World Domination: Foreign Currencies Are Here!

There’s no coy way to announce this, so we’ll just say it:

SmugMuggers can now offer pricing for prints, gifts and downloads in one of five international currencies.

That’s right! Your visitors now get to pick their own currency when they buy stuff from your site.

How does it work?

Run (don’t walk) to your galleries and click the Buy button to bring up the shopping cart. At the top you’ll see a fresh new drop-down menu that translates your pricing to the five following flavors:

  • USD – $
  • CAD – CA$
  • AUD – AU$
  • GBP – £
  • EUR – €

You can click through each one to see pricing in the shopping cart change. We’ll remember the currency that’s chosen and display it consistently when you view our catalog, as well as throughout shopping and checkout.

I’m a Pro. Will I make less money when the exchange rate changes?

No, your profits are safe. We talked about this when we debuted Pricelists, and this is one reason why SmugMug’s custom pricing is centered around profits, not the final price.

Market crash? No prob… you’ll still earn that $100 on those MetalPrints (as long as you’ve priced them that way).

What currency will I get paid in?

We’ve been paying international SmugMug Pros in various currencies since last May. Look here to see how it works so you can get paid in whichever moolah you love best.

Anything else I should know?

Here’s the quick list:

  • SmugMuggers of all account levels don’t have to do a thing to start showing the five currencies on your site. We do the conversion automatically for each and every visitor that buys from you.
  • The price your customers see on your site will adjust along with the exchange rate. This could happen daily if the market’s feeling feisty.
  • Pros: Your customers will see the currency they’ve chosen while shopping and during checkout, but for now you’ll still have to set your prices in USD. We’ll be adding currency support to features like Pro pricing, Coupons, Packages, etc., so please hang tight and we’ll tell you when those are ready.

Whoopee! Now, where can I sell?

In case you were just too shy to ask, you’ve always been able to sell to anyone, anywhere in the world. We hope the new currencies will help your fans get a better idea of how much things cost.

If you want to see the full list of countries we ship to, take a look at this page here and bookmark our handy shipping info page.

What if I have an order problem?

We stand loud and proud on our 100% guarantee on all orders, and, as you know, we’ll refund you – or your customer – if we can’t make it right.

But if your sale doesn’t work out and it was purchased in a foreign currency, please remember the refund may not be the same dollar amount due to the exchange rate differences at the time of checkout and return.

Now, it’s your turn to grade us.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? You’ve asked for this feature for such a long time, we wanna know how we did.

This addition is just Part 1 of this year’s international goodies. We know that SmugMug Pros are dying to set prices in other currencies, too, so stay tuned! We’re building that next.

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

75 thoughts on “World Domination: Foreign Currencies Are Here!”

  1. Good, but not quite good enough… You should add currencies supported by PayPal… None of these five currencies are what I hoped for in this update.

  2. Awesome! Now I will just have to wait that I can set my prices in the local currency and for self-fullfillment! Looking forward to that! Have been waiting for years! Thank you!


  3. It would still be great if you partnered with a local print finisher. My customers will still have to elect to have the postage sent by US Mail and for many of them this is the rub. But hey, AUD = awesome.

  4. It isn’t perfect, as setting prices in local currency, and having a local Australian print lab would make Smugmug ideal, but after years of waiting it is a welcome improvement as clients may now shop without paying bank exchange rate fees on credit cards, and they see a familiar currency.

    Well done guys, and thanks!

  5. I am very happy to hear this is done.
    I haven’t looked at it yet but as far as how you have done – I think the biggest thing is the information blackout.

    This feature has been asked for so long and for almost the entire time we didn’t hear anything. I have loved SMUGMUG but after such a long time of no information I seriously considered looking at ZENFOLIO. In fact I am still considering it now. This is a shame. From the feedback I have read there must be quite a few others who could not wait in the vacuum of information any longer.

    My suggestion is to provide more information on plans and progress with upcoming features or improvements.

    1. Hi Bill, we don’t usually pre-announce features. But I can tell you that this is Part 1 of some really cool international features we’re coming out with. Thanks for posting!

      1. Hi Andy

        Yes I can understand “pre-announcing” features – you are a business and the last thing you want to do is tell your competition what your next move is – what I guess I am saying is that it must have been at least 2 years that I followed the “Multi-currency” comments but in that time it would have been nice to see an update along the way – when “planned” finally was posted I stopped believing.

        And now when I saw COMPLETED I thought it was a joke cause I had really given up.

        Well I am very happy to hear multi-currency is here and I am glad to hear that there are plans for INTERNATIONAL features.

  6. I had been working on pricing a couple of galleries last week and saw this and thought maybe I was seeing things. LOL

    Thanks!🙂 Looking forward to seeing the other ‘real cool international features’ you’re coming out with.


    — Lisa P.

  7. This is great. I would like to see the ability to set one of these currencies as the default instead of USD… and the ability to collect tax!

  8. Glad we’re getting there but it’s still unusable as it is, so we need to be clear on how to improve this for international customers:

    1) Now matter how “good” the smugmug recommended labs are, people just aren’t going to want to use a lab that is hundreds, thousands of miles away when they have an excellent one on their doorstep (country) or even run their own. We need to be able to add “our own lab”, so people can checkout and pay, then we get the order form through with the relevent file numbers.
    2) Setting prices in our own currency. I’m unsure, but others have mentioned it so I’m guessing it’s not possible. As exchange rates fluctuate, as do material costs, it’s important to keep things as easy as possible. So setting your prices in your native currency is also pretty essential.

    That’s it really. One could pick at other things, but if we could set our own prices in our own currency, and use our own lab then that would pretty much be it.

  9. Yeah, a step in the right direction but showing prices in pounds is not very useful if they keep changing day after day. And as many other keep saying: if you want to serve internationally you *must* give us a choice of lab closer to where we sell.

    I know you are working hard and stuff, but seriously guys, the “give us a european/uk lab” request has been top one in the charts for over three years, and it’s been “planned” for two years already.

    1. I think many international customers are annoyed by this, we feel like we’ve been ignored to an extent. It’s been a long time, and nothing. So hopefully Part 2 and the near future will bring a mini revolution of sorts… Time will tell. For those that rely heavily upon print sales it’s clearly not the right choice, but for me it’s just a minor annoyance that adds more time to my workflow than I’d like (not having a real checkout system)… anything that saves me time is always very welcome.

      @Andy: Thank you.

      1. Richard, I understand the frustration. I know it sounds hollow, but I can promise that it wasn’t ignoring you. We had to make gigantic changes in many of our systems behind the scenes in order to support many aspects of foreign currency and more labs. Those changes have now been made and we can focus on getting these features rolled out for you.

  10. Kudos to the staff of SmugMug for this monumental achievement!
    I look forward to future pieces of this puzzle coming into place.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Congratulations for doing this Smugmug staff. It is a great development. Another thing that I would love to see: ability for foreign photographers to pay for Smugmug account upgrades through Paypal…
    Thank you so much for all the great work that you’re doing!

  12. A great start, but we for one do all of our customer printing in-house and really need an option to still have the feature with the order coming straight to us.

  13. I left smugmug a few weeks ago because of the lack of international support, if being able to sell via local labs is introduced I will consider returning from zenfolio. Its been a long wait for action from smugmug.

  14. Fantastic! Hello world! Now to fix the addressing. The “State” drop down box still has only US states. It really should default to the states or provinces of the country nominated in the “Country” box. The “Other province” box is clumsy, confusing and can conflict with the “State” box.

  15. when you say “the refund may not be the same dollar amount due to the exchange rate differences”, do you mean that the customer always get the same amount back (in the non-usd currency) as was originally paid (and thus that the photographer might have to remit more or less profit than was originally earned)? just checking.

    1. We do our best to return the exact amount in the currency they purchased in. The photographer’s profit should always be precise. SmugMug absorbs any refund amounts higher or lower.

  16. YEEEEESSSSSSS!!! this was one of the biggest reasons i didn’t promot buying prints off of my smugmug site! let the promos begin!! good work smug mug!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I’ve only just upgrade to a SM Pro account and I’m disappointed that I can’t set prices in AUD, makes it a royal PITA. As others have said a local lab would also be nice. When is “Part 2” etc coming, days, weeks, months? (also the new galleries that have been in beta for months!)

    Wondering if I should cancel my Pro subscription and go back to ‘power’ or maybe even look elsewhere.

  18. When will you offer printing in Europe, or elsewhere other than the USA.
    Yes, my friends in Germany , Spain etc. would love to get my pictures. But they will not order all the way from the USA, as shipping is too high.

  19. how do i price my images for a world market…ie what is standard and what do u consider fine art pricing and who will decide on the later?

  20. This is a good first step. It still requires improvements such as setting default currency other than USD.
    I’m still considering moving to Zenfolio this year and i will not renew if I cannot serve my non English speaking customers. This requires the possibility to localize content in other languages (allow us or translate for us, your choice..) and the possibility to print via a European (incl. UK) printing company based in several countries.

      1. 🙂 Thank you for your response Andy. The localization project hasn’t even started yet.. looking at the usual lead-time to introduce new features, that could be a sign it might take ages before I can sell to non-English speaking customers. Outside the US take this feature very seriously as it could give you the greatest return… and people usually don’t trust “google translations”..

  21. Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this for a really, really long time. I’ve stuck to you guys because I love you and the service you provide. I understand you couldn’t tell us much as it was being developed, but now that this feature is here, people should take notice. SmugMug does take our feature suggestions seriously and if it’s a feature that makes sense, they will get to it eventually. There’s still work to be done, but it sounds like the foundation is there now. Thanks guys!

      1. Hi Andy and thanks. I thought so but I wanted to make sure it worked like that. That is great! How do I make sure the rest of the world finds me? Doesn’t that have something to do with the map settings somewhere?

  22. Hi smugmug great step forward just hope that print problem in other parts of the world will soon follow because alot of customers turn away when thay see the shipping prices,would love to up grade to pro but waiting for this to happen,but great work thumbs up.

  23. WOOP WOOP! Thank you so much. This just came nick of time before I left for Zenfolio. Will renew my SmugMug pro account straight away.🙂 This already helps a lot. Now bring on the EU based printing lab. :))))
    Happy Days!

    1. Hi Charles, we can’t give ETAs but we are working our fingers to the bone to get it done. As Mark posted above, we had to make some major changes behind-the-scenes to support international commerce and currencies, but that part is done so we’re well on our way. Stay tuned!

  24. Question; Do I have to go in my account and set up new pricing for this new currency option? Pricing still stresses me out a little when I have to deal with it….

    1. Hi Shirley and nope, you don’t have to do a thing for your customers to choose a currency. It’s already done for you. As mentioned above, right now you still have to set your pro pricing in USD, but we’re getting to that soon.

      Nothing’s changed at all for setting your prices, either using Pricelists or our old way. Shoot our heroes an email if you need some help getting that done:

  25. I’d love you to add New Zealand Dollars in the next update please. I’m fine with the print lab being in the US, I just want to charge people in my own currency. We might be small, but we’re getting Trey Ratcliff…. I’m sure he’d like to sell in NZ in NZD

  26. Can you please add New Zealand and can you join with Queensbury photojunction or some NZ lab too please lol

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