We Raised the Roof: Upload 20-Minute Videos

You Ask. We Deliver.

We made a sizzling change that we think you’ll like: Your videos can be up to 20 minutes long and 3 GB in size. Double the action, triple the fun.


20 Minutes and 3 GB of Video.

Since we made video sales available to Pros, we heard you ask: “Why can’t you make videos longer?”

While we still recommend you keep your clips short for the best bang for your buck, you can now sell your videos with tons of extra bonus content – 20 minutes and 3GB of it, right from your site.

How to Do It:

We highly recommend our HTML5 uploader in Chrome to upload your mightiest videos.

Need Chrome? Download it free from Google, then click the Upload button when you’re logged in at SmugMug. Choose HTML5 and just drag and drop your video files into the box.

Finally, get your gear wishlist ready. With new 20-minute videos, we bet your Pro sales will go nuts.

Comments? Raves? As always, give it a try and drop us line if you need a hand.

Read up on these features:

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41 thoughts on “We Raised the Roof: Upload 20-Minute Videos”

  1. I have no personal use for this now, but welcome the addition. However… 3GB is a lot of data to upload as a single file. Are there any safeguards for interrupted connections? I would hate to get to 95% and then have Crapcast choke for a bit on me.

  2. Wow, now you’re taking on YouTube, Vimeo and the big video sharing sites! Maybe we should create a custom app just for SmugMug Videos!

  3. Thank you! This is splendid news.

    While I don’t foresee uploading 3GB files, I certainly find the 20 min (as against 10 min) a major plus!

    As a feedback a 30 min (with 3GB limit) would be great!

    I had also suggested that if SmugMug could have a feature of “continuous play” it would be great. Basically to allow playing the next video seamlessly. So lets say that I have 3 videos of 20 min each in a gallery. I click on the first video (Video1) and when it comes to the end, it automatically buffers the second video (Video2) and plays that without a break. That way you would still have the 20 min limit but as a user experience it would be in this case a 60 min (3x20min). Not sure if I am making enough sense and if it can be done technically but you guys have done “magical” things before!🙂

  4. I agree – 30 minutes and 2GB would be good for me. And I would love to see “continuous play” also, was just thinking that over the weekend. Of course, the biggest pain is uploading at a crawl speed through DSL. And worse is having it not “verify”, and having to do it over again, so a nod to the “interrupted connections” idea too. Thanks!

  5. Very excited about this guys! It means I can offer our wedding VideoStories for sale now even if they are up to 15 mins long (they range from 6mins to 15mins depending on the wedding).

    I’m going to upload all the VideoStories (it will be a major task and will take some time, I only wish I had faster upload speeds here in Australia), and offer limited time coupons to all previous wedding couples who had only watched, (and watched… and watched…) their wedding VideoStory on facebook. I’m sure many will be excited to buy theirs.

    I will then have it as a future add on to our packages rather than DVDs.

    However would LOVE if Smugmug offered the option of people purchasing DVDs or BLUERAY versions that could be posted out… Disks for Photos and Playable disks for Video? That would be an amazing feature.

    1. If they just give us self fulfillment options (along with local labs and currency) you d be able to sell your DVD s too. Wouldn’t that awesome?


    Chris and all you Smugmug Heros, I LOVE YOU! and I will never ever post a negative word again!!!!!!

  7. I absolutely love the idea of having a chance to upload not only pictures but also video’s. Now, we have 20min! wow, I love it smugmug. Thanks for the new addition to the family.🙂

  8. really great news! but i prefer firefox as a browser. but there the html 5 uploader doesn’t work. i always get error messages and have to click throu a few different uploaders. can you please change that?

    1. Hi Jonny, we do plan on making uploading those gihugic files easier across all of our supported browsers. For now you can always use Chrome just for your video uploads, then do everything else you need in Firefox. Thanks for your feedback! If you still need help, just shoot our Heroes an email: help@smugmug.com

  9. I don’t understand why I couldn’t upload through Firefox? Or if I can, how would I go about doing it? Great news though. Thanks.

    1. Hi Ajira, as we said above we hope to make it just as easy across all of our supported browsers but it’s still pretty new. Just try Chrome + HTML5 for your video files and you can still do everything else in Firefox if you wish. And don’t hesitate to email our hero team if you need help: help@smugmug.com

  10. I think 25 gigs would be a good ceiling, 3 gigs is not enough for my clips. I know I can sell this video as large as it is. You should let me put it on there the way I have it.

  11. Great news and excellent suggestions. Will having a simple editor be asking to much? I just covered an event and would like to upload but there are those shaky frames at the beginning I’d like to trim off…

  12. Hi Isidra, it’s never too much to tell us about a feature request! Most cameras already give you the ability to do some simple trimming right in-camera, so you may want to dig up your manual and see if it can be done. Otherwise check to see if your computer has a simple video editor already on it (Like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie), and finally you may want to search for one of many video editing programs out there if they don’t work for you. Here’s a few more suggestions:


  13. This is most welcome news I have heard since I joined SMUGMUG a few years back. I was hoping and was already looking for an alternate site but no more Thanks ks

  14. Wow! I just learned about all of this: Just try Chrome + HTML5 for your video files and you can still do everything else in Firefox if you wish. And don’t hesitate to email our hero team if you need help: help@smugmug.com

    My question is how would this work if I am up on Web Photodex and want to transfer a video from there?
    Thanks you guys!

  15. Have the recompression specs changed for HD video? Last I checked you had recommended I limit my uploads to around 7,000 kbps (anything more would be overkill). Any chance this has been upgraded to 10,000 kbps or higher?

  16. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!!!! You guys are amazing! This feature was unusable to me before. Now it is practical and I am so excited that you pulled it off!🙂

  17. Finally! Fantastic upgrade! Most of my movie shorts are just a little over 10 min, so I couldn’t use Smugmug AT ALL for showing. Thanks. Yes, 30min (3GB) would be great as suggested previously.

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