Bug fixes mix and match

Here’s a few various things we’ve released this week:

  • The link to the gallery in our Simple uploader was linking you to your SmugMug domain, not your custom domain if you had one. It should respect your custom domain now.
  • The printmarking, watermarking and largest size settings weren’t always sticking when applied in your gallery settings so we fixed that.
  • Our SmugShot app now reports the proper EXIF info (including geotag coordinates!) in the shots you upload through it.
  • Now when you click the ‘Like’ Quick Share button under a video, we’ll post a small embedded version of it to your wall, not just a link.
As always, let us know if you think something doesn’t look right.

Smug Tip of the Week: Sorting Your Homepage

We’re back with a quick (but useful) Smug Tip this week: Sorting your homepage.

Find it Fast: Display Galleries or Just Categories

We get a lot of people who don’t realize that you can switch between the two and often wonder what happened to their homepage. Don’t worry! It’s easy to toggle from one to the other so you can pick which works best for you and change it in an instant.

Find that option in the top right corner of your Galleries box. The one that is not underlined is what you’re currently using:

If you like to show everything on your site up front and center, then the default Galleries option will be perfect (shown above).

But if you’re a prolific shooter  and don’t want your viewers to get lost trying to find a specific gallery, try the Categories view instead:

Auto Sort or Manual Sort

While you’re at it, you  may also want to change what order things appear on your site. Look on the other side of that box:

By default we’ll automatically bump the freshest gallery to the top. But click that “Position” link and try arranging them however you wish.

Adding and Hiding Stuff

As a bonus, take a look at that Homepage Layout button you see up there:

We start you off with a Bio box and a Galleries box, but you’ll see that there are a whole lot of other things you can click to display to your fans. Just look at the menu and select what you want.

Change your mind? That’s ok, just pick it again from the list or click the “hide” link in the top right corner of the box you want gone:

Remember that only you, the logged-in gallery owner, are able to see and make any of these changes. Play around with them, find what works best for you and enjoy!

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New Customization Partner: Photography Blogsites

Once upon a time in a galaxy not-so-far away, you just needed a website.

Then blogs were all the rage. And now in this modern era of technology, you have to also consider social tools like Twitter and Facebook. If your business has offshoots, each with its own site and blog, you could have four of more different places to log in and update… and your social media sites, too.

It’s time to pause and start thinking of these as pieces of a single web presence. Your main website should be your hub, not your headache.

The Secret Behind Beautiful, Cohesive Online Presence

Our new friend, Photography Blogsites, offers a new way for you to keep it straight, together with SmugMug. Check this out:

Our new seamless integration lets you sync your SmugMug site with your Photography Blogsite, slurping over your galleries and settings and (best of all) pushing your customization from your Blogsite back to SmugMug instantly, with a click. What better way to unify your unique web presence between your portfolio, proofing galleries and your blog?

They’ve even built in a safety feature that lets you restore your old SmugMug customization if you change your mind.

All in One Site Powered By WordPress

The inspiration for the design of Photography Blogsites stemmed from years of working exclusively with photographers to brand and create custom sites. Their strategy was to make pros’ lives easier, boost SEO and give them the power to manage their own online brand.

Their all-in-one portfolio websites are ready-to-go 30 seconds after you sign up and are powered by WordPress, CSS and HTML. This means that your site looks perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect across all computers and mobile devices. And it’s easy to customize.

Bonus features: Share and Buy

You know that SmugMug already comes fully-equipped with share features, but if you use your Blogsite as your main portal, don’t worry about losing those tools. Their ‘Blaze’ social media tool lets you quickly share and re-share any gallery via Facebook and Twitter. People following those links view the gallery on a re-sharable page, too. Go viral!

While your fans are browsing, they can buy, too. Simply dig into your Blogsite settings and turn on SmugMug’s Buy links so your fans can add items right to the shopping cart. As usual, our print labs will print and ship the orders and all you have to do is collect your profits.

Special Pricing for SmugMuggers

If you’re thinking about setting this up for your business, you’re in for a treat. They’re offering SmugMuggers special discounted pricing at just $29/month or $299/year. (Regular pricing is $39/month and $399/year) Sign up here!

Or if you never want to worry again, try their Lifetime Deal at $499 which includes full access to all of their themes, hosting, support, maintenance, upgrades and so much more. The price is valid until September 15, 2011 and you’ll get no additional charges, ever. If you want peace of mind, act now because this deal won’t stick around for long.

… and a Giveaway for Two Lucky Pros

To celebrate our new partnership and synchronization with Photography BlogSites they are giving away 2 Lifetime Memberships. (Value: $499, no hassle) Here’s how to enter:

1) Like us at Facebook.com/smugmug

2) Like them at Facebook.com/PhotoBlogSites

3) Reply to this post with a link to your SmugMug site.

One entry per person, please. Winners will be picked randomly and announced Friday July 29.

Enjoy your site!



Wow, we are pumped to see so many folks enter this giveaway. Alas, there can be two winners, and here they are, picked randomly: Lance of Gym Star Photos and Amy of LMZ Photography. Congrats guys! You each win a Lifetime Membership to Photography Blogsites.

Thanks to everyone who put their name in for this giveaway. SmugMug customers get special pricing for a limited time, so even if you didn’t win this giveaway, you can still walk away a winner.

Stay tuned for more fun news and giveaways.

Sneak Peek: Publish Your SmugMug Photos to Facebook Albums

Hey, Facebookers! 

You already know that you can post a pic, but we’ve heard that you really, really wanted to be able to export your SmugMug galleries over to albums on Facebook. Our Sorcerers have been hammering away at this feature and we’ve got something we’d like you to see.

Opt In and Check It Out

To begin, check out our Goodies page:


Look for the “Publish to Facebook” feature and help us test it out while it’s in beta. Just click ‘Join’ at the top and we’ll activate your browser (not your account) to display a new feature in your gallery’s Share button, shown at right.

Power or Pro Smuggers with a custom domain: You’ll need to hit that link on your custom URL, too. (Example: http://www.moonriverphotography.com/goodies)

Only you as the logged-in owner will be able to see and use this exclusive new feature. Try it now and see for yourself.

How to Publish

Visit any of your galleries and hit the Share button. You should see a new “Publish to Facebook” feature under the Owner Only options. This will let you push a set of photos from any gallery on your site to an album on Facebook, and you can do this as many times as you wish.

 1. First select a few (or all) of the photos in your gallery.

2. Next, pick an existing Album over on Facebook or create a new Album altogether. You can also adjust the Image size, Caption and Link settings to totally tweak how your friends interact with your pics.

3. Hit Publish and we’ll send them right over.

Pros: If you use our Watermarking feature to put your name or logo on your photos, the published images will include them.

Tip: Right now it’s only possible to post to your personal pages, not your business fan page, but we’ll look into options as they become available. Really want to put those pics on your fan page? Publish to your personal account, then ‘Share’ it on your business wall. Voila!

Publishing is an opt-in only feature, which means you must visit our Goodies page and click the green ‘Join‘ button before you can play. After we work out the kinks and get your feedback, we’ll release this like our other great tools for all SmugMuggers to use.

Tell Us What You Think

Had enough? Go back to the Goodies page and click the red “Leave” button. We’ll remove the “Publish to Facebook” feature from your Owner Share options, but you can keep the Facebook albums for as long as you want.

We’re eager to hear what you’ve got to say, so play around and publish as much as you like.  And don’t forget to share all of your ideas, rants, raves and bug reports in this thread over at Dgrin, or as a comment to this post.

PS. If you feel daring, try out the new Gallery Style that you’ll see on the Goodies page, too. We’re loving what Dgrinners have to say about it so far, so keep the feedback comin‘.

Turn Your Photos Into Digital Art with Graphic Authority

Are you ready to turn your portrait photos into eye-catching shots like these?

With the right tools, you can easily give your images that artistic edge that sets them apart from the rest. Graphic Authority can help.

Design Tools for Every Photographer

The folks at Graphic Authority have been offering photo pros cutting-edge design wisdom and hands-on education since 1994. You can find all kinds of useful backgrounds, borders and textures in their shop that will make your images tug on the heartstrings.

Or help you relive the glory of past games in galvanizing memory mates:

They even offer complete templates for creating your own books and cards – the secret behind beautiful layouts and happy clients!

From rock star to romantic, they’ve got a style to fit all of your projects.

Learn Studio, Marketing and Design Tips on the Design Roadshow

If you’re new to digital design or just want help on how to build a better brand, come join them on the Design Roadshow Tour. Their seasoned pros are taking their lessons on the road, teaching you business basics from portrait photography to marketing strategies. You’re bound to walk away with a few new tricks up your sleeve.

Best of all, they’re giving Smuggers 20% discount on tickets to any stop on the tour. Use this code: roadshow (expires November 30th)

Interested in buying any of their amazing products? Use this code for 25% off on their store: smugmug

For more info about the tour, take a look at the experts’ individual profiles and find a topic that’s perfect for you.

  • 7/13 – Phoenix – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 7/14 – Albuquerque – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 7/25 – Raleigh – Design Your Business in 2011
  • 7/27 – Charlotte – Design Your Business in 2011
  • 8/8 – Birmingham – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 8/10 – Atlanta – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 8/17 – Detroit – Design Your Business in 2011
  • 8/18 – Grand Rapids – Design Your Business in 2011
  • 9/13 – Shreveport – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 9/14 – New Orleans – Photoshop Design Fundamentals
  • 9/15 – New Orleans – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 9/30 – Petaluma – Photoshop Design Fundamentals, in conjunction with MCE
  • 10/9 – 10/10 – Dallas Texas – Workflow, 2 day workshop
  • 10/17 – 10/18 – Kansas City – Workflow, 2 day workshop
  • 11/2 – Washington DC – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 11/3 – Baltimore – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 11/7- Orlando – Fine Art Portraiture
  • 11/9 – Tampa – Design Your Business in 2011
  • 11/11 – 11/12 Two day workshop with Ohio PPA

Check out the full itinerary and snag tickets right here.

Here’s to taking (and selling) more beautiful photos!

You’ll Look Better with zookie pro Albums

It’s always more fun when someone else does the work for you. And it’s even better when they do it with a smile.

SmugMug’s teamed up with zookie pro and Zookbinders to help photographers get quick, beautiful, no-brainer albums for every occasion. Check out their beautiful work!

The folks at zookie pro really know what they’re doing. You can trust your beautiful photos to these guys, who have been crafting albums since 1995.

How to Make a Gorgeous Album

It’s easy. Tell the design experts at zookie what you want and how many photos you’d like to use. The minimum is 50, but you can do more if you want.

(Photos courtesy of Jared Alvarez Photography)

The pros at zookie will color correct your images (if you wish), then tuck them all into beautiful layouts that show them off best. Within a week you’ll get a digital proof to review and the designers work with you to tweak it to your taste. With your approval they’ll print, bind and ship your albums to you… all in two weeks or less.

This means download to delivery in less than a month. That’s fast!

Variety is the Spice of Life… and Your Business

zookie pro does way more than just albums. Sure, their designs and quality are totally pro, but you get a huge variety of book sizes to choose from, too. You can offer Bigs, Smalls and even magazine-style press books to all of your clients, with great color options and premium leather upgrades. You can also sell pages from the finished album as framed and ready-to-hang prints so their favorite memories are never out of sight.

Check out their full product line here and see a video on how they’re made.

The icing on the cake is zookie pro’s shopping cart feature that lets you set your own markup and branding so you can sell products. (Sound familiar?) Send your client there after you approve your design for a completely custom shopping experience. Click here to try a demo and get a feel for what your clients will see.

Take zookie for a spin and show us all the great albums you’ll be making. You can also get started via your gallery’s Buy button when you’re logged in, under “Design an Album.”

We’d love to see (and hear) your reviews!