Smug Tip of the Week: Sorting Your Homepage

We’re back with a quick (but useful) Smug Tip this week: Sorting your homepage.

Find it Fast: Display Galleries or Just Categories

We get a lot of people who don’t realize that you can switch between the two and often wonder what happened to their homepage. Don’t worry! It’s easy to toggle from one to the other so you can pick which works best for you and change it in an instant.

Find that option in the top right corner of your Galleries box. The one that is not underlined is what you’re currently using:

If you like to show everything on your site up front and center, then the default Galleries option will be perfect (shown above).

But if you’re a prolific shooter  and don’t want your viewers to get lost trying to find a specific gallery, try the Categories view instead:

Auto Sort or Manual Sort

While you’re at it, you  may also want to change what order things appear on your site. Look on the other side of that box:

By default we’ll automatically bump the freshest gallery to the top. But click that “Position” link and try arranging them however you wish.

Adding and Hiding Stuff

As a bonus, take a look at that Homepage Layout button you see up there:

We start you off with a Bio box and a Galleries box, but you’ll see that there are a whole lot of other things you can click to display to your fans. Just look at the menu and select what you want.

Change your mind? That’s ok, just pick it again from the list or click the “hide” link in the top right corner of the box you want gone:

Remember that only you, the logged-in gallery owner, are able to see and make any of these changes. Play around with them, find what works best for you and enjoy!

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16 thoughts on “Smug Tip of the Week: Sorting Your Homepage”

  1. Can you get galleries into categories and subcategories after, years after they were first created. settings will not let me change anything?

    many many thanks for years of perfect service for me & my clients.

    1. Hi Elizabeth – Absolutely! You should be able to change anything in your Gallery Settings, including the category and subcategory, at any time, even years later. Can you shoot our support heroes an email with a link to your gallery so we can see why it’s not working for you?

    1. Here’s the CSS I use:

      #homepage, #category{
      width: auto !important;
      margin: 0 15px !important;

      width: auto !important;
      margin: 0 15px !important;
      padding: 10px 0 0 0 !important;

  2. please unsuscribe me to smug mug it’s veru nice nut it has been 3 years I pay and not use it!!!
    please I do not want to pay another year
    tell me how to do it please

    1. Hi Carola we’re sorry to hear that! But if you’re not using us you definitely can contact one of of our Support Heroes and they’ll get everything sorted out for you: and click the “Contact us” link at the top.

  3. As a “Basic” level subscriber is there any way to change the default two column look?

    1. Hi Brian, as a Basic user you wouldn’t be able to enter in your own Advanced Customization as indicated below, but we automatically display two columns on your site if you have more than 5 galleries or categories at a time. Let us know if you still have any questions!

  4. Go to avanced site customizer and put this in the CSS box:
    /********** 4 Across Galleries – Start **********/

    .miniBox {width:122px;text-align:center;height:210px;margin:0 28px}
    .miniBox .photo {float:none;width:122px;height:auto;_height:1px}
    .miniBox .albumTitle {width:122px}
    .miniBox .description {width:122px}
    .miniBox .updated {width:122px}
    .loggedIn .miniBox {height:auto;min-height:300px}
    .loggedIn .miniBox .smbuttons {margin:0 auto; width:122px}
    .loggedIn .miniBox input {width:122px}
    .loggedIn .miniBox textarea {width:112px}
    .boxBottom .albumLarge {width:192px;height:350px;text-align:center;margin:0 24px}
    .albumLarge .photoLarge {float:none;width:192px;height:auto;_height:1px}
    .albumLarge .albumTitle {width:192px}
    .albumLarge .description {width:192px}
    .albumLarge .updated {width:192px}
    .loggedIn .boxBottom .albumLarge {height:auto;min-height:450px}
    .loggedIn .albumLarge .smbuttons {margin:0 auto;width:192px}
    .loggedIn .albumLarge input {width:192px}
    .loggedIn .albumLarge textarea {width:182px}
    /********** 4 Across Galleries – END ******/

  5. I have been with smugmug for last 3-4 yrs and I have not seen any improvements in the homepage options they offer. Its kept up to the users to write a css file and customize homepage. I would have liked to have a easy to use layout designer for homepage. At least adding a 2 column and 3 column layout, allowing few galleries to be directly shows on homepages or even few photos as thumbnails.
    But sadly, NO work has been done by smugmug in last 3-4yrs to add any features to homepage customization. Leave homepage, there are no features added to entire site.

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