OK, We’ll Bite: SmugMug’s Black Friday Deal

Getting good post-Thanksgiving deals doesn’t always have to involve waking up camping overnight and fighting off mobs of fellow shoppers. With just a few clicks, you can get ahead on your holiday shopping.

Save 30% off new accounts

We’re kicking off Black Friday with the biggest deal of the Smuggy season. Use code SMUGGYTHANKS30 (expires November 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PT)  to get 30% off any SmugMug subscription (normally priced between $40-300 a year) when you sign up for a new account!

There are 4 great SmugMug account types to pick from. Don’t take our word for it though. Watch the videos below to see why all kinds of photographers trust SmugMug with their photos.

Bonus Contest Alert!

Everyone who signs up for SmugMug using code SMUGGYTHANKS30 this weekend will get entered to win an additional prize package of $200 in Print Credits, a Smuggy Swag care package, and a $100 Gift Card to BorrowLenses.com. We’ll randomly pick two  winners on Monday, November 26th, 2012. Follow @SmugMug on Twitter or check this blog post on Monday for the winners announcement.

Already a SmugMug customer? 

We want to say thanks to you too! Help us spread the word by tweeting the message below:

Use code SMUGGYTHANKS30 to get 30% off, plus enter to win over $300 in additional prizes. More info: http://smu.gs/TeIYJ5. Pls RT.

You’ll be automatically entered to win a free year of SmugMug (any account level), $200 in Print Credits, and a $100 Gift Card to BorrowLenses.com. We’ll randomly pick one winner on Monday.

From our family to yours, we hope that you’re having a safe, delicious, fabulous holiday! (Remember to take lots of pictures.)



We tossed all the names in a hat and randomly picked Michael Edwards and Craig Dyni to win $200 in Print Credits, a Smuggy Swag care package, and a $100 Gift Card to BorrowLenses.com.

The winner of the free year of SmugMug, $200 in Print Credits, and a $100 Gift Card to BorrowLenses.com goes to Susan Crutchfield. Congratulations everyone and happy holidays!

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

18 thoughts on “OK, We’ll Bite: SmugMug’s Black Friday Deal”

  1. What about those who don’t have a twitter account and have been long time subscribers? There’s no way for us to enter.

    1. Hi Ron – while the codes only work for new subscriptions, we like so show current customers love by frequently hosting giveaways of subscriptions, cameras, gear, and swag on Facebook, Twitter, and through G+.

  2. I understand you value new customers, but the message of such promotions is that you value new opportunities than loyal customers, who have been paying you for years.

    1. Hey Istvan – we hear what you’re saying. In the case of the coupon, it does only work on new subscriptions, but we are constantly thinking of cool ways to share the love with our current SmugMuggers — camera and gear giveaways, the chance to win print credits or free years of SmugMug. We do value you and know that picking the right photo sharing site is a big deal. Thank you for choosing to work with SmugMug, and thank you for letting us know your thoughts.

  3. I want to buy two gift accounts (am already a subscriber–and I see that gift accounts are covered by this offer. May I populate the gift accounts with photos ahead of time, and then send the gift on Christmas–is that possible?

  4. Hello,

    Trying to subscribe but I see that the Power plan which is for 60$/year is getting converted to $42/year after 30% off. Shouldn’t it be $40/year instead?

  5. I just bought a gift, and found NO WHERE to put this offer in it… I have one more I want to buy. How do I use this, please? Can you point me to a URL that will allow me to put this code in?

  6. I am with Jill. Just bought the gift of smug for my grandson and nowhere was the code asked for…I also just emailed you.
    Can you please correct this so I can get my 30% off? and contest entry?

    1. Hi Peggy – of course! We’re very sorry for the misunderstanding and will of course issue you both your discount and your contest entry. We’ll get in touch with you by email.

  7. It now appears that Smug Mug is not going to honor this offer as they published and offered it here. I have received two email responses from SmugMug Heroes that apologize for the “confusion” and contradict the offer above.

    What was posted is:

    “Save 30% off new and gift accounts

    “We’re kicking off Black Friday with the biggest deal of the Smuggy season. Use code SMUGGYTHANKS30 (expires November 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PT) to get 30% off any SmugMug subscription (normally priced between $40-300 a year) when you sign up for a new account!”

    The email I received says “I’m so sorry about the confusion but coupons can’t be used to on [sic] gift accounts as they are already discounted. We have notified our marketing department regarding this and apologize again for the confusion.”

    Now, doesn’t the subheading specifically say AND GIFT ACCOUNTS? I don’t find that confusing. Perhaps this offer contains a SMug Mug internal mistake, but also perhaps a mistake which should be honored to keep their word to consumers.

    1. Hi Jill – we made a mistake, very sorry! We will of course honor the discount. We will get in touch with you by email to give you info on how you’ll receive your credit.

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