iPhone. Photography. Awesomized. Free.

… it is by far one of the most full-powered camera apps I’ve used, and it marks an exciting advance for smartphone cameras.
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Here at last. Our baby. As you know, photography is our life and our passion. So we created the camera you never knew you always wanted, the camera we always dreamed of – a camera fit for the iPhone.

Camera Awesome is SmugMug’s new iPhone app. It lets you take beautiful photos using the camera you already have. No ads, no cost, no catch (seriously, it’s free). So go ahead, create those memories and share them on the sites you love.

Camera Awesome is the Future of Photography

As amazing as expensive cameras are, they can’t do at any price what Camera Awesome can for free:

  • Be so simple anyone can use it.
  • Provide advanced features like a level for the horizon and an easy way to focus in one spot and set exposure in another.
  • Apply effects designed by pro photographers (like Kevin Kubota) to transform your memories from forgettable into stunning works of art.
  • Share instantly on all your favorite sites.
  • Auto-archive photos and videos to your SmugMug account.
  • Precord video so that when you tap the record button, you record the past.
  • Be fun and whimsical and… did we say fun and whimsical?

How is it different?

It’s FAST.  Simple.  Beautiful.  And so, so fun!

It’s loaded with gorgeous effects and filters that would cost a pretty penny in professional editing programs.

Share on the social networks you already use, like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more.

You Are SO Gonna Have Fun.

Here are some of the Awesome things you can do with this app:

  • For moms – Catch those first steps or the winning goal. With hi-speed burst mode and 5-second video precording, all of those moments are yours forever… and safely backed up to SmugMug so you can print them big and bold.
  • For adventurers – Capture your experiences anytime, anyplace, without weighty gear. Climb mountains, cross borders and leap from the sky with just your iPhone in-hand. Auto-archiving means you’ll never lose your photos when you’re on the road.
  • For photographers – You’ll love the exclusive collection of filters, textures and frames offered by post-processing superstar Kevin Kubota. Apply stunning, Lightroom-worthy effects to your photos in just a few taps.

Are You Ready to Shoot Like a Pro?

Check out what you can do:


Get it free now from the App Store and start Awesomizing your world.

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

227 thoughts on “iPhone. Photography. Awesomized. Free.”

  1. We’re working on Android. Promise. But it’s *very* hard. There’s a ton of different hardware, and then Google/Android give us pretty insane memory limitations. We’re working through all the issues, but it will still be awhile. 😦

    Turns out there’s a good reason why there aren’t any great camera apps on Android yet. They make it nearly impossible. 😦

    1. Don,
      Thank you for reply to this. You guys never let me down.🙂 I know how daunting it is for an app developer to create a quality app for Android (dozens of devices) vs 1 device. And while there are a few “good” Android camera apps… you guys might could see this as a your chance to release the first really great one. My friends with Android devices (phones and tablets) outnumber my apple using friends 10:1, easily. It would be awesome to be able to recommend the Smugmug camera app to them all, introducing them to this service and community.
      Keep up the good work and please keep us updated on the Android apps progress!

      Don MacAskill :
      We’re working on Android. Promise. But it’s *very* hard. There’s a ton of different hardware, and then Google/Android give us pretty insane memory limitations. We’re working through all the issues, but it will still be awhile.
      Turns out there’s a good reason why there aren’t any great camera apps on Android yet. They make it nearly impossible.

    2. It’d be awesome if you made your “optimal” app and released the .apk for some of us to push to our devices, then the slimmed down version for the market for those who don’t know their way around the adb. That’d be sweet =D

      (I don’t have an android device anymore, but when I did, I loved those apps that I needed to push along)

      1. Thanks Katherine. For some reason that was not intuitive to me. I ended up using camera+ before I read your response. Thank you!

    1. Rob, you certainly don’t have to use those filters if you don’t want to. You can still shoot, Awesomize and tweak individual settings (sharpness, temp, vibrance and contrast). What sorts of looks did you have in mind if ours don’t rev your engines?

  2. Is there a guide posted somewhere that shows what the different symbols and functions mean? I don’t see anything helpful in the support page.

    1. “…so last year.” Really? Not! 😉 I know some folks love their Androids but please don’t dis the iPhone!

    1. Beth, feedback from you guys is never too nit-picky.🙂 We understand there’s tons of iPad users out there, too, that want some love. Thanks for weighing in!

  3. Very nice – thank you for creating this. Is there a guide available to explain features & how to fully use them? One thing I expected (and might find in that guide) given the camera’s function set is the ability to snap multiple shots off the timer option, but cannot see how to make that work.

    Thanks again !

    1. Emma, when you’re in camera mode just tap the bottom area of the viewfinder and you’ll see a zoom bar appear. In fact, every time you load up Camera Awesome, you should see it fade in for a second and then get out of the way.

    2. You can zoom in/out after taking the shot but not while you are taking the shot. Not sure if this limitation was intentional.

  4. Having Sharing issues in Camera Awesome!
    I took a picture. Then while trying to share on smugmug, in Cross Posting section, I turned on Facebook and Twitter but those photos do not show up in my Facebook or Twitter. They got uploaded to my smugmug account just fine.
    Note that I did give access to Facebook and Twitter account so access should not be a problem.
    Is this a known issue? Or am I missing some steps?

      1. Thanks Katherine for your reply. The Cross Posting did show up in facebook but almost 10hrs later. Not sure what happened there. I’ll keep using this feature and if the issue persists, will email to Awesome Team. You guys ARE Awesome and this is a great app. Forget Instagram, I am using Camera Awesome from now on🙂

  5. Can I open up an old photo from my photo library and edit it with Camera Awesome? Or can I only edit a photo I just took using the app?

    1. Sure you can🙂 Click the grid square to show your Camera Awesome photos, then on lower right, click the + icon to see your camera roll or other photos on your iPhone. Then Awesomize away!

  6. One more issue: I have so many apps on my iphone that I can only find new apps using Search. They aren’t all on screen, in other words. When I search for Camera Awesome it shows up as Camera! NOT Camera Awesome. This is going to confuse the heck out of people. Can’t you make the app icon show up on people’s iphones as Camera Awesome instead of just Camera! ?

  7. Cracking App. Really liking it. Better than toaster which I recently grabbed.

    Only issue I’m having is that I enabled automatic post processing and now cannot switch off!!

    1. Hi, Steve! Try hitting the little pulldown menu at the top of your camera, and see if you had set automatic post-processing (fx) up there. If you did, it will be highlighted in green and you can tap the effect again to toggle it off.

      1. I’m having the same issue and it WON’T toggle back off at the top of the secreen. Looks like a bug to me.

  8. Awesomize is awesome. Loveit!

    I was very excited to find the feature that gives you access to the photo links after they have been uploaded so the link can be emailed, etc. My only concern is that the link generated gives access to the entire album and not the individual photo. I would love to be able to send a link to just the individual photo. Also, It is slightly misleading because you get the link from viewing the photo and each photo has an individual link that will take you directly to that photo, but once there they all give access to the entire album.

    Besides that, excellent work. By far the best camera app I’ve tried so far. It hits all the marks and since I’m a SmugMug user it’s all that much better.

    Thanks much!!!!

  9. I think you’re going to blow instagram out of the water, they finally decided to go Android production as well, but to be honest, this will be better than instagram I’ll be furiously mad if its dumbed down in any way. Yes I know Android has lots of limitations and hardware (some hardware will ultimately do better/best than some others).

    you may want to consider only offering this app for Android 2.3 and up, as the older versions probably have significantly less limitations but perhaps with ICS 4 that will be better (I only have 2.3 an 3.0).

  10. Looking forward to an Android app as well. The ONLY thing I don’t like about my Samsung is I can’t be part of the cool kids with the mobile photos. Downloading for my iPod Touch.

  11. Yes, downloaded it and getting familiar with how it works. I always have my iPhone with me so this is great. Hadn’t found any photo apps that I really liked but now I have a great one that is perfect for that “moment” when I don’t have my other gear with me.

  12. I recently download Camera Awesome and I love the app and features. I have a couple of issues that maybe someone can help with.

    1. I have the camera set to single shot but the camera continues to take pictures until I close the app or “view” the photos taken.

    2. Turning sound off doesn’t work. I think this may be a regulatory issue because I have a Korean phone.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Bobcat, we have gotten some feedback about the volume issue and it does appear to be related to local phone regulations. However if you are still having the problems in functionality with the app, please write to us. http://help.smugmug.com/

  13. I downloaded “Awesome” and it is great. Some of the features in it I figured out how to use. However, I was wondering is there any written instructions for the program that I can down load just in case I missed something or can’t figure out how to use?

  14. Really like the App. It works a treat. Brings a very new process flow through into my work that extends my coverage greatly. Many thanks.


    1. Hi Angela! You can certainly add new photos from your iPhone library into the app. Hit the little grid in the upper left to bring up the photos you’ve already shot in Camera Awesome, then tough the toggle in the upper right if you’re not already in multi-photo view. You should see a little plus sign in the bottom right corner, which you can hit to add more photos.

  15. new iphone, already a smugmug account holder. cant load this application, phone does not recognize my account sign in. help

  16. I love the auto archive feature. If I turn on “Archive Over Wi-Fi Only” should it upload those photos next time it connects to WiFi? I can’t seem to get it to do that. That would be a great feature to have.


  17. Why, after making in-app purchases of filters on my iPhone should I have to re-purchase the same filters on my iPad, which is on the same Apple ID/account as my phone? This is the only app I have encountered where this is the case. Everything else is a one-time buy.

    1. Hi John, you sure shouldn’t need to re-buy things from the same itunes account. If you click the little “Settings” icon in Camera Awesome you should see a “Restore Purchases” button. Click that and it should download all of the filters you’ve already bought.

  18. Hey,

    So i just used this camera app for my vacation and took some really good pictures and videos that I wanted to upload to facebook. I had gotten through almost all of them when I tried uploading a video. The app crashed and now I can’t keep the app open longer than a minute. Plus, none of the buttons will respond to my touch. I don’t want to delete the app because I still have some pictures that I wanted to keep but the app is not working. Help?

    1. The trick is to toggle the specific preset option, not the “fx” icon itself – ie you select “roman holiday” – toggle on; select “roman holiday” again – toggle off

  19. I love this program but I’m really pissed off that I just paid for something and I am unable to use it because and error message keeps coming up!!! If your having problems with your site you shouldn’t allow any purchasing either!! It’s very scamish and I’m extremely upset!!!!

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  21. This app just keeps crashing after I purchased all the filters. I am so disappointed!!!! I paid for all that stuff…and now I can’t access all the pictures and videos that I have taken. LAME!

    1. Same here, all it does is crash after starting and I cant access any if the photos or video that I’ve taken.

  22. I would totally buy the full package if it didn’t look so bad on the iPad. iPad update please!!!

  23. Angelica and Jack, your worries are probably over as Support is Awesome…for those who, like me, faced crashes every time I tried anything with Camera Awesome, here’s the super-prompt solution send to me by Sebastian:

    Go to the iPhone settings app > Camera! section and enable “reset sharing accounts”.
    Then on your home screen, double tap the home button to bring up the app switcher bar at the bottom. There, hold your finger on the Camera Awesome icon until it starts wiggling. Tap the red closing icon next to it. Then press the home button again and reopen the app.
    That should allow you to just export your photo/video to the camera roll.

    This worked perfectly!

    Now, if only I could figure out how to deselect an fx for a shot…and how to separate exposure and focus…they seem locked together…??? Any ideas???

    1. Hi Anita, thanks so much for the vote of confidence and I’m glad you had some good info from our Heroes.🙂

      If your shots automatically get an effect applied, trying tapping the pulldown menu at the top of your camera screen and choose the “Fx” option. You’ll probably see that there’s one effect highlighted in green, and you can deselect it by tapping it again.

      Also, if you tap with two fingers, that will separate the focus and exposure locks so you can move them independently of each other. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Anita I have the same problem with my camera awesome on my iphone . it opens but as soon as it opens it crashes again. I can’t get to the pictures I took either. In relation to your fix from Sebastian above. I looked for two hrs through what seemed like every conceivable section of my iphone , plus surfer google to find a camera section and reset sharing. I cant find any ‘camera section’ in the iphone settings app on the iphone, cant find any ‘reset sharing’ section either. Would you mind being more specific with directions?
      Would appreciate it immensely.

  24. please, help: i’ve got a large video taken with camera awesome and i can’t export it. it’s size is 1380mb. the export function just keeps “exporting” but nothing happens (been exporting for over 24h). when iphone is connected to the computer (PC) the the video doesn’t show in the picture folder. quite frustrating. is there any way to export huge videos? thank you.

      1. Hi all, just to ensure no one makes my mistake: follow the link schmoo provides and download the program to your computer — don’t buy the $5 app from the app store called “iExplorer!” It’s not what you’re looking for! The program schmoo suggests just runs on your computer and allows you to browse your connected iPhone.

      2. This app does not work for IPad. It still only picks up the internal storage of the IPad itself. My videos I am trying to get to camera roll (internal storage) are stuck in Camera Awesome. PLEASE HELP!

  25. How do we watch our videos with awesomize app? Cause it only plays a part of it.. Can someone tell me how can i watch complete video?

  26. Sharing to SmugMug or Facebook for a video (54Mb) keeps on doing it again and again without success.

  27. My camera won’t stay open! I open it and it’ll stay on for about 5 seconds then shut off. I’ve restarted my phone and I still don’t know what to do. How can I fix this?

    1. Why when I edit a picture taken by another camera app do you guys compress the picture do much? It even compresses the pics before editing. Bummer. They don’t uncompress when then taken to another app as one if your help guys suggested. Bummer again.

  28. My camera awesome won’t stay open. It shuts down after a few seconds. If I remove it, will I lose my videos and pictures? I had just taken a VERY important video of my husband accepting a plaque when he retired from the military after 29 years, I do NOT want to lose it!!!! How do I reload this without losing that video????

  29. I also cannot get the app to stay open for more than 2 seconds, I have done the suggested actions to no avail, the app continues to just keep crashing and I am unable to access my photos or the settings to be able to move them. I have over 2000 images that Im unable to access

    1. Jim, we’re sorry to hear about the trouble. If you take a look at the link above, you can try the iExplorer app to view and retrieve the files on your iPhone through a more traditional way. Then you can try deleting and re-installing the Camera Awesome app to see if that works better for you.

  30. The app will no longer export to camera roll. I have deleted and reinstalled the app, and still will not work.

  31. I just found out that in my pictures taken with Camera Awesome, the location info is saved for photos, but NOT for video. I don’t know if it’s only me, or it’s a bug in the software. Also, the camera model shown in iPhoto says “Video”, as opposed the default iPhone camera app, which when used, it shows “iPhone 4s”

  32. Also, what’s up with iOS 6 compatibility? my wife just got the iphone 5 and the app doesn’t work with it (cannot export to camera roll, it just stays there forever and never finishes). I really like Camera Awesome, but how can I even recommend it with all this issues? Are this being updated right now. Are you even aware of this?

    1. Alfonso, we’ve gotten a few reports of issues like this on iOS6 and we have fixes ready to go, just waiting for approval by Apple. In the meantime just go into your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Photos > Camera! and be sure the option is set to “On.” That should allow you to save things back to your camera roll.

      We’ll be sure to take a look at the file info details you mentioned as well. Thanks for the heads-up!

  33. We installed camera awesome on 3 iPhones (4s) and love it. We updated all our phones to iOS6. 2 of our phones works. The third phone hangs when camera awesome tries to export to camera roll. I even restored the phone and it still hangs. Any suggestions


    1. Hi Clint, we noticed this happening on some folks after the update, but they should disappear as soon as our fixes are approved. In the meantime can you try this? Go into your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Photos > Camera! and be sure the option is set to “On.”

      That should help you export to your camera roll again. Let us know if you still can’t get it to work! http://help.smugmug.com/

        1. Hi again, privacy thing didn’t work for me Camera awesome doesn’t even show up in there. Also I just bought a brand new phone , downloaded a brand new camera awesome, and it did the same thing again as it did in my old phone. Same as my last post. Opened for a few seconds then crashed. The app has no photos as it is new! So I hope this bug fix works , but it sounds like a very difficult one to solve! Good luck with it, I can’t wait until I can use your beautiful camera awesome app again!

  34. I can’t get the app to let me upload my videos to any sites or email.. It says my settings may be incorrect but I keep playing with them and it still won’t send! Can you please help? I am a musician and videos are how I promote myself

    1. Hi Yash, you can purchase different filters and presets by going into editing mode (magic wand icon). When you’re browsing the different for-purchase items, you’ll see a green shopping cart icon at the top that you can tap. Let us know if you still have issues!

  35. When will you be adding the feature to use the “+” Volume button as the capture button like the iPhone Camera app?? It’s the only thing stopping me using this app as my standard camera app.

    1. Hey Greg, unfortunately Apple doesn’t currently make it possible for apps to use the volume button as the shutter button, but we hope that you’ll still give Camera Awesome a try!

  36. PLEASE HELP…I have been using this for a year now. I like it better than the normal camera app for the iphone but I started having a problem with it yesterday. I took a video and every time I open the video I took and try to share it either facebook or youtube the app just turns gray and exists to the main window of my iphone😦 and one more thing is that the video that I took lost the sound at the end part even though the picture is still there. I was able to post a video from this app before and had no problem with it…how can I solve this problem? PLEASE HELP! thanks

  37. On the advice of some tech article, I downloaded Camera Awesome and have been liking it. However, I used it to shoot a video tonight and there’s no audio. I’m really disappointed because the video quality is better than the other video app I have. Do I have something set wrong? Also, is it possible to zoom in while taking video?

    1. Oops! I figured out my problem. The phone was on silent, and since my other video app wasn’t affected by it, I didn’t think of it as being an issue. I flipped the switch and the sound is back.

      1. Thanks, schmoo! I am, too! I do have another question–what is the “sounds” setting supposed to control? I turned it off and still get the shutter noise. The only way to turn it off seems to be to put my phone on silent.

        1. Melinda, the “Sounds” setting doesn’t affect the shutter sound either, although it does adjust noises like when you add images to the trash can. Muting your phone should make the shutter sound go away entirely, at least in the USA. Just keep in mind that depending on what country you’re in, the shutter may not be able to be fully muted at all.

  38. I had a few issues with the app tonight–several times when I started it to take a video, it wouldn’t begin recording. I would have to hit the home button and start the app again for it to record. Also, there are two videos that I took that refuse to show up–all I get is the swirling “loading” icon. It’s as if the app hung before the videos were quite finished, or if the videos are “stuck” while trying to be sent to camera roll. Is there any way to recover them? They have a duration and a size in info, but won’t play back..

  39. Thanks again for the reply. I did mute my phone to turn off the shutter sound, since there are times when it’s intrusive. It’s not a big deal to do so, since I usually have my phone muted at those times anyway.

  40. I’m new to camera awesome, so I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question. I have tried using the video function several times now, and I can not seem to figure out how to stop recording once I have started. I assume you would just tap the red button (the same one used to start recording) but when I do that the camera seems to this I am trying to relocate the focus and exposure center points. I have tried locking them in place by double taping them, but it still will not allow me to end the video clip I am shooting. The only way I can end the video is to exit the app entirely, but then it does not save anything that I had recorded. Please help! I love love love this app, and I really want to figure out how to use the video correctly. Thanks!!!

    1. Hi Renae! You are correct and hitting the red button should toggle the video recording to stop. We have only heard a couple of reports of this but can you check to be sure that you have ample space on your phone? If you take a lot of photos or have a lot of photo apps, it’s easy to fill up the free space on your iPhone, which can cause some issues. If clearing out some space doesn’t help, please shoot our Support Heroes a message! http://help.smugmug.com/

  41. Wait. I just took a video of my daughters choir competition and I have NO audio!! As asked by moderator we all put out phones in silent mode. I flipped my switch on the left side of my iPhone 4S. Did this turn off the microphone??? How and why?? Three songs and NO audio. Hmmm first time I tried using the app for video. Great camera app, but if I have to leave that switch on, then there’s no way we can use it at a performance.

  42. How the heck can I just transfer all the videos and photos to my PC? I don’t want Facebook, twitter, flicker… just want to save and organize my photos on my computer. HOW?

    And… how can I set up saving photos on the camera roll, not in a separate space? Having to ‘transfer to camera roll’ is a pain.

  43. This app is drive me crazy, how can I take a simple unprocessed photo adjusting the focus and exposure independently.
    I don’t want automatic filters in my photos.

    Please help.

  44. I am having trouble with my iPad camera lens. Is there a way to reverse the lens so you are taking a picture of yourself?

  45. Is anyone else having a problem with their app freezing when it was on video mode? It WON’T go back to the normal camera mode or even register anything but the home button

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  46. I love this app but it won’t allow me to download my photos onto my camera roll on my iphone. How do I fix this problem?

  47. Trying to find the Awesomized stored photos in my iPhone with Windows Explorer … where might they be?

  48. I have been using the app and suddenly the app will not stay open!!! I touch on the icon it opens I touch on my recent pictures and the app closes. Is it my storage or setting what is happening! I cannot get to my pictures and videos!!!

  49. I love Camera! Awesome. Like really really love it. Use it all the time. BUT since yesterday, it crashes after being open for thirty seconds or so. Help!

  50. After many months of use on my iPhone 4S, Camera Awesome began crashing today (after startup, before I’m ready to tale my first picture. Everything else on the 4S is working fine. Any suggestions?

  51. Hi there,

    Camera Awesome is not so awesome at the moment – it was working well but in the last few months it seems to close itself just after it launches. What would you recommend?


  52. HELP! Loved using camera awesome on our recent Europe trip and made some amazing images. But in final days of trip, the app started shutting down right after opening. We could no longer take pictures of open to view earlier images. Want to fix it to use again and be sure we still have the pictures we took earlier. Thanks.

  53. This app sucks big time. Half the time, it won’t save a finished image to the iPhone5’s camera roll. I paid for the additional filters and apps and it won’t apply them. It’s slow. There’s no tutorial. It looks like fun, but if you’re a serious photographer, it’s a joke. If you want to use it, use the free stuff, don’t waste your money on the extra filters, textures, and frames.

    1. Who would be using a smartphone app with trick filters for “serious” photography? Save your Starbucks $$ and get a real camera.

  54. I’m deleting this app from my iPhone5. The toolbar at the bottom has disappeared. Can’t change the composition setting back to default. This has turned into the app from hell. Adios, Camera Awesome. Oh, and keep the money I paid for all the additional filters, textures, and frames. Buy yourselves a couple of beers with it or something.

  55. HELP please!! My awesome app keeps shutting down and I have a video on there I just cannot loose… Any suggestions?

  56. I tried rebooting the phone camera awesome still crashes after trying to take a picture. I love this app and just want to use it again especially with the new features that I haven’t been able to test out yet

  57. Hi,

    Love your app and took advantage of your HUGE discount to buy all the packs …🙂

    3 questions that keep boggling me:

    1) When Choosing FIlters / Presets – sometimes I get a “thumbnail grid” view with little previews of each filter, and sometimes I just get the name of the filter in a box at the lower part of the screen with a “full screen” preview of that preset/filter … and sometimes there is also a “catagory” bar that lets me choose which preset/filter bundle (e.g. portrait, etc …)
    —How do I switch between these views ???

    2) Is there a quick way to audition the postFX/preFX picture (by toggling the effects on/off or split-screen view) ? That would be AWESOME! 😉

    3) Last but not least – why do I need to have duplicates on my photos which I want to edit with Camera awesome (Why do I neet to import photos from my gallery into the Smugmug gallery ? (creating an additional copy)?

    Thanks !

    I didn’t know about your website design business – will give that a look as well … (Any big discounts on that too? 😉

    1. Hi Yogi and thanks for the feedback! We have gotten a lot of great suggestions over the course of the last year and we’d love to make all of them happen.

      As for SmugMug the website, you can open a trial account through the app, and we’ll automatically apply a discount towards your first year. Let us know if you have any questions or problems! http://help.smugmug.com/

  58. hi,

    the option for “Archive Over Wi-Fi Only” on my phone is turned off and cant be turned on , so everytime i make changes to my photos , i cant save them and it says you need internet juice .im connected to internet via wifi , how can i turn on “Archive Over Wi-Fi Only” .
    thanks in advance.

  59. I upgraded to the full set of filters on my iphone 5, but had to replace the device as the power button was faulty. Please advise how I can restore the in-App purchase. Love the App – my default camera.

  60. BTW (I love your app, bought all the filters … ) I have been experimenting with several photo editors – and I have to say – I love your filters – but they are a bit harsh (if not totally over the top in some cases) …

    I think a “FIlter amount” option will take your app to the top level and make your filters much more useable ….

    1. Hi Christine! If you fire up the app and tap the “Fx” at the top of the camera screen, you can then deselect the effect that is highlighted in green. That should take you back to the default.

    1. Hi all, there’s a new version of Camera Awesome available now in the App Store which should fix the microphone issues that some of you have seen. Let us know if you still have issues!

      1. Hi,

        Any chance you can roll out a new version with the option to adjust the strength of the applied filters ..? They are a bit to harsh – and this can REALLY help…

  61. I Shot a short video with Awesome Camera! and now everytime I try to open Awesome Camera it crashes and I can’t get to my pics or video.
    It doesnt seem to save the pics in the same place that my other camera apps do on my iPhone. How can I get it to stop crashing and let me open the app up?

    1. My camera awesome won’t stay open. It shuts down after a few seconds. If I remove it, will I lose my videos and pictures? I had just taken a VERY important video of my husband accepting a plaque when he retired from the military after 29 years, I do NOT want to lose it!!!! How do I reload this without losing that video????

      I am having the same issue – took a recital video of my daughter that is 3 min long, and cant get it to camera roll. App wont stay open for more than 2 seconds. I am open to deleting the app and reinstalling it, but I CANT lose this video. HELP – (Im using IPad3 btw)

      1. Hi Deborah! Yikes, we definitely need to get that video safely off your iPad! I see that you’ve written our Support Heroes and they’re in the process of helping you, but we haven’t heard back from you since yesterday. Can you check the amount of free space that you’ve got on your iPad and reply back to them if that still doesn’t allow you to save it back to your Library?

  62. Dear SmugMug,

    I have the same problem as Deborah…important video, recorded, reviewed, went to upload to facebook and “poof”, the app crashes constantly.

    1. Hi Jon, sorry about the delay but we hope that you’ve contact our Support Heroes to get this resolved! Are you still having this issue with the crash?

  63. When I initially installed Camera Awesome it asked for permission to my microphone and I accidentally said no. Now I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change it to yes.

    1. Hi Jessica! Look under your iPhone’s general Settings > Privacy > Microphone options. You should see a switch there for Camera! so you can toggle that on.

  64. I dropped my phone in water and it is dead. Is there ANY way to get the pictures that were saved in the Camera Awesome app? They are all from my daughter’s Make a Wish trip. Thanks.

    1. Oh no, Heather! We’re sorry to hear that, and recommend making sure that your phone is powered off and let it dry out completely for a few days. It may turn back on just fine after that, in which case you can retrieve your files as usual. Unfortunately if you phone is completely dead, photos you have not yet saved to your camera roll won’t get backed up to your computer. But please let us know how it turns out and if you were able to get your daughter’s photos back!

      PS. One of our Support Heroes says he swears by the Lifephone nüüd iPhone case. It may be worth a look.🙂

    2. There’s an urban legend that putting it (and covering it) in uncooked rice helps absorb the moisture …. It probably wont hurt …

  65. Hi. I love this app and use it all the time. Sadly, my daughter had my phone and the app and all of my photos got erased. I have reloaded the app and no pics.😦
    Any idea?

    1. Hi Amy, did you have to delete the app and reinstall it If so, that unfortunately means that the photos in it were deleted as well. If she shared photos from it to other sites, or if you had them automatically archive them to SmugMug or save to your iPhone Library, then they should be there, but I’m sorry to say that the content in the app itself is gone if the app was removed. But please reach out to our Support Heroes if you want us to get more info from you to be sure: http://help.smugmug.com/customer/portal/emails/new

    1. Hi Tim, you can always save your Camera Awesome photos to your camera roll, then the next time you plug in your phone they should back up to whatever program you use to back up your mobile photos. Alternatively, you can try the app that we’ve recommended above that will allow you to view all of the files on your phone so you can save them:


      Please contact our Support Heroes if you have other questions!

  66. I recently had my iphone malfunction…and had to get a replacement…while my iphone photos are there..or backed up based on photostream,.my awesomized photos (which were way better) are not….are they gone forever?? Thanks for the info…

    1. Hi Jill, we’re so sorry to hear about the phone trouble, but are glad that you have something to replace it! If your photos were saved automatically to your camera’s library, then they would have been backed up when you plugged your phone into your computer, but otherwise then I’m afraid they would have been gone. Hopefully by now you’ve taken lots more photos without missing a beat!

  67. Hi Don macAskill..
    I really need your help.. Im a big fun for camera awesome im using it for almost 2 years.. Can i retrieve my pictures stored in there, i accidentally uninstalled the application.. And i need the pictures badly, for my wedding photo and video.. My soon to be wife doesnt know that, yet.. Could you help me?
    All our memories, pictures that weve taken in different places..

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Kurt

      I’m so sorry to hear that you may have lost your images. Our heroes suggest giving this app a try: http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/
      While there is no guarantee it will recover the images for you, it is definitely worth a try.
      I sure hope it helps!

      EDIT – Hi again Kurt – I’ve just learned that you might also find the photos by doing a restore of your phone from a backup, particularly an iTunes backup.

      (fingers crossed for you)

  68. I have purchased the whole awesomize package done time ago and now I’m on my iPad trying to restore purchases and it freezes every single time I try to restore. What is going on? I’d like to have access to what I paid for

  69. First of all, I’d like to thank you guys for this wonderful app and Ive been using it for almost two years now.🙂

    Just attended an awesome concert last night and took some vids of their performance. I found out that the vids werent automatically exported to my camera roll unlike before. I tried clicking the icon “export to camera roll” and said it did though it still wasnt in my camera roll.😦 any way for me to save the vids? Found out the file was a bit big.😦

    Would really appreciate your help. Thanks guys!

    1. Hi Sidney! If the video is still in Camera Awesome (as it sounds like it is), you may want to try the iExplorer app, which is a third party app that gives you a folder-by-folder view of the content on your phone. Lots of folks have had success with this, so give it a look:


      And of course, feel free to ping our Support Heroes if you need more help getting that video back. Hope you had a great time at the show, regardless!


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