By Popular Demand: Name Your Price

The response we got from Pricelists warmed the cockles of our heart: Pros were thrilled with the ease, beauty and power of being able to price huge swathes of galleries with just a few clicks.

However, there were a few of you who said there was just one more thing you wanted: to be able to set the final price, not just the profit.

And we aim to please.

How to Set Your Final Price

Our inimitable Sorcerers just released an improvement that lets you set your pricing by price OR by profit. It’s your choice.

Open up your Pricelists manager and take a look at the fields here:

You’ll see that you can easily enter a value for your profit and sleep well knowing that’s the amount you’ll make.

But now the price field is changeable, too. Type in a number and you can print up ads, flyers and whatever else you wish, knowing that’s the price your customers will see.

See the green? We highlight the “active” field when you save the Pricelist, so you know at a glance which one is being used.

Which method should I use?

You should set your profit if:

  • You want guaranteed margins on every sale. In the event of currency or base cost fluctuations, you may earn more than you set… but never less. The price displayed to your customers may change as a result of this, but the rounding tool is there to help make those numbers pretty.

You should set your price if:

  • You have printed materials that require your pricing to stay fixed. We’ll switch over to profit-based pricing if the base cost ever goes higher than your set price. We’ll just use the profit amount you had when you first saved the Pricelist.

So go and play with your prices and make lots of money. Happy selling!

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

28 thoughts on “By Popular Demand: Name Your Price”

  1. Kick ass!! Thanks for listening guys – now just give me a coupon stacking and or split out gift cards and I will forever be your friend!!

      1. yeah thanks, I know about selling in other currencies but its hard to create a printed price list when we can’t set our prices in our base currency. But that’s great that it being worked on now. I think I’ll wait until that’s done before fiddling with it all.

  2. Price lists are awesome! Thank you!

    Can you make something similar for customizing gallery settings? That would make life much easier.

    Lastly, can you introduce a BOGO or Buy One Get one X% off coupon for prints? Something such as “Buy one get one print of equal or less value for 50% off.” I really want to offer a coupon like this to some of my clients.

    Thanks! Keep up the great work.

    1. Thanks for the awesome feedback, Kevin! We do have Quick Settings which is sort of like Pricelists but for galleries. Check it out if you haven’t already tried ’em:

      And of course we do have coupons that you can set to apply only when your client buys over a certain amount, but I understand that may not be not exactly the same as what you’re asking for. We’d love to bring it t you though, so please vote for them on our feedback forums:

      1. exactly! there’s currently no ease, beauty, or power in setting gallery settings … including quick settings. setting quick settings for a bunch of galleries – even ones in one category – can be a huge pain, and after the fact you still don’t have some easy visual record of what the settings are, and which ones are the same.

        more on topic: a welcome improvement. now … what about a combination of the two? something like where you can set a fixed profit and a percentage, and then smugmug charges the maximum of the two? or a given percentage unless the total comes to less than some certain fixed profit, below which level a fixed profit is used? or price = %profit + fixed margin + base price?

  3. Wow, I am really impressed at how fast you responded and added this function, I was really confused and frustrated by the “new” system and I LOVE this change!! Thank you for listening!

  4. Awesome, because I still wrangle with pricing. I know I want to make so much. However, I have been tweeking my profit as I know some pics will never sell for more than xxx for that size, etc.

  5. I’ve made changes to my price list-how long will I see the changes-I’m having trouble pricing my galleries-can I make all my prices the same for all my galleries?

    1. Hi Pat, and we’re sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble. You should be able to set your default Pricelist and have it apply to all of your galleries, yes. Please shoot our Support Heroes a message and tell ’em as many details as you can about what you’ve tried already and what you’d like to do. We can help you get set up and your stuff priced:

  6. Is there a way to completely turn off printing/pricing on Pro accounts? We use SmugMug to share photos internally (hidden galleries), and it is frustrating to have to turn these features off of every gallery we create.

    (Is there a better place to submit this as a feature request?)

    1. H, Matt, absolutely. You can disable the shopping cart in any gallery via the Gallery Settings. And if you want to do this for your whole site, there is a Multiple Galleries option where you can apply that change everywhere.

      For the future, set up a Quick Setting with printing off, and select it when you create new galleries on your site. Hope this helps but write us if you need a hand!

    1. Hi Trish: Not yet, but this is something that we’ve been asked a lot recently. We’d love to bring you downloadable/printable options. Thanks for the feedback!

  7. Ready to pull my hair out. I want to do one simpler task, apply ONE price list, to ALL my galleries, it should not be this hard, I SHOULD be able too do this with TWO OR THREE MOUSE CLICKS!!! Help please!

  8. Dave, don’t fret! I took a quick look at your Pricelists and it looks like you have everything set correctly. Remember that if you’re logged in as the site owner, we don’t charge you your own markup, so you may need to log out and add items to your cart to check your prices.

    If you’re still having trouble and aren’t see the right pricing, please shoot our support heroes a message:

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