How to Get Famous for Free

Looking for a little exposure?

From now through September 30th, we’re looking for one great photo that captures the fun, free spirit of our doe-eyed partnership with Bay Photo Lab. The winning image will be used in print, digital and trade show media and get you more exposure than you can shake a stick at.

What’s in it for you? (apart from photo credit in major national and trade show advertising)

  • 5 free years of SmugMug Pro. That’s half a decade of safe, secure and unlimited uploads and a one-stop shop for your photo business. More info.
  • $500 in Bay Photo print credit so you can build your own Hall of Photo Fame.
  • Total bragging rights at shows like WPPI. (“I made this!”)

Get your entries in by Friday, September 30th, 2011. Click here to enter now!

Vote, vote, vote

After you submit your best, tell the world which ones are your favorites by using the Twitter and Facebook icons under each image in the submissions gallery. Or have your friends post a comment with their love.  Our judges at SmugMug and Bay Photo will choose the one that fits the theme best… and consider the ones that got the most attention from fans.

Voting ends on October 7th and we’ll announce the winners on October 12th.

Good luck!

Who’s Bay Photo?

Since our launch with pro lab Bay Photo almost three years ago, we’ve shouted from the rooftops how much we love this amazing photo lab from a little seaside town in California. They’ve fulfilled orders from thousands of our customers, printed tons of goodies for us and we’ve been roomies at trade shows everywhere.

They’re our Pro-only lab here at SmugMug. We chose them for a number of awesome reasons, including their consistent quality, rich color, attention to detail, durable packaging and their hand color-correction services for photographers who just want to shoot.

They also offer some of the most innovative print products on the market that keep your photos off the boring mat and frame.

Don’t you want to be connected with awesome folks like this? We do.

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

30 thoughts on “How to Get Famous for Free”

  1. Under Terms and conditions , did u mean to say “Winners will be announced on Nov 28, 2011” and not “Winners will be announced on September 28, 2011”, cause the home page says to get the shots by Sept 30 🙂

  2. Samir :
    I was thinking of entering, but I’m not too comfortable with the original files being able to be downloaded from this gallery.

    I concur, it’s very disconcerting that anyone can download a high res file of these images. Yes, the IPTC info is embedded, but that doesn’t stop people from using © images they download off the internet.

    1. Hey Samir and Karmic Images – Sorry if there was any confusion. Please try again. Images can’t be downloaded from the original gallery.

  3. There are problems with your entry. It doesn’t allow for anyone outside of the US to enter, i.e. I can’t enter my own state. And you don’t advise what size files to upload and whether or not they can be watermarked. I’d like to participate but need to know the above please.

    1. “The photos must be uploaded as full resolution JPG files.”
      Also since you are outside the US it says “(If you are not from the U.S., leave this field as is.) Basically, just don’t change anything I guess!

    2. Hi Kathie, Thanks for this feedback. We added some language in the uploader to make it clear that if you are not from the US, you can leave the State field as is, and when you upload an image, the location info will appear as (City, Country). We’ve also cleared up the watermark issue with clearer language. Hope this helps.

    1. I’ve found the answer to my own question under the contest terms which can be viewed here:

      “Images with watermarks, text, or design elements, as well as image collages, are not allowed.”

  4. I submitted yesterday, but did not receive any type of email confirmation, and I do not see the photo in the gallery. How do I know if my submission went through?

      1. Hi Sarah,

        Submissions go into a moderation queue and it could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours for the image to be seen. If it did have a watermark or any graphic/design elements, it won’t be approved.

    1. Hi Stephanie,

      There isn’t an email notification when your emails are posted. Just a note: if your images have watermarks or any text, design, or graphic elements, they won’t make it into the public gallery (according to our Ts and Cs).

  5. Update: Comments are now restricted so people can only comment directly on a photo, versus having the option of commenting on a gallery too.

  6. I uploaded several pictures days ago and I have yet to see them in the gallery of submitted photos. Does it take a long time to show up, or did I mess up?

  7. Fun contest! Lots of great entries! It would be great to have a Dgrin thread for the contest, or did I miss it? I’d love to hear the bkgrd/technique on many of the pics.

    FYI, we’re not feelin’ the Twitter love – the feed counter might not be working since no-one seems to have any tweets.

  8. This is getting ridiculous… Posted my photo twice. Watched the entries get updated. Still no sign of my pix. I do not have a watermark on the photo… What gives?

    1. Hi Eyal,

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The judges had to get together and confer about approval over the weekend, but you should see it in the gallery now (#1386).

      Also, just a reminder to you and everyone else who has entered photos with people that you’ll need to have releases for photos featuring people, signed by guardians for photos of children.

      Good luck!

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