Plan Your Next Adventure with Trey Ratcliff’s 2012 Calendar

HDR Master, Travel Photography celeb and SmugMug Pro Trey Ratcliff kicks the year off right: With calendars!

Check out his exclusive, all-new photo beauty here. Twelve famous photos are printed on high-quality, thick glossy paper and saddled stitched for durability. It’s the perfect way to stay inspired and plan your own around-the-world adventure.

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He’s sharing the love with fellow Smuggers and offering 10 copies of this lucious wallhanger to 10 lucky fans.

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We’ll pick 10 winners on Thursday, January 19, to win a calendar, PLUS free Smuggy swag for themselves and a friend. That means you AND a friend have a chance to win, so spread the word and share the love🙂

Happy travels!



Huge thanks to everyone who entered this contest. We loved seeing all of your photos and hearing your stories. Here are the randomly-selected winners, in no particular order. They will each win a 2012 Stuck In Customs calendar, PLUS cool Smuggy swag for themselves and a friend.

Phaeton Place

Suzanne Kammann

–Jonathan Wilson of JawSnap

–Knapp Hudson of Stone Coast Photography

–Bernardo Franco of Framing Colours

Shirley Ann Dees

Sheena Leazenby

Ashley Curella

Christian Mejia

Kyla Ford

Congrats everyone! Katherine from our team will get in touch with you in the next few days with info on how to collect your prize.



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29 thoughts on “Plan Your Next Adventure with Trey Ratcliff’s 2012 Calendar”

  1. I have always liked you and I have most definately shared this awesome contest. Now here is a favorite. My one and only trip every out of the country, my hubby took me to Barcelona last fall. This is a shot of La Rambla, the busy market street all the tourists wander down. It was always so full of people and fun characters. And the tapas… oh the tapas…

  2. Actually my first real attempt at HDR. Was visiting the Smoky Mountains this summer and my brother went fly fishing early. I didnt take a fly rod with me but rather my camera in hopes of taking some early morning shots. This was taken off of Roaring Fork motor trail in Gatlinburg TN. Combination of 3 shots and merged using PS Merge to HDR Pro. Basic changes but wanted this one to look more realistic.

  3. Reposting my image as I didn’t upload it correctly. Feel free to delete duplicate post:

    My first attempt at HDR was at the Grand Canyon… My in-laws, my husband and son were so very patient as I wanted to capture the Canyon at sunset… I don’t know how many shots I took of the static Canyon walls but I know it appeared beyond ridiculous to them. Not sure if I did it right but here is my first attempt:

  4. Aoraki / Mount Cook is the highest mountain in New Zealand and is visually beautiful to photograph. As you make your way to the Hooker Valley glacier, you see how quickly the colour’s of the mountain change colour from dusky pinks to warm yellow tones.

  5. I shot this in the remote panhandle of Oklahoma two summers back while returning from a vacation to Colorado with my family. We’d been on the road a long time and everyone was ready for a bathroom break. As we had just passed through a pretty intense storm I glanced in my mirror to see the site below. I found the first place to pull off the highway available and it ended up being this deserted road going straight into the storm. This storm stretched from horizon to horizon but was moving very slowly. I shot 30 frames in order to create this HDR pano!!i=935706078&k=zcF2v&lb=1&s=A

  6. My wife and I took a trip to London in 2008 just as I was just starting to experiment with photography. I had with me a Canon S2 at the time that never left my side. The day before our return, we went on the London eye and while at the very top I shot this series of photos that I later stitched together to create this Panoramic. It’s not my cleanest work however this image is special to me.


    For the first time since 1933 the northern road through Yosemite National Park, Tioga Rd, is open in the month of January. Due to the lack of snow in California the road has remained clear and the park service left the road open. Due to cold temperatures all the lakes have frozen over and people are able to ice-skate on the foot-thick iced over lakes! I drove up over the weekend with high hopes that the partially cloudy skies would give us a gorgeous photo over Tenaya Lake. Unfortunately as I froze my tuchas off waiting for sunset the clouds disappeared. I still got a great shot thanks to the cracks in the ice (no, I did not risk death here, the ice was so thick that the cracks didn’t matter).

  8. Sunset at Spanish Bay, Pebble Beach California. I know, there are tons of sunsets, but the U.S. West Coast sunsets are special to me since you know that there are thousands of miles before you hit the next land.

  9. Jerusalem1ed

    At the end of 2011, my husband, young daughter and I took a 27 day cruise in the Mediterranean and Europe. One of the highlights was that we got to stay in Israel for 3 days. Something I always wanted to do was make a panoramic of the old city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives. This is an 8 image pano. Sorry for the large watermark, I tried to change it to something smaller but smugmug has not updated it.

  10. Well you didn’t say it had to be scenic or HDR. Here is probably my favorite all time travel photo from Manila, Philippines. As I was looking to flag down a taxi, to take me back to Makati where I lived at the time, I heard a voice call out. Mister, one photo please. One photo please mister. I looked to my left and two boys were standing by a lamp post posing for me with big smiles. As I returned the smile and raised my camera, suddenly from every direction several other kids joined in, either with a very reserved manner or very proud pose. People on the street kept walking on by and I took 3 or 4 shots in quick succession. The last one was my all time favorite though. In the year I lived and worked in the Philippines, I learned quickly that many Filipinos just love to take photos and have their photos taken, young or old, it doesn’t matter. Point a camera and your intended subjects may be spontaneously joined by absolute strangers within seconds. By the grace of God, I will someday return, but the next time for photography and the culture, not to work for a big corporation.!i=1673787831&k=xfQfhXG&lb=1&s=A

  11. While this boy was playing in the water of the reflecting pool at Angkor Wat in Cambodia, some members of the local monkey troop were walking up behind him to see what he was doing. He heard one of the monkeys, turned around, and there were monkeys and boy all over the place before I could get another shot. If I had turned around and had one of these monkeys looking me in the face I think I would have peed in my pants; these were fierce looking monkeys.

  12. It was my first time out of the country. My brother over the years had built a relationship with a wonderful family that owned a bakery in the town of Regensburg, Germany, and on his next trip offered to bring me along. I jumped at the chance to see the countryside, architecture and something very different to what I was used to. On this particular day, our host family took us to the historic Wurstkuchl. A 900 year old sausage kitchen, most notable in the town for catering to the Roman workers that had built the stone bridge only a few steps away. After enjoying a plate of Bratwurst and Sauerkraut the sun was about to set and we were on our way. As we crossed the stone bridge I noticed that I was standing in the most perfect of settings. The reflections of the picturesque buildings and clouds bouncing off of the surface of the Danube river compelled me to shoot until the sun gave way to night.

  13. The first time I came to Amsterdam I was amazed by its architecture. I had an epiphany then that I loved architecture and since then this became one my main themes in photography. Something else I have also discovered is that beautiful cities with gorgeous architecture adds to enjoyment of living in that place. I have then decided to move to the city and here I am!!i=1662314000&k=FCfMt3P&lb=1&s=A

    This photo is creative commons, non commercial, so it can be shared!

  14. This is my HDR picture of the Port in Nieuwpoort Belgium.
    I love the HDR pictures. This one is processed with Niksoftware.
    Like always on holidays, i was behind to take pictures.

    thank You

  15. A cool Sunday afternoon on the beach at South Padre Island, TX. I haven’t done much with HDR, and am very much an amatuer, but these little guys caught my eye – and I loved watching them enjoy the waves.

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