The Time of Year to Give Smuggy Cheer

Happy Cyber Monday, Smuggers! The Gift of SmugMug is back.

The dishes are done and the tree’s all lit up. Now it’s time to get back to the office, dust off your keyboards and… start shopping for sales.

We know you’re scouring the ‘net looking for good deals, so we’ll make this one quick.🙂

What’s the Gift of SmugMug?

An easy way to give your photo nut in your life one, two, or three years of safe, unlimited SmugMug service. Unlimited uploads, worry-free subscription and peace of mind for their memories. What’s not to love?

We’ve brought the Gift of SmugMug back into our header, so you’re one click away from gifting that person that already has everything.

How much does it cost?

Depending on the plan, you can gift as little as $35, or three full years of Pro for $360.  The more you buy, the more you save.

Look right here to see all the details on how it works.

Do I get anything?

You bet. Don’t forget that when you give them their own safe, unlimited website, you get $10 to go towards your own Smug Self. Now that’s good karma!

Stop SOPA: Join Us to Save the Internet

Congress meets TODAY to hold hearings on the first American censorship system.

It can pass, and if it does the internet as you know it (and sites like SmugMug, Facebook and Twitter) will never be the same again.

Do you value free speech, communication and the ability to share your thoughts and ideas across the internet? We do, and we’ve censored SmugMug’s logo today in support of American Censorship Day. If you’re reading this, the internet is probably as important to you as it is to us.

Please stand with us to raise awareness and do what you can to help.

Learn what SOPA means for you and take action here.

– The SmugMug Family

WYSIWYG: SmugMug’s New Product Videos

At SmugMug, we have a 100% guarantee that covers ALL orders, no strings attached. If there’s a problem with your order for any reason whatsoever, we’ll fix it, replace it or refund it. We don’t care if it’s because you ordered the wrong size, printed a typo or if your dog ate the mailman.

But we know that shopping online gets scary when you can’t feel or touch the products that you (or your clients) are buying. To help you better visualize our goodies, we sprinkled some short, easy-to-digest product videos around our catalog, like this one:

See Before You Spree

You can poke around the different pages or take a look at specific examples like:

They’re great for showing your clients what to expect. So don’t be afraid to tell them about it, too.

Tip: View Everything We Sell

You can see everything we sell and the prices you pay as a pro, here:

Full catalog, with pricing:

When your customers or visitors need to see the catalog, the links in our footer will show them only the products, not the prices. Here they are:

Our full catalog with both labs:
Catalog with just EZ Prints:
Catalog with just Bay Photo:

Happy shopping (and selling) this holiday season!

Pro Tips: How to Make More $$$ This Holiday Season

Let the holidays ring with more cha-CHING! Halloween’s flown by, which means it’s time to dig out the lights, bake some cookies and be the brightest house on the block.

It’s also the perfect time to offer a cornucopia of beautiful gifts to your clients so they can be smiling through the New Year. Here’s how.

Keep the Money Rolling In

  • Turn Downloads into Dough. Set your own price for digital photos and videos under the Downloads tab and deliver their memories instantly. Sell videos up to 20 minutes and 3 GB each. 32 different photo sizes are just waiting to be bought.

Get bonus points: Surprise your clients and add a custom Thank You Print to the delivery box. It’s even nicer when you include a coupon code good for their next order. *hint hint*

12 Friends a-Sharing

Looking for gift ideas, or just a treat for yourself? Visit ClubSmug for exclusive nepotism discounts on albums, software and more. No secret handshake required. Just be sure you’re logged in.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Blurb’s Notebooks and Weekly Planners are a beautiful way to merge your photos with function. Get 20% off your entire order when you buy before December 15th.
  • MOO’s business cards are just the tip of the fruitcake. Try their stickers, labels and name tags to make guests smile. Check out the goodies here.

Get it by Christmas!

Don’t be a Grinch and show up empty-handed. Our print elves need 1-3 business days to process your orders during the holiday season, so be sure that you (and your clients) check out by these dates:

* 6-10 Business Day shipping – December 9th
* 3-5 Business Day shipping – December 13th
* 2nd Business Day shipping – December 16th
* Next Business Day shipping – December 19th

Happy holiday prep from SmugMug! Don’t burn the cookies and make sure you have enough eggnog to go around.🙂

Does this Costume Make My Site Look Fast?

Things Get Weird on All Smugger’s Eve.

Halloween, you’ve met your match.

Even when we’re pounding our keyboards  ’round the clock (and ’round the year), we always like to take some time out to let down our hair, unleash our creativity, and get our crazy on around the end of October. The prize? Bragging rights. The competition? Fierce.

SmugMug’s Crazy Costume Contest

They costumed, we voted, and here are the winners. Check out some of the eye-popping, heart-warming and sword-waving people we’ve got crewing arrrrrrr! ship this year. (Get it?)

First Place

This year’s first place winner was SmugSorcerer Greg. You know, we thought he looked a little different on Monday morning when we spotted him by the coffee machine:

“Hmmm. Did you get a haircut?”

Second Place

Dustin in Quality Assurance (QA), as Doctor Octopus, came in a close second. We can tell Dustin takes his job of crawling through new features before they are launched to find bugs very seriously:

Third Place

We crowned Technical Ops Craig third place because he brought Smuggy to life in his complete green-footed, jumpsuited, spandexed glory.

It got a little scary at times.

Then we had some fantastic family and group shots. Here’s what we voted as the top 3:

Dustin’s family as The Avengers vs Dr Octopus.

Support Heroes Sean and Eric with their own Addams Family.

Our founder Don and his pirate crew.

And we had one entry in the “Pet” category, as fish ‘n chips. Don’t worry, the fish is still alive and doing swimmingly:

Did you and your family dress up this year? We want to see!

More proof that SmugMug’s more fun than your average photo biz: