50 Very Megabytes

Good news to all photographers lusting after the new CaNikon D900000 Mark XII: We raised the roof. Again.

All SmugMuggers can now upload photos up to 50MB and 100 megapixels in size.

This means you can upload one of these. Or these. You can go out right now and shoot a pano and invite your friends to a pixel peeping party. Print a new view for your office wall. Make a poster for St Paddy’s Day. Nudge the HDR slider up to eleven.

The possibilities are endless.

So go ahead and buy yourself (or rent) that Hasselblad everyone’s talking about. Shoot like you mean it and upload it right to SmugMug using your favorite uploader. As long as your file stays in JPG, PNG or GIF format, it’s fine.

We know that megapixels don’t always matter to everyone, but if you’re like us then you probably love printing B I G . We get it.🙂

PS. Your video uploads are still capped at a juicy 3 GB and 20 minutes in length. That’s a lot of frames to take in. (36,000 to be exact.)

Just For Fun…

OK, you’ve seen examples of our print collection at HQ. Try and guess how many square feet they cover in all.

Closest guesser wins a huge print of their own photo, from us. Post your numbers below and we’ll reveal the answer right here in a week, March 14th, 2012.


Links you’ll love:

UPDATE! The numbers are in. SmugMug HQ has, as of today, 2,227 sq feet of prints hanging on the walls. Chris Skopec, we’ll be in touch with you because you had closest guess at 2,132 sq ft. Congrats!

UPDATE 2! Two folks submitted guesses on FB that were pretty darn close too. Spreading the love is fun, so we’re awarding not 1 but 3 winners! Congrats also to Jonathan Wilson (2200 sq ft) and Jennifer Shirley (2150 sq ft)! We’ll get in touch with you about your prize.

Some of you had some really juicy numbers… which just goes to show that we need to up the ante and cover more walls.🙂

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48 thoughts on “50 Very Megabytes”

  1. It’s about time. Even with the Canon 5D Mark II (3.5 years old now) I would sometimes have to reduce quality on my images in order to fit them under 25Mb.

  2. What is the theme used on the Smugmug Big Photo gallery? It’s nice and clean and simple – custom? Guessing 1500 sq. feet of prints. Price Is Right rules?

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