Coming Soon: EU Print Lab Loxley Colour

If you’re located in Europe, you’re going to want to sit down for this one:

  • UK print lab, Loxley Colour, will be joining the SmugMug family of labs.

Print and Ship in Europe

We chose Loxley Colour for their impeccable quality, reputation and dedication to the professional photography industry.

We’re still hammering in the last few nails, but expect to start fulfilling your orders through Loxley Colour by March 23, 2012.

You know we never pre-announce features, but this one was just too good to keep mum. Our European Pros have been begging us for years for something closer, and you’ve all waited long enough!

Come See Us in Birmingham

Now that the cat’s out of the bag, come see us at Focus on Imaging this week. We’ll be at stand #C23, so drop by and show us your smiling faces.

Stay tuned for more details!

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55 thoughts on “Coming Soon: EU Print Lab Loxley Colour”

  1. Finally a UK based lab!! Took some time but you did select what seems to be an excellent one so will try them as soon as they’re integrated by the end of the month.

  2. This is great news to receive on a Sunday morning. I’ve been with Smugmug for a few years now and have really only been left wanting for this feature. Look forward to trying this out soon.

  3. Oh …

    Why not have someone having local fabs throughout Europe (e.g. snapfish).
    Shipping between countries in Europe is still expensive and not very fast. There are well equipped labs everywhere.

    Ultimately, I would prefer the use the lab of my choice. And my customers can order directly.

    1. Not that great – the measurements for prints on Loxley are only in inches. It is really difficult for the majority of people in Europe to figure out what size photos to order because all our sizes here are in centimeters not inches. I don’t know what is wrong with SmugMug or Loxley to think that this answers anything for “EUROPE”. It’s only a solution for Britian …. I will use it as it is better than nothing but it will not get me print sales in France, and that would be my main market !!

  4. Hi there, That is absolutley brill. Can’t wait. Have stayed with you because I trust your judgment. Will centralise more work here!


  5. If they are as fast as Adobe with shipping from the UK (order one afternoon, delivered next day at noon!) we will be very pleased! Have a good week in Birmingham, shame I can’t come.

  6. Selected prices from Loxley (Obviously may well be different from what the SM prices are but a good starting point):

    6″ x 4″s £0.44-£0.93
    A4 £1.22-£2.92
    16″ x 12″ canvas £65
    30″ x 24″ canvas £155

    (all ex VAT)

    UK shipping
    Royal Mail First Class—£3.50 + VAT
    Royal Mail Special Delivery—£7.20 + VAT

    1. Paul, they seems like good prices, the delivery price is key! Do you know what the quality of their canvases are like? Kevin

  7. News yes, good – well depends.

    I have a friend who has continually nagged me to move to Zenfolio. I’ve resisted as I like the SmugMug ethos. I’ve held out with the hope of a European print lab coming on board. And here it is, and a good one too.

    But imagine my dismay at the implication from the video that this will be a Pro user feature only.

    Is my deduction correct? If it is, why are you not providing us Power user with this service too? Why the discrimination? Or a cynical way to make us pay more and upgrade to a Pro account?

      1. As far as I can see, this is a ‘PRO’ only feature? Unless I am mising something? Despite being assured in an earlier reply this would not just be a PRO feature.

        From the instructions I have seen so far this morning, the pricelist functionality is on the ‘PRO’ tab and therefore only available to PROs?

        Or am I wrong?

    1. Hi Trevor, our recent blog post updates that we’ve rolled out Loxley as a Pro lab first, and once we get all the bumps smoothed out we’ll make it available to all levels.

  8. so, how would this work if you site sells to people on both sides of the Big Pond: do people get a choice from which lab to order at check out?

  9. This seems like a very good start. I hope that pricing will be in Euros though, and sizes will be in centimeters. And I hope shipping fees throughout Europe will not be too high.

  10. i’m curious too about the shippings rates to other european countries like germany… Loxley’s site doesn’t state the shipping fees outside uk….

  11. This is great news, a long time coming. My business will change now I can sell images direct from the UK. Well done SM & Loxley.

  12. I paid in germany 2,95€ incl. VAT. Sending in 2-3 buissnes days. I dont know price for prints; but shipping price is indescribably.

    Loxley send to germany

    Airmail – £3.50 + Vat. This can sometimes take around 15 working days to reach its destination …

    International Signed For – £10.00 + Vat. This method normally takes approximately 10 working days …

    DHL or Parcelforce – £50.00 + Vat approximately. This is the quickest service as it will take about 4-5 working days …

  13. Soon you will know (or may be you know already) this is only a first step. Sending outside the UK adds cost and delays. Will not help us sell outside the UK much. EU is not US..
    Please choose other partners in other areas. Germany, Italy, France at least.
    Moreover, please, allow us easily localize our pages. We need to sell to non English customers too.

  14. Andy Williams :
    Not pro only Stay tuned for full details when we launch!

    I just asked at the Smugmug stand at Infocus today and they said it is for Pro only

  15. Andy
    Thanks for your time yesterday at Focus. I’m just setting up a trial account and as we discussed I am currently using a trial version of Zenfolio.
    At the moment you cannot setup pricing etc. for Loxley and I know the ink is still wet on the deal. Can you advise when the ability to set everything up with Loxley’s pricing will be available?


    1. Hi Darren! As we described above, we are projecting that you’ll price and sell through Loxley by March 23rd. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, and stay tuned for details.🙂

  16. I’m not on the Pro option but I am considering the upgrade. Can/will the client be able to choose a lab based on their location ? I live in Switzerland but have several contacts and potential clients in North America…

    I second the opinion that the localization of pages (languages) is essential for the proliferation of SmugMug. Perhaps even more important than the local labs, IMHO.


    1. +1 to Ted’s remark.

      The clients should be able to choose labs they want to use for printing. The photographer might recommend one or more of these labs or perhaps restrict the list of labs available to clients.

    2. Hi Ted,
      I live in Switzerland too, which lab do you use? I have been having so much trouble because i was using Bayphoto(US) the past year and it is so expensive with shipping and taxes.

  17. I’ve been a Smugmug Pro user since 2009.
    I must admit I haven’t taken advantage of all the facilities that Smugmug Pro offers due to the lack of a UK based printing lab.
    That’s all going to change now. This is great news, I can’t wait for the contract to be finalised.

  18. Heard about this at Focus. Fantastic news! Small ask? Could we have the price lists etc from Loxley available to play with an set up a few days before the 23rd? That way those of us who have never done online sales with SmugMug could try things out and be all set to go when the arrangements are launched on 23rd.

    1. Liz :
      Heard about this at Focus. Fantastic news! Small ask? Could we have the price lists etc from Loxley available to play with an set up a few days before the 23rd? That way those of us who have never done online sales with SmugMug could try things out and be all set to go when the arrangements are launched on 23rd.

  19. Great idea from Liz … Im on the trial version which ends in a few days and id love to just carry on getting used to site and be ready for Loxley .

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