Why Pricelists Will Change Your Life

Hey, SmugMug Pros! We’ve revolutionized the way you do pricing with our new feature: Pricelists.

Traditionally, SmugMug pricing has been done on a gallery-by-gallery basis. It worked OK if you wanted to copy pricing over from one gallery to another, but changing it later (across your hundreds of galleries) was a different story.

But first, our co-founder and president has something to say:

What are Pricelists?

In short: Each Pricelist is like a bucket, into which you can easily drop galleries to price and sell your photos.

Start by choosing products that you want to sell, tell us how much profit you want to make, and then add your galleries (or photos) to that Pricelist. Done.

Isn’t it a thing of beauty?

Why the change?

Pros have told us that doing gallery-by-gallery pricing wasn’t working out so well once they had lots of galleries to manage. Our goal was to make it super-simple and super-fast for all Pros to easily price their stuff and get photos sold.

The new look is clean and modern, and this renovation makes it easier for us to add shiny new features down the road… like new products and foreign currency support. (*hint, hint*)

What does this mean for me as a Pro?

We can think of four big benefits for you right off the bat:

1. Manage all of your pricing from one place.
2. Manage your pricing across hundreds of galleries with a few clicks.
3. Easily maintain different pricing for weddings, sports, or family photos.
4. Decide how much profit you make on each sale.

What do I need to do?

If you’re a veteran Pro with existing pricing, we’ll ask you to migrate to the new system.

Migration is quick and painless. We’ll comb through the pricing on all of your galleries and fold them into Pricelists. The whole process takes just a few minutes and we’ll email you when we’re done. Here’s a new help page (with video!) to help you do it.

During the migration you won’t be able to make any changes to your prices, but your current pricing will remain live and your customers will continue to have the ability to purchase your images at your current pricing.

After migration, your pricing will appear unchanged to your customers, but you’ll have more power to edit them, behind the scenes.

Upgrade to Pricelists in 3 Steps:

1. Log in and visit your Control Panel.
2. Look under the Pros tab > Pricing > Set Prices.
3. Choose “Migrate My Existing Pricing.” That’s it!

You can choose to start over and just build new pricing from the ground up. Or you can delay your choice a little longer. On March 1st, 2012, we’ll migrate everyone over to use the new system automatically, keeping your current pricing structure but giving you instant access to Pricelists.

Anything else I should know?

We thought you’d have questions. Here’s some answers.

  • There’s almost zero risk of accidentally selling something with no gain to you. In the old days (like, uh, yesterday), you had to price something at $0 to remove it from your cart, and unpriced items were sold at-cost. Now you manually add in each item you want to sell.
  • Digital Downloads now have a minimum cost: $0.49 $0.01 for individual photos and $.99 for gallery downloads, plus a $0.50 fee if your download order subtotal rings up under $10. Want to offer these for free? Enable Originals in your gallery, create a backup file to share, or create a Coupon to nuke the charges at checkout.
  • You determine your markup, not the final price shown in the cart. UPDATE! You can set your profit OR your price. Set a general percent increase over the whole Pricelist, or you can fine-tune the amount for each product you offer. We also give you the option of rounding up your pricing to make the displayed cost easy on the eyes.
  • Choose between Bay Photo and EZ Prints the moment you create the Pricelist. If you change your mind on an existing Pricelist, you’ll need to create a new one with the lab of your choice. Need to compare the two labs to make a choice? Check out the full catalog.

If you still have questions about migrating your pricing over to Pricelists, look right here and check out the video tutorials. And for everything else, check out our pricing help page that’s been updated with a video series on all the details.

So go migrate, play and sell some prints. As always, we’re hoping to add to and improve this feature as 2012 rolls in, so tell us what you think and how it’s working for you.

Merry money-making Christmas!

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

135 thoughts on “Why Pricelists Will Change Your Life”

  1. Great work! What about us that just rely on our default portfolio pricing to handle everything? Do we still that type of fallback or ‘default’ setting in the new system.

  2. And still it’s $USD only. It’s so US centric it’s hilarious. The request to use foreign currencies for sales has been repeatedly made for at least 5 years.I’d have more respect if you simply stated it wasn’t worth your time and you were only going to support $USD forever.

    1. Hi Neil G and Tomasz – The new pricelists lay the groundwork for foreign currencies. Check out the video above, around 1:40. Pros can set their profit, which protects them against foreign currency fluctuations, when we do roll out foreign currency support. This means you always know how much profit you’re going to make.

      We know Pros have been wanting this for a long time, and we hear you guys loud and clear. The Pricelists feature is a necessary step towards getting there.

      1. It’s great that you guys are getting closer to foreign currency support, but what about options for non-US pros to use PayPal to take orders via smugmug that they can get printed locally? I’m sure your labs are amazing but there’s unlikely to be a point at which I can justify the additional time and cost of using a print lab in the US rather than my home country (Australia).

    1. Jason: You can edit the profit field manually to override the percentage choices. Just enter “0.01” and you’ll be all set!

      1. I saw that, and I get it, but jeez, if you wanted EVERYTHING to be that price (this is how we price our private, personal galleries) you would have to do each item manually. Thank goodness I already had some galleries set that way and could migrate them…

        I love that the pricelists have names now – will make it much easier to pick the pricing for new galleries!

    1. Hi Ray, it’s not too different from how we used to do it, since to offer free downloads you had to enable Originals in your gallery settings. You can still continue to do that if you don’t want to mess with Coupons and share free downloads with your customers.

    1. Jay, your wish is my command but I dunno if your face is as pretty as mine, so it may not look as good.

    1. Hi Rita, unfortunately there is not a one-click download feature with this update, so you’ll have to present your pricing to your clients the same way you’ve always done it. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. If we get the API part in-place, I can do something to show the prices. I’ve got a basic web program to show all the gallery settings so u can compare gallery against gallery easily, and wanted to include prices in that too, but kind of stalled on my programming so never opened it up to the public. The pricing display would be very similar…. if the API were in place.

    2. This is very important to be able to do when you need to quote pricing to someone for web ordered prints. Making a listing of pricing and available products is a must have ability, without it you look like an amateur. If you went to get your car repaired would you agree to pay whatever they wanted to charge you.

      This is one of the things that keeps me from using smugmug to supply prints to people.

  3. The new pricelists Sound Great! I can’t wait to use them.

    This makes me wonder if there is any plan for Smugmug to update or change the ordering process. I don’t know if others are getting similar complaints but I keep running into more and more customers that find the Smugmug ordering process difficult and confusing.

  4. David D :
    If we get the API part in-place, I can do something to show the prices. I’ve got a basic web program to show all the gallery settings so u can compare gallery against gallery easily, and wanted to include prices in that too, but kind of stalled on my programming so never opened it up to the public. The pricing display would be very similar…. if the API were in place.

    Oh, that would be wonderful! I know it’s the digital age and all that, but people still ask me for a printed price list.

    1. Exactly Rita,

      And if they don’t ask for a printed list you sometimes need/have to supply one by PDF. They don’t want to take the time to look at the interface to figure out what the price of an 11X14.

      And how are they going to know what gallery to look at anyway when you haven’t taken the photos or done the job yet becuase you are still in the proposal stage. The way smugmug has worked in the past it’s great for event photographers that are selling prints of events that have been done and people you don’t know are buying prints.

      But that’s not what I do.

  5. I’m not a pro — photographing for profit would take all the fun out of it, ‘specially because I doubt I’d sell any. Having said that, I gotta tell you I am impressed with how well thought-out the new system is, and the responses to the questions are informative and friendly. In other words, it’s typical SMUGMUG, which means GREAT!

  6. OH THANK GOD!!!!

    all the sites I’ve used in the past had pricelists, and it was so frustrating to figure out all the different pricing without a good system.

    Thank you SO MUCH for upgrading to such a well thought out plan!!! It is just AMAZING that your company is ALWAYS looking for ways to improve. LOVE THAT!!!!!

    I’ve had COUNTLESS folks tell me how easy it is to use your site.

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  7. I like the new pricelist overall, well done, but why are you setting a base price on digital downloads? Now you are making 15% plus the base price. If I want to keep my prices the same you are cutting into my profit margin.

    1. Hi Matt, here’s the skinny: Although there’s no paper or ink involved, it still costs us money to charge credit cards at checkout and distribute the downloads to your clients. Plus, if something goes wrong, we provide full customer support and a bulletproof guarantee. That’s what the minimum price is covering now, just like all the other physical items in the catalog.

  8. I can appreciate that your costs are involved in the equation, but we are already paying for unlimited bandwidth with our plan right? You are already keeping 15% over the base price which is well more than any credit card processing fees. I can see setting minimum pricing so you do not get hit with people selling digital downloads for a .01 and you are unable to recoup your per transaction fee on your merchant account. What I don’t understand is you set and keep the base price of a digital download.

    The base price for a 4×6 is .21 the base price for the cheapest digital download is .49. In both cases you keep an additional 15% of any markup. Are you saying that you feel it is over twice the cost to supply and support a digital download vs a physical photo?

    1. Matt – We’ve had a lot of back and forth on our team about this. We understand that it’s a bit jarring for pros to suddenly have a cost that wasn’t there before, but we had to make this change due to the fact that we fulfill the “packaging” and delivery of every digital download, unlike print products that are fulfilled by our labs.

      We thought about companies like Apple who similarly charge for MP3 and Apps. But we weren’t following that model until this release. Sorry that it was so unexpected.

      I think you’ve sparked some important discussion here, and it’s something that we’ll continue to look into and address. We asked you to tell us how it’s working for you so we can see how to improve. And we mean that.

      1. Thanks schmoo.

        One suggestion is to make this type of thing more apparent in the blog post. I am sure you guys were not trying to be sneaking, but it does put a bad taste in one’s mouth when you have to discover something like this on your own. Anyway thanks for listening, I always appreciate that about you guys.

        I have another suggestion/feature request that is unrelated to this blog post, where is the best place to send that suggestions?

      2. I feel the same as Matt. This caught me off guard. I take photos for lots of school events and want folks to have access to my files as family heirlooms. Now I have to charge more.
        This seems like it will be a huge money maker for you… how many photos are downloaded every day? Please rethink. It doesn’t have the nice SmugMug feel about it.

  9. YES! Thanks SmugMug. Have been waiting for this!
    Now, how about redoing the way we do Packages–allowing us to apply package deals to galleries when we set up the gallery, or even better, through the new Price List feature.

  10. Great feature. Easy to use. It would be great if the same type of interface could be used to handle the setting on multiple galleries.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we know some places where all our lives will be better when we can improve the interface like this.

  11. Love the new Price Lists.

    I wish I could to a PDF Export of my Price Lists to carry on my iPad, that way I can have it handy when clients ask me for different print size options.

    1. Hi Aharon, you’re not alone given some of the comments so far on here, and on our feedback forums. You can still provide pricing to your clients however you’ve been doing it, and we sure hope to be able to have a one-click solution to that at some point. Thanks for weighing in!

  12. Pricing was always a daunting prospect for me – not that customers were beating down the doors, mind you! – so this feature is greatly appreciated for it’s siplicity and utility. I just made the change in literally only a couple of minutes (including errors and logging in & out to check things)

    Thanks for continually striving (and succeeding!) to improve Smugmug.

    You guys Rule!

  13. I love the new system and had it up and running in less than an hour.

    The one problem I have is that I do not want to sell a gallery digital download of 35 pix for the same price as one for 300 pix. Short of making multiple price lists based on a set number of pix, I see no way around this, so I will not be offering gallery downloads. What I’d like to see is the ability to set a “per picture” price on a gallery. So if I set $1 for the price and a gallery has 265 photos, your system would automatically set the price of the gallery at $265.

    Just my 2¢ worth.

    1. Colleen: That’s an excellent point that you bring up and I’m sure other Pros in your shoes are thanking you for mentioning that. We hear you loud and clear, but would you mind also jotting this down on our feedback forums so we can formally keep track? http://feedback.smugmug.com

  14. There’s no doubt this is a much better option than what you had before. You guys are definitely moving in the right direction. But, I’m still troubled by the fact that there is no self-fulfillment option. I love everything SmugMug has to offer and I love BayPhoto. But, I just need to be able to offer services like retouching, comp cards, etc and it is just too much of a hassle to have two systems for each type of order. Unfortunately, I think I’ll be switching by the end of my subscription in February unless SmugMug is able to come around with self-fulfillment. I just can’t wait any longer.

    1. Hi Matthew and thanks for the feedback. Self-fulfillment is one of the more popular Pro requests for sure. One thing to keep in mind is that by having our labs handle your orders, you and your clients are covered by our 100% guarantee. That means our Support Heroes help your client out of virtually every problem, plus we replace or refund blips, bloops and goofs on our dime… regardless of whether you’re away on a shoot or on vacation across the globe.

      Still, we understand that you may want to offer services that our labs don’t, and for that we make it easy to embed Paypal or Google Checkout buttons to handle the other stuff. We’re sorry to hear it’s not working for you, but of course if you have additional feedback or need ideas, you can always write us directly! http://help.smugmug.com/

  15. .49 cents fee plus 15% of the profit is quite high fora single image digital download fee on each photo . Please revise.

    the.99 cents fee for the whole gallery download is very fair

  16. Will I still be able to “download all” as a pro and have the zip file mailed to me without cost? I assume the price minimum for downloads is only when selling to customers, but I’d like to make sure. This is an important feature to me……

    1. Hi Jeff, yes absolutely. The Download All (backup) feature is exactly the same and there’s no charge to make your own zip files to keep or share. The minimum cost is just for selling digital photos and videos through the shopping cart.

  17. Would it be possible to have a “Price List” button either on the home page or in the galleries so that clients can quickly see prices of prints & merchandise? Or could it be downloadable so that we can easily create our own price lists to share with clients? Or both?

  18. One more thing – since some of us are publishing our prices either on our blogs or in print, it will be important that SmugMug notifie us whenever there is a price change so we can keep our lists up to date.

    1. Hi Colleen, that’s a fair point, so thank you for the suggestion. We hope that the at-cost pricing doesn’t change often, but keep in mind that once we do have foreign currency support your pricing may appear to fluctuate to your clients due the exchange rate.

  19. I would love to see (if it isn’t already there and I missed it) the ability to export your gallery price lists to a csv file. Please Please. It would be a simple csv file.

  20. This kind of “attention to detail” and the sincerity of how SmugMug cares about its customers (and its customers’ customers) is why I have been — and will continue to be — a SmugMug fanboy for years to come.

  21. your new price lists just changed my life…THANKS I have been keeping old pricing and losing money just because it was such a pain to update many galleries. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. Hi Troy, thanks for the feedback. We weighed in on this above, but we hope that our unconditional 100% guarantee makes it worth fulfilling orders through our two labs. We’re sorry to hear that it isn’t really working out for you, but we appreciate you taking the time to tell us.

  22. LOVE this! Thank you!
    Now, before I dig in, is there a way to use pricelist for certain types of work? For example, in my sports photography, I have standard 8×10 prints that I offer, but I also offer work that has much more graphic design time involved within the same gallery and is a different price range. It would rock if I could also maybe tag items as composites or storyboards for example, that would be able to go into another pricelist “bucket”.
    Is this already available, or could it be in a future round of updates?

    1. Hi Juli and that is a really great idea. The “bucket” model can certainly work for this, since it sounds like you regularly have a pool of photos that take more time to develop. You can create a separate Pricelist just for those images most easily if you upload them into a separate gallery from your regular photos. We hope this helps, but if you need more ideas, feel free to write our heroes: http://help.smugmug.com/

      1. Thanks Schmoo!
        Just a thought… So if I upload a photo in a different gallery with a certain pricing, and later move it to another gallery, does the pricing change to match the new gallery or stay with the original gallery pricing unless I choose to change it?

      2. Juli – The Pricelist is applied to the gallery, not the photo, so if you move the photo it will take on the new gallery’s pricing. Although if you want you can choose to apply a Pricelist to a single photo (just like image-level pricing that we had in the old system). For this case we wouldn’t recommend it, since you said that you regularly have these extra-special photos for sale to your clients.

  23. Just did the migration. I love, love, love it!!! Thanks guys. Smugmug is one of the few companies that REGULARLY listens to its customers. One simple suggestion, and correct me if it is already: a feature: add a button to turn each price list into a printable PDF I can hand to a client or post on my desk. Something classy with my logo and simple formatting.

    Thanks again,


    1. Thanks for the rave review, York! The printable PDF is a really great idea and one that is quite popular amongst Pros. Could you do us a favor and vote for this on our feedback forums? That will help is get an official count of how popular the idea is: http://feedback.smugmug.com/

    1. Hi and thanks for the ideas! We do get some requests from Pros about galleries or passwords that automatically expire, and at this time we don’t have a feature quite like that. However you can always offer Coupons with specific expiration dates to help create that sense of urgency. Or, you can now easily raise or lower pricing across lots of galleries with the Pricelists feature by editing the values on a specific date. The price should automatically change across the galleries to which the Pricelist is applied.

      Feel free to shoot us an email if you have questions or need more ideas: http://help.smugmug.com/

  24. Thanks for the response. Its not the 100% guarantee that makes it worthwhile. As I can, and do, use Bay photo when needed. I however, as many photographers offer many products from a select few Labs. The lack of self fullfillment puts my business in a box. When competition is so fierce as a photog these days in a box is deffinately not where my business needs to be. I’m sure you have your reasons or contracts as to why this will remain as it is. I know I am not the only one that would like the ability to run our printing side of (our) business as we would like. Thank you for the improvements you continue to do, this one for me however, is a deal breaker.
    Thanks again

    1. Hi Chris: As we stated above we haven’t forgotten about it and the new Pricelists are just the next step in getting our system ready for international currencies. Thanks for your patience and for the feedback.

  25. This question was asked earlier but there was no reply I have had a lot of negative feed back when customers are ordering prints and they see and have to pay for the prints to come out of the USA. As I am in Australia, It would be good if there was no mention of the USA when talking about freight charges, this way the customers would assume that its comming from Australia is there an easy way to get rid of the mention of USA?

  26. David, I’ve asked the question directly of the man in charge. And the response I got was that they’re working on it. No timeline to delivery, though. I feel your pain. I really do.

  27. The fact we can’t get a timeline on delivery is the most annoying thing. 1. Surely, it’s not difficult to implement. Many other merchant sites do it. 2. No timeline makes it impossible to make a rational business decision. It’s like dealing with Apple: When? Can’t tell you. Why not? We don’t comment on future products.

    Looks like Smugmug is taking a page from the Steve Jobs playbook on this. Thanks a lot. I had hoped to spend the next couple of weeks enjoying a well-earned break ahead of a busy sports season. Looks like instead I’ll be assessing other photo sales partners. A great pity, because apart from the lack of checkout currency options, Smugmug is the best on the web.

  28. This is great. Finally!! 🙂 Really like it.

    Is there a way to setup a discount for a gallery (e.g.50%), but a minimum purchase has to be met?

  29. Minimum a 49 cents for a download is highway robbery and ridiculous. I’ve been “selling” downloads at 10 cents so that parents/grandparents etc can have access to their kids’/grandkids’ pictures that I’ve taken at middle school and high school sporting events (and other activities). I used to give them away but numerous folks convinced me to charge a small amount and donate the proceeds to Project Graduation. Now I have to explain that the website where my thousands of pictures are located has jacked the price up on them by 400% and there’s no money left over for Operation Graduation (unless I raise the price even more!). Perhaps SmugMug would send a letter to me that I can forward to everyone at the high school, so they’ll know that SmugMug is greedy and not I?

    I like everything about these new price lists, except the unwarranted huge escalation in download pricing. I realize that credit cards take money (3.5-4% I believe with some minimum), so perhaps an option would be to have a minimum charge. For example, first download is 49 cents, with each subsequent download on the same order being xxx cents (10 in my case).

    Sorry, but I’m not happy at all with this change. Might have to see if there is another alternative out there, except that moving thousands of pictures to another provider will be a huge pain. In the meantime I’m going to remove all pricing for downloads and “Enable Originals”.

  30. FWIW, bbenson9, here’s a clue. Use a publicly accessible folder on Dropbox, zip your pics into a folder, distribute the download URL, and give your photos away to your heart’s content.

  31. I am also concerned about the digital download pricing. In addition to the work I charge for, I do a lot of “pro bono” work for charitable events as well as my son’s high school hockey team. If I enable originals for a gallery, will my “friends” still be able to download images at no cost to them or myself?

    Thanks for all your hard work, and your collective great listening skills!


    1. Peter – I tried, and yes, enabling originals allows you to continue your pro bono work. It’s when you want to charge a very nominal fee and contribute the meager profits to a good cause (may I call it “almost pro bono”) that the new model falls apart and you get blamed for being the problem with the photo industry.

  32. Simply a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to MY SmugMug Family… I can barely keep up with this ever changing new digital industry… but very grateful to be a part of the family in the forefront of it!

    Cheers to all🙂

  33. Thanks SmugMug. This looks like a big advance. I will start migrating this week.

    As for the $0.49 for a download, this seems very fair to cover SmugMug costs. If we want to do pro-bono work, we have other options, such as coupons, or other photo-distribution sites. It’s only fair that we pay for SmugMug costs of supporting us. I’m going to delay my migration for a few days because I just did a pro-bono event. I set prices to $0.25 for downloads and don’t want to look like a deal changer. So I’ll set them to $0.49 and then send the a .zip of the whole event to the event coordinator and then I’ll look like a hero.

    I prefer to send pro-bono work through SmugMug because it gives people visibility of my for-pay work. That’s a big part of the reason I do pro-bono work anyway.

    Next off, I’d like SmugMug to add a method whereby you can calculate prices by spreadsheet and load them back in. I built my own spreadsheet where I can load in the BayPhoto prices from the SmugMug website, set prices, calculate profit and gross margins, etc. The only manual step is entering in all the prices by hand at the end. My spreadsheet also gives me a nice way to show prices in a matrix to customers. This makes it easier to weigh their choices (11×14 canvas vs. 16×20 print plus mat plus fraqme, etc.). I’d be happy to share my spreadsheet if anybody wants it.

  34. This is fantastic!!! I found the old method quite a chore to deal with but this is a great improvement. Thanks for your KIRSS video on the topic. and Merry Christmas too!!

  35. Finally!!! Pricing always drove me nuts. I tried using percentages, that did not work correctly. then I set my prices, but had to figure out if what I wanted to charge was a a way to high or low for what I wanted to offer. Now I can just say for XXXX I want to make $$$$ and for my specialty services, I can price differently… Managing my galleries should be so much easier and now I can offer different levels of stock photography, web only images, or price based on my services….

    Looking forward to this.

  36. I like the centralized price management, but the percentage increase doesn’t work for us. We need to be able to set a flat rate for a commercial license digital download ($99 each), and it’s not possible with the new system. The highest price I can force is $59 with a 9999% increase. Please consider the option of percentage increase OR specifying the final price.

    1. Ah, I see I *can* adjust the desired profit, which is a way around our dilemma. Still, I preferred being able to say “This photos is $5.00” and not worry about doing my own math.

  37. I’m really loving this save for one thing… I like that I can specify a % markup to apply to the product groups, but it seems that there should be a non-linear markup function option. For example, a 400% markup is cool on 4×6″ prints ($1, Bay) but a 400% markup is not cool on 30×40″ prints ($200). In the grand scheme, sure, I can just go in and make my adjustments. But, the automation is pretty nifty and could be useful for people with a ton of products.

  38. I just had to say how much I LOVE smugmug’s customer service. It seems like you introduce improvements faster than I can keep up with them. You guys are the best at actually listening to feedback. Thanks!

  39. Still missing features for prepaid work. As a commercial product photographer, I quote my customer a price for the work and they prepay me the quoted amount. When the work is completed, they use Smugmug to electronic proof it and then send me the balance payment electronically. Once payment is completed, I need to be able to release these photos on Smugmug by allowing the client to download the entire gallery themselves. Currently, this cannot be done without “purchasing” an already prepaid work. I have to resort to using other digital delivery methods which is such a shame.

    1. Thanks for sharing your feedback on your workflow and what works, what doesn’t. We have been hearing similar sentiments from Pros like you and it’s giving us a lot of food for thought. We’re listening!

  40. I have a few galleries on my site that I use for charity purposes. I want the photos to be available for others to download for free. On these galleries I have the pricing feature turned off and Originals turned off (because I want my logo to remain on the photos). Will this new feature affect me?

    1. Hi, Amy! If you want people to be able to just grab copies of your photos WITH your watermark on them, then Pricelists shouldn’t affect you. You can disable buying altogether in your gallery settings, disable originals and make sure that you do not have Right Click Protection turned on.

      This way people can right click and snag free display copies, that include your logo. If you need more specific instructions on the above, just write us: http://help.smugmug.com/

  41. I have a pricelist for my clients. Am I seriously the only one who is unhappy about the fact that I can’t just input how much each item costs to match my pricelist?? Now I have to completely re-do my pricelist and it’s going to be a huge pain to try to figure out the math to get the final numbers I want. Am I missing something??

  42. Thanks for this option to set the final price. Under the old approach I was tweaking % to get the pricing I wanted. So this is a great feature.

    Now how about making fixed cards available to customers ?

  43. HELP!
    So i migrated my pricing this morning and now I want to make ALL of my galleries into my current DEFAULT prices… how can I do this? I am struggling to figure this out here.

    1. Hi Todd, if you migrated your pricing into the new system then you should see that we already did this for you. Check your Pricelist manager and take a look at the names to find the one migrated from your old Portfolio pricing.

      If you wiped your pricing and started over, then you’ll have to manually set your pricing and make it your new default. Please write to our heroes if you need help! http://help.smugmug.com/

      1. heres the thing… I went through each item and repriced them – its not the ‘default’ one that yall have up there but I want to migrate those prices over now… is there anyway to do that without taking the 30 min to do it by hand? im fearing not…

  44. i did that in one gallery and now Im just being lazy and dont want to go through it again for ALL the items… sorry for not being clearer in my response.

  45. So my account was changed today (no notice – although it was supposed to happen months ago).. Turns out there is a bug that occurred with the migration tool that is being forwarded on to the team. I had items in “merchandise” for example that were blanked out so as not to be available to the customer, and the migration tool decided to show them in the gallery as “at cost” pricing. My account has been restored to the old system by Smugmug support. Even though there was to be a forced migration in March, it still would have been nice to have received some more recent notification it was going to happen on a specific date. In light of the issue with blanked out items, that will have to be fixed before I can migrate.

    1. Hi Jay, we’re still in the process of migrating over some Pros from the old system to the new and are sorry that there was a hitch in the process. Yikes. Glad to hear you contacted us right away and you can be sure that our engineers are aware of the pricing issue and are investigating the fix.

      1. Schmoo (and all) .. I kind of had to prove my case, and I hope it is the case that there is some more work in the migration tool. In my case, items that I had left blank under the old system (so as not to show as being offered) were (in some cases) being repriced in the customer view as just “at cost” pricing. It appears to have something to do with whether or not something is in the profit field. If the Portfolio field is $0.00 and the item price field is blank, it “should” work, if however you have $0.00 in the profit field (and frankly I’m not quite sure how that gets there), then ANY item in that case will show up under the price lists as an available item, but priced at cost. The migration tool should, in my opinion, respect the blank selling price first and foremost. If that field is blank, it should not be converted. I recommend that if you have been converted recently that you check your pricing to see if some items are coming up priced at cost for your customers.

    1. Hi Laurie, if you have a Portfolio account you can have one Pricelist active at a time. That’s the difference between Portfolio and Business, as the latter can have as many Pricelists active at any given time.

      However we don’t currently have Pricelists that automatically change after a set period of time, though that is a really great idea. Would you mind voting for this on our official feedback forums, so that our Product team can keep track of the demand for such things? http://feedback.smugmug.com/

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