Happy Birthday, Awesomize

Camera Awesome just turned 1, and we only have one thing to say about it:


There isn’t enough cake in the universe to show how much we appreciate the support you’ve given our free iPhone camera app over the last year. Mobile photographers like you have clicked, tapped, snapped, pre-corded, filtered, cowbelled, and koala sneezed us all the way to top of the charts in the App Store, and taken us everywhere in the world.

We’ve had such a great time seeing the gorgeous, funny (and sometimes awkward) #awesomized photos that pop up on Facebook, Instagram and more.

See a slice of the Awesomverse on SmugMug.

We Heart You. Here’s Why.

Yeah, we blush knowing that so many of you swear by Camera Awesome and use it to capture so much of your lives. The proof is in the pudding: We’ve counted more than 13 million users who shot 250 million photos using the app. That’s almost twice the entire population of Japan.

And your top three favorite presets are: Blue Pill (17%), Goddess (14%) and Road Trip (12%). They’re our favorites, too, in addition to More Cowbell and More Wang (both 11% of all presets used).

And we’ve had some seriously impressive milestones that surprised even the biggest skeptics among us all:

  • Last Week: Enabled volume shutter button for better iPhonergonomics
  • December 2012: Tumblr integration/iPhone 5 optimization. (9 million users and 200 million photos taken)
  • October 2012: iPad app launch + iOS 6 support (lucky 7 million users!)
  • March 27, 2012: Released $9.99 Bundle + Instagram integration (doubled to 4 million users already)
  • March 6, 2012: 2 million users in first week (1 million in first four days)
  • February 28, 2012: Camera Awesome launched on iPhone at 3:33 PM

No matter who you are, where you are or what you shoot, we hope that you’ll keep taking us along for the ride, wherever you’re going for the next year… and beyond.

Oh, and One More Thing…

… Stay tuned for the Android version, coming soon.😉

Happy Awesomizing!

The Camera Awesome journey (or: How you helped us turn a little idea into a total game-changer)

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I'm a freelance documentary photographer who loves travel, rangefinders, medium format film photography, and everything in-between.

35 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Awesomize”

  1. I am sure this is a good app……but I have a windows phone 8….this undoubtedly has a better camera…..when will you be making an app for the Windows Phone 8 OS…

  2. I was coming here to make a statement on the lack of an Android version. then you said coming soon, now I am here to say “you have been saying that for 8 months”, how soon is soon?

    As for Brent, what makes you think your windows 8 phone has a better camera? What are its specs?

      1. OK, it is 8.7 MP and has a bit of nifty software.

        The white sheet on the camera shows it to be the same one in my 2 generations old Evo 4g.
        My current evo 3d has dual 5mp cameras and a front 1.3 mp camera.

        Remember, megapixels are not all it is about.

    1. Hi James, you know that we can’t give ETAs on our ongoing projects, but we do have a team working on the Android version of Camera Awesome since it was an overwhelmingly popular request. We know it’s frustrating to hear this, but please stay tuned.

      1. I cannot wait.
        With the current market share it only makes sense, those milestone numbers you have above could be tripled or even quadrupled once you hit the android platform.

  3. I guess I’m lucky to have been on iOS and hope that Windows and Android users will soon enjoy this app. Another great thing about Camera Awesome is that it does not impose its branding on your photos by requiring you to upload to a website for further sharing. This is important as you may not necessarily wish your work to be branded together with the overall philosophy of the photographs that are being contributed collectively to such a website. I’m from the school of marketing where customers have the freedom to recommend products only when they’re good, and I have recommended Camera Awesome this way. That said, I do feel a little guilty for not acknowledging Camera Awesome developers when I share photos processed from it, since the artistic filters are the work of the people who wrote the app. Many thanks again for revolutionizing my phoneography, and happy birthday!

  4. Can’t wait for the Android version. As a software developer, I completely understand that ETAs are tough to give, and Android presents a special challenge over iOS in that it can run on so many different types of devices. But thanks for working on it … can’t wait!

  5. Will you be working on a Windows Phone 8 app? That market is growing, of course nothing like Android and Apple but it would be nice to dump all other photo apps for this!!

  6. Hi,

    I’ve enjoyed Camera Awsome ever since I downloaded it about five months ago, and have taken to using it instead of the iphone’s built-in app for all my snapshots and video.

    However, I’ve run into a slight problem.

    Yesterday, I used Camera Awesome to make a video of my cousin telling of his experiences in WWII. The video is 75 minutes long.

    Today I clicked on the video in Camera Awesome and then clicked on the “Copy to Camera Roll” icon. The “in progress” windowlette appeared for about one second and then disappeared. Camera Awesome now says the video has been copied to the camera roll, but the video has not been copied to the camera roll. The above happens each time I repeat the attempt to copy the video to the camera roll.

    After the above experience, I tried copying several other videos to the camera roll, and the process was successful each time.

    When I access the iphone through “My Computer,” all I see are the contents of the camera roll. I don’t see any way of accessing the other contents of the iphone.

    Can you help me copy my 75-minute video from Camera Awesome to either the camera roll or to my home computer?


    Roy Lipscomb

    1. Additional info about my problem in the previous message:

      * Free space on my iphone is 4.7 GB.

      * The video is only 1.6 GB. (Is that a reasonable size for a 75-minute video?)

      * Camera Awesome was running unattended during the interview; I had propped it up on the kitchen table and leaned it against a chair back. After along time, I looked to see how the recording was going, and saw that the iphone had a “Low Battery” alert on the screen. I presume the recording had stopped sometime earlier.

    2. OK, I found a solution.

      Earlier, I had searched for the video in the iTunes Media folder. When I didn’t find the video, I assumed it hadn’t been included in the backup process.

      But some additional musing slowly led me to suspect that the video might be present elsewhere on my computer. Lo and behold, it was!

      Here’s how I located it.

      Since I knew the video was over 1 GB in size, I used the Windows “Search” function to locate all files on my hard drive that were greater than 1 GB. There were about twenty. The one I was looking for stood out like a sore thumb: It was the only one that had a name consisting of a super-long string of random characters. (The file type, of course, was .mov.)

      What a relief!

      Addendum: I don’t know why Camera Awesome listed the video size as 1.6 GB. The video size is actually 5.6 GB. Since the free space on my iphone was less than 5.6 GB, that explains why Camera Awesome couldn’t create a copy of the video for the camera roll.

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