Publish to Facebook: Now on the Loose

Did you know about our sweet Publish to Facebook feature? It’s a super-simple way to copy your (watermarked, if you’re a Portfolio or a Business Smugger) photos from your SmugMug gallery and export them into albums on Facebook. You say where, when and how. We do the rest.

For you die-hard SmugMug fans, you’ll notice that we’ve moved this feature out of beta. Now you’ll find it in your Share or Owner Share button by default.

Less work, more eyes (on your photos!)

The best part about Publish to Facebook is that you can share hundreds of photos with all of your friends and family and they don’t have to leave Facebook. And your images stay safe, because you determine the largest size that gets seen and your published photos include any SmugMug watermarks you’ve set on the original gallery.

How to do it:

  1. Open the gallery that contains the photos you want to share.
  2. Click Share > Publish to Facebook (or Owner Share if you’ve hidden this feature) and login to Facebook to authorize the connection.
  3. Select a Personal album or a Facebook Page album to share to, then a destination gallery.
  4. Choose the photos.
  5. Customize your image settings (image size, captions, link details)
  6. Click Publish. You’re done!

Of course, if you’re the type that likes to track your hits and keep your photos locked way down, you’ll probably want to keep posting your links directly to your Facebook stream instead. This way your photos never actually leave SmugMug’s domain, so you get the full range of tracking and image security: stats, right-click protection and all.

You can still use Get a Link, or just copy and paste the URL into your Facebook stream.

And a Few Good Tweaks

This feature used to live in our Darkroom, which meant you had to opt in on every browser just so you could use it. After a few more tweaks and polishes, we decided our baby is finally ready to leave the nest. We’re ecstatic to announce that it’s all grown up, ready and waiting for you in all of your SmugMug galleries.

  • We also upped the export limit to 1000 photos (to match Facebook’s limit) and fixed a few things that used to choke big uploads in the past.
  • You’ll also notice the ability to export at the X3 viewing size, so your Facebook friends can see your images big, juicy and bold… just the way your camera intended.

So don’t be shy — grab the camera and snap to your heart’s content. Your friends are waiting to see every hot cocoa mustache you’re sporting this season!

Link roundup!

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

23 thoughts on “Publish to Facebook: Now on the Loose”

  1. any way to embed video in facebook (through “publish”) or just “share” and have linked to smugmug gallery (only negative here is that they still have to click on preview video to get it to play)

    and….PLEASE PLEASE make the publish picture preview thumbnails (click to select) BIGGER! too hard to view details

  2. This isn’t working for me. Viewing my SmugMug site in Google Chrome, I have made several attempts to “Publish to Facebook”. A window pops up with a Getting Started message, but then nothing happens. Am I missing something?

  3. I get as far as picking the page, create a new album and the description comes up as soon as I move the mouse to go to create it the whole box vanishes….

  4. Darren: Thank you for your suggestions, your feedback makes SmugMug better for everyone. We definitely want your content to look it’s best no matter where it’s being displayed and will continue to improve the process.

    David & Emma: Sorry your having issues. We’re going to need additional information to troubleshoot your issue. Can you send an email to our Support Heroes so we can take a closer look?

  5. On step #2, you mention “Publish to Facebook (or Owner Share if you’ve hidden this feature)”. I’m confused by the ‘hiding’ of this feature. Does this mean this feature is available to the public if not locked down?

    1. Samir, you can turn off Easy Sharing in your gallery settings if you don’t want your visitors using that feature. But when you do, you as the logged-in owner can still do things like Get a Link and Be Social, etc.

      1. Samir, not quite: If you look under the Share button in your galleries, you’ll see that Publish to Facebook is found under the “Owner Only” section, which is never seen by your guests. You can choose to make the button visible or not to your visitors but you’ll have access to Publish to Facebook at any time.

  6. The Publish to Facebook feature only useful to allow clients to brag about our work in facebook. When I share photos from a wedding or engagement session in our studio Facebook page I do it the right and elegant way and not the ugly facebook way with a watermark through the middle of a photo. For me, this feature is so limited that it i useless.

    Several months ago we were subjected to a big price hike by Smugmug. We were told reasons and promised many new features. I defended Smugmug and placed my trust on you.

    It has been several months now and I have not seen any real new feature or that Smugmug have become a true tuel for pros worth $250 a year.

    the fact is that Smugmug is a system designed for consumers and not Pro photographers that run a business. It was made to work for Pro but not designed thinking in our real needs.

    The promise was that because we, the Pros, are the ones that fell the full force of the price hike, we were to be the new focus of Smugmug and not the amateur photographer. I am yet to see any indication that this is the case and no announcement of new features have been made.

    In 5 months I will have to decide if I will stay with Smugmug or look for a different solution. I already have to spend more money to use a solution that allows me to do viral marketing by allowing clients to share photos in facebook and in their own mobile apps.

    Smugmug has no real app for the pro to share the clients photos with the client. Smugmug app is an app designed for consumer use.

    If Smugmug expect me to re-up and pay $250 in 5 month you better deliver in your promises by then. I will not “sow” $250 to see if I reap “fruits” next year. I will not finance your product R&D. For $150 a year I was willing to live with Smugmug so my images would look big and nice. But not for $250.

  7. Works as stated – much better than the thumbnail share.

    I still dislike having to upload anything to fb, but that is not Smug’s problem.

  8. Is it possible for CLIENTS to publish to Facebook? I WANT them to be able to!!! {please!}

    When they post on THEIR own wall and upload to Facebook via THEIR profile, more of THEIR friends see the images! Facebook now limits the exposure and visibility of business pages and I have seen so much more success on social media sharing when CLIENTS share their own images.

    1. Hi John and thanks for weighing in! Most of the photographers we hear from haven’t asked for that, since they prefer to be the one in control and worry about people sharing their photos without their consent, or without giving the proper credit. It’s great to hear your side of it and we love that feedback.

      Right now we do give your fans ways to share to Facebook as long as you allow it in your gallery settings:

      1) Quick Share – this is for one photo at a time, but it links back to your gallery so their friends can click through to see more

      2) Be Social – this is similar, but they can add their own commentary to their wall post in addition to sharing your photo and your gallery link

      If you have any other questions, please write to our Support Heroes!

  9. schmoo :
    Samir, not quite: If you look under the Share button in your galleries, you’ll see that Publish to Facebook is found under the “Owner Only” section, which is never seen by your guests. You can choose to make the button visible or not to your visitors but you’ll have access to Publish to Facebook at any time.

    Gotcha. Thank you for the clarification schmoo!

  10. “You can choose to make the button visible or not to your visitors.”
    >> But this does NOT include the Facebook publishing by the clients, right?

    If we WANT clients to publish to Facebook… is that an easy thing for y’all to make possible?

  11. Hi, SM.
    Like this feature, very handy.
    But I uploaded a gallery of 360 photos from an event and shared them to Facebook through our SM gallery.
    As our Facebook and Twitter accounts are linked, every single photo was then individually tweeted … 360 tweets spamming all our twitter followers. #not good.

  12. I posted a 100+ photo album. I noticed on my desktop the photos were grouped properly into the album and one singe post, but on my iPad the photos were posted individually. Is this a bug or something on Facebook’s side?

    Would it be best to create the album first before uploading the photos to insure the photos are a single post across all platforms?


    1. Hi John, are you referring to your news feed notifications? Those unfortunately do show each image as an action that you’ve done (just something FB does) but the good news is that unless someone is watching right as you upload, they should only see one or two updates because Facebook will consolidate similar posts from your page. Hope this helps!

      1. No, I’m not referring to the news feed notifications. It looks like Facebook interpreted each photo as individual posts opposed to having the photos part of a single photo album post. This issue is istolated to viewing on the iPad and when viewing Facebook Insights. Looking at it as an admin each photo is receiving stats opposed to a single album post.

  13. I love the “Publish to Facebook” feature. It’s so slick. But what I really NEED is for my fans to have the same way to share my images (watermarked/branded, of course).

    Any help on this one?

  14. I was having trouble getting this to work. I was clicking on Publish to a Facebook album. I finally tried clicking on Publish to a Personal album, and the list of photo albums popped up. The two choices don’t make sense to me. What is the difference?

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