Create, Edit and Sell Custom Photo Cards

Big news today for people who love to make photo cards: We’ve brought you a more powerful, more flexible card builder that lets you edit designs before you buy.

Build Your Cards

Try it now right from your galleries. Find the first photo you want to use, then click Buy > Create a Card.

It’s so simple to pick a design, then click and drag in the photos you want. You can even edit the images by zooming, aligning, or even doing a quick conversion to black and white:

Next, type in whatever text you want. In many cases you can even edit the font, which you couldn’t do before.

When you’re done, you can hit Save to stash your progress, or just choose how many you want and add it to your cart.

Edit Your Cards

One of the most-requested requests we’ve gotten about cards was for you to be able to edit them. Now you can.

When you clicked “Save” in the card builder, we stashed your project in your “Cards” gallery. Simply find it and click Tools > This Photo > Edit to open up the card creator:

Make as many edits as you wish and when you’re ready, add it to your cart. Voila!

Check out our help page here to guide you through the new process. Remember that Pros can still set a custom price for all of our 4×8 and 5×7 card options, so their customers can design and order their own holiday greetings and make you money.

Enjoy! Got any feedback, ideas, or just have a question? Let us know.

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92 thoughts on “Create, Edit and Sell Custom Photo Cards”

  1. I went in and played around like a customer (logged out). The watermark on my photos shows up in the card even after saving. It won’t be there on the actual cards, right?

    It also did not “stick” in the shopping cart after I added it and then clicked “return to gallery” rather than “check out.” I know this can sometimes be caused by a cookie issue, but I use this browser/computer to place smugmug orders all the time without issue. So I was wondering if it is something with the actual card creator causing a problem. (I just tried to add some regular prints to my cart, browsed the gallery some more, and visited my cart again, and everything was there. So I think it is a card issue, not an issue with my browser…)

    The card I made did appear in my “guest cards” gallery🙂

      1. any way smugmug can make them NOT show on cards or post an * with that information so that our customers can be sure that watermarks are not on their cards? I get this question all the time!

      2. This makes it sort of hard to make a sample gallery of cards unless a gallery is un watermarked before making the samples. Also, the new way the 4×8 cards show up in a gallery is not that great – big white box around the card??😦

    1. Hi Brie and Jason, the reason why the watermark shows on the preview (and the saved card) is to protect your images straight through to the end. They won’t print with the watermark as long as you’ve used our non-destructive watermarking feature, we promise!

      1. I understand that part.. just wondering if there is anyway to put that information somewhere so the customers dont think the watermark will print on their card (so they stop asking me!)

  2. Is there any way you can set this as an option to let a customer go in and creare their own cards and books, etc. Or can that only be done by the owner of the site?

      1. I don’t know what’s wrong but I’m getting a lot of complain from customers that card creator is not opening in my page, for some they can’t save it in the cart…

    1. Hi Ellen, can you have your customers update to the latest version of Adobe Flash? If you or they need specific instructions on how to do that, or if they have additional problems or error messages, please write us at .

  3. I really like the layot for card designing, but I am having a terrible time of saving my cards. Either they won’t save at all or they disappear from my folder after saving other cards.

  4. Amazing how you can get certain features out the door on a deadline, such as cards or gifting right before christmas.

      1. I’m having the same issue! I updated the latest version of Adobe Flash and I tried Firefox too. I continue to get the same error message. Kathleen

      2. I have tried reinstalling the latest flash on two machines (OsX and Windows 7) and no luck. Emailed tech support and no response.

        Seem like a pretty bad idea to install a whole new feature right in the middle of the biggest card season of the year?

        Right now I am SmugMug Pro User who pulling my hair out!!

    1. My client is having the same issue. Updated Flash and has tried another browser. Still no luck. Frustrating.

    2. All is well in the world this morning. Everything is working! Thanks for all the email support! You were all very helpful.

  5. Hi folks,

    Well, that’s nice, but what I WANT is to be able to SELL my already-fully-designed cards to my customers. That is, I want to create them, including inside and backside messages, and put them in a Card Gallery for sale! I don’t mind offering buyers customizing options when they buy–but I do want to offer the card as I envision it to them first.

    I still don’t see a way to do this. How hard can it be? If I can go ahead and design, edit, and finesse a complete card–why can’t I make it available as a product on my Pro site? I’ve gone off to GreetingCardUniverse (who still make this difficult, but are a little more flexible), but would rather do all my card selling right here “at home”. S’getting kinda late for Christmas already, so if there IS a way to do this that I don’t see, please let me know about it a.s.a.p. Thank you!

    [hi andy]

    1. Hi Leila! You sure should be able to design a card yourself (photos, text and all) and the save it. The card will appear in your gallery and as long as you’ve set a price for it, your guests should be able to purchase one using the regular “Buy” button. You can even move the card to a public gallery if you wish.

      Please shoot our heroes an email if you’re still confused, or need someone to walk you through it!

  6. I second the option to be able to create your own cards and be able to sell them as a future option!

    Also do I have to set my own card price in my pricing gallery or is the card cost a set price?
    Thanks for your help

    1. Hi Helen! You sure can do that. Just design the card and save it, then move it to a public gallery that has your Pro pricing set on it. Your guests should be able to order the cards at a profit to you.

      Cards do have a base cost, just like any other print product, but you can price them the way you price everything else o your site. Send us an email if you need a hand.🙂

  7. Hi, I set the pricing for cards in the gallery my client created a card in, and that price was not applied to the sale. Their card appears in both the ‘guest card’ and ‘my smugmug creations’ galleries. I’d really like the correst pricing applied as my client created and ordered the card. Please help.

    1. Hi Kathy, can you send links to the cards in an email to our Support Heroes? I took a peek and it looks like you do have your cards properly priced in your “Guest Cards” gallery. So of course you’ll just have to be sure that you aren’t sharing a computer or a login with the client. But we’re happy to take a closer look and get more info from you:

      1. Hi Schmoo- I am definitely not sharing my login info or a computer with anyone. I’ve sent two emails now to the heroes and have not received a reply back (one last night and one this morning- it is almost 4:00 now p.s.t.). That’s why I left a message on this forum. I guess I will just try again.

    2. Kathy, I can’t find any tickets from you since November 23rd. I know this sounds basic but can you check your spam folders to be sure that replies from us didn’t get filed there? Barring that, I just saw your newest ticket now in our queue so you’ll hear from a hero in a jiffy.🙂

  8. I wish there were a square card option. I realize that square cards cost more in postage, but that message could be included on the design pages. Sometimes it’s nice to have a card that is not the ‘usual’ size.

    1. Hi Erin, we’re sorry that not every design allows for this. The new card creator also lets you create your own card using an email on the front and free-form text inside. Hopefully you can find a different design, or some middle ground!

  9. PLEASE stop making NEW features like this, pls focus on what is ASKED most by your customers – EU services… Or if you just choose to ignore that, at least be so polite to say it to all those waiting people…

    1. Hi Karin, we’re sorry that this improvement doesn’t sizzle your bacon. Having editable greeting cards for the holidays was a very highly-requested feature, in addition to others such as foreign currencies and labs, but we’re knocking the balls out as our resources allow. We haven’t forgotten about yours! Thanks for hanging in there and sharing your feedback.

    2. Hi Karin, in addition to what Schmoo said, we have a large development and product team – and these projects are completely separate🙂 I know that what you’re asking for is long overdue – and we promise we’re not ignoring you or the many others asking for the same feature.

  10. Hi Kathy, perhaps our reply is in your spam/junk folder? Let us know.

    Kathy :

    Hi Schmoo- I am definitely not sharing my login info or a computer with anyone. I’ve sent two emails now to the heroes and have not received a reply back (one last night and one this morning- it is almost 4:00 now p.s.t.). That’s why I left a message on this forum. I guess I will just try again.

  11. Hi Andy and Schmoo- thanks so much for your replies. Just heard back from the help desk and the problem is that I did not have the prices set in the ‘guest card’ gallery. I did not know about that. I just figured if a client made a card from their photos, the card would just show up in their gallery. When I make a card for a client, that’s where it goes, and I have the prices set in that particular gallery, then they just go in and order it. So I lost out on the profit for that order- bummer. It might be something you want to add to this blog about pricing cards. All Smug account holders need to make sure that they have their prices set in their ‘Guest Card’ gallery- or they won’t see any $$ like me.

  12. I was reading the posts about people who would like to create their own cards and sell them. I’d like to do the same thing. But I don’t think their questions were fully understood. I’d like to create a card in my Photoshop program, upload it into my clients gallery and allow them to purchase the card with envelopes just like they’d purchase the cards they create on the smugmug site…. is that possible somehow?

    1. I actually think I may have just figured it out… If I create a card with the proper dimensions (4×8 or 5×7) I can upload it into the Guest Cards or Cards gallery and then my clients can order the cards with envelopes from there?

      If that’s the case, when I give them the link to the gallery where their card is, won’t they be able to view everyone else’s cards as well? Is there a way to prevent that?

      1. You can avoid that by just uploading the premade card to the same gallery as their images are in. Just be sure to price the card options you want to offer them.

      1. I would highly suggest adding a feature to view the card larger. Some of my clients are having a hard time reading the fonts. I myself, as the designer, would like to also see the cards larger so that I can have more control over the quality of the photos within the design. Thanks for your attention.

  13. I guess if you do not have shopping cart enabled then there is no way to design and buy any cards? That is crazy! I’ve tried and tried to find a way to design and buy, and it is not there for me since I do not sell my photos but use them for other work. Number one rule of having something you want to sell me: Give me a way to buy! How can I buy these cards? I do not want to enable shopping cart on my photos as I want to sell other work derivatives, not my original photos, and it has confused people when I’ve had shopping cart enabled. How can I buy? No buttons anywhere….

    1. Hi! Just like all of our other galleries, you can always enable the Buy button as long as it takes to place an order, then disable it again. Or if you want, you can make the gallery unlisted (or passworded) and you’ll be the only person who can view and purchase from the gallery. There’s lots of ways to work around this, so send our support heroes a message if you need some more ideas:

      1. Thanks, yes I figured I could do all of that, but that is cumbersome to simply make a design and purchase. When people want to buy something, they should not have to jump through hoops to do so. I should not have to change settings just to see a buy button. It should be an option in my tools or other menu, menus that are not seen by visitors not logged in. This is Marketing and Selling 101. Shall I walk through a long maze when I walk into a retail store, before I can reach the merchandise? I recognize this is not going to be fixed this year, but it should be fixed for next year. Thanks. I know this will be a great feature when the kinks get worked out.

  14. Another question – how does this work with proof delay? Can we upload new versions of the photos in the cards and have the cards update? What happens if the photos in the cards are deleted? Does the card suddenly have a hole in it? And why are my card samples I made only showing up as size “Large” when I have X3 enabled? (OK, that was 3 questions)

    1. You can update the photos used in the card, but the preview will not update unless you edit and resave. I’m not 100% sure what would happen if you delete an image… But I doubt it would be good for the customer, so let’s just avoid that ok?🙂 the card creator’s previews are only bug enough for a L display size, that’s why you aren’t seeing X3 previews.

      1. I really like the new card creator (MUCH easier to use!), but some of these other things are not really changes for the better, from a selling perspective. I want to make sample cards to show customers what they might look like, using our photos (not the smugmug samples). The thumbnail/image now has an ugly, big white box around it and does not enlarge past size L. Not great for showing samples. I had to make an unlisted gallery of non-watermarked photos to make samples that didn’t have annoying watermarks in the middle of the photo (I get it that you are protecting us, but if someone is at the point where they are making a holiday card out of our photos, I think it is safe to say they are going to buy them! And if they can’t get bigger than L anyway, well, what are they going to steal exactly?) I don’t really need that temp gallery to stick around, but because you don’t know what will happen to the cards if I delete it, I have to leave it there indefinitely so my samples don’t get all messed up.

  15. This appears to be a really nice feature. It would have been nicer to have some advance notice, and to NOT have this nice feature impact pros at the busiest card making time of the year. I’m sure that I’m going to like it once I have time to breathe after the holidays – in 2012 this will make my life really easy. But for now, I think I’m selling my 2011 cards the old fashioned way (i.e. creating my own). I’ve had several issues with saving, pricing, and moving cards and having them disappear. I’m sure that the bugs just need to be worked out, but I’m just a tad frustrated that this change had to go into effect 3 weeks before Christmas.😦

    1. Hi Kathy, we really felt that releasing this right after Thanksgiving would be a good time to introduce some major improvements to the card builder – the #1 thing being editable cards! We’re sorry that it caused some confusion, but we understand that any change is hard. If you want to use the old card builder, we still have it up for a little while longer in our cards catalog here:

      Just remember that you can’t edit them once they’ve been made, and not all the new designs are available that way. But we hope that between making your own cards and using that, you can get this year done fast!

  16. Ok so im using a MacBook and it really hates flash. Finally got it download, but now i can’t save multiples cards. I have to manually close and open the page each time I need to save one card. 3 weeks before Christmas the change wasn’t very helpful, Is there anyway possible I can use the old way of making the cards? Hopefully you guys can help me..

    1. Hi Rodrigo, if you want to use the old card creator you can still access it from here: > Choose a card, and click “Make this Cards.”

      Just remember that it won’t be around forever because we’ll eventually replace it with the new cad creator, and that not all of the new designs are available this way. We hope this helps!

    2. Hi again Rodrigo, I talked with our engineers and they confirmed that the multiple card behavior is by design. When you save a card, we replace the one that you’re currently working on. So if you want to make several cards you’ll need to exit the card builder and start a new session. We hope this clears things up!

    1. Hi Kerry, we’ve been hearing that some people experience a stubborn “Error #2032” and for some, installing the latest version of Flash and clearing your cache will help. We’ve been working round the clock to get this fixed for everyone, but if you’re still having issues please shoot us an email:

  17. I had major issues last night trying to create cards for my client. I couldn’t get the pricing to save, I would create cards and they wouldn’t show up. Finally I just had to create them and sell them at cost because I was sick of dealing with it. This was not a good time for an upgrade.

    1. We’re really sorry to hear that you’ve been having so much trouble. Last night we did discover a bug that was affecting some Pro’s card pricing and our engineers have been slaving away all morning getting it fixed.

      Again we’re terribly sorry to hear that you’re unhappy but we appreciate the feedback… especially as we’re fine-tuning this new release. You’re welcome to send any additional thoughts to our support heroes:

  18. Really like the cards, well done. A suggestion as I shoot racing cars and the teams would like to have a shot of the car (no theme) on them but have the driver’s name on it to give away to fans. Would it be possible to have the no theme cards have text on them?

    1. Hi Glen! With the new card builder, the first design in the row should be a blank card with space for an image and a text field inside the card itself. You can take any image you want and add your own text directly to it in Photoshop, rather than rely on an input field in the card builder. This may not exactly what you’re looking for but is should still work just fine.

  19. Ahh, ok. My customers were looking at doing that with the No Template 4X8 cards. I can do it in Photoshop but then the customer has to contact me, tell me the photo they want, then tell me the text they want, the font, etc…remember, we are dealing with Dirt Track drivers…more than a few steps they figure it’s to much trouble.😉

    I was just hoping to give them directions to add what they wanted when they wanted in one central place.

    Thank you though.

  20. Andy and Schmoo: I am sure the users appreciate the hard work, but it sounds like the system is not quite ready for prime time. I suggest for the next iteration you put together a beta test group far in advance of the next card season, and be prepared to act on the reactions and suggestions.

    They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression, and December isn’t the time to introduce new features that apparently haven’t been vetted by by an outside panel of experienced pro photographers.

    Looking forward to a thoroughly beta-tested version.

  21. I really like the new interface and features.

    Would love to have more flexibility over the size of the photo place holders and the position of text.

    Would be great to be able to overlay text on a photo.

  22. I designed a card, and would like to buy some, but when I click to look at it in its gallery, it looks a little blurry, although the photo in the original, non-card gallery does not. I’m not sure whether it’s safe to buy, that is, is the blurriness a result of the way the card displays as a card, or something I’ll see in the final product? Here’s the card:

    Happy Holidays! 5x7 folded card

    Here’s the photo in the original gallery

    1. Hi Susan, the card in your gallery just uses a lower-resolution image since it’s just a preview. As you can see, your watermark is on it, too, but we send the unwatermarked original from your gallery to the print lab, so as long as your original photo is sharp the card will look great.

      If you’d like us to take a look you can forward us a link to the original image’s gallery and we can double check. We understand you want to be sure.

  23. Note: I enlarged the image slightly (maybe 5%?) so I could center the stained glass vertically when I designed the card within SmugMug. So, if this IS a problem that will show in the card, that could be the culprit. In any event, however, I’d really like to know whether the blurriness is a display problem only, or something that would show in the actual cards if I bought them.

  24. My clients wish that there were more design choices for making cards. They are comparing the choices with Snapfish, Shutterfly etc. I don’t want to lose business to those companies because of limited choices. Is there any chance to enhance the selections? Thanks, Linda

    1. Linda, thanks so much for the feedback and it’s great to know that our customers have a demand for more designs. We’re primarily photo hosting company that offers cards, not the other way around, but we certainly want to add even more great designs in time for next holiday season.🙂 Hopefully your client will find The One that works for her!


    I was reading about the watermarks on your cards and photos, well NO MATTER WHAT, PUT YOUR WATERMARK OR THE WORD “PROOF” ON EVERY PHOTO YOU OWN. If you don’t you will get SCREWED OVER ROYALLY! At least get credit for the shots you take. I found out people were making “copy” of the shots I took & have been doing it for a long time. IT REALLY SUCKS. You do the work & they take it. I get between 25000 to 58000 a month & now I know why. the watermark isn’t on there. It use to be but after the goood computer crashed, all the good programs I had are gone until I get the new computer next month. So, protects you work.

  26. One thing that has been frustrating for me with this change is the inability to see the inside of the folded cards once they are saved to a gallery. I create several card samples for my clients and then send them the gallery link for them to view and choose from I haven’t been able to offer any folded cards, though, because only the front conver is viewable in the gallery. Is there a way around this or am I missing something?

    1. Hi Kristine, that’s probably the most popular bit of feedback we’ve gotten in the time since we released this card builder. We’re sorry that the preview doesn’t show inside now but it’s on the list for the future since we know (now) how important the inside preview is to you.

      For right now, you as the Pro can click the gallery Tools > This Photo > Edit to open up the card builder and take a screen grab of the inside of the card. Hope this helps in the meantime!

  27. With the new card creation feature, I do not see a way in which to select photos from different galleries. It seems I am limited to only the gallery from where I started creating the card. I thought this was a feature available in the old method of creating cards. Am I missing something?

    1. Hi Danny, no you’re not missing anything and that is correct: you do have to open the card builder in the gallery from which your photos live.

      Thanks for the feedback, as it sounds like this functionality is something that would be useful to you.

  28. Oh my gosh. I love your site! I have created my homepage etc and think I will sign up for an account — have a quick question on photo cards — can they be created and sent or copied to be a dynamic holiday card on behalf of my organization? That would be AWESOME and provide something I’ve been looking for a while.

    Thank you for such a great website and service!

    1. Hi Kristina and thanks for the comment! The photo cards can be customized for any one or any company, yes, which is the joy of personalizing them. However I wasn’t 100% sure of how you were planning on using this for your business, so feel free to shoot us a more detailed email with that info. One of our Support Heroes will be happy to give you specific answers.

  29. Is it possible to correct the example card for 5 x 7 folded to the new year?
    I’m afraid my customers will think that 2011 will still be printed on their cards!
    and, besides…it’s so… 2011!!!

      1. hey guys.
        If you click on BUY and create card, there is a photo of the 2 card choices… If you click on the 5 x 7 card on the right,
        the next photo that comes up is a generic design where you can begin dropping photos in, but 2011 is prominently on the
        display and IT CAN’T BE CHANGED. You have to go to the bottom of the page and select a different design or card from
        the drop down menu by occasion to get rid of it!
        help me, rhonda! 🙂

  30. I created a 5X7 Christmas card front and back. That is to say, one design printed on the front and one for the back. However I am not sure how to have smugmug print these. Can you help?

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