Shoot Better Mobile Photos With Camera Awesome

We love you, fans.

For 10 years, passionate photographers just like you have helped SmugMug become the company we are today. As we pour our hearts and souls into making neat new stuff like the Camera Awesome app, it totally bakes our cakes to see that you love using it as much as we do.

So, to celebrate a decade of being Smug — and to thank you for helping Camera Awesome become one of the most popular camera apps on the market — we’ve whipped up a beautiful infographic to share.

It’s chock full of facts, figures and tricks to help you shoot better images with the one camera you alway have.

Tip: Click the image to see it full-sized, or download your own copy and take it with you.

Get Camera Awesome Now

And if you’re new to Camera Awesome, you can download it for iPhone AND iPad and start shooting now. It’s totally free and comes bundled with 36 gorgeous effects and filters. With lots more available for just $.99 per set, $3.99 per category or $9.99 for all 262,143 possible combinations.

Need help getting started? We’ve got answers.

Happy Awesomizing!

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22 thoughts on “Shoot Better Mobile Photos With Camera Awesome”

    1. Hi John and everyone asking about Android: We’re still working on it, and as our Chief Geek Don has commented in earlier posts it’s still a lot trickier than the iPhone to code for. But we love Android too and haven’t forgotten you guys. Thanks for the feedback!

  1. Currently it is easier to dev for apple because they have only one set of specs, makes life very easy.

    However the number of android users is currently 47%, with iphone at 30% and the other 23% being “other” such as windows and blackberry.

    Right now Smuggy you are excluding a HUGE market.

  2. Let me know when the Android version is ready. Apple’s always first. Bothersome. Not only that, but “Instagram” for Android apparently isn’t as robust as Apple’s version. I hope that’s not the case with this app…..

  3. Funny how iphone gets all the attention when there is an emergence of android users surpassing iphones for once and when it finally comes out for android it is such a lackluster; I hope smugmug doesn’t disappoint. But, making android last usually means lackluster because many other companies do the same thing.

    1. Yeah, I hear that even Instagram is much more “robust” on the iPhone than on Android. More effects available.

    2. I echo the comments above, with Android outselling iPhone nearly 2 to 1 worldwide, I find it odd that you have nothing for Android yet. Clearly a lot of your paying customers are waiting for it.

    1. Agreed! There is some amazing potential for a Camera Awesome app on Windows Phone 8, especially since it shares a kernel and other code with Windows 8. There could be cool integration between the two.

    1. Ryan, we apologize about it not working right and we’re aware. We have a fix ready to go and it just needs to be pushed by Apple. Stay tuned!

  4. Nokia makes (arguably) the best camera phones, so why are you not on the ball for Windows Phone 8? WP8 is an okay OS, but I mainly wanted the camera. I am a professional, and use a Nikon D3S/D800E; however, the best camera is the one you have. I always have my phone, so I figured, why not get a decent camera phone. I know some other photographers went that same path. Show some love to WP8.

    1. kiefferma, Camera Awesome is currently not on android, Android is installed on 86% of all devices in the wild, if they are not working on that, good luck with WP8.

  5. Can anyone out there who is using Smugmug camera awesome, advice me on how to download my video clips to my computer? I have a 45 minutes video clip which I can’t download or save. Please advise.

    1. Hi Zachary, if you want to manually grab a file off the CA camera roll, we have heard good things about the iExplorer app, which lets you view, manage, and download your iPhone files:

      Give that a whirl and let us know if you still have trouble getting that video off your phone!

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