Welcome, Loxley Colour!

Hellooooo, Europe. Loxley is finally here to serve SmugMug Pros who live across yonder seas. (Well, the Atlantic.)

Before we dig into the details, we just want to say a quick, heartfelt “Thank you!” to all of your European SmugMuggers who have waited so long for this sweet moment. Huzzah for the printer!

What’s so special about Loxley Colour?

Where should we start? Their unmatched reputation is the result of over 50 long years of incredible quality and service. They’re a family-driven company, which we dig. And like SmugMug, they’re completely and wholly focused on bringing the best products to photographers and their clients… no matter what. They know the business, and it’s their mission to continue to make sure that artists thrive doing what they love.

In other words, they rock. And we’re thrilled that they’ve said “Yes!” to becoming part of our family.

What products can I buy (or sell)?

Swing by their corner of our catalog and you’ll see the traditional glossy, lustre and metallic prints in the sizes that your clients already know and love. But you’ll also see some tasty new ways to showcase your images, like:

  • Glacier Block. Crystal clear 30mm acrylic block creates a unique prism effect.

  • Acrylic Window. Contemporary acrylic mount with 2″ frosted borders and corner standoffs.

  • Alumini Print. Offers the most vibrant, luminous and waterproof option for your photos.

  • Edge Print. Durable 1″ borders provides a polished, modern look without the need for a frame.

Juicy, right? And there’s more, so see it all in our Loxley catalog.

How do I start selling through Loxley?

Simply open your Pricelists manager and create a new Pricelist, choosing Loxely Colour’s logo. Add in the products you want to offer, specify your profit (or price) and you’re done.

Remember that due to the unique SKUs each lab offers, you can’t just switch labs on a Pricelist you’re already using. But it’ll only take a few minutes to set up and apply a new one, you’ll see!

What if I have VAT Exemption number?

Open up your Control Panel and click on the Settings tab, then click to edit your billing info. The last field at the bottom is where you enter that number.

How do I sell to both US and EU markets?

You already are! It’s true. You’ve always been able to sell and ship to anyone, anywhere in the world. And since we added the ability for customers to check out in one of 5 popular currencies, it’s gotten even easier.

Still, if you want to offer different labs to different customers, try setting up separate Pricelists for each lab that you use and apply them to your galleries or photos. You may want to point your US customers to a different gallery than the one from which your European clients buy.

Can I use Loxley if I have a Basic or Power account?

Not yet, but we do plan on including Loxley’s print services to all SmugMug accounts after we’ve confirmed our Pro integration is a smashing success.

Ready? Set? Sell!

We hope that you and your clients love the quality and innovation that Loxley Colour brings to the table. We can’t describe how sweet it is to finally bring you a lab in Europe, and one so highly sought-after, to boot.

As always, tell us how it’s going, how they’re doing and how it’s working for you.

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

78 thoughts on “Welcome, Loxley Colour!”

  1. Incredible product selection, quality and depth. Great choice SmugMug.

  2. Excellent news, and excited by the new print formats.

    Sadly I’m only a Power user so still can’t take advantage. I don’t need pricelists, I want to print my own pictures and let friends print the photos I take of them!😦

    Will try and be patient..😦

    Still, it’s great to see you continue to improve the service, and a British print shop is very welcome.

      1. I’ve been waiting for a UK vendor for so long, and I was getting all excited by this news and was about to switch from Zenfolio and then I saw this comment – Zenfolio allow galleries to be sold in multiple countries/currencies. I love Loxley, but this seems like a silly restriction on your part?

      2. @Jeff – You can still sell in multiple countries & currencies. The buyer will pay in the currency of their choice. The prints will be made & shipped from the lab of your choice.

        We can’t currently let you sell the same gallery from multiple labs. Is this something you’d like to see? What about products that are offered at one lab but not another (very common)?

      3. @Ann – You can still sell to them fine, including in multiple currencies, but if you’d like to ship from two different labs, today you’d need to create two galleries.

        Everything we build is based on customer feedback, so I’d love to hear how you’d like it to work – especially given that each lab has their own set of products which the other labs don’t carry.

      4. @Don

        Well – if Jeff is right – the way zenfolio does it lol You obviously think it is not possible so perhaps it might be worth checking out how Zen do it.

        Could the items I choose to offer from each lab be offered under the labs logo as a heading? So the list might include items from each lab each group under the labs name with the geographic location as part of the name.

        I’m only guessing what might be best – you are the heroes – I’m just the customer who would like to supply to both sides of the pond from local labs.

        I look forward to seeing what you come with, I have been with SM quite a few years now, have been fairly happy, nice control over layout, unlimited storage, fairly reliable. Fingers crossed your tech heroes can come up with a solution🙂

      5. Well, I’ve just set up a trial at Zenfolio to find out how they do it. They do allow offering products from different labs from the same gallery – using much the same system I imagined earlier – a list with groups of products under each lab avaialble.

        Their only restriction seems to be that customers can only choose products from Labs in their geographical region. Choosing a location and currency limits the offering to local labs (necesseary as shipping seems restricted too). That still means that ALL labs in their country are available – not just one.

        I’m sure SM could implement this the same and without the geographic restriction too – as there is only one printer in the UK at the moment.

        Come on Heroes – if Zen can do it – Smugmug can do it better!🙂

      6. For Fine Art photos it would seem to be very confusing to have duplicate galleries and potentially a huge waste of SmugMugs resources. The same photos in more than one gallery?

        I can see how Europeans would prefer to order from their side of the pond to simplify, minimize, and expedite order fulfillment.

        What are you going to do if you want to add another European or Asian lab. That would mean duplicating the
        same gallery 3, 4, or even 5 times.

      7. As I understand this – even US pros can only choose one US lab – for another they must have a duplicate a gallery – just as UK pros must to offer more than one lab.

        It seems a shame that all pros are limited to just one lab – but it is absurd now that SM have labs both sides of the pond, we can’t offer local labs in Europe and the US – wherever the pro might be based.

  3. Finally. Thank you !
    But … no metric size ? Is that a joke ? It’s Europe ! Except UK every countries use metric system here.

    1. Hi Nebuleu, we do show the metric sizes in the shopping cart if you need to see those measurements, but in the catalog we display what Loxley does on their site.

      1. Thanks for replying Schmoo. Yes, I saw that after my post, but it’s not very user/usable friendly. Thanks anyway.

  4. Jeff :
    I’ve been waiting for a UK vendor for so long, and I was getting all excited by this news and was about to switch from Zenfolio and then I saw this comment – Zenfolio allow galleries to be sold in multiple countries/currencies. I love Loxley, but this seems like a silly restriction on your part?

    From the same gallery? Cool

    Why were you thinking of switching? I’ve been happy with Smugmug but this is frustrating.

    1. @Ann – I had a wedding whereby the bride was European and her partner was American. I uploaded all the photos to a single gallery. Both American and European families could order from the same gallery using their own currencies, but the prints were fulfilled by a local lab to them (by using differnt price lists and product lists that I set-up, which were then available to the customer depending on the currency they chose).

      To be fair, I’ve been very happy with Zenfolio, but I think the smugmug user interface is a bit better, and I am a big fan of Loxley who has excellent customer support from my experience.

  5. That’s great but it’s just not working in my opinion. Why? Because if I choose Loxley for my photos, I’ll lose Bayphoto, etc… Why don’t you just put all of them together so our clients can enjoy the wide range of products. Choosing each for each gallery is not gonna work obviously because you don’t know what your client may like or prefer. Just put them together.

  6. Love your printing, Fantastic quality, and superb turn around times. So very interested in the partnership with smugmug, will look at changing from Photoboxgallery Pro !

  7. So, I am a US based photographer (PRO account), and would like to be able to allow a UK customer to order ‘A4’ size prints – how do I do that?

    1. Hi John and thanks for the feedback! Right now we don’t offer the A4 size but you can undoubtedly have them ordered direct from Loxley. We’re eager to find out if A4 is a size that we end up getting a lot of requests for, since we do everything based on your feedback. Thanks again for the suggestion!

  8. Good news for the UK but what about France? Still awaiting for French translation… And the possibility to have prints in France?
    I’m seriously thinking of leaving Smugmug… So long awaiting now.

    1. Hi, thanks for the suggestion about translation🙂 Also, you can price in Euros, and set up with Loxley and have prints shipped to you and your customers in France (and really anywhere). Please let us know if we can help you with that, thanks.

  9. Brilliant news!!!! I mean I could wax lyrical about the business opportunities and the time and money I’ll save and the added value service to my clients and the enhanced standing as a professional but really, ‘brilliant news’ kinda encapsulates this in two words!

  10. Great news, thank you! BUT… A few follow on requests…

    1) There doesn’t seem to be a standard, traditional framing option, although Loxley offer it, and it’s superb. I appreciate they have a great many options, but surely we could set up a few defaults for customers to choose from? The fancy frame/mount types are all very well, but every print I’ve ever sold has been a print, framed print or canvas, so it would seem sensible to focus on these – most people I talk to have similar experiences…
    2) They also offer Giclée Fine Art Prints, any chance of these too?
    3) Lastly, there’s been a lot of discussion about being able to use different labs etc – surely the simplest solution would be to let us specify a different lab for each currency or user’s country of origin? Most of my customers are in the UK like me and my images, but the rest tend to be US, so I’d like to print and ship from the US for them. This is the main variable for me…

    1. Hi Martin and thanks for taking the time to give such detailed feedback. We are listening and reading and certainly will consider things that you guys want in future updates.

  11. This is fantastic news! I have changed my price lists and have it up and running. A few issues you guys need to work on before it if perfecto:

    1. When the customer is in the shopping cart they used to be able to click through for the product description/video/photo so they knew what they were ordering. This doesn’t appear to be there for Loxley.

    2. Loxley offer 50% off their Champion Products, which are all 20×16 products. This appears to be an ongoing offer therefore why can’t this be passed on to us through smugmug. I just had to order 6 x canvas’s directly through Loxley to get this price.

    3. Need to offer the traditional framing products

    4. Agree with everyone else about being able to integrate different labs in the price list – especially when some of the products are so very different.

    Thanks for all your work in bringing Loxley together with Smugmug, now you just need to fine tune the details!

    1. Hi Sally and this is such wonderful feedback. Thank you and we’re listening! Let us know if you think of anything else, of course.

    1. Hi Allen, you can always create an unlisted gallery set to print through your choice of lab. Ordering a test set for yourself is great especially if you want to show your customers what they look like, and if you don’t like them of course you’re covered by our 100% guarantee.

    1. Hi Alan, we can’t discuss future plans just yet but we would of course love to add more labs everywhere you are. Thanks for the feedback!

  12. Great news ! You rock at Smugmug !

    Now I’m just waiting for a multilingual shop (especially a french translation : my french customers are really bad at English) and -why not ?- a metric conversion ? the shop would then be perfect for me !

    1. Hi Sam and thanks for the feedback. We display the measures as Loxley does on their own site, but we do include metric conversion as you add things to the shopping cart. Thanks for weighing in!

  13. Any chance we’ll be seeing an Asia (Japan has to have some nice labs somewhere) lab sometime soon? With the right printing options and some word of mouth, Smugmug would be really popular here

    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback. Yes, more labs in all corners of the globe would be ideal, because we want to be where you are, but we can’t say what or when just yet.

  14. Ann :
    Can both Loxley and a US printer be offered from the same gallery?

    Introducing a UK based Lab is a nice thing, but to have to create duplicate galleries just to offer an international customer base a lab that’s conveniently located is impractical.
    I would like to see a switch or selector for the customer where he just chooses a country and then get a list of labs or even just a default lab for that country. If the labs have differing portfolio’s, never mind, the increased shipping convenience outweighs that.

  15. This is fantastic news. Three pieces of feedback
    i) please focus on a good range of the core products like A4 prints, traditional framed prints, canvas, glicee prints, etc rather than the latest gimmick products. My customers always return to these formats.
    ii) like everyone else please provide location or currency driven lab selection from the same gallery – even at a personal level I have relatives in US as well as Europe who want to order photos from the same gallery (from a local supplier with the associated delivery assurance, reduced shipping costs and time zone contact point if anything goes wrong)
    iii) Japan would be my vote for the next location for a photolab. I have demand from there, (and i imagine it would open up a massive new market of photographers there to Smugmug – they are very loyal to local companies) although you will definitely need to fix the metric measurement problem for there!

    1. This is great feedback, thank you! We love that you took the time to write this all out and we’ll be sure the right folks are seeing all the details for future updates.

  16. This is an excellent first step! However, I am running into a huge problem right now. I just received a request for one of my prints from a customer in the Netherlands. However, to sell to them with more reasonable shipping costs, I had to make a duplicate gallery specifically for customers not in North America.

    Since I am a fine art photographer, this is impractical for me and confusing for customers because this means that if an overseas (in relation to me) customer finds my work via a search engine and goes to my main collection and wants to purchase they will potentially be discouraged due to the shipping cost and time not realizing that I have a completely separate gallery where prints ship from the U.K. And this problem is just as bad in reverse (if a U.S. customer finds my work and goes to the U.K. gallery instead!).

    It would be awesome if we could sell photos in ONE gallery from one or more labs satisfying the needs of customers on both sides of the pond and eliminating confusion with the user experience.

  17. +1 on the “One gallery but multiple labs to enable local fulfillment”

    Two scenarios;

    1) Brit + American marry; both families want prints but would like them to be fulfilled locally to reduce shipping costs.

    2) Fine art which people will buy all over the world and would like local fulfillment to reduce shipping cost and provide local point of contact for customer service.

    In both cases I’d like to provide one gallery to keep it simple.

    A suggestion on how to handle these could be a ‘international hybrid lab’ price list which either; only allows pricing and thus ordering for products in both labs e.g. a 4×6 would be available but a ‘1999×2 printed in oil paint’ would not be available to include in the list as it is unique to one lab OR for these unique prints provide with discrete shipping that is clearly called out to the customer prior to check out “These products XXXXXX, YYYYY in your order are specialty product(s) that will ship from Bratislava and will incur XXXX additional shipping costs.”

  18. I think I will be waiting with the UK lab option (which I think is such great news!!) till all the fine-tuning is done because just like many others, I can’t see having multiple galleries for the different parts of the world. Even if it is not the perfect solution because it somewhat limiting, it could start with an added options such as “Customers located in Europe, click here for more local product options”. Btw,I saw that there are several comments about translations – as I mentioned in the past, I used to work in the translation industry and can hook you up should you ever consider to localize your site.

  19. Don MacAskill :
    @Jeff – You can still sell in multiple countries & currencies. The buyer will pay in the currency of their choice. The prints will be made & shipped from the lab of your choice.
    We can’t currently let you sell the same gallery from multiple labs. Is this something you’d like to see? What about products that are offered at one lab but not another (very common)?

    Every one seems to have missed the last line here. I too agree it might be confusing to offer the same products from two different labs BUT having just those products available that are unique to a different lab than, say, the lab designated as your primary lab would be great I mean did you see the Glacier Block and the Acrylic Window? I want some of my photos done in these! (more variety of products = possibly more product sales?)

  20. Same problem for myself.
    I recently opened a Smugmug Pro account to enter the US market. Great, so far, but my customers from UK will definetly not order anything from a US Lab which is not convenient and obviously more expensive for them.
    I consider it’s stupid to do not let the customers choosing the most convenient Lab for them and the one wich offers the best options in terms of price and quick delivery.
    Opening a “Clone Gallery” is not a smart option. What, I have to open a US Gallery and the same one as UK Gallery ? Stupid, regardless if those labs offer or not the same products. To be free and be able to choose is supposed to be a policy at Smugmug… no ?
    anyway, I’m Not happy with this situation despite the fact that all those Labs can do a shiping worldwide… It could be soooooo simple to overide this by giving a simple choice for those like me who are not only thinking about US customers…
    And what about France by the way ?

  21. I am glad you notice the need for a EU lab. Unfortunately the UK is not on the continent, shipping on other affairs from UK to Netherlands always seems to take forever. Also it costs more than on the continent. Furthermore is the UK not part of the Eurozone. So fee free IBAN banking will cost money now and if Paypal is used it also costs more to do UKP/Euro payment.

  22. I’ve been a SM user for many years for personal purposes but I’m now seriously considering selling prints after getting several requests. I’m quite disappointed by the labs options, not for quality issues but more because of the enormous shipping fees. My audience is in Canada and mainland Europe, so none of the options really work out unless my customers are ready to pay a minimum of $25 in shipping (+ loooong shipping delays), which is simply too much. Please tell me you’re planning on improving on this, otherwise I’ll have to look at the competition:/

    1. Hi Dave and we really do appreciate your feedback on this. We’ve heard from various pros since this launch about shipping to Canada and mainland Europe and we would absolutely love to plant labs in every country to make it easier on every pro. While we can’t really discuss future developments please be assured that we are listening and taking tally of where the requests are coming from. Thanks again!

      1. Hi schmoo,
        I don’t want to sound sarcastic, but if the other guy’s lab can ship to Canada by fedex in 2 days for $16 when SM (via EZprints) charges almost twice for surface mail 3-weeks, there’s something not right. Other than that, I love the service!

  23. I have been waiting for a UK colour lab from smugmug so that I can let my UK friends get prints at cost price at a reasonable speed and shipping cost. (paying £3.67 shipping with a three week wait for delivery from the US labs not being acceptable)

    Having now looked into the pricing for Loxley it’s very high for the prints ie £0.61 (6 x 4) – non colour corrected (the delivery is ok at £1.99 delivery Royal mail first class)

    Why can’t smugmug offer what zenfolio has which is a UK lab that can do basic prints for a reasonable cost (ie £0.10 for a 6 x 4) with a reasonable UK delivery (£1.99)?

    As it stands now I won’t upgrade to a Pro account and I won’t activate the shopping carts on any of my albums. Will just tell friends to download the digital files and print them elsewhere. Real shame as I really hoped smugmug would allow my friends to order prints of our wedding photos at a reasonable price

  24. I was a bit premature jumping in with two feet & signing up for the pro account, after I had played with the trial. Once a member, I found that I couldnt setup any packages for Loxley which is defeating the object of my particular sales plan. From the three galleries I have live, I have only made one \”al a carte\” sale for £23 & over £600 in packages. Which has left me doing the same amount of work as previously, put simply, smugmug has just become an expensive proofing cart for me.

    Im a little disappointed that I haven\’t had much of a response from smugmug as to when packages will be available. I suppose I just have to wait but in the mean time I will be looking elsewhere for another solution.

    1. Hi Gary and thanks this valuable feedback. We’re sorry to hear that it haven’t been in love with your Pro account since joining, since that’s our ultimate goal. Even though Packages aren’t yet available for Loxley, have you used some our other marketing features, like the Coupons? You can always offer your clients extra incentive by creating coupons that apply after a certain amount of product is bought, so it’s a similar outcome to the Packages.

      We do apologize that we aren’t permitted to give ETAs and insight on what we’re working on — the rare exception was the announcement of our integration with Loxley all those months ago. But we do hope that you are able to find a workflow that works best for you and your business. We’l do everything we can to help you make SmugMug work for you, but we also understand that we’re not the best fit for everyone out there. Let us know!

  25. Hi, thanks for the response. I assumed that the set up on the trial would be the same when you bought into the product. Thats why I was disappointed.

    I tried out the coupons but they are not really the same & I havent had a bite. With packages you are able to steer your clients in a particular direction & it shows, as all my clients are spending direct with me rather than with you.

    You obviously have some internal politics stopping the setup of packages with Loxley. Maybe if this information was clear when your clients signed up, you wouldnt have a situation like this arise. Its just disappointing when you buy into something & it turns out its not what you thought it was.

    Anyway, hopefully you will get this resolved soon🙂

    Good Luck!

  26. I’m still struggling with adapting my site to have two identical galleries – one for US and one for UK – without causing my visitors to get lost and give up.

    Do you have an example of a site that has been successful with this as an example?

  27. Any news on when non pro users can use a UK supplier. I hate having to upload my images to another third party website just so I can print copies… Thanks. Patient in Europe

    1. Hi Rowena, our plan is to include Loxley Colour on the list of pro labs on our Portfolio and Business accounts, but we’re hammering out some kinks on an important issue that is preventing non-pros from selling through them. We are working on it every day and will announce it the moment it’s ready.

  28. Any new when normal UK users can use a UK lab? It’s christmas time, seems a bit mad to have to get this posted from the US.

    1. Hi Mike, unfortunately we haven’t been able to get cards on the list for Loxley in time for the holidays this year so we do recommend that you find a local printer. We do agree that it’s inefficient to have your holiday cards shipped across seas and hope to have something in place for 2013!

  29. Damn! Just using the 14-day trial and two days in finding SmugMug really great. But now i find that I can’t use Loxley to order the items i can on their website – such a shame as this would be the deal sealer for me!

    1. Hi Dave, we’re sorry to hear that this isn’t checking off all the boxes for you! Are there any items in particular that you’d love to see fulfilled through your SmugMug site? We are always open to feedback, as we’re looking to make improvements based on what our customers need. Feel free to talk to one of our Support Heroes! http://help.smugmug.com/

  30. Off course great that there is a Europe-based print service available. But is there any info available on Loxley’s shipping times and -costs to the ‘real’ Europe: the mainland including Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France?? Also, would there be translated versions of SmugMug that can be tailored to specific target countries.

    1. Johan, Loxley has both a 7-10 day option and a 3-4 day option to mainland Europe, but it may vary depending on what you are buying. You can always add a couple of items to your cart and click the checkout button to see your available options.

      1. Im not in UK and the problem for me is the high cost of shipping. i know i have to w8 longer but its cheater people buy in a lab of US, than the lab of Europe :S. So i think my clients never buy something like print products. I have to give them download copies

  31. Any more news on when Loxley will be available for all users to order from?
    I hope it’s soon as it’s getting pretty annoying having to download full size and then reupload to another photo service for printing in the UK.

  32. I am Loxley Colour crystal clear acrylic blocks with a Prism effect.. will have my artwork looking so special for gift items…. I look forward to adding this product in my price list.

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