New Printmarked and Web Sized Digital Downloads for Pros

Great news for Pro photographers! You’ve always asked us, “Can I sell web-sized photos that my clients can use for Facebook?”

We’ve recently added a few new options to your Digital Download catalog, so the answer is yes!

More Options for Selling Downloads

Open up your custom pricing and click on the Downloads tab. See all that new hotness?

There’s a total of four different download type and four different sizes for Personal and Commercial licenses. Before you had 12. Now you can offer (count ’em up)  32 versatile download options.

The new stuff includes:

  • Web Sized.  Fun-sized! These are up to 640 x 480 pixels, ideal for sharing on blogs, forums and Facebook.
  • Gallery Downloads.  The new and more-accurate name for the feature formerly known as Album Downloads. Since we already use the term “galleries” to refer to your groups of photos on your site, we thought this would make more sense to you. Remember that you can set one price for a gallery’s worth of images and your client can purchase it easily. This gives you the ability to price bulk photos at a discount, making it a powerful marketing tool.
  • Printmarked photos.  Watermarks for your downloads. Lots of Pros want to add their logo, name or even an event date to their images but as a rule we don’t apply watermarks to digital downloads. Now you can do this by setting up Printmarks in your Control Panel, then apply it to whole galleries in the gallery settings.

Anything Else I Should Know?

Lots of you have given us great feedback about our zip file feature and the speed of which you can typically expect to receive the notification email. When your clients are buying single unmarked photo downloads or Originals they’ll have virtually instant gratification; keep in mind that applying Printmarks and resizing entire galleries requires more juice. This means that it may take just a little longer for your client to get the zip file for large purchases or Printmarked downloads.

Tip: Want Printmarks on your downloads but not your prints? Turn on Proof Delay and remove the Printmarks from print orders as they roll in.

If you have any feedback or questions about this feature, we’re listening. Till then, happy pricing and selling!

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

40 thoughts on “New Printmarked and Web Sized Digital Downloads for Pros”

  1. Is it possible to modify or personalize the two different licenses yet? That’s what we need, to do any sort of viable stock photography business.

    1. Hi Greg, that feature is still one of our the Pro favorites on our feedback forum. This release was aimed at improving the catalog of downloads, since so many Pros wanted to offer more variety. We appreciate the reminder and for weighing in!

  2. It would be cool if we could adjust the printmarks as well so they can show against the background. That way if the entire gallery is dark except for one shot, you can put a dark printmark on that specific image.

    1. Raj, you may be on to something there. While Printmarks currently can’t be set at the image level, one thing you can try is creating a Printmark that has both light and dark elements, maybe like a white font with a black drop shadow. This may help you get the contrast you need on a wide variety of images.

      Feel free to drop in on the Mind Your Own Business forum on Digital Grin for other business ideas.

    1. Hey Kyle, yes you certainly can and we state how to do this in the Tip above. We already recommend that all Pros use Proof Delay, so you can turn Printmarking off for the print orders. The downloads will still get the Printmark.

      1. Yeah… but that’s a manual interference with each order, which could be problematic. I prefer being able to set default actions whenever possible.

        Otherwise, the new download options are great. Glad you implemented this.

  3. I can’t even make printmarks apply to one gallery, never mind multiple galleries – very frustrating. I’ll be reaching out to the heros

    one feature I miss from my old fulfillment vendor was the ability for people to order their photos on CD or DVD, and it was shipped directly to them, in a nicely finished box that had *my* logo on it – any chance thats coming too?

    1. Paul, great and thanks for writing our Heroes. They’ll get ya fixed up.

      As for CDs and DVDs, we did used to offer that option but we’ve since changed to zip file backups which are free for you to create and share. Since we know lots of Pros like you sell galleries of digital files, that’s why we offered the Gallery Downloads option… and you don’t need to worry about paying for packaging or shipping!

      But the idea of it being sent in boutique packaging with your logo is a good one and we’re sure you’re not the only person who would like that. Could you request it here?

    1. Hi Mike, you can always enable right-clicking and let your clients grab the display copy right from the gallery, no checkout required. This works great when you already set limits for the largest display size in your gallery settings.

      1. Mike, you can set the prices on the low res very low ($0.01) and then price the hi res much higher.

      2. Check out for $0.01 is NOT an option. Think about it. I want them to buy my photos. Would you buy a photo or have anything to do with a site that wanted your creditcard number for a penny?

        This is not a big deal. It just should be.

      3. You *used* to be able to price downloads at $0.00 before SM started taking a clip of download sales as well. When they started taking a cut out of the downloads, they also stopped letting you give them away. BTW, I totally agree with this feature request, as there are (limited) times when I just want to post a passworded gallery and let people download the photos. (But I think this belongs in its own request thread.)

      4. Ok, put me down for stumped and frustrated also! I can’t beleive this almost a 2 year old issue. I want visitors 1) to SEE large images, AND download (Free) small images. 2) Order prints. I don’t want them to download large files and print on their own. If I UNPROTECT the gallery, then novice visitors invariably download the WRONG sized image. ALWAYS! We NEED the ability to force them to use the Hover Bar. Asking for a penny is going to make me look like a heal. I shoot a charity event. I do want them to pay for prints. But, they can HAVE low res downloads. And, for eventt work. Cleints pay for prints, but I include free downloads. Am I missing something here???

  4. OK I love the printmarks on downloads.

    My biggest question is now that I want to change from low res to web size printmarked on 50 or so galleries, is there a way to do it without editing each one??

    1. Hi Bob, I took a glance at your custom pricing and it looks like you’ve got Portfolio pricing set on your account, but you also use Gallery-level pricing (at the same dollar amounts). You should only need to use Portfolio and it will apply to all of your galleries at once.

      What we suggest is to price the new download items as you wish in your Portfolio pricing, then any new galleries you create will automatically take on that pricing. To get it to apply retroactively to your existing galleries, you’ll just need to clear out the Gallery-level prices.

      If you need any help please write us! We’re happy to help you further.

  5. How are printmarks different than the watermarks on digital downloads? If I offer linking of an image to fb with my watermark and also offer a digital download with a printmark, how would they look different in fb?

    1. Hi Samir, the main difference right now is that you can change the size of your watermark, i.e. how much area it covers over your photo. At this time Printmarks are limited so that only a small portion of the image is covered. That may determine how they look different when someone is looking at a Watermarked and a Printmarked image side by side.

      But if your Watermark and Printmark are exactly the same size and placement, then there should be no visual difference.

      Did we get that right?

  6. Samir if someone buys your image and you have no printmark set the image they get will have no watermark.

    I discovered that you can set a gallery to contain the correct printmarks then you can “set” multiple galleries “like” that one. at the rate of about nine at a time. Much more than that and it blows up (dies, dead, end, nata)

    The issue is then you have to go through each gallery and set it to printmarks on and set the printmark. There is a setting for making changes to multiple galleries but it NEVER worked, even using it to set ONE gallery.

    so you can set the pricing six or so galleries at a time but you must turn on printmarks for each gallery individually…. Trust me I just modified over fifty.

    1. Bob, those issues should have been solved a couple weeks ago. Multi-gallery update should work now with lots of galleries.

    2. Thank you for the reply Bob, but I think my question might have been a bit unclear. I’m wondering how a watermarked image vs a printmarked image would look on fb.

  7. The printmark I have is my actual signature, so clients get a “signed” print when they place an order. For downloads, especially commercial, I would like my current watermark to be the printmark. Any easy way for that? I’d love to be able to offer a lower cost, watermarked version for commercial sale to help drive traffic back to my site.

    1. Hi Jeff, at this time there isn’t a way to just port over your existing style watermark for use on the downloads, save for uploading versions that already contain it.

      If you’d like prints to be sold with on Printmark and downloads to have a different one your best bet would be to split them into two different galleries with different Printmark settings and sell prints from one and downloads from another. Would that work for you?

  8. Mike Sawyer :
    Check out for $0.01 is NOT an option. Think about it. I want them to buy my photos. Would you buy a photo or have anything to do with a site that wanted your creditcard number for a penny?
    This is not a big deal. It just should be.

    Completely 1000% CONCUR. This MUST be addressed. Im here to serve clients.. I need ALL my options.. do not.. as a business even hesitate on this one.

  9. Yippeee! Thanks for the web-sized downloads. Now my soccer moms will (hopefully) quit buying cheap D/Ls that were *meant* for Facebook and printing them. Thanks thanks thanks!

    1. Ouch! I would’ve addressed that a long time ago unless you have enough revenue to cover the cost of them doing that. People who want ‘free’ will never turn into customers. They just go to the next ‘free’ and pat themselves on the back for their find.

  10. Hello, this feature is wonderful and all, but I find it vital to allow for a “$0.00” sale so that my clients can grab web copies then purchase high res photos. Is smugmug terribly concerned with a fraction of a “$0.01” sale? The problem with offering them to right click the display copy is that I want to add a huge watermark across all my images. The display should be large and beautiful. No one is going to right click an image with a huge watermark slapped right across it, which is what I want for the larger images, but then I would like for the smaller web sized just to have a printmark that is a smaller watermark in the bottom right hand corner. Smugmug, please change your policy. Thank you.

  11. Could we create a coupon for free printmarked web sized downloads? That would be one way to let the customer get a printmarked set for free.. though if they still have to enter their credit card that would be a pain.

    Could we offer a free printmarked gallery download as part of a package?

    1. Hi E, at this time you can offer coupons for digital downloads, but they will still need to enter their credit card information at checkout, just like for all purchases. Packages are only applicable to physical products and not downloads, so I’m sorry that your suggestion won’t work right now.

      We’ve gotten a lot of requests for making free downloads easier from this post, and it’s really great stuff. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  12. It would be absolutely great to be able to offer a free social media sized image download with my print mark on it. Free advertising on peoples social media profiles! The one cent thing is a pain, to make them enter a credit card number for it. Please make this an option!

  13. It’s unfortunate that the printmark on digital downloads is so darn small. It pretty much renders the printmark for downloads option useless because you can barely see it anyway. Any chance that an option to increase the size of the printmark on digital downloads will come soon?

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