facts on reporting here.

We offer six flavors so you can pick your favorite currency:

  • Australian dollar (AUD $)
  • Canadian dollar (CAD $)
  • Euro (EUR €)
  • Mexican peso (MXN $)
  • Pound sterling (GBP £)
  • US dollar (USD $)

New Account Option for US Pros

Annnnnd, while we had our fingers in finance, we added some improvements for domestic Pros, too. Now US shooters can choose to have their profits deposited in Business or Personal bank accounts, for easier accounting on your end:

This is SmugMug thanking all of our hard-working, far-reaching Pros for your extraordinary patience in waiting for this moment. As always, let us know how it works out for you because we love hearing what you think.

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19 thoughts on “PayPal and Currency Options for International Pros”

  1. Very nice!

    Now a way to allow free downloads of shopping carts for other purposes, without use of credit card or paypal at all! (please)

  2. Wow, I totally misunderstood the tittle of this one. I thought you guys where finally giving international users the ability to buy our works in other currencies using paypal. Other currencies in the shopping cart is way more important that how smugmug pays us. I hope however since you guys are working on finance related updates that the shopping cart will be next. Otherwise I will not renue my account when it’s up for it. It’s been too many years without this being done.

  3. I love all the updates you guys are doing. If you every get a chance there is one update i would like to add to the shopping cart is a sitting fee so we can have our costumers pay inadavance, nothing worse to have a client cancel at last minute. but without the 15% print sale charge. I know their is always a credit card charge so maybe the finance office could work something out.


    Simon Park

  4. Hi, Great, do you have local print labs who will print in these newly supported countries such as australia?


  5. Was wondering if US folks can sell internationally yet? It seems this is great for the international community using smugmug. Or can we sell items internationally, just the photo labs won’t ship internationally?

  6. Hey Guys, we did not intend to mislead🙂 This feature is to pay pros who are already selling internationally via SmugMug. Up till now, the only way to pay them was to send old fashioned paper checks – not very smart these days, right? So we built this feature to pay our non-US pros faster, easier, and more securely.

    We hear you all on the big request – an international lab, and foreign currency support. Thanks!

  7. I have lost domestic and international customers due to no paypal payment options in the shopping cart. Adding additional ways to get paid is nice, but adding additional ways for customers to purchase would be better.

    Thank you for continuing to add features.

  8. Hi guys, really appreciate the paypal payment system. Was so tired of banking US cheques, having to wait 20 days for them to clear, and get slapped with fees. And now with the US dollar the way it is, banking a US dollar in Australia isn’t an attractive option. (Used to be a pleasure, wow things have change, exchange rate is so different now). Only benefit is that now our customers actually get a “discount” by paying in US dollars, where as it used to cost them more of course.

    So the Paypal option is wonderful.

    As all have said, please, please fast track the ability to sell in international currencies (Australian particularly). In regards to prints, I actually don’t mind they come from the US. They only take 3 weeks usually and you guys are so good at customer service, quality and reasonable prices. I think you’d struggle to find equivalent print providers here. It’s definately more about the currency than where it comes from. Would also help to show our profits and all transactions in australian dollars so we can really see where we are at.

  9. As much as I appreciate this, it still doesn’t help resolve local printing options. I am in Canada and none of my users want to pay duty/customs fees. It would be great if I could select from a Canadian distributor.

    1. Hi John — Print orders from our U.S. print labs are not subject to any duties. Occasionally, if shipped Canada Post, Canada Customs will add GST to be paid by the customer on pick up. When the customer chooses to have the prints shipped by International Economy shipping, with a courier, then the extra shipping charge includes the brokerage fee and handles the GST so there are never any extra charges due to receive the print packages.

      We have done some tests comparing different print labs, including Canadian Pro labs, and our print prices are less than that available from the Canadian lab for the same product, and the shipping is comparable.

  10. I got a call from a school today who told me they were receiving calls from parents who were concerned my photo sales were not legitimate. NOT LEGITIMATE! Wanna know why? Because of your ridiculous lack of support for localised currencies. Smugmug, get your act together. Or I will have to take my business elsewhere.

  11. I have lost countless customers who do not want to pay in dollars when they are in Ireland. I too will not be renewing my sub in November. It’s a great site in many ways, but this lack of service (considering you have so many international pros) is fatal….

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