New Video Downloads: Shoot, Sell and Share

Hey, Smuggers! Pros can now sell video downloads just like prints, cards and the whole shebang:

Sell video downloads

You’ve asked for this for a really long time and we were busting at the seams waiting to tell you about it. We hope you love this new feature (and all the cha-ching! it brings) as much as we loved building it for you.

While you’re soaking up the good news, let’s go over the basic deets about video on SmugMug.

How to Upload Your Videos

You probably already know that you can upload an unlimited number of HD video to every Power or Pro SmugMug account in addition to unlimited photos. Since most cameras have video functions baked right in, you’ve probably got quite a collection already.

Put your videos into your SmugMug galleries exactly the same way you already do with your photos. You can upload a slew of photos and videos at the same time if you’d like. We always recommend our easy-to-use browser based uploaders, but you can use whatever works best for your workflow.

There’s lots of different video formats out there and we accept a huge range of codecs to make it simple. In the rare case that we don’t recognize the format, write to our Support Heroes for help or try converting it to a different one.

How to Sell Video Downloads

Price them just like you would price any other digital download. If you’re not sure, look here for full details. Open up your pricing settings, click on the Downloads tab and go nuts.

You can offer up to 5 different sizes of video downloads in both Personal and Commercial licenses. Here’s what they are:

  • Web: up to 320 x 240
  • iPod/DVD: up to 640 x 480
  • Mid-Def: up to 960 x 540
  • Hi-Def: up to 1280 x 720
  • Full HD: up to 1920 x 1080

Your fans can then add the video to their cart and check out. Video downloads are available immediately. Instant gratification!

A note about that “Save Movie” link: If you’ve not priced any videos, your visitors will continue to see that link in the lightbox header. It’ll disappear when you start pricing videos in that gallery, or when you enable Right-Click Protection in your Gallery Settings.

Similarly, your fans can’t download video sizes that are equal to or larger than the video sizes you’ve priced. So, for example if you’ve priced the Mid-Def size in a gallery, they can only save the Web and iPod sizes from the mouseover photo bar.

One last FYI: Video files will be included in your Gallery Downloads zip files, so make sure you price them accordingly.

Be on TV, Your Computer or Your Phone

Did you know that visitors using an iPhone or iPad, AppleTV, PlayStation (or any device that can play industry-standard h.264 videos) can also play SmugMug videos? Being tied to a computer is so 2006.  Just give your fans a link to the video in your SmugMug gallery and they can watch it from virtually anywhere.

Or, try embedding videos instead. We provide easy embed codes that you can drop into your blog, forum posts or any other external site. To get it, click on the Share button in any gallery (or Owner Share if you’ve disabled it to your viewers) and choose Get a Link. Video embed codes are under the “Embeddable Links” tab.  Copy and paste that code into your site and prepare to blow them away:

Tip: WordPress bloggers have it even easier. Just copy the URL for the video from the gallery and drop it into your blog editor, like this:

We’ll automatically fit the video to size:

Anyone Can (and Should) Make Movies

Even if you don’t dream of Hollywood, you can shoot and share all kinds of video that make you smile. At SmugMug, we see videos for everything like weddings, birthday parties, product reviews, music videos, demos, real estate tours to just fun, everyday clips.

But if “keyframes” and “transcoding” don’t mean much to you, we have two friends in the video biz who can get you gorgeous movies in minutes: Animoto and ProShow Web. Log in and find them in your gallery’s Buy button, then choose the “Create a Video” option. They’ll slurp in your SmugMug photos and create beautiful, engaging slideshows set to your favorite music. You can customize them, too.

The Nitty Gritty Details

As you enjoy creating, making and sharing moving pictures, keep these few bits in mind:

  • Videos can be embedded into pages in two sizes: 425×240 and 640×360. If you want your fans to see the full HD version, include a direct link to the video so they can view it in your SmugMug gallery.
  • Please keep your videos family-safe and don’t post any copyrighted material that you don’t have the rights to. This includes background music.

And of course, check out more information on our video feature on our help pages. If you’ve got questions, feel free to write us at the help desk. We’re always happy to help.

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

82 thoughts on “New Video Downloads: Shoot, Sell and Share”

  1. But it’s still limited to under 10 minutes. This is worthless for me and you force me to use vimeo. As a wedding videographer I need to be able to upload videos longer than 10 minutes and I’m willing to pay an additional fee for this. But you folks at Smugmug won’t even address this request. You just give us your cute little “Gottcha”, limited to 10 minutes or 1 GB. Thanks for listening!

    1. Matt Kirks :
      But it’s still limited to under 10 minutes.

      I agree 10 minutes regardless of files size is still too limiting. Even YouTube finally upped that number. Why don’t you guys offer just a file size restriction and let us decide the time length?

      1. I was S-O-O-O excited when I saw this because this is why I haven’t been able to use SmugMug – and I L-O-V-E your site – it is awesome. EXCEPT with the limitation to under 10 minutes I am still unable to do so. Since you have done this to allow professionals to better sell their product, what are the chances of your lifting the size restrictions? So far Vimeo is the only thing that works for me because of this restriction. Otherwise your site totally rocks. PLEASE consider this change – “Need You Now” as Lady Antebellum would say!!

      1. Well that’s great that you “really hear us”. We’ve now been saying this to you guys for several years. The question is, When are you going to do something about it?”

        You make real nice comments designed to placate us. That’s not what we need. We need honest feedback and action.

        If you reply to this post, why not give me some facts that I can use to make some decisions with. It’ll never happen!

    2. I make television shows and I would like to upload the episodes to SmugMug for clients and advertisers to view, the ten minute limit is unacceptable!

      I too wouldn’t mind paying an addition fee for this service.

  2. What are Smugmug’s plans for video security? Any watermark for the video? Selling video doesn’t make sense without some security…anybody can run a screen capture program to grab the video you’re selling.

  3. I can foresee a bunch of people (perhaps unintentionally) breaching copyright with this. Music can be licensed in a number of ways and I doubt that they include this kind of sales. So please folks, read the fine print!
    We like to be paid accordingly for our photography and video, make sure you do the same for the artist you use for your soundtracks!

    On another note, still a useless feature for anyone outside the US. Still waiting for foreign currencey. Why would anyone pay for any kind of download in USD with exchange fees?

  4. This is great! I have been long waiting for this feature, and am anxious to get rolling with it. Is this just an announcement? When does it go live? I have tried a couple of tests and there seems to be a few kinks to work out yet. From what I have been able to determine, there is no watermarking, no “Buy Video” option, after setting pricing, stated file size is wrong, and larger then designated views allowed, at least a lot larger then I would like, especially with no watermarking…

    Hoping the kinks are out soon! Thanks Smugmug!

  5. Jeepers Smugmug! Now I can sell videos just so long as they’re under 10 minutes in length and 1 GB in size. I’m sure I’m going to make a bundle of cash with this. Thanks for knockin it out of the park!!

  6. Great addition.I am with so many others on the fact that 10 min-1gb much too small. Youtube just up the limit to 20 gb !!! with code. Love smugmug so far,but the video needs to be longer.I know you guys will get it done.

  7. Thank you guys, like always you are thinking about growth and a good experience for your costumers, I have a server so I can upload huge videos if I need, but the great add on to us is very welcome.
    Im always recommending your services to all my friends.
    Thank you
    Thank you
    Y Gracias.

  8. The other suggestion I made to SmugMug but have not seen it implemented is that even if there is a 10 min limit you can permit back to back video. That is if I upload 3 segments of 10 min, have a way to show that seemlessly or without break. So that way the videos are still 10 min (and 1GB each) but to the user/viewer the videos play for 30 min (or more). Basically allow clubbing and transparently show the clubbed/grouped videos together.

    ~ Suchit

    1. Wouldn’t it just make more sense for Smugmug to change their policy and allow longer and larger video uploads? It seems that everyone who needs more video time is willing to pay an additional annual fee for this service. The biggest problem with Smugmug is they won’t communicate with us and tell us what they are doing to address this issue.

      1. Well that’s obvious. BUT given that it has not, this should not be hard to do. And it removes the barrier – considering SM may go from 10 min to 20 min. This way, you could do 6 steps of 10 min giving 1 hr HD video. In any case, I support longer video. No question. This was an option to consider in the mean time.

        ~ Suchit

  9. Screen capture programs are a real problem. One work around would be to upload a trailer of a movie, or clip and provide purchase information if they want to order the full Monty, but that defeats the convenience of SmugMug ordering. Adobe may have figured a way to beat some of the pirating with a Flash pop-up less the url. Dunno the particulars. Add me to the pro user list for more protection, and at least a 60 min to 90 min. barrier for TV docs & independent motion pictures.

  10. GWR :
    What are Smugmug’s plans for video security? Any watermark for the video? Selling video doesn’t make sense without some security…anybody can run a screen capture program to grab the video you’re selling.

    This is my concern as well. Pulling a video isn’t that hard, and almost as easy as grabbing photos. If we’re allowing the full version of the video to be watched and then trying to sell it, I doubt anyone will buy it.

    I have hundreds of thousands of video clips I’d like to be able to sell. But I don’t see it happening as digital downloads. As soon as technology catches up, people will be able to just go to the site and watch it for free. What’s the point in buying? Now, if it’s on another medium like DVD, I can see sales in that area. DVD for grandparents, easy mass viewing, etc.

  11. I sounds to me like SmugMug needs to offer a Pro-Video option for those who don’t find the current limits workable. I read in a few posts some would be willing to pay for the extra time/size.

  12. I am still scratching my head trying to figure out why everyone is asking for a lift on the ten min. limit, here, under this blog. It seems to me that this is an issue for the video sharing feature, not the new video sales feature. If you have TV episodes that you want clients and advertisers to see, (not buy), then your request should be filed under a different blog or user request forum.

    Stock video clips are never more then about 20 seconds in length. Most broadcasters and producers never use more then about three seconds… Are you thinking of marketing weddings and school plays this way? It seems like DVD and BR discs are still a better way to go for that.

    My 2 Cents …

    1. Frank. we’re not selling video “clips”. We’re producing videos for our clients and many of our videos are over 10 minutes in length. I shoot weddings and my clients would like their families and friends to be able to view their wedding video online along with their wedding pictures. They don’t want to copy a bunch of BR discs and mail them out to all their family members. Vimeo and YouTube both allow videos longer than 10 minutes. Why wouldn’t Smugmug offer the same service and charge a little extra for it?

      My biggest problem is the supposed “Support Heros” at Smugmug won’t even participate in these discussions and tell us exactly what Smugmugs plans are regarding this issue. That’s not really customer support is it?

      1. Rest assured that we are all reading and following the comments on our blog, but we simply can’t share details and ETAs about any future features. We know that it’s frustrating to hear, but we are listening and taking the feedback we’re getting (the blog, Facebook, our heroes, forums, etc) from you. it helps us weigh what we do next.

        As always, we appreciate your patience, feedback and passion for what we do here each day!

  13. In the discussion on more than 10 min of vidoe, you may find this of interest:

    “The main reason why YouTube added a 10 minutes limitation back in 2006 was that a lot of users uploaded full-length movies and TV shows. Now that YouTube uses a content identification software and Viacom lost the case against YouTube, Google’s video site can safely remove this arbitrary limitation. YouTube is cautious, so it will release incremental improvements”

  14. Hi R.Pepper,

    This was precisely my point. If it is not your intention to sell clips, why are you posting your complaints here? They should be placed in a discussion at digital grin, where this issue is addressed. We have been asking for video sales for four years, and now that Smugmug is delivering on that request, it seems that all everyone is doing is slamming them for not delivering on a totally unrelated issue.

    I also produce programs that are much longer than 10 min and would like to be able to air these for my clients on Smugmug, but I make those requests in the appropriate forum. this is totally unrelated to video sales.

  15. Hi R.Pepper,

    This was precisely my point. If it is not your intention to sell clips, why are you posting your complaints here? They should be placed in a discussion at digital grin, where this issue is addressed. We have been asking for video sales for four years, and now that Smugmug is delivering on that request, it seems that all everyone is doing is slamming them for not delivering on a totally unrelated issue.

    I also produce programs that are much longer than 10 min and would like to be able to air these for my clients on Smugmug, but I make those requests in the appropriate forum. this is totally unrelated to video sales.

    1. Frank, why is my request to be able to sell my videos that are longer then 10 minutes less appropriate for this forum then your request to sell video clips that are less than 10 minutes?

      1. Hmmm, I thought that you said that you were not trying to sell, just be able to have friends and relatives view the wedding videos…. Sorry.

        I still think for quality and good viewability, that discs are a better form of delivery for long form programs. Not everyone has 10Mbit Download speeds and the Smugmug videos just stop and stutter for many viewers, especially newcomers to Smugmug who may not notice that they can choose the size to watch. I know, as I struggle with my relatives on this. “Your videos don’t play smoothly!” I tell them what to do, and two months later, they are lost again… This is not how you want your clients and potential clients to think of your video ability!

        A better option might be to get an account with a service like YouSendit. Upload your video once, any length, up to 2G and multiple people can download it to their computer and play it from their hard drive. My clients are quite happy with this service. (I do not work for Yousendit)

        Another solution that I have come up with for this is to get an account with a web hosting service that is rated for streaming video. (I use inmotionhosting) Here I have put up many of my recent videos for one of my clients, some are over 30 min in length. Here is my site. If you wanted to sell, you could put up a paypal system, as I have done for long form how to videos at

  16. We create Wedding VideoStories for every wedding, more as a marketing tool, but we would like to sell more of them, and this is the best way. However they are generally longer than 10mins (some are 12 – 13mins) and this restricts us. I want to get word out to all our previous couples that they can purchase their wedding videostories (and have a special coupon for a short time to get them buying). But realised that I can’t as all our clips longer than 10mins miss out!

    Also a great added feature if you are not already working on it would be for people to purchase on DVD or BLUERAY and be priced accordingly (and posted out to them). Same with Disks of files.

  17. Unfortunately, I would have to agree with the majority. While of course, this is a nice add-on, a professional is not going to be able to use this feature (given the size/length restrictions) for sales distribution. But as Karen says, a great marketing tool…

  18. Is there a real person that one can talk to here at smugmug. i have tried to send several e mail it always comes up as we have not sent your e yet maybe these will help you with an answer. can anyone tell me how to get an answer from someone.

    1. Hi Ron, we’re very sorry to hear that you haven’t gotten in touch with us. I wasn’t able to find any tickets in our system from you, so you may want to check with your email provider to find out if there is something preventing you from sending email. We just sent you a test message so please check your mail and reply to it!

  19. Hey Matt,

    We actually do accept up to 3GB videos, but there’s a but… I’ve uploaded quite a few of them.

    Our tests seem to show that it works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox 7 with the Simple Uploader (based on HTML5). But we offer quite a lot of uploaders that do not yet support files of that size.

    We’re working on longer videos but if longer means over 1 GB they’ll have the same restrictions.


    1. First, let me say thank you, as you are the first from Smugmug to actually address this issue with us.

      However, what you didn’t mention in your post is that Smugmug still limits the length of the video to 10 minutes. You may have increased the size limitation to 3gb, but you did not change the duration.

      My question to you Chris; You have many “PRO” users that produce videos for their clients that are longer then 10 minutes in length. When does Smugmug plan to increase length of video that they will accept?

      We are all willing to pay you an additional fee for this service. But so far, the lack of communication from Smugmug has been deafening. I hope you have the courtesy to answer this reply to your post.

      Thank you!

      P.S. I’m sorry but since I have your ear, I have to ask you this. What is the difference if I post one 30 minute video, or three 10 minute videos?

      1. Hey Matt,

        I think actually I did mention longer videos in my post, no?

        We love the passion we’re seeing from everyone, which tells us you care and that if we can just fix some of the things you’re so passionate about, it will be great for a lot of people including us. I know it would be much easier to just walk away in frustration than for you to take time out of your busy lives to write a post you’re afraid we’ll ignore.

        So why are we mute about future product releases? We didn’t used to be. My little hint above was way out of what has become our modus operandi, and it caused me much angst to write it because we’ve learned from many tears that working on it might not mean we can do it, even when it seems we can.

        The answer is I’ve broken too many hearts in the past including my own by saying we’re working on something, only to find out at the twelfth hour that something stopped us from going live with it. Sometimes it has to do with patents or licenses or exclusives, things that were out of our control that we didn’t understand when we said we were working on it.

        I suspect those are the reasons companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon make no statements about future products.

        I’m sorry I don’t have a better answer for you.

        All the best,

  20. Schmoo Theune :
    we simply can’t share details and ETAs about any future features.
    As always, we appreciate your patience, feedback and passion for what we do here each day!


    When did Smugmug decide that not communicating with their customers was a good idea?

    1. Hi R Pepper,

      We’re sorry that we can’t give you more details about upcoming launches. As Schmoo said, we take customer feedback very seriously and hear your concerns. When new products do launch, we make sure to let our customers know right away.

      Please take a look at Chris MacAskill’s comments above with regards to longer videos.

  21. In my testing of this new feature, I have discovered a problem that makes this service, unusable for selling stock video, at least for me. There is WAY too much compression going on. As an example, a video that I encoded to h264, at settings that are appropriate, or at least passable for broadcast use, rendered a 16 second clip to a file size of about 180M. Once re-encoded by Smugmug, the same file, even at HD is compressed down to 8M.

    While this may have been fine for the concept of video sharing, SmugMug will need to address this issue, if it truly intends to let us set up sites for stock video sales. Clips at this compression would be refused by all video producers and broadcasters. This will only turn out negatively for us and Smugmug, and drive potential clients away for months, possibly years, before they ever try buying stock at a Smugmug site again.

    I applaud Smugmug for working towards providing us with the ability to sell stock video, but they are going to have make a serious re-evaluation of it’s compression rates in order for this to be a viable option.

    I am wondering if we could please have our own forum over at DigitalGrin, so that we can monitor progress, and more appropriately offer input for the development of this wonderful new option?

    Thanks so much!


    1. Hey Frank,

      If my maths are right, the bitrate for the video you uploaded was over 100 kbps, about triple what the best Blu-ray players can play, and more than 10x the bitrate of HBO over comcast in 1080p.

      Our bitrate varies by the needs of the video, but is generally about twice what you see on Internet video services, which can be a problem with playback for people without great connections, but our customers demand it. It’s pretty close to the highest practical broadcast standards that we’re aware of.

      Did you see artifacts in our version? We try really hard to provide the best encoding and it looked good to my eyes.

      Let me know where I misunderstand.


      1. Hi Chris,

        I believe that you math is correct. I have not really paid much attention to the bitrate of these files. That is very high alright! How I export from my Edius Pro timeline is to use the Quicktime engine, and I simply choose the highest setting possible, with multiple pass encoding. As I click on a sampling of files that I have exported in this way, I see bitrates ranging from 70,000 to 140,000/sec so I have no idea how the QT engine determines the bitrate. I see that it is possible to limit the bitrate and plugin a number, but I would rather let the software choose what it needs to give me the best possible export for delivery to my clients.

        I believe that your encoding rates do actually output fairly clean looking video for viewing purposes, and I am sure that your compression rates will work fine for event producers that are looking for a way to conveniently distribute their videos. People will be able to pay a fee, download to their devices and be quite happy with the way that it looks. And perhaps that is all that SmugMug has ever intended to do with Video Sales, and never had the idea of Stock video in mind.

        If however, you were intending that some of us might try and use this for Stock video sales, then I think what I need to try and communicate is that video producers, broadcast producers and editors need to work with video clips that have bitrates that are closer to the original camera file, than they are to distribution bitrates. As editors, if we start with a highly processed or compressed file, it is not going to match our other shots, when the whole program is compressed for delivery and exported from the editor. Some video editing programs need to first convert video files to their proprietary codec in order to work with (Hit 1), during the edit process, the file may be re-sized, processed, filtered, color corrected, or hit with special effects. (Hit 2) Some editors may bring the files into After Effects for further processing (Hit3) The final edit then needs to be exported to MPEG2, or some other delivery format. (Hit 4) The delivery format then may be further transcoded for broadcast or satellite delivery specs. (Hit 5) The satellite or cable receiver must interpret this and deliver to the monitor, which may process the file again, Hit 6 and 7. Can we begin to see that it would not be wise to start this process with a file that is already highly processed and compressed?

        I was doing the math today, as I mentioned over at Dgrin, and I can understand, based on Amazon Storage costs, why it may not be feasible for SM to store original files for the cost of a pro account and 15% of sales. But some of us may be willing to pay more, or as someone suggested, upload to the vault, if you could work out a way for clients to be able to access original files, when they choose to purchase the HD version of the clip.

        I continue to look forward to anything that you might be able to work out for those of us who would be able to offer more robust files, intended for video editing.

        Thanks for all you guys do!

  22. Chris MacAskill :
    Hey Matt,
    We actually do accept up to 3GB videos, but there’s a but… I’ve uploaded quite a few of them.
    Our tests seem to show that it works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox 7 with the Simple Uploader (based on HTML5). But we offer quite a lot of uploaders that do not yet support files of that size.
    We’re working on longer videos but if longer means over 1 GB they’ll have the same restrictions.

    That you for sharing. Good to know.

  23. Chris,

    Thank you so much for your communications. I sincerely appreciate it! Please allow me to respond with all due respect.

    Many of us are Smugmug “PRO’ users, and as such, Smugmug is an integral part of our business. As a key Vendor/Provider/Partner I expect some level of communication and support so that I can make better business decisions. I think you do us both a disservice when you talk about “Heartbreak” and “Tears”. We are not school girls with a school yard crush. We are business people looking for information.

    In this particular case, we are not looking to learn about Smugmug’s next product or service. We are simply seeking a change in “policy”. We need a increase in video length from 10 minutes to xx minutes. If you just increased the file size size from 1GB to 3GB, why couldn’t you also increase the time restriction from 10 minutes to 30 minutes? In fact, I can compress my videos to any size you want, I’d be happy with 1GB and 20 minutes. And I’d be thrilled with 2GB and no time limitations.

    Chris, we are not asking, we are begging! In fact most of us are trying to throw more money at you to start a “Pro Video” service.

    Chris, thanks again for taking the time to read this. Please keep up the communications and I promise to shut up and stop posting on this forum.

    Best regards,

    Matt Kirks

  24. I was very excited when I read this. We ( still have to sell physical DVD’s and because of our location in SE Asia the shipping costs put off clients. Digital download sales are what we have been waiting for. BUT ALL OUR FILMS ARE 20-30mins LONG!!! PLEASE INCREASE THE MAX VIDEO LENGTH TO 30MINS!!!

    Roger Munns
    Partner/senior cameraman

  25. I agree the time restriction makes this unusable, and its too bad because I could make great use of this and in the process make more money, of which you would get a cut😉

  26. Again this is great just need to remove the 10 min and size restriction. Move your storage to Amazon s3 that might solve your problem.

  27. Thank you! This is splendid news.

    While I don’t foresee uploading 3GB files, I certainly find the 20 min (as against 10 min) a major plus!

    As a feedback a 30 min (with 3GB limit) would be great! Pushing our luck?🙂

  28. Does Watermarking work on video? I’ve turned it on in all galleries, but nothing shows up. Also, why am i able to download my quick times right from the preview even when I am not logged in? am I missing something? seems too easy for someone to steal my videos? I could have missed an option I suppose…any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  29. As of yet, SM does not provide a watermarking service for video. We have been asking for it ever since the sell videos feature has been activated. For some reason, they just don’t seem to think that watermarking on videos is that important. (Remember, this is primarily a still photo site…. Video is still very much a secondary add on feature…

    You can add your own watermark, before you upload, but then if you do get someone to buy your video, they will also get your watermarked version. Only real work around would be to let your client know that the version that they download should be considered for comping purposes only, and you will send them a link to a full, unwatermarked version, as soon as you are notified of a completed sales transaction. Then you give them a link to a version of the file that you may have stored in the cloud somewhere.

    I know, rather cumbersome. I almost set something up along those lines, but people are really turned away from a site when they cannot get instant downloads. It shouts, “amateur city!” I have moved on …

    You should be able disable right click downloads in your gallery settings, just as you do for stills. The bigger problem is that, by default, SM displays a very large version of your file on the “auto” settings, which you cannot turn off. Again, the “silence is deafening” when we try and get a solution to this. Anyone with snagit can capture a rather large version of your video..

    Perhaps one day….. but for now…. SM is STILL just a video sharing site, only now with digital downloads turned on in the shopping cart for video.

  30. But what percentage do Smugmug take of the download price that I set on my pricelist for the various sizes? For photos isn’t that usually the default price? But in the example the default price is set to zero.

    1. Hi Geoff, digital downloads (photos and videos) have a base cost of $.49 apiece now, although they didn’t at the time that this announcement was made. Don’t forget that there is also the across-the-board 15% commission that SmugMug requires on your markup. We’re sorry about any confusion but we hope this additional info helps.

      1. Hi, thanks for getting back to me. Sorry if I’m being dense here, but before I upgrade to Pro I’m trying to work out my pricing structure. Can you shed a little light on a simple example please? Hope so, here goes. If I sell a download for $1, the deduction from Smugmug is 49 cents + 15% which equals 64cents in the dollar deduction? If I sold it for $10 this would be $1.50 + 49cents = $1.99 deduction on the $10 price? Is that about right? I hope so. Sorry!


    2. Hey Geoff, no problem. The $.49 comes off the top, and then the 15% commission is taken from your profit, after that point. So if you price a download at $1, it would $.49 for the download itself, and then 15% of the difference (15% of $.51), which would be $.08 . So your take-home pay should be $.43 .

      You can always open a temporary trial account, which is at the Pro level, so you can play around with Pricelists and pricing. When you set your pricing, all of this is already broken down for you so you can see as your changing the numbers how much you’ll earn. Or you can talk to our Support Heroes who have plenty of experience helping:

    1. Well, Smugmug may have been busting a gut to bring video sales to us Pro-accounters, but it is no what it seems. It is a hopeless service, as people can watch the whole video before they choose (not) to buy it, but watch it for free. I have spent quite a bit if time writing to them about this, that it is costing me money as an Indie filmmaker and I’m not even covering my costs for the Pro-account! I have asked for a preview facility, like iTunes, but not even one reply from the big boy price-hikers. If it cost iTunes a bucket full of money to do, then they wouldn’t do it! So what’s your excuse Smugmug? At a time economic stricture you should be encouraging growth by offering industry friendly services, not just hiking you prices!

      Having hiked the price way beyond the cost of inflation, this means the Smugmug account will probably have to go. I can’t run at a loss. So my feelings about Smugmug has radically changed, from a really helpful bunch of superheroes, to a ruthless bunch of criminal masterminds!!! (hyperbole mixed with cynicism). Because of this I’ve stopped advertising the site. So BEWARE, if you are an Indie filmmaker, these guys are only after the money. If they weren’t, they see the gaping hole in the ‘service’ and fix it!

      Disappointed beyond words…

  31. Is everybody okay with the price being raised to almost Double in one shot? They say that because the new cameras take larger space on their servers due to more megapixels howeverit would be nice that if we (photographers) could continue paying same price if we resized our photos to keep the Smugmug costs low…and together with some other alternatives, at the end You dont need the full 24Mp to print up to 20×24.

    1. Nope, absolutely not java. See my comment above for added anxiety levels! The problem with this hike is that it is totally inward looking. Instead of looking outwards to account holders, and prospective ones too, where they should be seeing how they can improve and expand the service, they stick this on us. Seems like ‘stupid’ wins the race again!

      I’m not covering my costs even at the old price, so guess what I’m thinking I’ll have to do?


  32. Geo, let me know where you are going as i cant afford to be paying over than what i sell, and i will have to look somewhere else too. btw no offense taken, i hate the autocorrections too hehehe.

    1. Hi javi,

      Well I have been looking around and the stupid thing is, I think Smugmug could really monopolise this market. I’ve looked for pay-for-view services and can’t find any that can accommodate me. I also looked at Withoutabox, because I wanted to submit the film to various festivals and then came across a VOD option on CreateaSpace, part of the Amazon Empire. I thought that sounded great so pursued it, started filling out the forms and then came across, inadvertently, some information that told me my film had to be over 20 mins long.

      So, I’m thinking: here’s this site that helps people like me get their short films out there and most festivals seems to have a 15mins or less condition on ‘short films’ (ok there are some exception, but the ones I’m looking at it’s under 15mins) and yet, here’s this stupid stipulation of over 20mins. My feeling is that no matter what I do I’ll fall the wrong side of the line.

      So, Smugmug what are you playing at? Get your finger out and support Indie Film-makers.

      PS if I had the capital I’d set up a web-based service for people like me and dump Smugmug. I’m so disappointed, especially after holding the Première for the film and setting up the service to coincide with it. Sadly for me, over Première night I think we had nearly a thousand visits to the site, (maybe within 24 hours?) which considering there was only 130 people at the Première, was pretty good going. But I feel aggrieved because that should have translated into sales and instead it was just views! I never seem to be able to get an answer from the Smugmug hierarchy on this. It was a big night for me and their service just doesn’t add up to good business. It was a major let down. Do you think they ever listen to us?

      1. No Geoff They have never truly listened before and never will…I will start looking somewhere else as soon I get some free time, it shouldn’t be that hard for me to find somebody else to replace Smugmug specially since I only sell photos online.

        good luck my friend.

  33. Last year I released a short film on SmugMug, but because there was no preview facility on the site, people could watch the film for free and there was no need to pay. Having tried to get the attention of the SmugMuggers, without success, asking for such a function. This year I reduced my account to the basic level, greatly disillusioned with my ‘experience’. If as a filmmaker you want to sell your work, go somewhere else!

  34. That I have to find out a system tto Not buy. The owner
    gets issues off his hands, you receive the saving and everyone is happy.
    It had been constantly failing and always needing eyesight.

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