SmugMug x Squarespace = Gorgeous Portfolio Websites

Great news for Squarespace users!

Today, our friends over at Squarespace are announcing an even easier way to bridge both of your websites: by importing your SmugMug photos.

That’s right. Instead of uploading twice, simply browse and import your best images from SmugMug into your Squarespace galleries. They’ll slurp them over and automatically create multiple sizes so that your photos look great across any device.

You can create as many SmugMug galleries on your Squarespace site as you want, and there’s a max of 50 photos per gallery. You can keep each gallery as a standalone page or in gallery blocks within other pages or blog posts.

Best of all, all of your photos’ metadata and SmugMug links will stay intact, and people can click through from your Squarespace galleries to your SmugMug lightbox (and shopping cart!)

Why Squarespace?

If you haven’t already heard, Squarespace is a beautiful and easy way to build your own portfolio website. They offer a full array of templates to start with, and you can tweak them to fit your name and needs… whether you’re a photographer, jeweler or any other business who wants a stunning web presence.

How to Import Your SmugMug Photos

It’s easy:

1) Look in the “settings” section of your website manager (the gear icon), click on “Connected Accounts,” click “+Add Account” and choose the SmugMug icon.

2) You’ll be asked to provide your SmugMug login. Once the SmugMug logo appears under your Connected Accounts, click Import Albums, choose an album, and select which photos you’d like to bring in. A new Squarespace gallery will appear in your content manager.

3) From here, you can edit or reorder your photos and move the gallery into your navbar. Or use the gallery as the source content for a gallery block on any page or your blog.

20% Discount for Smuggers Trying Out Squarespace

To celebrate our friendship, they’re offering a 20% off deal for new Squarespace accounts. Just sign up and give them a try before March 13th, 2013, and enter the code SMUGMUG.

Need more info? Check out Squarespace’s main site to browse their templates and see how it works.

Happy building!

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

33 thoughts on “SmugMug x Squarespace = Gorgeous Portfolio Websites”

    1. Ryan,

      You don’t need two websites. This is simply an easy way for Squarespace users to add photos to their site without having to upload separately. Also, gives Squarespace users the added advantage of the SmugMug shopping cart.

  1. Is this to replace SmugMug? Move all of our photos there?
    Isn’t one of Smug’s selling points the ease of modifying the look, and using templates?
    Our rates doubled and now we should pay even more per month to make it look differently?
    Either scenario is not good. Why doesn’t Smug just offer the same templates?
    Does Smug own this other company?

    1. Steve, we’re not the same company but there are quite a few Squarespace users out there who also love SmugMug (and our shopping cart / commerce features). We’ve updated the language to clarify this, since there was apparently some confusion. Hope this helps.

      1. So this announcement is for the benefit of Squarespace customers, not SmugMug customers… Perhaps this should be posted on their blog instead?

        Can the Squarespace people train the SmugMug people how to set up the same great templates for your customers? It seems like you are promoting another company that can produce better layouts than you can.

        I’m still waiting (5+ years) for even one place to be able to print photos in my country, If you aren’t working on that then your priorities need adjusting. Before you start working on new features you should give us all the features you are currently only giving some.

      2. Maybe I can add something here. I love Smugmug. I use it for high school sports photos, sharing senior pics etc. My daughter has a pro account that she has used to sell her photos. I think Smugmug is easily the best place for my photos.

        But I also have a website ( I have my resume, some quotations, and links to a bunch of social sites. I use that for marketing my biz, etc. I haven’t yet set up a gallery there but I’m definitely going to do it now because I don’t have to mess with a completely different photo site, I can just connect my smugmug. I’m excited about the new capability.

    2. Steve :
      So this announcement is for the benefit of Squarespace customers, not SmugMug customers…

      No, not in the least bit. There are plenty of SmugMug customers who also have a SquareSpace site (See the comments below).

      This is a feature that greatly benefits them, and many other users who would love to add their SmugMug photos to their Squarespace site without having to reupload.

      1. “No, not in the least bit. There are plenty of SmugMug customers who also have a SquareSpace site (See the comments below).”

        These are already Squarespace customers.

        “This is a feature that greatly benefits them, and many other users who would love to add their SmugMug photos to their Squarespace site without having to reupload.”

        These too are also already Squarespace customers.


        As SmugMug Pro customers can we expect these great templates as well? Or do we have to pay another company who have the expertise to be able to do the same thing you offer only apparently do it much better? I don’t understand the idea of making an announcement that promotes another site as being better than SmugMug at presenting photography websites. I joined SmugMug because I thought you did this better than the rest. I thought your Pro accounts already had Gorgeous Portfolio Websites. Now I am thinking they don’t. You even advertise your PRO accounts as being “A Complete Solution”. And you say “SmugMug Pro does it all”. Does it do it all, or do we need to pay every month for another site to get a truly professional look?

        Am I missing something?

        This announcement indicates to me that perhaps we should downgrade our Pro accounts to Power accounts and then pay for Squarespace to get the professional look we thought we could get with SmugMug Pro. Since they use your shopping cart, etc … that would save us $50 a year. If that is the case, then you’re right – it does apply to all SmugMug customers, and could save us money. For everyone with a pro account or those considering upgrading to the pro account … there is now a better solution, and it will save us money too.

        Thanks for the tip!

  2. This is troubling…It used to be that this News blog announced new features. Now all that ever gets announced are new monetization partnerships. Where is the innovation on Smugmug’s part? We were promised a site re-design years ago, and it looks like “go pay Squarespace instead” is all that we’re going to get…

    Your new PR person promised us an updated forum thread with information about the new design which is now weeks overdue (the update; the re-design itself is well past a year overdue). You’re going to lose many of your customers if you continue like this…

    1. Andrew, as you know we’re working really hard on some amazing new stuff that’s taking a while, as you can read about in more detail on Dgrin. In the meantime, we want to be sure that our customers sustain their craft and discover new things that they may not have known before: existing SmugMug features you may have never used, new products offered by our friends at different companies, inspiration and most of all education on how to be a better photographer.

      So we hope that the information we’re updating here (and across our other channels) makes it a place you can come and know you’ll find something new.

  3. Hi Steve

    No, not at all. This gives Squarespace customers a way to use their photos on their Squarespace sites, directly from their SmugMug site without the need to upload them to Squarespace as well.

    SmugMug users come in all different shapes and sizes, and have different needs. Many of our users also have a second web presence, be it an external blog, a wordpress site or a Squarespace site.

    This friendship simplifies the workflow of folks that use both SmugMug and Squarespace.

    Hope that helps.

  4. Why can’t SmugMug just offer some blog templates? You guys having been dragging your feet on this forever.

  5. Well, I for one am very pleased with this announcement from Squarespace. I use Squarespace for a different reason than my SmugMug account- but Squarespace’s photo upload/storage capabilties are very poor, so leveraging my smugmug libraries is a major win here. Of course, I’m all for SmugMug bringing in blogging features and such, but I don’t suspect SmugMug will ever be in the same marketspace as SquareSpace (which goes beyond photo portfolios into full commercial websites) and if they want to leverage smugmug’s APIs, that’s good news. Can’t see why anyone is upset by this.

  6. Hey I just want to say “thanks”.

    You folks at Smugmug do what you do best really well and you guys are among the absolute top of class in terms of customer service and communication in the photo world. And c’mon, you guys have an awesome Lightroom plugin that actually works!

    While Smug handles the backend and e-commerce sort of infrastructural stuff phenomenally, still customizing the look and feel has always been a bit challenging. For example, I rarely ever change my Smug-site until I finally get completely sick of looking at it because its time-consuming and then I usually give up out of exhaustion. DGrin’s awesome, but with so many social sites to manage these days, contributing there falls to the wayside. Also, hiring a customizer is a bit of an expense and I dont want to have to manage another person either.

    I enjoy being hands-on with my portfolio site and I want it to work and be efficient, I just dont want to get a headache with having to manage a bunch of code to get results. That’s where Squarespace was a godsend. Beautiful templates and easily customizable, it was a no-brainer to join after playing with the trial. I just go on there and play around and tweak things to my heart’s content. Also, their customer service and training stuff… rocks!

    While I can grok CSS and HTML when I need to, I’d really prefer to not have to handle that when it comes to my portfolio site. That’s why I like Squarespace and that’s why Im happy that I can have my Smugmug cake with Squarespace icing. Now that the two are getting connected, the world just got more awesomer!

    Thanks guys. (:

  7. I like the idea of being able to link my Smug account with Squarespace. My only issue has been the bugs with the SS6 design templates, and the inability to scale images with the new templates over on SS6. I’ve already closed two of three accounts there, but maybe I’ll keep the last one open and try linking my Smug account to it there.

  8. A lot of you seem very confused and are misreading what SmugMug is trying to say. I have a SmugMug Pro account and love it. I’m a photographer and have galleries for all the different events I shoot, however for weddings I’m creating a separate site (maybe Squarespace for just wedding photography. People will find that new site in different search engines and see my work of the brides and grooms. I direct them to my SmugMug account to buy my pictures so I don’t have to deal with the money, developing and shipping. I shoot at the race track, college sports events, even boudoir photography that I keep on SmugMug. My other site is strictly to advertise my weddings. I think it’s great SmugMug is teaming up with Squarespase. I might have made a decision now as to who I’m going with for my wedding site.🙂

  9. I’ll probably downgrade from Power at the next renewal period. The breakdown for me is simple: SquareSpace for beautiful and elegant portfolio presentation and blog integration, SmugMug for image management and proofing with security and offline features using 3rd party SmugFolio or SmugView. I can sell nearly as many images from my Nexus 7 tablet as I can from my D800’s LCD back. And trying to use SmugMug to sell anything, FAGETTABOUTIT! I swear, though, customizing SM’s templates are as vexing as they are unsatisfying. I’ll take the 20% discount and the all-important display features to SquareSpace!

  10. Just an example of how this is a great thing–I’ve had a Smugmug pro account for years…but it holds my portfolio, my “what I’ve been shooting lately” stuff, my snapshots, and many MANY scientific/underwater ID shots. What Squarespace will do is allow me to maintain a separate “portfolio only” site with a different look and no need to sort through all my other content, giving me a single-theme site but still allowing me to upload photos only in one place…plus a blog. No way I’m getting rid of my Smugmug, but Squarespace looks like a pretty good compliment to me. Thanks Smugmug! : )

  11. I can understand the frustration that many have had about wanting a new design for SM. For me, it was much harder to make SM look beautiful compared to many other photo sites. You can always use another designer, but it’s very expensive on top of the increasing cost of SM. I would imagine that SM is trying very hard to come up with a new design, but it has been very slow. I see that the IOS app has had a lot of work, but I guess that is due to being able to capitalize on money made with apps on phones.

    If I was you SM, I would welcome any comments anywhere about how people feel about your product, even if it is negative. Knowing your customers feelings is vital, if you want to have a successful company.

    I have been checking back here a lot in excited hope of what the new design will be like, but so far nothing that has been rolled out. I imagine it has been a lot harder than first imagined. I do hope that SM will get something great rolled out soon before too many people find other alternatives. As for me, I have too many photo sharing / social sharing / business portfolios to count online. It would be nice if SM could fit everything into their service, but we all know that a successful company will focus on their certain niche, rather than trying to be all things to all people. Do one thing, and do it well. I wish SM all the best in trying to get some better templates that look great, are easy to modify, all while giving the customer plenty of choices with their templates.

    On another note, the photowalk article was very informative and I’m currently using some ideas from the articles with my own photowalk group. 🙂

  12. I love this idea – but I’m trying it now and BOY. It is PAINFULLY slow. The images just aren’t loading. This is the only page that gives me trouble. Also – I have been a SmugMugger for two years now. Just purchased my SquareSpace site two days ago and only just now saw this discount code! I’ve emailed them to see if there’s any chance I can retroactively get the discount. Fingers crossed! That would be a huge help!

  13. wow yes, I am a little disappointed there, I was expecting these kind of new gorgeous looks from SMUGMUG after RAISING the pice and talking about hiring new people to do some great work… wrote to the support team some time ago and they told me great things are about to come… WHEN??? O now, please not an original postcard again. I will evaluate SmugMug until october when my subscription ends and if they are not doing anything about layout and making it WOW when i present my pictures through their service, well then I can as much go over to Zenfolio…. or even host my own site with Siteground.
    Really disappointed by this “ad” from a company that is supposed to take care of the presentation themselves in an GREAT way. I hope to see improvements and new layouts in the comming months because I will not wait another year.

  14. well on the other hand smugmug basic at 40$ and 192$ Squarespace, is 232$… that is an increase in price but with really great templates. could consider it…but if one considers the 192$ a year you also have unlimited storage… and protected galleries… so for 192 they can offer what sumgmug can’t for 150? or am I wrong somewhere?
    Well, if Smugmug can offer what they do for the same price I wouldn’t even consider leaving changing…

  15. After the price increase I actually tried SquareSpace and Zenfolio and ended up sticking with SmugMug, albeit at a lower subscription rate.

    SquareSpace does have gorgeous templates, but those gorgeous templates come at a cost. Customization of the templates is difficult (at least for me) and to get full customization access requires an additional, separate developer account…which means additional costs. While they did recently introduce an ecommerce platform, you have to pay additional to use it, even if you are on the more expensive unlimited plan.

    Zenfolio was tempting at first, with their meticulously organized customization panel, but that panel only allows you to customize what they allow you to customize. Even in their Custom Pages designer, you are limited as to what you can implement. Also, you can’t easily control what users will see; Zenfolio slideshows are all Flash-based and they control whether or not an alternative HTML5 slideshow…over which you have zero customization options…is displayed to mobile devices. If a device isn’t on their list, but doesn’t support Flash, they are shown a page with a prompt to download it. The final straw was a suggestion I got from their support to “crop my photos to a ratio closer to 1550×770 in order to maximize the home page slideshow width”

    I won’t deny that there are some design flaws with SmugMug; the navigation for common tasks makes me want to pull my hair out. However, I’m willing to put up with it in exchange for control over my photos and control over how they are displayed to the public.

  16. i have just spent the last few hours playing around with squarespace. I too have many frustrations with smugmug but at least they make it easy to organize galleries. Sqarespace is overly slow and clunky in this regard. completely agree with others that new templates and design capability for smugmug are far, far too long in coming.

  17. There really needs to be a way for Smumug to read my Squarespace template structure and skin my Smugmug site for a seamless visitor experience….

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