Building Stories One Photo at a Time with Photodex and ProShow Web

SmugMug and ProShow Web have been integrated since March of 2011. ProShow Web automatically mixes photos, video clips and music together into polished video slideshows. With true 1080p HD capabilities, ProShow Web can create professional-grade videos for use on SmugMug, or for downloading to a computer. Today’s guest blogger is Amanda Eddy of Photodex, sharing expert advice on how to get the most out of your videos. 

7 Steps to Memorable Stories

With graduation, Father’s Day and wedding season upon us, now is a great time to start turning your SmugMug images into custom video slideshows. But to make a slideshow truly stand out, it takes more than simply combining a series of static photos. Below are some tips on how to transform your images into memorable stories, and most importantly, how to have fun!

1) An Introduction – Think about how you want to begin your story. Taking close-up shots of symbolic memorabilia surrounding an event works great here, i.e. graduation cap  or wedding ceremony program.

2) Getting the Right Shot – Identify the three major components to your story. Try to capture a few good shots of each major point of the event to give your slideshow a better-rounded, evenly documented feel.

3) Capture and Incorporate Video – Consider capturing a short video clip. Video can add additional visual interest to your slide show and almost all cameras now have the ability to easily capture short clips.

4) Set the Mood with Music – Choose the perfect song to accompany your slide show. Whether it’s Dad’s favorite tune, the couple’s first dance song or even a subdued classical piece that will stand the test of time, a great soundtrack helps tell your story.

5) Photo Borders and Backgrounds – Framing your photos and using special slide backgrounds can make them really stand out. Get nostalgic with a Polaroid type border or add texture with an interesting slide background.

6) Create Movement – Use stylized motion effects to slowly zoom into a point of interest in your photo, namely the graduate, the couple or whatever else deserves a good zoom.

7) Share! – Posting the slideshow on Facebook is a great and instant way to share the video with clients, friends and family anywhere they may be. Tag everyone in the video; it will help get it seen by more of your friends and family. Or better yet, send it back to SmugMug into the gallery of your choice!

Here is a sample video slideshow of a wedding shot by one of our pro photographer customers that shows how these elements work together.

Try it Free and Save 20% on Premium Subscriptions

To get a better sense of the ProShow Web functionality, sign up for a free trial and play around all you want. If you like what you see, as a SmugMug user you can get 20% off your Premium ProShow Web subscription by entering the code P729GXGH during check out. This offer ends July 31, so sign up soon. Happy slideshowing!

– Amanda

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12 thoughts on “Building Stories One Photo at a Time with Photodex and ProShow Web”

  1. Here’s the problem. You just about have to buy their software to make it right. If you don’t all this automatic zooming will zoom into certain female parts and cut off the head. Wasn’t working for me. Animito is the best!

    1. I like the level of control proshow web gives me more than animoto. Animoto seems too “canned” compared to this. I say this after having an animoto account for more than a year. Proshow web just seems to provide more options for customization.

  2. Shoot! Just clicked on the above link and I could have saved 20% when I purchased a year subscription with Pro Show Web just a couple of weeks ago. Darn!

    The “Garden Tour” as well as a couple of other videos on my Smugmug were done with Pro Show Web with no adjustments.
    One thing I am emailing them about is the chopped at the top where it is chopping of a man’s head in one of the video clips in the Garden Tour production.

    Love the ease of Pro Show Web though!

  3. Pro Show Web is far superior than Animito with a lot more possibilities and much more affordable! You will need software which ever you use for complicated stuff.

    1. Hi Karen, I agree with you. Both Animoto and Pro Show Web are very powerful up to a certain point. I think for important events, you still can’t beat having a real, live, skilled artist make a good highlight video. But on the other hand, hiring a professional might be too much money. We’re trying to bridge that gap for users at It’s a good place for editors and for users. Check us out! We’re a startup so all feedback is greatly appreciated especially from the awesome community at SmugMug.

      1. Hi,
        You seem to have a good middle of the road idea going!
        I am an amateur and find Web Pro Show ideal for me at this time.
        Thanks for posting.

  4. Here are all the ones I have done liking the Garden Tour and Baby Shower the best.
    Mind you this is without anything custom done. I have since learned they have a video clipping function to so I can delete the clicks at the beginning and ends of my videos.

    This one is all small videos combined:

  5. I replied to Karen about this but wanted to put a general comment as well. Both Animoto and Pro Show Web are very powerful up to a certain point. Check us out at! Happy to offer 20% off any video package for members of the SmugMug community. Just email us and mention SmugMug and we’ll send you a coupon. Cheers!

    1. Hi Megan, the music is by Adrina Thorpe. The song is part of the royalty-free music library in ProShow Web.🙂 Hope this helps.

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