New Bay Photo Products to Buy and Sell

Great news for people who love holding beautiful photos in their hands: We’re adding more print products to our catalogs, starting with Bay Photo.

On April 26, 2013, we’ll be adding loads of new stuff to your Bay Photo catalog and make some price changes that we hope you’ll love. We’re giving you seven days’ notice so that you have plenty of time to study the list and make any adjustments you’d like to your pro pricing.

So read on for all the details and be ready to sell more goodies!

So, What’s New?

ThinWraps and MetalPrints have long been some of your favorite ways to display your photos, but for the longest time SmugMug offered only one finish for each. So we’re thrilled to announce three new variations:

  • ThinWraps now available in Lustre Satin and Canvas Satin finishes, in addition to our existing Metallic Satin finish.
  • MetalPrints now available in Satin finish, in addition to the Glossy finish we already offer.

We’ve added a ton of new print sizes, 40 in all. The complete list is included at the end of this post.

And there are some important changes in the Bay Photo base print costs:

  • Pricing on 114 items are now a bit higher, BUT……
  • We’ve dropped the pricing on 386 different items.

For math lovers, that’s a mean price change of a $4.89 decrease. The median price change is a $2.47 decrease.

We hope to add lots more new Bay products to your SmugMug catalog soon, so let us know what items you’d love to see.

What do I need to do on April 26th?

Your Bay Photo Pricelists will automatically adjust to reflect the above changes, but remember that the new items won’t be visible to your clients until you add them to your Pricelists.

All price changes will depend on whether you price by profit, price or use rounding:

  • If you’re a pro who sets your Pricelists by the price displayed, we highly recommend that you give your pricing a once-over to be sure that you’re happy with the amount of profit you’ll earn.
  • If your pricing is set by Profit, you won’t see any impact to your take-home pay but the displayed price on your site may change especially if you don’t use rounding. You may want to update any printed materials that show your prices.

As always, if you use our Coupons feature, double check those to be sure that you won’t get any surprises to your profits on your next sale.

How do I check my prices?

Portfolio and Business Smuggers, open up your Account Settings and look under the “Business” tab. You’ll find your Pricelists manager under the Making Money section.

Click on each Pricelist and be sure that all of the numbers under the “Profit” column are to your taste, and add in any of the new print sizes that you’d like to offer.

Don’t forget to save your changes!

Will there be updates to EZ Prints, WHCC or Loxley Colour’s catalogs?

In due time, yes! As we stated above, we’re starting with Bay Photo first, but you’ll see new products from our other labs as we get the details worked out.

The ability to more easily add new print products to our catalogs was one of the biggest reasons why we urged pros like you to migrate your pricing over to Pricelists. We hope that you’ll agree that it was worth the change.

The List

Here’s the complete list of all the new print sizes you’ll be able to offer, sized in inches:

  • 13×19
  • 4×10
  • 15×30
  • 30×45
  • 40×40
  • 40×60
  • 15×20
  • 10×14
  • 10×28
  • 14×20
  • 30×50
  • 30×60
  • 30×90
  • 30×120
  • 5×15
  • 6×18
  • 8×24
  • 11×33
  • 16×48
  • 20×60
  • 5×20
  • 6×24
  • 8×32
  • 10×40
  • 12×48
  • 16×64
  • 20×80
  • 10×18
  • 15×27
  • 20×36
  • 6×6
  • 14×14
  • 36×36
  • 20×40
  • 12×16
  • 20×50
  • 40×50
  • 40×70
  • 40×80
  • 40×90
  • 43×96

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41 thoughts on “New Bay Photo Products to Buy and Sell”

  1. I don’t know about anyone else or who use’s Bay Photo but they are a Santa Cruz based company. So I enjoy the fact that I am using them and able to use them because I am from Northern California. I am excited that SmugMug is now offering bigger sizes and can’t wait to print one out for myself to see how it goes.

  2. Nice expansion of products. When will we be able to price the Bay Photo Extras at something other than their list price?

    1. Hey Mike, we want you to be able to mark them up too! There are thousands of Photo Extras SKUs to price because of all the combinations. The Pricelists UI simply couldn’t handle them in an efficient manner, so we have to change the UI to do it. We do plan on doing it, but there is significant effort involved.

  3. Mike Juliana :
    Nice expansion of products. When will we be able to price the Bay Photo Extras at something other than their list price?

    Mike sure saw this post wanted to reply. Not sure if you are referring to the frames when talking about photo extra’s. Though I’d like to know that myself maybe someone here might have an answer or maybe we can start a feed on the feedback form and try to get some followers on it and voting.

    1. Yes – I was referring to the frames, mats, mounting and textures. Why can I charge a markup on the prints but not these? Seems like a good way to make money for Bay but not for us. Not being able to mark these is up is the reason I don’t offer them.

  4. These are all great additions! Super excited to start offering these extra sizes. It certainly makes things simpler as I no longer have to custom order the new sizes from Bay Photo directly!

    Now if only you could work out offering Fuji Pearl prints. Those are by far better than luster and glossy and much cheaper than Giclee and are many people’s paper of choice! Keeping my fingers crossed SmugMug!

  5. I’m so glad I’m not working with Bay Photo for my packages because I just got all my handouts printed for graduation package deals. This is not a good time to be giving people 6 days notice that prices are going to be increasing. Yes many of the prices are going down but some of the standard sizes are going up. It is just bad timing to be changing prices just before graduation… I have to give schools advance notice on what the packages will be and that has to be done months ahead… not days.

  6. Bob :
    I’m so glad I’m not working with Bay Photo for my packages because I just got all my handouts printed for graduation package deals. This is not a good time to be giving people 6 days notice that prices are going to be increasing. Yes many of the prices are going down but some of the standard sizes are going up. It is just bad timing to be changing prices just before graduation… I have to give schools advance notice on what the packages will be and that has to be done months ahead… not days.

    Bob May I ask which printing company you prefer to you if you are which it sounds like you are a SmugMug customer? I’ve been with Bay Photo for a long time and I’m very happy with their print quality and it was just a easy transition for my because I knew the company. Though its not to say I wouldn’t be willing to test another printer out. Thanks in advance and if we need to take this offline from the blog and you have twitter you can find me on there, or many other social media networks.

    1. I have been working with ezprint for my packages. Customers have been happy with the results. I’m sure that if Bay Photo is going to raise their rates the others will follow suit so I will have to do the same… next year. Newsletter and advertising have already been sent for this year. I have worked hard to keep my cost down to meet the pressure from the schools to make these important images available to homes that don’t have much extra cash. I have found that ezprint helps me do that and they have a 4 wallet size which some of my customers seem to like.

  7. Looks good but i find the range of products offered completely bewildering at times
    The smug mug checkout system is also pretty antiquated and clunky..

    What you need to do as well and i have raised this with support is fix your canvas range with Loxely in the UK
    Having only a wrap around option which takes away so much from some images that they are destroyed is not acceptable these days
    You need to offer black sides mirrored sides or white sides. Starting with a simple black or white would be far better than the wrap
    I withdrew mine from sale after complaints that it wrecked the images.. I was wondering why they never sold..

  8. One addtiton missing is Cell Phone Cases. I do a lot of work with High School Students and the cases are very popular with the students and their parents. Since the product is NOT available thru Smugmug but is available at Bay Photo, I have to manually enter every order. A lot of work for a popular relatively low priced item.

  9. The new changes look great. May I suggest the Bay (Smugmug) also offer Greeting cards that the customer can design. I know EZ Prints offers it. For the future, I know I’m asking a lot now, Customer designed albums.

  10. Is the Satin finish you’re offering going to be in glossy or matte? I think some of us were hoping for matte for nightscapes.

    From Bay Photo’s site:

    “Metal Prints are available in 4 different surfaces: High Gloss, Satin, and Sheer with a Glossy or Matte finish. ”

    So will you be offering the matte finish?

    1. Heya Chris, the four finish options for MetalPrints are:

      1. High Gloss
      2. Satin
      3. Sheer w/ Glossy finish
      4. Sheer w/ Matte finish

      Currently we have #1, this announcements rolls out #2 above. The Satin MetalPrints I suspect will be exactly what you want for nightscapes.🙂

  11. This is good. I would like to see an expansion of products such as dog tag necklaces and cell phone cases.

  12. Changing prices never comes at a good time (speaking personally, about changing my own pricing as well), but I must say, this is the best pricing transition I’ve ever seen. ESPECIALLY for something with as many different prices as you have. Thank you so much for the color coded sheet of increase, decrease, and new products. Made it incredibly easy to quickly assess if I need to change my pricing.

  13. I agree with needing to offer iPad / iPad-mini cases, cellphone skins/cases, etc. but we also need backpacks, book bags, diaper bags, crystals, etc.

    See the link below for items my local lab offers, which I would have to do all ordering for, rather than it being done automatically by my client through my smugmug site.!i=1693794760&k=wgS4nRv

    Also, I need help with image size (ie xxxx pixels by xxxxx pixels -ex, 3264×2448). I need to know the dimension of an image that will cover 90% of the sizes being offered; without requiring my client to crop.even with the video, I run into clients who either do not read, pay attention, or end up doing a bad crop. This means I must call them, and review every order.

  14. Oh, great! Ummm.. because as it stand now, they have been charging professionals a base price approximately 3 times the price you would pay if you ordered as a consumer. “For the math lovers….” Ha! Did they really just make a comparison using two completely different statistical averages? Seriously??? I’m still laughing. Sneaky, Sneaky.

  15. Always a big fan of options, I like the additional products and will weed through the selection to see what works best. I will ask again when we (those photogs out there making a buck) can included a profit in the framing. I don’t understand why the option doesn’t exist. I know there was some chatter about this a few months back. Any news?????

  16. Which ones of the above new sized fits the 16:9 frame format. Are they going to provide an easy way to identify for this

    1. Just log into your site and click “owner buy” under the buy button. You will see the price, and then right under it is says “your customer’s price”. You never pay the profit, as you would just be paying yourself.

  17. I don’t like that we can’t control the pricing on the Photo Extras – it’s a great idea to offer them but the only ones really profiting here are Bay Photo and it seems smugmug? Why can’t we control the pricing here? I’ve turned this feature off until we can….

  18. do you live for your art and photos, or the extras? it may help keep the cost of smugmug down, and they may even lower the price for the pro level for us??? hey smugmug, hows about that?? !😀

  19. I am a photographer for a biker magazine and also shoot for a local newspaper. I would like to sell some of my work and would like to know how to get started. Please contact me. Thanks Much.

    1. Hey Dan, go to the main web site and sign up, they have chat help, and will be happy to assist, try it for free, and then if you want purchase a pro level for using other labs.. I just wish they would reply why you can’t get prints made from all, let the customer choose!😀

      1. As a pro, you define your work from the capture, post, to the printing process. At least that’s how it used to work–and that’s probably why the option is left to the pro right now.

        It’s also a bit more work on the back-end as different prints from different labs splits orders to totally different labs. Customers typically don’t know what’s ‘best’ and may pick on just price, choosing the WHCC for one print, Bay for another, and EZPrints for another. That’s three labs for one 3 print order. Lots of overhead in that…

        1. If they choose to do so, then it is their choice for the different labs, all monitors are different in color any way, you can not control how your clients see’s the photo not their end? their monitor? phone, tv??, I am sure a price cautious consumer would love “inexpensive prints” for some things, colors will be close,, and your finer customer, some may pick a lab that is more costly, yet they want “quality” so why not include both. You have price and quality tiers.

          I use to be a salon owner, and would advice manufactures,, I was talking to people in John Paul Mitchell Co,, we all agreed that one should be “inclusive” verses “exclusive” to salons, products, their still independent, doing great while many have fallen off the wagon sorta to speak.

  20. Craig Solomon (@Websitewellness) :
    Why can’t you at least give us a blanket %%% upgrade on the Extras so we can check a box and make 10% or 20% so we at least get something.

    The markup would be the easy part–the hard part is how to get all that information to Bay? That requires a lot of back-end coding to make sure all the orders turn out right. That’s where the ‘signigicant effort’ comes in.

  21. I upgraded – just now – to get the choice of print company and select my own merchandise with price list.
    Could you let me know when ezprints is ready to attach. — I am building the site and it is waiting ….please.

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