Publish to Your Facebook Business Pages, Too

What’s new with Publish to Facebook?

We’ve had some great feedback from Smuggers about the Publish to Facebook feature that we debuted a little while back. The number one request we heard from you was that you wanted to publish not only to personal sites, but to business pages, too. Your clients need to see the good stuff.

Hey, guess what?🙂

Publish To Your Facebook Page:

If you’re new to our beta features, first check out SmugMug’s Darkroom:

Click the green Join button next to “Publish to Facebook.” Remember if you use a custom domain on your site, just add “/darkroom” to the end of your domain to cookie yourself in like this:

Once you’ve done this, click the Share button in your SmugMug galleries and click Publish to Facebook. You’ll get the choice of publishing your photos to a Facebook album on your personal profile, or to a Facebook Business Page that you own.

Make a new gallery for your photos, or just use an existing one.

Remember that you can choose up to 200 images from your SmugMug gallery to publish. If it’s a lot of photos we’ll publish them in the background and shoot you an email once it’s done.

Stay Safe, Secure and Sellable.

“Safety” is our middle name. You’ll be asked to set the maximum image size before you publish, and everything links back to your SmugMug gallery so fans will know it’s you. We’ll also include any watermarks you’ve applied to your photos.

Juicy Pro tip: Hook up a Buy Link and make buying downloads and prints a piece of cake. Don’t forget to tag your clients in your Facebook photos too so they get notified about your albums and spread the word!

We hope you love the new feature and that it gives your Facebook friends (and clients) ammunition to go viral.

And sharing is caring, too, so let us know what you think! Chatter away in our official Dgrin thread here or send up smoke signals. We’re listening.

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83 thoughts on “Publish to Your Facebook Business Pages, Too”

  1. This is just wonderful! My customers and I have been waiting and watching for this. Smugmug comes through again. It’s reasons like this that I have been a long term and happy customer.

    1. Hi Stony, it looks like you haven’t been the first person to see this issue. You can check out the discussion thread here:

      But in short you should try: removing Facebook from your SmugMug Control Panel, deauthorizing SmugMug in your Facebook account, clearing your browser’s cache and restarting it, but make sure not to log in using the Facebook login link.

      Our engineer Scott is trying to get more info to fix this issue so if you can, please post details in that thread to help him. Thanks!

    2. I had the same problem. Had attempted a fix but had to load up IE for the first time in months and it worked there. Once authorized I can use Chrome as normal (except when it came time to create the album or chose an album in which to send the photos it took a long while for the pull down menu to come up). Will test more later.
      this saves me a LOT of time. Previously I had to upload everything to SM and then upload to FB using another plugin that would then create a SM link.

      Only thing changed so far, larger thumbnails of the photos when I’m selecting them, hard to differentiate some as it stands. Thank you.

    1. Hi Earl, sorry but no there isn’t a way to add special settings to photos just through the Publish feature. It will carry over protections (watermarking) that you’ve already set on your gallery, though.

      1. This would be a great future option. I’d even like it if multiple watermarks could be applied. I don’t want to have an obtrusive watermark over the main photo, but if it is off to the side it can be cropped, so I’d like to be able to add secondary or tertiary marks in a photo if I choose, maybe some very translucent marks.

        In the past I’ve used different fonts or marks for uploading to different sites so if something is copied, I can see exactly from where it was taken. so being able to have a different watermark applied when published to FB would be a boon. I suppose a work around is to set the shots with one watermark, publish the photos, and then change the watermark for the whole gallery, but that is a few more steps than I would prefer.

  2. How does this work? Any picture loaded onto a FB album/gallery FB claims that this makes FB the owner of the copyright of any of it’s billions of pictures it holds copyright to. I don’t mind using FB but I make sure each photo has a watermark in it
    so they can’t do nothing with it.
    Isn’t it sad how a FB can change the rules of photography and pretend that now copyright laws do not protect the owner of a photograph.

    1. No, FB does not claim that in the least. If you’re a professional photographer you should have figured this out a long time ago and not trusted ignorant rumors.

      FB only needs non-exclusive publishing rights so the info can be posted on its servers. As soon as you remove the photo, that right ends.

      Isn’t is sad that people don’t research the issues and really understand what is involved without making accusations or using guesswork?

    2. is that really true? I thought I looked at te terms recently and it does not say they “own” the picture. I think they can share it or use it on their site but that’s it.

      Can you link to or paste where it says they are the owner?

      Otherwise, this is GREAT b/c of tagging on Facebook. The people involved with the shoot/event will be linked right to your photos and have the opportunity to purchase!

  3. just today I was thinking “why don’t they add this feature?”- when trying to share by tagging which I couldn’t do- going to try it right now

    1. Hi Tammi! See the screen grabs in the post for details. When you open up the Publish to Facebook feature, the first step is to pick which page you want to post it to. Let us know if you’re not getting that option.

  4. I’m using Firefox and I don’t have a ‘Publish to FB’ button, as shown in the SM instructions.

    If I click to Share, then I can choose ‘Be Social’, which then asks me to select a single image, which I can then send to my business page. That’s pretty good, but it doesn’t offer to post to an album, only to the FB wall.

    The instructions seem to offer the album choice. Am I missing something?

  5. Hi Andy, it sounds like you haven’t yet enabled this feature. It’s in beta so you have to opt-in. Just go here:

    … and click the green JOIN button next to the ‘Publish to Facebook’ feature. The first screen grab above shows you how to do this. Enjoy!

  6. If you do this, I presume any pictures you put up can be downloaded by anyone and printed also. Is that true? Since I don’t want that to happen, is there a way to get around it?

    1. Hi Jodie, when you put photos on Facebook or anywhere on the internet you do have to take stuff like that into consideration. But that’s why you can set the size of the published photos and keep the watermarks on them (if you’re a Pro). We recommend using both if you’re worried.

    2. Just post it in a tiny size and a very obtrusive watermark. Anyone can get around your restriction on SM by disabling javascript or using a screen capture program pretty easily if they really wanted.

  7. I added the feature but I was trying to add only those images with a certain keyword, not the entire gallery- the feature does appear if I select the whole gallery, but does not appear when I showed a collection of keyworded images?

    1. SOLVED- tried the feature and it worked perfectly for me- I went tomy gallery & used the interface to select only those files I wanted to upload to Facebook- love it and THANKS

  8. Wow. I have been avoiding posting anything to Facebook because I wanted to drive traffic to the site for anyone who wanted to see my images. Now you guys let me have my cake and eat it too?

    You made me smile while reading this post. I really appreciate the work you guys put into making the service more valuable to me. That’s, and the AMAZING customer service, is why I’m happy to pay you guys another $150 next month. 🙂

    Keep it coming!!

    1. Hi James, thanks so much for the positive feedback! We’re thrilled to deliver what folks like you want and we do listen to every comment. Here’s to many more.

  9. One thing I really wish for is that when someone share’s one of my photos to their FB wall that I would get notified. The only way I have ever found these “shared images” is by stumbling on them (hey, isn’t that my image … oh wait, yes, it is, oh look, they shared it and it links back to my account, whew!). It would be so much nicer to find out when it happens rather than stumble on it later.

  10. Stony Sagas :
    this doesn’t work in chrome, it just displays a facebook login button and then is dead

    It’s the same problem in Safari… haven’t tried in IE or Firefox though.
    Something to work on SmugMug team?!

  11. I’ve tried it in 3 browsers, and it won’t let me log-in to FB, but I logged-in to SmugMug with it so my accounts are connected. In IE and Safari there isn’t even a publish to FB link, but in FF there is. Only the blue FB log-in button comes up and it doesn’t even try to log-in. I did activate the feature in FF, btw and I don’t have the new gallery turned on.

    1. Hi Barbara, the feature is cookied into whatever browser you’ve activated it in at the time, so you’ll need to click “Join” on all three browsers if you want to use them.

      We have noticed that for some people the blue Facebook login button isn’t active, so can you read on how to clear your Facebook authentications and your cache here?

      Try that but if that still doesn’t work, please post in that thread so we can help figure it out. Thanks!

  12. Signed up for both the FB function and the new gallery style. I couldn’t find the share/FB publish function anywhere until I un-joined the new gallery style. Is the share/FB publish hidden somewhere in the new gallery look and I just couldn’t see it? Or was the share button overlooked in the new design?

    1. Hi Colleen! At this time the two beta features don’t work with each other, so you’ll have to pick one or the other to play with. Remember that you can definitely use Publish to Facebook to share with friends and clients, but the new gallery style is still only visible to you, the logged-in owner. Hope this clears things up!

  13. I finally got the “Publish to Facebook” option to appear and when I click on it a window opens with the message, “You’re not the owner of this album” not the window that asks which FB page to share on. I’m on a Macbook Pro with Safari.
    I have clicked the join tab on my custom domain page.
    Please advise.

  14. Sadly, it wouldn’t work for me. Tried Safari and IE 64 bit and, while both said they were publishing, I bailed after an extremely long wait. Over one hour for Safari on a Mac for 104 images and 20 minutes on a PC with IE. Quicker to post a link and be done with it. Great idea, though … keep plugging.

    1. Hi Karen, do you get the same speeds when you’re uploading photos into your SmugMug galleries? If so, it could be a general connection issue. Feel free to ping our heroes if you’d like some help speeding it up:

      1. No, the uploads are way faster. I wondered about the connection – the Mac is wireless and typically what I use to upload. The 104 images uploaded in roughly 20 – 25 minutes. The PC is wired but after 20 minutes of trying to post to FB I cancelled it.

  15. Fantastic! I’ve been shooting more events lately, and a Facebook presence is essential these days. Thanks for making this so much easier!

    Just another reason to keep recommending SmugMug to everyone!

  16. With my Lightroom workflow, I would upload to SM everything I have 2 stars and above and then only posted to FB anything with 3 stars since FB has limited space and I only really one to post the best there. I’d love to use the ‘publish to FB’ feature, but I can either only select the entire gallery or have to go though again and try to remember the rating and make sure I don’t go over 200. I’d like a way to be able to only upload those with particular keywords, maybe I can give a keyword of ” *** ” to them before I upload a whole set to SM. Then when it is time to publish to FB, I can tell it only to upload those with the particular data I want. The new feature is great, but a little more tweaking with something like this would make it very handy and time/bandwidth saving!!

  17. Need to make my upload settings ‘sticky’ so I don’t have to make the same changes to the options each time I upload. Have had to delete a gallery on FB because I forgot to check “short url” and each photo had a 100 character link cluttering it. Also have to remember my ‘link’ text and type it in each time, etc.

    Thanks! love the feature just want more🙂

  18. I’m trying to use the feature but it’s saying that I”m not the owner and when i try to check my social media accounts it’s telling me to log in :S

      1. Thanks got it working… i think i signed up for the facebook publish beta and that might have been causing issues so i left and rejoined and it worked.

        just still one suggestion… if there are more than 200+ photos… i think there should be a button to select the first 200 cause clicking on 200 photos sucks.

  19. If I have the protect option selected for the images on smugmug that I want to post on facebook, will they be right-click protected in facebook since it links back to smugmug?

    1. Hi Kristen! Right-Click Protect is not fool-proof and is just a deterrent for people who browse your SmugMug galleries. Once you post the photo anywhere else, you’ll have to be aware that people can still click and download them. This is something that you need to consider any time you post images on the internet, but this is why we also highly recommend you use watermarking and limit your display sizes. HTH!

  20. Question for business owners, do you have a “release” signed when sharing photos to Facebook, especially for minors. Just curious how the majority is handling this.

  21. I’m really excited about this feature, but can’t get it to work. It lets me create an album and select which pictures I want, but then does not allow me to click the “next” button on that screen. All the other buttons ( Start Over, Remove Selections, Select All) work fine, but nothing happens when I click on “Next”. Any suggestions? (I’m using firefox)

    1. Hi Hillary, sorry you’ve been bombarded. Can you take a look at the email notifications that you’re getting to see if WordPress is including an “unsubscribe” link somewhere in the message?

  22. If you check the emails that you get… you will notice that there is a line that says “want less email?” Follow that…

    Hillary :
    on the blog itself I have no “thread tools” option as you show in the picture

  23. Awesome upgrade! Will definitely save time not having to grab a screenshot (so the watermark is included), edit the image again, and THEN upload to FB each time. Little enhancements like this are why I love SmugMug!

  24. Loving the PTFB upgrade…. But when I poblish, along comes the ‘billions of happy, etc etc” block. Can this be left behind?

    1. Hi Robert – That text shows up as the default, but you can always write your own site description to show up, instead. To do that, you can either go into your Advanced Customization and enter something for the “Page Title” (Power and Pro accounts), and you can also edit the Search Engine Settings in your Control Panel. Hope this helps!

  25. Hey SmugMug,
    The watermarks stayed on when I published to my Facebook page but I wish the right-click protection also remained.

    I also added a Facebook Like button to my smugmug site but it seems to have disappeared. Can you help?


  26. muitos tem duvida que o facebbok é uma das rede sociais mais poderosa na internet, porem sera uma explosão para o nosso seculo. muito bom seus conteúdos.

  27. I’ve gotten a few complaints from people about the photos posting individually on their FB newsfeeds and not as a single gallery link. In other words, if I upload a gallery of 100 photos, people—especially on their smart phones—are seeing 100 individual posts of pics back to back to back, as opposed to one single gallery link. Needless to say, this can be very annoying and potentially run off people from my page. Is anybody aware of this and is there a way around it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Brian, we’ve heard this a couple of times and it appears to be because Facebook doesn’t always realize right away that the images you’re publishing should be grouped together. So it may show up like single images until they consolidate them into a single group. Unfortunately there isn’t much you can do from this end, but we hope the insight helps.

  28. This feature is the bomb! Been waiting for this. Next logical step… likes on FB gallery pics translate over to green thumbs in SM. Thanks so much!

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