We Love You, Mom! Here’s 5 Ways We’ll Prove It

We know that every day is Mother’s Day, but around this time of year we all really want to tell all the moms in our lives just how important they are to us. As a company built on the importance of family, we believe that moms are the shiz.

Baby bottom tattoo for mom

Adorable pic by Nick W Photo

SmugMug started with just family, but we’ve grown into so much more. Amongst our team of amazing employees we have moms, moms-to-be, grandmoms, adoptive moms, found moms, mom-in-laws, dog moms, horse moms and supermoms. And everyone in-between.

Thanks, Mom, for supporting us through thick and thin, changing our diapers, and nurturing our health, happiness and all of our crazy whims. Whether you’re right next door or live only in our memories, whether you’re near, far, or even if we’re unrelated by blood, the message is the same: You’re our hero!

Are you stuck on ideas on what to do on Mother’s Day? You’re in luck, because we’ve got a few ideas to share.

5 Ways to Sweep Mom Off Her Feet

1. Give her her very own queen-worthy portrait session.

If your mom is like ours – and many gorgeous women we know – she may think portraits are great for other people. But if you’re an experienced photographer, this is a great time to stop what you’re doing and turn your skills to her. Proper lighting, posing, an understanding of angles and your priceless experience may be the only thing she needs to truly see that she’s beautiful in photos, too.

(We admit that we were  inspired by our friends at Je Revele Fine Art Photography, who shared with us how they bring out the beauty in every client)

2. Do a photo shoot for her favorite dog/cat/grandkid.

If mom’s still camera shy, offer to take her favorite little one to the park and snap some frame-worthy photos. Even if you’re not a portrait photographer by trade, taking your purloined subject outside into a fresh new environment can bring big smiles to their faces and make for energetic, beautiful photos.

And that’s what’s really important to her.

3. Hire (or bribe) her assistant to cover the studio for a day.

This one’s for all the photography dads out there. We can’t even begin to count the number of passionate moms who have turned taking photos of the kids into a thriving business, but it’s a tough to balance family, life and the studio. Free up the weekend by asking her assistant to work a little overtime, or hire someone to manage the busywork while you whisk her away.

4. Give her a 1-on-1 lesson on how to use her camera.

When you love photography, you automatically get hired for part-time work… troubleshooting for mom. But instead of answering the phone distracted and busy, why not spend the day dedicated to making mom a total pro with her camera. She gets time with you, the power of great photos is bestowed upon her, and you can talk about something more important the next time she calls. Win/win/win.

(Tip: Pair it up with her very own SmugMug account and she’s good to go!)

5. Take her with you on your next photo trip… and leave the camera at home.

This one’s our favorite because it’s really sneaky. Anyone who knows a photographer is used to waiting around forever. And ever. And ever. This time, take mom out to someplace gorgeous and – SURPRISE! – enjoy the view together.

SmugMug has the best moms

SmugMug moms at their best

SmugMug's fabulous moms

Great SmugMug Moms and Grandmoms

Our fabulous Smugmoms

We hope that everyone out there has a great weekend with the ones you love!

Photo credits: Nick W Photo, Baldy, Doc, Ivan Makarov Photography, Denise G., Winsor Photography, Duc L., Sam S., Craig M. and Andrew Shieh.

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