Print Lab Love: Find Your Perfect Match in 2013

It’s that time of year again: lab-shopping season. As the New Year rolls in, photographers focus on bettering their businesses and we know there’s nothing more exciting than delivering a beautiful print of a beautiful photo.*

You’ve probably noticed that SmugMug offers not one, not two, but FOUR fabulous print lab options, each offering a full array of great print products. So if you’re a seasoned pro who already has a favorite, we may already be friends with them.

Four labs means a ton of amazing print options, more than 600 different products in total. But before you start sweating, here’s a quick rundown on each one to help you narrow down and pick the best fit for your photos.

No matter what, rest assured that you get a single, cohesive online presence and a full business solution when you’re at SmugMug.

Your work is in good hands.

EZ Prints

EZ PrintsBased just outside of Atlanta, Georgia, these guys have been a true powerhouse print lab fulfilling orders for some of the nation’s biggest event companies. But they’re more than just brawn — they put all that experience to work getting your print orders out the door quickly and economically, whether you buy one print or one thousand. EZ Prints is available to every single SmugMug user, and they fulfill all 4×8 and 5×7 photo card orders, to boot.

Bay Photo

Bay PhotoOur friends at Bay Photo enjoy the sun and fresh sea air each day in Santa Cruz, California. The positive effects are evident in the pride they take to their work, attention to detail, and the approach to customer service. Business and Portfolio SmugMuggers tell us that Bay Photo’s hand color correction, meticulously strong packaging and innovative product lineup are essential to the satisfaction of their clients. Plus, did you know that using Bay Photo also offers delicious Photo Extras like mats, frames, mounted prints and more, so you save a trip to the framers?

Loxley Colour

Loxley ColourLast year we unveiled our first non-USA print lab, Loxley Colour. Situated in the outskirts of beautiful Glasgow, Scotland, they’re ready to fulfill all your highest-end print and display needs, right from your SmugMug gallery. They’re particularly popular with picky pros (and their picky customers) in the UK, but they’re happy to ship anywhere in Europe… and beyond.

White House Custom Colour

WHCCWe started hearing that SmugMug Pros wanted even more print lab options, so we put our ears to the ground. White House Custom Colour won by being a crowd favorite and by passing our rigorous print quality test with flying colors. We felt confident that they met our (and your) incredibly high standards for beautiful prints each and every time. They hail from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, and opened a second and third location in Dallas, Texas and Fresno, California, to bridge pros from all corners of the United States. They’re a family-grown business just like SmugMug, proving that we have a lot more in common than just a love for photography.

Three Quick Notes

1) EZ Prints is available at all SmugMug account levels.

2) Bay Photo, WHCC and Loxley Colour are only available if you have a Portfolio or a Business level account.

3) All labs ship their goodies everywhere on the planet. But for logistical reasons, you may choose to pick the lab that’s closest to you.

Here’s hoping that you fall lens-over-heels in love with your your perfect lab this year!

* We know that DPI really stands for “Delirious Pixel Infatuation.”

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15 thoughts on “Print Lab Love: Find Your Perfect Match in 2013”

  1. If they are not in Canada, as many have been asking since joining, it is of no use to us. Customers don’t want to deal with foreign printers.

      1. Yes and Yes. Why can we not get a Canadian print lab. The #1 complaint my customers have is taking 2-3 weeks for prints to arrive. This is important enough for me to have to look for an alternative host soon.

  2. And yet still nothing for Australia! I will be cancelling my smugmug and looking elsewhere when its time to renew. As soon as we mention the prints are made in the states and have to wait for shipping, boom no interest what so ever. Thanks Smugmug you really dont take care of all your customers

  3. Maybe they should only double the rates of the customers that can actually print in their own country? Then they would be motivated to offer equal service to all the customers.

  4. Schmoo,

    I did in fact fall “lens-over-heels” with my lab. That would be “Rador,” my chocolate lab-rador. I was taking some fresh self-portraits — not that I’m narcissistic or anything — and mischievous Rador pushed up against my legs. I fell over him, ruined my new Nikon D4 AND the new Nikkor 24-70mm lens Santa brought me. Moreover, I sustained a severe laceration to the forehead (ER took care of it, no problem) and Rador sustained a broken hip (vet took care of it, no problem). The good news here is that I managed to take a series of burst photographs of the accident (viewer discretion advised). Which of the labs do you recommend?

    T-Bone in Laffalot, CA

  5. I would also LOVE to see a Canadian option; have had two clients (that I know of!) who were so bothered by the shipping charges they were considering not ordering at all… PLEASE find us a lab here smugmug!!🙂

  6. As a smugger, I would like a better understanding why there are limits to the prints I can order myself. I understand wanting to elevate the value of the higher membership levels, and when selling to the public at large. 3rd party integration is gold, thus the higher annual fee for the accounting overhead and all that ‘fun’.

    But as a account holder, I should be able to order any of my images from any of these partners directly, at any account level.

  7. well I guess I should have done a bit more research before signing up with a pro smugmug account? no labs in Canada? really?

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