Make Way for a Whole New Lineup of Photo Cards

You’ve just packed the kids off to school. What’s that mean?

Time to start planning for the holidays!

We’re kidding. Mostly. Savvy photographers like yourself are always on the ball, so we know you’re already itching to put together your 2012 holiday cards.

Brand-New, Beautiful Card Designs

We’re so excited to tell you about our brand-new, easy-to-love designs. Whether you fancy rustic, elegant, or simple designs, you’ll find something that you’ll love. We swear on our marshmallows!

Best of all, you can customize every design with your own words and your favorite photos. In most of the designs, you even have your pick of a variety of fonts.  Too much of a good thing? Never.

Can I make a card with my Basic account?

Yes! No matter what account type you have (Basic, Power, Portfolio or Business), every SmugMugger can turn their favorite photo into a beautiful card. Or 100 cards, if you’re popular.

Here’s what you do:

1) Open your gallery and find the first photo you want to use.
2) Click Buy > Create a Card.
3) Browse designs to find the one you want, and drag in your photos.
4) Save it, add it to your cart and check out.

Did you know? You can edit any card you haven’t yet bought. Just click the Tools button > This Photo > Edit to reopen the card builder and make it perfect.

If you’ve already placed your order and need to make changes, be sure to email our Support Heroes with your order number ASAP.

Pros: How to Price and Sell Cards

If you have a Business account, yes… and you’ll make a few bucks, too. Price your cards like your other print products and your clients can create their own cards using the photos in your gallery.

You shoot. They buy. We deliver.

Here’s how it works:

1) Visit your Pricelists and create a new Pricelist, or edit an existing one. Whether you use Bay Photo Lab, WHCC, or EZ Prints, you’ll  be able to add in photo cards, which are fulfilled by EZ Prints. (Please note: at the moment, customers using Loxley Colour are not currently able to add cards.)
2) Set your profit (or price) and be sure to apply the Pricelist to your galleries.
3) Share the gallery with your clients. They’ll see a “Create a Card” option from the Buy button, and take it from there.

Did you know? Business pros who use Proof Delay can fix typos and swap images in clients’ cards before they go to print. Just open the order details, click “Edit Project” and make your changes. Then release the order when you’re done.

Watch the video below to find out how Business account holders can sell cards.

Pros in the Know: Our favorite money-making tips

As a working pro, reach out to clients you’ve shot through the year and tell them about your photo card options. They’ll love featuring their favorite images from past shoots on their holiday cards.

Try these tactics early in the season to warm up your clients:

  • Order a few sample cards using your best photos. Let customers hold them, feel the paper and see how beautiful custom cards can be. They’ll imagine sending their own to envious friends and family.
  • Create and send “Thanks!” cards to last year’s portrait and wedding clients. This does double-duty of keeping you fresh in their minds and demonstrating to them the quality of cards they’ll buy from you.
  • Don’t forget: Pets are family, too. Even if you’re not a human photographer, you’ve still got a healthy pool of clients who’d love to feature their furry babies on holiday cards.

And for your ongoing portrait sessions:

  • Set prices for cards lower early in the season, and raise them as the holidays get close. Get it done in 3 seconds with Pricelists.
  • Use Events to avoid wandering eyes. Events keep customers focused by grouping and sharing the good stuff, and the good stuff only. Plus, they can tag their favorite photos.

The bottom line: SmugMug’s here to take the hard work off your hands, so you can get back to wrapping presents. Avoid gray hairs, the holiday rush and the dreaded mail service overload. We’ll help you get your holiday cards finished before you can say, “Hot chocolate!”

What time-saving tips have helped you get your cards out the door? Share your thoughts with fellow mailers below.

All photos by Meghan MacAskill Photography.  

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44 thoughts on “Make Way for a Whole New Lineup of Photo Cards”

    1. Hi Jason – You can start browsing designs by going into a Gallery, then Click Buy > Create a Card. We’re working on a card catalog too that will be ready in the next few days.

      1. Hi Susan, yes there is! Check out our card catalog here:

        You can show your clients the designs at that link, but in order for them to start making cards out of your photos, they will still need to first visit your gallery and click the Buy button.

    1. Hi Chris and thanks for the feedback. We would love to expand our cards across all of our labs, and across the world for local fulfillment. Thanks for your input!

      1. Hi Mark, at this time since only gallery owners can edit cards, only you will be able to view the inside. You can always leave a description of the text and the card in the caption field or, even better, in the gallery description field. Additionally, you can take a screen grab of the card builder view of the inside and share it with them.

  1. It looks like my watermarks are showing up in the pictures when I create a card. The watermarks shouldn’t appear on the printed product, right?

    1. Hi Mark, some of the designs do and others don’t. Right now you can open the designs you’re interested in to see if there’s a field on the back, but it sounds like some suggestions and tips from us would be useful to help pros like you figure out which cards work best for different needs.

  2. As Chris has said when is this going to be available in the UK? Your email is missleading ‘every SmugMugger can turn their favorite photo into a beautiful card’ – That is not true, we can’t in the UK. Your calendar option goes to a US site as well. Please if you are going to market your site to UK customers make it UK friendly!

    1. Emma, we apologize about the misleading information. We’ve corrected the above post with the correct information about Loxley pricelists.

  3. I think this is the third major revision to the cards feature since you promised new themes 26 months ago. It’s staggering to me how you have all this time and resources for some things that you want to release, but not for others. Please take down the image of the non-existing theme on your homepage that you posted 26 months ago, and put back the currently avaliable, 90’s looking default theme. That would be a fair request, right?

  4. What is the process used to print these cards. Are they printed on card stock or matt photographic finish and how thick are these cards? What is the shipping time to Georgia once orders are places.

    1. Hi Tim, the 5×7 cards are printed on 110# card stock and the outside has a glossy UV coating. The inside is matte so you can write a message and sign the card easily.

      The 4×7 cards are printed on photo paper, and are blank on the back except for the usual backprinting from the lab.

      Cards, like regular prints, take about 1-2 business days to process at the lab before they’re shipped, so just be sure you order in time for your deadlines.

    1. Hi Michelle – There are lots of designs that are flexible enough to do double or even triple duty, so just by picking a different color version of the same design and changing the text and the photos makes it a completely different card. Browse through them and see!

  5. Having a lot of frustration trying to create some new sample cards to show our customers. Some of the old designs still create a preview with a white square around the card. The new ones are just rectangular if viewed in a gallery. This means I can’t intermingle samples of old and new cards without it looking weird. Also the newest designs only preview up to size Medium?😦 I want to show customers what their cards can look like – you can barely see anything at that size! Two revisions ago, the jpgs created by the card creator could be viewed at huge sizes, just like any other image on SmugMug…

    1. Jason, it’s true that the old way we used to offer cards did provide a larger preview, but if you recall the 5×7 cards also appeared partially upside-down! Our heroes have been recommending that if you want to digitally preview cards to your customers, that taking a couple of screen grabs of the card in the card builder may be your best bet.

      If you see your clients in-person, then we highly recommend ordering a few sample cards using your own portfolio images. This gives them an opportunity to see the finish and the weight of the card stock, as well as envision what finished cards really can look like. We’re sure they’ll love them!

      1. Hi Tom, I’m not sure we follow. Would you be able to shoot our Support Heroes specifics about your card issue (what you were seeing, where you went to click and launch the card builder, etc) so we can help sort that out?

  6. So can I ask .. is this option actually coming to the UK with Loxley in time for Christmas? or should we in the UK just forget about using it?
    It would be good to actually get a proper answer to this, as a lot of people would appreciate knowing the reality of this, rather than being fobbed off with generic “thanks for your input” replies😦

    1. Jim, at this time cards can be ordered through EZ Prints, Bay or WHCC Pricelists but we’re tallying requests to see how much interest there is for Loxley cards. We don’t want you to be late on your holiday planning, however, so if you have a local option, we suggest you get started rather than wait.

      1. Add another one to the Loxley tally – we’d love to be able to order cards (as well as the other merchandise options – mugs, jigsaws, etc,) through Loxley instead of subjecting our customers to 3-week shipping times from the US.

      2. I would like to order cards and other gifts in the UK as well! Add me to the petition please! how many people do we need to make it happen??

  7. I see that the flat cards are actually printed on photo paper and not card stock. Will card stock be made available? I currently have to use a different vendor for my flat card orders.

    1. I really don’t like the quality of ezprints cards. They have arrived with smeared text ink and crumbled, poorly packaged envelopes, or no envelopes at all, in the past. Why can’t we use Bay photo for cards? Bay has much better quality at a similar price point for cards; and when they send the order out, I don’t have to worry about shoddy workmanship or packaging.

      1. Hi Sue and we’re so sorry to hear that you didn’t like the cards! Have you written to our Support Heroes about this? We have a 100% guarantee and hope that you’ve been taken care of, for one thing, but we would sure love to get specifics on which order(s) they were so we can give feedback to EZ Prints.

    2. Hi Lisa, right now the flat cards are 4×8 and are printed on photo paper, but the 5×7 folded cards are on card stock. We hear that flat cards are quite popular and would love to consider additional options. Thanks for the feedback!

  8. Why is it so hard to add the small note card, 3.5×5?? That card is a good seller for me and I have to go thru Shutterfly to get them for my customers!

  9. This should be easy since so many places sell them. We pay for the service here, and these all should be card stock quality. I was not happy at all with the last prints I got from EZ and I will never use them again. It was on paper like computer paper. It was too late to send them back due to the timing last year for Christmas. I use Shutterfly and Vista for cards like these for my customers.

  10. I added the cards to my pricelist and still can’t seem to get the card option to work. Is there something I have checked wrong in my account that does not allow it? Confused!

  11. The new designs are great, it would also be nice for photographers to be able to upload their own designs to be printed by the labs…custom 4 x 7 or 5 x 7 cards.

    1. Hi Kim, we do offer ways for you to do that! If you want your own design on the front but blank on the inside you can find a blank-fronted template in our card builder. And if you want a completely-on-your-own card, try this tutorial:

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