More Backprinting Options and Bug Fixes

More Magic to Backprinting

We added three more options to your custom Pro backprinting: Year taken (SMUGYEARTAKEN), month taken (SMUGMONTHTAKEN) and day taken (SMUGDAYTAKEN).

To use them, just open up your Control Panel and look for the Backprinting link under the Pros tab. Add the code words there  to apply them to all prints ordered from your site. Or, apply them to specific galleries in the “Backprinting” option in your Gallery Settings.



  • Get this with EZ Prints: 2011_08_07
  • And this with Bay Photo: 2011 08 07

Remember that Pros have tons of choices for what gets printed on the back of their prints. See all the tasty options here, or you can specify your own custom text.

Bug Fixes

  • Your slideshows won’t trip over images with unusual characters in their filenames.
  • We fixed a Pro bug that was preventing Sole Proprietors and LLC-Disregarded Entities from successfully filing their W-9 form with an EIN. (Confused about reporting?)
  • Your suitably big, clean, unwatermarked original photos will get sent to Animoto and ProShow Web so they can build your sumptuous slideshows. Give them a try and spice up your presentations!
  • When you delete a photo, we’ll drop you back at the photo that comes right after it and not at the beginning of the gallery.

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8 thoughts on “More Backprinting Options and Bug Fixes”

  1. You need to look at arranging galleries in a shared group. I usually have to do it multiple times to make it “stick.”

    I emailed you about this last week, but no one responded.

    1. Hi Chris and thanks for the suggestion. We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t get a reply from us as that is very unusual. I wasn’t able to find a ticket from you in our system, so if you could write us again and send specific details and links, that would be great!

      1. I submitted another ticket, this time getting an email confirmation.

        It’s not a huge deal, it’s just annoying that I have to do it multiple times.

        I wish I could just set a sharegroup to automatically show galleries by date descending.

    1. Hey Jacek, we’re sorry to see that! Could you please send our Support Heroes a message about this, and include a link to the source gallery? We’ll be happy to investigate for you!

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