A Bump to Branding: Add a Custom Banner to Your Mobile Site

We updated your site-wide branding to add a feature that lots of you Power and Pro Smuggers have asked for: Custom banners for your mobile site!

One Easy step in the Easy Customizer

To do this, fire up the Easy Customizer and look for the brand-spanking new “Mobile” section on the right-hand side.

Just upload a 400 x 72 pixel image containing your logo, name or whatever you wish and Publish your changes.

Anyone who views your site on a mobile device will see it at the top of every beautiful page.

Remember that we automatically serve up the lightweight mobile viewing style to people browsing on-the-go. Want your guests to have the exact same experience on a desktop as on a smartphone? Disable the mobile site from your Control Panel, under the Settings tab.


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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

33 thoughts on “A Bump to Branding: Add a Custom Banner to Your Mobile Site”

  1. Freaking A!

    I was just showing the site to a friend of mine the other day, he brings it up on his smartphone and lo and behold “SMUG MUG” right at the top, hardly what I wanted customers to see.

    So I start digging around for some custom CSS yesterday and lo and behold we get this released today.

    Freaking sweet.

  2. I turned my mobile site off because of this. Thanks for the release and it works like a charm. Mobile site is now live again…Thanks Smugmug!!!!

  3. Just notice that the site Page Title does not match the one I have for the full website. The mobile site still shows “SmugMug. PhotoSharing. Your Photos Look Better Here.”😦 Any fix or update for this?

    1. Hi and thanks for the feedback. This update affects just the custom banner shown at the top of your mobile site, not the general look and feel. So the page title will still remain as before.

  4. Question: How can I do this when I have lots and lots of custom stuff. The Easy Customizer tells me I will lose my other customizations, which I’d REALLY rather not do. What CSS/javascript/whatever contains this setting so I can change it in the advanced customizer?

    Cause I LOVE the idea.

    1. Hey Andy! If you’re nervous about your existing customization then you can go ahead and shoot our Support Heroes an email with a link to your site. We have a couple of customization specialists who are happy to take a look and see if it will cause any problems. http://help.smugmug.com/

  5. Thanks everyone, I made the change, and it looks great, and my site is “normal”. 😎 Now to get moving on adding my galleries!


  6. Can you suggest a way to see the iPhone mobile version of one’s site even if we don’t have an iPhone? I have a Palm Treo and when I go to my site it looks quite different than in the example (it has a white background, and shows photos and simple links to my pages so it’s pretty functional but doesn’t use my newly upload banner).

    1. Hi Eileen, our site auto-detects what viewers are using to see your site, so tricking your browser is a little more advanced. Some browsers let you change the User Agent, so you can test sites as though you were viewing using different devices. Unless you can borrow a friend’s iPhone (way easier!), you may want to search and see if it’s possible to do that in your favorite browser.

  7. Is there any way to view the full gallery and photo descriptions on the mobile site? On my iPhone I can’t see the gallery descriptions and the photo descriptions get chopped off. I shoot mostly emergency scenes (fires, accidents and the like) so having a narrative helps explain what’s happening in each photo or what the circumstances of the emergency were.

    1. Michael, we’re sorry but not at this time. The mobile site doesn’t display your gallery description or captions but if you scroll to the bottom you always have the choice to view your full, regular site that you normally see using a browser.

  8. The new mobile header is very nice. But … how do I get the “journal” text to appear in the mobile view? See:
    A lovely view, looking east from Grizzly Peak Road in Berkeley, toward the Orinda and Lafayette Valleys, with Mt. Diablo in the distance.  There is no single vantage point from which one can actually enjoy this unobstructed view.  Instead, this is a composite of two images taken from positions separated by a few meters.  It works because the composite image contains no common elements in the near field for which parallax differences would be obvious.  I wish I could claim that I planned this, but the idea came only after I saw the two original inages and realized they could be stitched.Note that this image was stitched using an older version of Photoshop Elements; it contains visible misalignments.
    … which looks fine in the normal view but not on the iPhone?

    1. Hi Alex, the mobile view display the photos only, not captions or your gallery description. You can always switch back to the full site from the mobile site’s footer, to get the complete experience.

      1. Thanks, Schmoo. Indeed, I had seen that the full site can be viewed – but that is just a work-around, and the need to use it really defeats the purpose of a mobile version. Furthermore, since some text is visible in the mobile view, this can be a “fail silently” situation. Is it impossible to respect the style of the original page in the mobile view?

        This is not to diminish the benefit of a user-selected banner, which is excellent.

  9. This is great news! Finally we’re getting somewhere on a mobile view. I had turned it off forever ago, and forgot there was even an option.

    Is there any way to see this mobile view in a standard browser so I can see what others see? maybe a URL? Also, what exactly is it showing? Any listed category? I can’t find any page that clearly defines what the “lightweight mobile viewing style” actually is.

    1. Hi Drew, at this time we auto-detect what browser any views are coming from and serve up the appropriate version accordingly, so there isn’t a special URL or anything that you can go to to test it. If you’re geeky, there are ways that some browsers can “fake” a viewing experience by changing the User Agent. You can try that, but it may be easier to just borrow a friend’s smartphone for a few minutes.

    2. Figured out how to view the mobile site in a regular browser using a user-agent switcher. The extension is available for both Firefox and Chrome (my pref). And from that view I can make assumptions about what this version is showing. Any category which contains a listed gallery. But that is just an assumption. Can anyone from SmugMug officially confirm? And I would recommend updating the “Viewing Styles” help page to reflect the specifics.

  10. With all this viewing happening on mobile devices these days, when can the Pro users expect purchasing capability through the mobile site?

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