New Updates to Camera Awesome(r)

If you’ve used your iPhone today, you may have noticed that Camera Awesome just got a nice big update. Here’s what’s included:

  • Better bundling: It’s now just $9.99 for all effects, forever and ever. If you’ve already bought a few, it’ll do the right thing and bill you the difference.
  • Getting started guide: In-app help shows you how to post, edit and share.
  • Pinch to zoom: Easier, intuitive zoom. The way Apple intended.
  • White Balance lock: Stick to one white balance in tricky light.
  • Instagram sharing: Publish to Instagram with one tap.
  • Smoother timer: Drag to set the self-timer. No more fat fingers.

These updates may look a little familiar – they’re some of the top feature requests you’ve been telling us since we launched Camera Awesome a month ago. We hope you love the additions and will keep sending us your feedback.

We’ve crossed 4 million downloads already (thanks to you)! To all you shutterbugs out there: Happy shooting and sharing.

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

91 thoughts on “New Updates to Camera Awesome(r)”

  1. I made the update but I cant find the help or the whit balance. Can you point me in the right direction to find it?

    1. Hi Jacki, if you two-finger tap to bring up the focus and exposure icons, you’ll see a White Balance button in the bottom left corner. You can then tap that to toggle the white balance lock. Hope this helps.

    1. Peter and James, we appreciate this feedback and we’re still working on an Android version. As our CEO Don commented in our original post, it’s a lot trickier to develop but we’re doing the best we can. Thanks for your patience.

  2. I’m glad that you added SMS, but it links them to a site, not allowing to just send the photo. Don’t like that feature for SMS. I would rather be able to send the photo directly. Any change for that coming?

    1. Hi Nikilette and thanks for the feedback. We do understand wanting to attach the photo/video as MMS but at this time it’s just not possible. But we hear you and would like to offer that should things change.

  3. Schmoo et al.,

    Big, fat upgrade TOTALLY AWESOME, but what about replacement for Picnik, which goes away (boo-hoo) come April 19. I’ve been advised by Support Heroes that replacement is in works. What’s status and when is launch?

    1. Hey Thomas – Yes we’re sad to hear that too because Picnik is so useful for in-gallery editing. The Heroes are correct in that we’re working on a replacement and we can’t give an ETA… but we’re sure you’ll love it. Stay tuned!

    1. I’m not an eye-fi (SD cards that have wifi built in) user, but I’ve read that with the more recent eye-fi cards can be connected to over adhoc wi-fi from an iphone. I believe their iphone app puts the photos shot on the eye-fi card on the camera roll, and from there you can import them into Camera Awesome.

      Oh yeah, and some folks have put the eye-fi (SD only) in SD->CF adapters to use in a D700, although it’s not officially supported.

    1. Hi Jacki, the first time you use the app, little labels for each of the glyphs will show up automatically. They will indicate what each of the icons will do.

    1. Hi Lesley, no way! If you buy them once you can then open up the app’s settings, and choose “Restore Purchases” on your other devices. Hope this helps.

      1. I’m happy to hear that! However, I’m a dummy … please could you give me more detailed instructions! Do I do this through iTunes … or on my iPad … and if on my iPad … where do I find app settings? Thanks for your help!

  4. Love it! Can we change the white balance, ie cloudy, incandescent, auto……?
    This is the best camera app I have seen. Great job.

    1. Hi. Just discovered you site through this. Some lovely photography loved your statues and flowers in particular (is this around your home area, may I ask the orchids etc). You should photograph your rotary..soon it will be “arch-antique”🙂

  5. Hello there! congratulations on such great app. Now I only use this one.

    I read in one of the posts the suggestion to be able to use our SmugMug account. That is a great idea and I second it.

    Also, I take lots of pics and I use SmugMug and another site, but to be able to show case in this other site (no competion to yours at all because is a weather site), I have to send each picture to the camera roll. Would it be possible to send pictures in a batch to the camera roll?

    Thank you again.

    1. Hi Marisa and thanks for the feedback. There is a way you can already save photos to your camera roll in bulk: Just open the single image view and tap the little grid in the top left corner to view your CA library. Then toggle the switch in the top right to the multi-select tool, and you can select multiple images to save or share.🙂 Hope this helps!

  6. This may not address the point of this post but I’d like to add, but I beg to add.

    I find it ludicrous how much and many companies suck up to Apple. Much of what they use has been appropriated one way or another and repackaged in a clever way. Why would so many companies see the need to sue Apple for countless infringements? What other company releasing a new product ends free (or paid) in the daily international news?
    I love my Android and am pro OPEN source.
    I just have to laugh on how many iPhone call my number by mistake, or the people who own it don’t know how to use it and blame the iPHONE for not doing this or that.
    And it would never come to my mind to upload phone pics to my Smug.

  7. Is anyone else having trouble uploading photos to Facebook? I was able to once but then after upgrade I am no longer able to. Please help!

    1. Hi Mary and we’re sorry about the trouble. This is a new issue that we’ve been hearing about and our engineers are investigating a fix as we speak. If you continue to have trouble don’t be afraid to talk to our Support Heroes:

  8. If there is an in-app guide and tutorials, they are very very well hidden. Need to make them easy to find.

    Also, contract, sharpness, temp, etc. sliders have no effect what-so-ever. Either it’s a bug or a tutorial is needed…

    1. The in-app tutorials appear the first time you open up the app and do some edits, so if you’ve been using the app for a while you’ve undoubtedly graduated past that level with flying colors. But if you want to see them you can always delete the app and re-download it. Just don’t forget to back up your image library, first.

      As for the sliders, they should adjust to what Awesomize does, so if hitting the Awesomize button alone doesn’t do much then you probably won’t see a big difference using the individual sliders. We’ll keep this in mind, so thanks for the feedback.

  9. Is there a way to rotate by anything other then 90 degrees? I want to rotate some images just a little… yeah, i should have gotten it right when I was shooting but…

    1. Hi Joey, at this time rotation is only done in 90 degree increments but we do understand the need to fine-tune it. Thanks for the feedback!

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  11. Sure! You can either use a program like Image Capture (default on Macs) or you can bulk save your Camera Awesome photos to your camera roll and have iPhoto import them that way. Hope this helps!

  12. Any progress on an appfiend’s suggestion of an app that accesses my existing smugmug galleries from my iphone? The smugmug android app is one of the few things I really miss in my iphone transition.

    1. Hi Denny, we have additional apps in the works but we can’t give previews or projected release dates on stuff we’re working on. As soon as we have something to share you’ll see it on this blog. We pinkie swear.

  13. Hi, I love camera awesome but I’ve been having troubles recently. When I open the app, it immediately shuts down and I can’t even look at my pictures. Any help will be really welcome!

  14. Is there a way to import multiple pictures from the iPhone camera roll into Camera awesome all at once instead of having to click one picture at a time and then hit the “+” button again to add another single picture?

    1. Hi Travis, right now there isn’t but this is something we hope to add in the future since so many people have been asking for it. Thanks for the feedback!

      1. This should really be high-priority. I didn’t begin using camera awesome as my default and now have 6000 photos that I need to upload to smugmug. I don’t have a computer so it needs to be done directly from my phone. At this moment I am considering moving to Amazon Drive purely for ease of use in this area.

      2. schmoo :
        Hi Travis, right now there isn’t but this is something we hope to add in the future since so many people have been asking for it. Thanks for the feedback!* */ :
        When will you put the option “Selet All Photos” to Delete or Share or whatever.. I did a travel and have 1350 photos, how can I delete all photos if i want to do that? I can´t select one by you have a solution for this issue?

  15. Hi!

    First of all, it’s cool how well you respond to comments, schmoo.

    Here are a few things I’d like to be added –
    1.) Volume Up snap
    2.) Allow me to re-order the editing tabs – for example, I don’t like using presets or textures, but always use frames. It would be cool to re-order them so my most-used tabs are on the left and don’t require scrolling.
    3.) Add tumblr sharing.
    4.) Add some “neater” frames. What I mean is the ones included are kinda, I don’t know…sloppy looking? Could we get some that are more vintage, type-A symmetrical-looking?

    Those updates would make my life complete. Thanks!

    1. Hey Andy and thanks for the awesome request list! These look great and I’ll be sure our Product and Design teams see your suggestions. Word on the street is that using the volume button as a shutter is a limitation of the device itself, but we’ll still see what we can do. Cheers!

    1. Do you mean selecting images from the Camera Awesome library to share? There’s a toggle in the upper right that lets you pick as many photos as you wish.

  16. I cant seem to figure out how to bring up or use the focus control. And I’d love to see a blur distortion tool. Any tips?

    1. Clive, just tap with two fingers to bring up the focus and exposure control. What that does is tell the camera where to focus and where to meter. The blur tool is something we’ve gotten a lot a requests for and hope to incorporate it in a future update. Thanks for the feedback!

  17. Is there a way to batch import photos into CA? Say I have 500+ photos imported from my Olympus on my iPad, and would like to use CA to upload these to smugmug. It appears that I have to import the photos into CA one at a time? Or am I missing something?

    1. Zak, we hear ya. Right now it’s one at a time but we’re hoping to add a batch import feature on the next release. Thanks for weighing in!

  18. Android version with option for reliable background uploading of all media to SmugMug please. Google+ is doing it in the background every time it finds new media. This is both scary (not my own paid SmugMug account) and more awesome (works much better than auto-upload on Camera Awesome on my iPhone.)

  19. I got the new update and now my camera is not responding. None of the touch buttons are working. I tried resetting the phone and nothing. I don’t want to lose my pictures. Any advice? I have the iPhone 4S.

  20. Yes, please add blur / tilt/shift capabilities. It is (I think) the only feature I’m missing from your really awesome app (I purchased the Everything! in-app purchase package). I’ve been a professional (now portfolio) account holder for almost two years and I really love your products. Good job guys!

  21. White balance lock is useful. But how to adjust the white balance manually? Now I simply move the exposure around to get the desired white balance, but the exposure also changes, this is kinda annoying…

    1. Hi Joey, that’s the way we’d currently recommend setting the WB (pick a place in your frame that works best for what you want), or you can adjust the temperature of the image after you’ve shot it, in the Edit > Awesomize feature. But we’ll be sure to take note that there’s a need more options. Thanks for the feedback!

  22. How about make a standalone software with the post processing / editing functions of Camera Awesome for Mac OSX? Call it SmugMug Awesome or Photo Awesome or something.

    Now that would be awesome and I’d even pay money for that!

    1. Hi Tom, that’s an idea that has been tossed around and we love it. For now the best we can suggest is Picmonkey which is integrated with your SM galleries already, and it’s not exactly the same of course but just in case you were looking for a standalone image editor, it’s worth a try.

      1. Hi, Schmoo!
        I am aware that PicMonkey is integrated into SM, and feature-wise it is light years better than its predecessor, Picnik. That said, I have no that that the geniuses at SM (that’s everyone, correct?) can come up a proprietary product that is even better. How’s that for incentive to spend a bundle on R&D, only to find that subscribers might not find it markedly better? In which case, you hire hit man and give him my address. Ha ha! I now live in an RV and therefore am literally a moving target.

        Regards, Tom

        PS: Speaking of rigor mortis, I am going to Death Valley in March for an extended shoot. I am leaving my assault weapons behind, however. I prefer elephant hunting with bow-and-arrow. More challenging, especially for someone like me with hand and brain tremors.

      2. Hey, Tom! You were undercover there and of course we know that you and Picmonkey are BFFs. Well, we hope you catch some great light at DV!

  23. Oh how I wish you gurus would create this bad boy for the android. I loved the ability to set my meter and focus separately on my iphone4. It’s really the only thing that makes any camera app worth having imo. Filters, and gimmicky effects meh, when my slr isn’t in my bag I’d like to know that I can walk easy knowing I have another tool at my disposal. Without the ability to meter and focus separately, my android phone camera is just a crappy point and shoot. There is a surprising lack of good android camera apps (they’re all really quite terrible), you have a huge opportunity to fill a niche in the market! It’s been said many times on many forums, but us android folks really are ready to shell out the dollars for a piece of software that is truly worth it. Apple folks prefer their prices low, but android folks know quality when we see it and will shell out whatever we feel is a good price. 10-20 bucks would go over quite nicely, Shoot I’d pay 30 if I could just get those tools mentioned above in a solid little app. Throw in EV adjust and I’ll be even happier.

    I know you won’t talk about deadlines on projects, but I really hope you’re all seriously working on something for the android front. Apple does have lots of folks, but android is quickly filling the gap as more folks are getting flagship phones that are more powerful than apple’s behind the times iconic devices.

    1. just a wild guess but I don’t think Android gives you that level control over the camera hardware. Apple can do it because they control both the hardware and software. On Android the hardware implementation is to some extend up to the phone vendor.

      I probably wouldn’t hold my breath that that level of exposure and focus control will become available on Android anytime soon.

      1. I see where you’re coming from Tom, I hadn’t considered that. I’m hoping it’s not too much of a leap considering the controls that we already get on android cameras. If I correctly recall, my iphone didn’t have EV or anything to allow me to dim my flashlight that my current droid phone does offer. Though it certainly could be the case, I don’t see it taking too long for an open android to come along. Heck the Nexus model is Google’s baby that companies have to bid to create. My guess, it’ll be on that phone before any other- unless it’s already an option. But we may never know, I’ve written a few devs and they haven’t explored it enough yet to see.

        *grabs a snickers bar*

    2. Alex, thanks for the detailed feedback! Most of all, thanks for understanding our need to be discrete on our future plans. We definitely understand that there’s a big market out there for more than just iPhones.🙂

  24. Hi,
    When is the ability to move multiple photos from the Camera Roll into CA coming? That’s really the ONLY thing I want from a SmugMug app – the ability to backup a whole bunch of iPhone photos to SmugMug, without hundreds of clicks. If CA can’t do this yet, what app can?

  25. I purchased the full $10 version previously on my iPod. I now have an iPhone. I installed the app on my phone but now it says I have to purchase the same things. What do I do?

    1. Hi Misty, you should be able to restore your purchases. Just open up the app and hit the little gear icon in the upper left, then scroll to the bottom of your settings. Under “Application” you should see a Restore Purchases option, so hit that. Hope this helps!

  26. Hi, I have 25 GB of photos on my IPhone with Camera Awesome, I would like to take the off onto my Mac but without having to select each one, how do i do that. I have tried image capture but it only shows camera roll and not the photos from Awesome.


    1. Hi Tony, if you open your Camera Awesome photos you should see a toggle switch in the top right corner. Flipping that will let you select multiple thumbnails. Try that, and then when all of your photos are selected hit the “Save to Camera Roll” icon in the bottom tray. Unfortunately you will need to hit all 25GB of photos, but you should only have to do this once. Hope this tips helps, but if you have more questions please write to our Heroes:

  27. I have the same issue as post #77, since I use slow burst mode on a regular basis and then export maybe one pic out of 20 from a particular shot to the camera roll. After doing this over and over, the photos that are captured by Camera Awesome (but not exported to Camera Roll) start taking up a lot of space. Is there a way to accomplish the following:

    1) Import the photos “captured by Camera Awesome but not exported to Camera Roll” (I don’t know what these are called, so will use the acronym CBCABNETCR) to iPhoto, followed by “delete all photos just imported. Then I could go through all those pics thoroughly using iPhoto on desktop and trash the ones I really don’t want anymore,

    2) Delete a batch group of CBCABNETCR’s from Camera Awesome to free up space,


    3) Delete all CBCABNETCR’s to free up space?

    Much as I love Camera Awesome’s features and ease of use, my iCloud backup is failing since my iPhone is storing all of the CBCABNETCR’s. I really need to clean this up so that I can get my backup working again, but have viewed a few tutorials and this issue doesn’t seem to be addressed. If there’s a link explaining this feature that I haven’t yet uncovered, it would be fine as well. Thanks!

      1. Thanks for the tips. I didn’t know about the upper right switch, but after moving the switch to the right I assume that photos need to be added to the batch individually? That would take slightly less than forever, so I moved on to the iexplorer suggestion. This app comes as a trial version that needs to be purchased for $35, so I found “USB Drive” instead, a free app that is available in the iTunes store. I’m trying to get it to work, but so far no luck. If you have used this app before to remove the Awesome Photos (aka CBCABNETCR’s above), please let me know. Aside from this really frustrating problem (pics consuming all the space on my phone and can’t easily remove them), I really like Camera Awesome and would like to continue using it.

  28. I am unable down load video to facebook, message says still fetching material please help me with this matter don’t want to lose video

  29. When will you put the option “Selet All Photos” to Delete or Share or whatever.. I did a travel and have 1350 photos, how can I delete all photos if i want to do that? I can´t select one by you have a solution for this issue?

  30. A “select all” button would be great. I had to clear photos off my phone to run the iOS 7 update, and was able to move everything from iphoto to my computer easily, but still had 3.5 gb of photos in Camera Awesome that had already downloaded but not deleted. The bulk select is all well and good, but I’m having to individually select close to 600 photos to delete them. I have a fast moving baby, and like others use the slow burst because 8 out of 10 pictures she’s in motion, so that leads to lots of redundancy in my photos. Otherwise I love Camera Awesome and it’s my go-to app for pictures, because the burst works great for capturing my baby on the move!

  31. I am having issues exporting to camera roll from camera awesome. Each time I try it say to go to iPhone settings –> privacy and allow access. There’s no option to allow access. Please help!

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