How to Succeed at Being a World Traveler (and other useful tricks you’ll learn at a SMUG)

You may already be off on your winter vacation, but we thought it was well worth sharing this amazing presentation at Austin, TX’s SmugMug User Group: John Langford and his two-year, completely solo, around-the-world Rompin’ Stompin’ Circus of Love Extended World Tour.

James captivated his way-larger-than-expected audience with his beautiful photos, engaging stories and his advice on how to live in the moment when on your own soul-searching trek.

Check out the latest on our SMUGs blog and be sure to get the most out of your next adventure, whether you find yourself in New York or New Delhi.

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The Austin SMUG welcomed John Langford, a successful commercial, advertising, and editorial photographer, to their SMUG.  Two years ago he decided he wanted to travel the world with a camera.  He sold everything he owned and embarked on a journey around the globe that he dubbed “The Rompin’ Stompin’ Circus of Love Extended World Tour.”  His travels have taken through over 20 countries, and the Austin SMUG was lucky enough to have him speak during a brief layover in Austin before he heads out for another year of world travel.  There was so much interest in this SMUG event that our meeting had to be moved to a larger facility.  Even then, it was almost standing room only at the First Universalist Unitarian Church in Austin with over 225 people in attendance.

What a great turnout!

John’s story is intriguing and exciting.  He literally sold all of his possessions and was down to…

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