Need Help on SmugMug? Join Us Online Tonight and Tomorrow

Since our launch we’ve gotten a ton of feedback… and even more tickets, requests and emails than we ever imagined! Our amazing Support Heroes have been feverishly busy, so if you have a basic question and would rather not wait, please join us online.

Getting Started: 7 New Live Webinars

Excited? Nervous? Can’t find the right button to get what you want?

We’re here to help with questions like:

“How long can we keep using the Legacy web site before we are forced to go to this new version?”

“My site was customized and I love it now.  Can I move everything ?  What about my guest book – will that move?”

Tune in for a one-hour introduction to the new options and tools on your SmugMug website. We’ll touch on migrating, choosing and editing designs, how to customize and how to use the new site organizer.

***UPDATE*** Our first 1-hour webinar is now on our video channel, so you can skip right ahead and watch it now.

But if you still have questions that weren’t answered, pick a time that works for you and register below:

**Another update! New Webinars for Brand-New SmugMuggers**

Did you just sign up for a SmugMug account and want to get your website going right away? Join us for our next Getting Started webinars:

See you online, and thanks to everyone so far for your support and feedback!

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SmugMug brings you beautiful, personalized online galleries. We love photography and believe that taking pictures makes life better. We're here to help make it fun, enjoyable, and easy for all.

107 thoughts on “Need Help on SmugMug? Join Us Online Tonight and Tomorrow”

  1. ohhhhhhhhhhhh will this info be available after the airing? I cannot make either day.😦 this is looking exciting

    1. Hi Paula, we will be recording them so stay tuned! We’ll update this post with the link to the archived video.

      Also, if there is a demand for it we’ll plan to schedule more of these live webinars, too.

      1. grrr I missed it too! Please let us know when it is available sooner is much better (no pressure :0) )

  2. I tried to share an album, as usual. But recipients received either the entir site, the old version even though I migrated, some received different views on iPhone or iPad and p,c or Mac,s but nothing like I tried to share. B

    1. Hi Charles, when you migrate you are basically copying your existing photos and galleries into a private Preview Mode of the new SmugMug. So when you share links, your visitors will still see your old site.

      If you’re happy with your new site and want others to see it, click the “Unveil” button at the top of your screen. But be absolutely sure you want to do this! Unveiling is permanent, and the new changes will overwrite your old site.

      1. There are some circumstances that you’ll need to update URLs if you have some campaigns set up to auto send in the future when migrating.

        Example, I had to upadate this image link:

        To this link:

        We thought it was due to the style my gallery was configured for previous to the migration.

        The old link does still point to the gallery but it does not show the photos. For my photos my old links get very minimum hits and people can just follow the navigation so its just s hiccup.

  3. I’m also having issues sharing albums.

    Looks fine and is fully functional to me.

    Client view is not fully functional, slideshow doesn’t work, only a few of the thumbnails load, and none can be enlarged. Both viewing in firefox on windows os.

    Frustrating, especially since I can’t go back to the old version, and I have to keep delivering galleries because of contracted deadlines. Not looking so professional here….

  4. Trying to get on one of these webinars but since I’m central time I got all messed up on the zones and missed the time and the next one is way too late for me. When do you think you will have these recorded and posted so we can watch them at our time. I’ve not enjoyed thrying to make this work so far!!

    1. Hi Lee Ann, we’ve posted the first one above but it appears that it has some syncing issues with the audio, so stay tuned for when we replace it. We’re adding more webinars to the schedule soon, too, so keep your eyes on this space.

  5. Thank you for scheduling these webinars. Will there be a Q&A session? Can we post questions ahead of time?

    1. Yes, there will be a Q&A session so please bring your questions to the webinar! Please don’t post them here — we’ll answer queries as best we can when we can on our blog, but it’s not the same as having our heroes talking with you live.🙂

    1. Thanks for attending, Dave! It’s been a great experience for us, too, hearing everyone’s questions and finding out where the tough spots are.

  6. “Note: Setting the viewing style is now completely up to you, the gallery owner. There is no longer an option to allow the viewer to pick their style.”

    I want this option BACK – PLEASE don’t remove the option for the client to change the viewing style!!!

  7. Watching the replay of the first webinar – the audio seems to be about 10-15 seconds ahead of the video – which makes it difficult to watch and learn.

    1. We’re sorry about that, folks. Not sure what happened!😦 We are recording other webinars in the list and will replace the one linked here once we get it edited and uploaded. Thanks for waiting!

  8. I love the new features and layouts! Thank you SmugMug! The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is how to change my favicon to a personalized one. I’ve tried to use the same one I had on OG SmugMug and even tried a couple different file types. And yes, I found where to allegedly customize it, but my saved changes never show up.
    I found some others having the same problem as well Please help!

  9. I have my old site migrated over, but the comments that I have accumulated over the years were left behind, is there a way to bring my comments with me?

    1. Hi Jerry, if you haven’t already seen our most recent blog post with the newest updates, we’ve added the ability to pull in your old gallery comments via the Comments content block. Simply specify a “Source” gallery and we’ll load all your old comments from your guest book. Enjoy!

      1. I have had it up and running for a week. Love the new look! Thanks
        Sent on the TELUS Mobility network with BlackBerry

  10. All a sudden I can now longer browse to any of my folders or galleries, I just see my home page in the new smugmug. I have two sites and it’s the same on both as well as other sites.

  11. Will all the webinars be recorded and shared? There’s been 6 already (none of which I viewed live, but I’m not a “hard core” enough user to register for one – and I just watched the first one instead of being IN on one… oops.) I would at least like to see the Q&A portions for guidance (especially about “collections” and creating galleries without actually duplicating uploads) – assuming that these are all live webinars, there should be different questions asked😉 (overall, I’m liking it… but glad I’m not a business owner! I can totally “mess” with my family and could take risks in pushing buttons I wasn’t sure of the result… I’m feeling for professional photographers!! – especially with that scary “publish now” button before unveiling ;-P)

    1. Betsy, we are not recording all of them but we did record a few. The one we had linked above had some audio issues but they are fixed now, so you can watch it above. We’re also adding more webinars based on demand, so check the links above as they may change. Hope this helps, and of course please let our Heroes know if your questions don’t get answered!

  12. Is the problem on my end or on that of smugmug? I unveiled my site, all was working fine but now when I click on browse it takes me to a page that has no photos.

  13. Are all the webinars the same? That is, do they start out with the same info and only vary with the Q&A? When you post them, would you list the topics that are covered? Watching an hour long video is a lot. it’s better to have an idea of what it’s in it.

  14. The 1-hour webinar that is uploaded to youtube still has audio synch issues. I was told last night that it was fixed, but the problems still persist.

    Perhaps SmugMug can consider teaming up with which offers thoughtful, logical, step-by-step, self-paced video tutorials.

    1. Hi Kit and everyone, thanks so much for your patience! We’ve finally gotten the audio on the video to work, so it’s embedded to replace the botchy one above. We’re also adding upcoming webinars to the list above.

  15. ciao, ho customizzato sulla base Zoe,ma quando clicco sui folders della home le sotto categorie e le gallerie non si aprono.
    gli eroi sono troppo occupati e io non parlo inglese per seguire in streaming le spiegazioni.
    se potreste indicarmi come fare ve ne sarei grato.
    Cordiali saluti Giampaolo

    1. Ciao di nuovo Giampaolo,

      Mi scuso per aver risposto alla domanda sbagliata la prima volta, ma lo faccio vedere il problema che si sta vivendo, ora. Sembra che le pagine collegate a tue gallerie non contengono blocchi di contenuto, motivo per cui le foto non vengono visualizzati.

      Che cosa si può fare è aprire una qualsiasi delle pagine bianche e cliccare su “Customize” e “Customize Site” nella parte superiore della pagina. Vedrete che non ci sono gallerie blocchi di contenuto lì adesso. Quindi basta trascinare uno in dalla barra dei menu a destra (in “Navigation”) e in tutte le gallerie nidificati in quella cartella dovrebbero comparire. Speriamo che questo aiuta, ma ancora una volta, non esitate a scriverci se siete ancora senti perso.

      1. GRAZIE!! Adesso funziona,io avrei finito con la customizzazione per adesso, se faccio la migrazione rimane tutto cosi? Grazie e complimenti per questa nuova interfaccia.
        Cordiali saluti Giampaolo

  16. This migration is painful–and I’m really sorry I upgraded. I have a Pro account and pay what I consider a lot of money to host my photos and do business via SmugMug. This is ridiculous that you don’t have “detailed” (and I mean step 1-10 on how to precisely make changes) on your website. I’ve watched this webinar so many times–and still can’t figure out the answer to my problems. I’ve also enrolled in an upcoming webinar. I’ve been waiting 3 days for a “Hero” to respond to my question. All I hear is how great this new site is…why you can customize anything and everything…but I can’t seem to find an answer to my questions on HOW to customize my site the way I want it. 1) I have a contact tab in the menu. I’d like to customize my “contact” tab when it opens up. Add blocks for someone to fill in their name/email etc. Where are the instructions to do that? 2) My menu has Portfolio as one of the tabs. I do NOT want a drop down of all my galleries. I want to go to the Portfolio page and see the gallery folders. Then I want people to be able to click on a folder and have it open up with the photos. Where are the written instructions to do that? 3) I have a Client tab on the menu. When someone clicks on that, I’d like to have a screen pop up that says “Client Login” – Please enter your username to login. WHERE is all this information for customization? And I don’t mean a sales pitch to say how wonderful the new SmugMug is because you can do neat stuff. I want exact steps. We aren’t all web designers with degrees in website design. 4) What if I want all galleries to open up in a particular style…say the SmugMug style. Can I make that a default, or do I have to go to each one individually to change the style?

    1. Jean,this is a disaster. Those who like it are lucky are slightly common in their requirements. I am lost and an amateur utube is silly. I have no idea where to go for simmple answers and I am like you and wish these folks had brains on how to teach. I can not sit and watch a tube not professionally done. I want concrete instructions on how to do simple steps.

      I also moved and wish I had folowed my instincts and never buy the first model as the BUGS are certainly there and they are but it is the lack on simple STEPS in how to simple tasks like upload, edit, change the heading, send a short address to friends and customers on a, a single one, album not all over the place and different versions to different people. Iphone is different that Ipad and different to iMac.
      Like I said poorly planned and poorly executed!

      1. they created a monster that was once a great e-z to use SmugMug site all for off the wall customization that goes way beyond what I care to do with my site… I’ve been with SmugMug a while now and this is not consistent with the way things have always been.. the webinar was chaotic to say the least.. I watched the video a couple of times.. options that were concise and well organized have become disorganized here there and everywhere.. what a shame 😦

      2. Kim and Jean, do you agree with me that: it is ridiculous and more than frustrating that an international company (that is purporting to be best in class)and headqut. in usa does not have phone support, for at least limited hours! Say like 8-4pm mon.-fri. Come on SM guys, stop being so smug and get your cust serv in line with other service companies!! SM is a service WE pay for, right!

  17. Hi Smugmug:

    Recently you released the most anticipated and awaited update to Smugmug.

    It was received, to put it mildly, with mixed reactions. And while it can be easy to dismiss those of us that are complaining about this update as “haters” or people that does not like change, I truly hope you avoid that temptation and hear us out. Most of us are not afraid of changes nor are haters. I think is clear that we have supported Smugmug by staying and patiently waiting for this upgrade.

    I think that judging by how some are reacting to the new Smugmug it is obvious that they are many upset people and it has been almost as bad as when Smugmug announced the price hike.

    I think that the actual upgrade to the current Smugmug is quite good. It makes a lot easier to get a basic website going with out having to mess with coding. But…

    and that is a big but. Pro users expected much more. We expected that what we have been asking and begging for many years would be finally fixed in this released. And it was not.

    Most Pros don’t have a need to have a “website” using Smugmug as they have their own custom made website. You gave us something of very limited use for most of us and not really what we were asking.

    This update seems more directed to amateur photog or starting pros than established Pros. That would have been fine if our requests would have been taken care too. But they weren’t.

    I think that is one of the dualities that has always bothered me from Smugmug, that you tried to create a product for both. But while for the amateur and starting Pro it may be fine, for advance pros is not as it lacks many features that we need.

    Honesty, the way the release was handle was very amateurish and pitiful. No documentation nor tutorials of any kind. Bugs. things not working properly.

    It Could have been avoided easily by having documentation and tutorial ready WITH the release.

    The fact that there we none makes me conclude that Smugmug was not ready to release it or that it was rushed.

    Maybe because you guys have been using it so much you thought it was easier that it really is.

    That created problems because we were left to figure it out by ourselves without any guidance at all.

    Yes, there are some saying that they were able to figure it out right away… Of course they did. Have you seen what they have made? simple website using the pre-made templates. Nothing really custom.

    That is what I mean when I say it was aimed at Amateur or beginning pro. Their needs are different and more basic. It is not that we could not figure out how to do those basic things but that we wanted to make things more custom. That is what we could not figure out and are frustrated by it. People that are having major issues are Smugmug’s clients that have and have paid for custom websites.

    I do not know how many bugs there are of how many things are not working, but the fact that the New Smugmug lacks documentation that tells us how to properly do thing can cause the perception of bugs and that things do not work right. You only have yourself to blame for that.

    Give you one example: categories, subcategories and folders. The new folder system is more flexible and better (although still don’t solve one of my biggest complaints about Smugmug – able to upload more that one gallery at a time) but because there are no documentation as to how go about creating new galleries I became frustrated (and upset) when I could not find familiar terms. I could not upload the same way as I use to but had no way of knowing what was different or what I had to do. It tooks longer than 12 hours to get a response from CS and I only got an explanation of the difference but not how to work it now. What am I suppose to do, wait for another answer in another 12 hours?

    As a matter of fact, I dread having to do anything with Smugmug since the new upgrade because I am not sure how am I suppose to do it now.

    It is sad that poor planning and execution has allow and foster this flood of ill-feeling toward Smugmug.

    I am yet to see that Smugmug is addressing our concerns. It feels like we are been dismissed as complainers, people afraid of change or “haters”. We are none. If we are complaining is because we have reasons for it.

    What do I think Smugmug Should do?

    1. Immediately release the documentation and tutorial that adress not only how the new website creation works but how we are now to do things under the new system that we used to do under the old system.

    2. A time table of when our features request will be done. Not someday or soon, actual dates and a list of what features will be implemented. I do not want to hear what Smugmug would like to do but what is currently working to implement.

    3. Posts in this forum are not enough. Smugmug should email every Smugmug Pro user directly. Not every Smugmug pro users participate in this forum. We need to understand what has happened, why what we have been asking – more la begging – for years have not been included and what Smugmug is currently doing about it.

    Hope that clarifies that we are not haters or opposed to progress, but paying customers that require certain features that are not been attended. We need to know where Smugmug stand so we can decide if Smugmug is in our future and something we can continue to support or if we should look for an alternative.

    Awaiting your response…

    1. I could not have said it better. Lets go back to our old until they are ready. I sure made a mistake migrating as I sure do not want to do. I am pro but don’t sell as I am older than most and give my images away framed. It is what I want to do but you have lost me with no tutorials and quality web information. I will not watch a tube that flies by the sea of my pants. This is very bad.

    2. Good luck getting your reply. I’ve been waiting for days. I’m looking for an alternative before my subscription is due. Too much money to pay for a Pro account that I can’t figure out how to customize and can’t get any help.

    3. Hi David and thanks for your thoughtful, extensive feedback. We’re sorry to hear that things came as a surprise to a lot of people, and we hope that we can help. Our Heroes have put together many, many new help pages that were aimed towards existing users, to help you all get acquainted with the new system and where to find the most-used features that you were probably using before:

      What’s new in customization:
      New content management:

      These articles in our help pages specific to the New SmugMug are included in not only the email you received after your migration was finished, but in the announcement that we went out via email to every existing SmugMug customer on launch day. We can only hope that everyone takes a look at them (or at least bookmarks them!) but we know everyone leads a busy life and change is hard. So we are continuing to provide info across as many channels as possible: our help pages, our forums, our video channel, across our social channels and this blog.

      Still, we know that we can’t get everything right 100% of the time so we need feedback like this and like what everyone else has posted over the last week. Thanks so much for taking the time to type that all out and, trust me, everyone at SmugMug has been reading and sharing these concerns that have been raised… even though we may not be able to reply to each one.


    4. I am in the same boat and have spent hours trying to sort out my galleries, tie them back to Lightroom, find missing photos, etc… and have gotten very snippy, patronizing, half answers from the ‘heros’ when they have responded. I am so disappointed in Smugmug and how they are handling the issues of those of us who are not finding this process to be a smooth one. I’m seriously considering starting over with Zenfolio and asking Smugmug for my money back but assume that would be a big battle. Sadly I’m glad to know that I am not the only one having trouble with this.

      1. If anyone else agrees, plz reply that: it is ridiculous and more than frustrating that an international company (that is purporting to be best in class)and headqut. in usa does not have phone support, for at least limited hours! Say like 8-4pm mon.-fri. Come on SM guys, stop being so smug and get your cust serv in line with other service companies!! SM is a service WE pay for, right!

  18. I have been working on this pretty much full time for the last three days and I cannot remember the original process being this much of a disaster. Very few things work the way the tutorials say and the support is really awful. You wait forever to get responses and then the responses are totally inadequate. They really should not have sprung this on us until it actually worked. I am really disappointed and frustrated.

    1. boy do i ever agree. nothing works worth a dime. simple tasks like arranging the photos in a gallery do not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had 15 emails asking for help when my firefox browser never showed any kind of navigation icons and no answer worked. Most of the “heroes” did not seem to even understand what my problem was. i finally sent a screen shot to show my problem. switched to safari and saw my icons, but tools do not work. arranged my photos and clicked “done” but it did not save my arrangement.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! won’t let me switch back to the old smugmug. don’t know what to do. so many photos on my site. would unsubscribe in a minute if i could change everything over to some where else simply.

  19. Hi Smugmug, do you plan on adding the randomize=true option in slideshow? I am using this feature right now and need it in new Smugmug.

      1. Smugmug, thanks.

        With so many other demands, it does not look hopeful that this will get sufficient votes and be worked on soon.

        I will likely be staying with the legacy view until the randomize feature arrives.

  20. Hello! Are any PRO users having issues with clients’ saving their favorites from an event. I had three clients spend hours favoriting (hearting) their album images only to have them not save properly? I’m a PRO user (for years!) & have not yet migrated (in the middle of busy wedding season) but would love to know if the new smugmug has affected this feature? It’s really affecting my clients’ experience. Thanks!

  21. I like what I have now in the “legacy Smugmug. Most of the templates in the new Smugmug have the look and feel of the Windows 8 PlaySkool GUI, that has done serous damage, if such a thing is possible, to Microsoft’s reputation and bottom line.
    I like legends, words in my menus. Navigation trees. A page full of random pictures doesn’t cut it as a navigation menu.
    The Legacy Smugmug works just fine for most people. Simple, easy to use, easy to navigate. “White space”, so it does not look cluttered. The same cannot be said of the new versions now being flogged.
    As you can tell, I am not a happy camper and if I am forced to use the “New” Smugmug, that could be a deal breaker.
    Up to now, I was a proud Smugmug user and glad I was using one of the better, if not the best photo web sites around. Not anymore. The Smugmug Heroes have some real damage control to attend to.

    1. JP, there’s no way it should have take that long! It sounds like either we never received it, or our reply to you got lost in the aether. I’m unable to look you up in our system because I don’t have any info other than your initials, but please do write our Heroes again. 4 days is unheard of.

  22. Hate to jump in and interrupt the Hate Fest but thank you SM. Been with you for years and am riding the learning curve on the new site along with everyone else. But I am approaching the transition with an open mind and some patience and I love the work that you have done. Being involved with IT projects myself, I can appreciate the innovation, hard work, and vision that went into the new SM. Don’t let these guys deter you. Haters gonna hate.

    1. Fully agree.

      Able to stay with legacy view is a great solution for those not ready for the change.

      Smugmug, good job.

      1. Not a hate test but reaction incompetence in the business world. They were and are not prepared and losing ground.

  23. There is an issue in the popular page. I have a gallery hosting collected photos from others, so in the popular page you don’t only see your own photos, but other ones. In the legacy site you only see your own ones.

  24. I’ve migrated, and not unveiled yet. But I’m having problems with my legacy site. Some of my customers cannot see the pictures in their galleries. And when I logged in to see what was going on, the thumbnails were there, but there was a time lag for the larger photos to come up. The screen either shows a gray/black box instead of the picture and sometimes this box had a small blue box with a question mark in it. It did this more often when I was using the Visitor View than if I was directly logged in.

    1. Thanks for the idea! Right now there’s a way to embed an RSS feed into your site via a content block, and you can get RSS feeds for Facebook (for example) via programs like FBRSS:

      Simply get the feed link that it gives you and drop it into your RSS content block. We’re sure that other people would like to know how to do this, so this is a great suggestion. Thanks!

  25. They will not make it a a enterprise. It is the most poorly corporate endeavor I have ever seen. No manuals, nothing. I am unable to watch a utube and won’t. If they do not hurry and go back to older version., they will; not make it. Simple tasks are not available and when you get an answer, it is smart ass. They do not know how to send info in a simple order like: go to, do this , then go here and do that. They have new spam words foe places to go like Organizer. There is no organizer, it is in a menu entitled organize and sub menus. First graders can do better.

  26. Dear Sir,
    We have just started our website i.e. have already uploaded our photographs,but we are unable to upload a page with photographs and text in About Us page tab.Please help,how can we upload a page(.jpg) in about us ?

  27. I am the only one that is having repeated and ongoing logon issues? I have been with SmugMug for years but somehow this periodically glitches. Then, I don’t get helps for a week. Just now I’ve tried password recovery – the one sent didn’t work and two more requests have gone un-answered. Jeez. Suggestions? I have a big project to upload… tx.

    1. Hi Wes, I checked our help tickets and I see that our Heroes have received your request just now. We’ll do everything we can to get you logged in so you can be on your way. Thanks for pinging us!

  28. Hi Smugmug,
    I had my account for 9 years with u and its become deficult for getting by back up of my account…
    I had requested several time…still havent got… requested for send me my all orignal photos…

  29. I can’t find anywhere on the site where I can migrate to the new SmugMug. I’ve contacted the help desk and they sent me a link to my site but nowhere have I found instructions for making the migration. As in “Click here and do this”. “Click here and do this”. It’s all about what’s new without telling me how to access it. Anyone got any ideas please let me know. The help desk has been accessible but not helpful at all.

    When SmugMug started the people seemed a lot more helpful and knowledgeable. The site was easy to navigate. I’ll assume what they’ve done is good. Just would like to be able to access it. I’ll give them a little more time before I switch. They’re probably as lost as I am.

    1. Hi Jim, we’re sorry about any confusion that might have ensued. I went through and found your most recent ticket and it looks like Shay was able to help you get everything sorted out. For reference to everyone else, migration actually doesn’t require you to actually do anything aside from click the link, which then trigger our systems to move your photos and videos to the new system. That’s it!

      It looks like you’ve got your sandbox going on the new version of SmugMug, so have fun getting sorted there and playing with your site. Let us know if you get stuck again!

  30. I have tried to upload videos from 9am to 1am each is less then 3gig infact some only 1gig all are from 8min to 15min. I have tried several diffrerent ways to upload. Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, they all work why doesn’t smugmug. all are quicktime files. I have even tried different files. However quicktime works for me but only in less then 10min lengths. This just started happening to me around 15 hours ago. Why is this? This problem must be solved A.S.A.P. I am literally loosing clients because of this.

    Help please!

  31. Thank you
    Nick Wilson 
    Connection Team 
    SmugMug Support Hero 
    Didn’t think I was going to get a response until tomorrrow or so. The information you shared worked perfect. Thank you again have a wonderful night.

  32. I have order pictures and paid for them and have not received them. I want them in time for Christmas mailings. I am very disappointed in your service and will let he photographer no that. Are you sending the pictures? If I don’t have them by Dec. 15, 2013 I wish to cancel the order and get a refund.
    Thank you.
    Evelyn Thompson 412 Parker Road Mount Airy, NC 27030 Tel. 336-786-4922

    1. Hi Evelyn, we’re sorry to hear that you haven’t received your prints! I took a look at your order status and I see that our Support Heroes have already requested that the print lab reprint and ship you a new set, since at this point it’s likely they got lost in the mail. You should get them in time for your Dec 15th deadline, so please do keep an eye out for your package.

  33. I am new to smug mug and completely disappointed in how confusing and difficult the process has been. Emails weren’t returned…maybe you should try actual phone calls that can assist your customers. It has taken days to figure out how this site works and just when I set my price list, your “help” I contacted goes in and changes my price list…now I am waiting to see how to change it back…ridiculous for the money I am paying to use your services!

    1. Hi Staci, we’re so terribly sorry to hear about these bumps that you’ve had since you’ve joined us! I’ve searched and was unable to find any help requests in our system through the email address listed on your account, so we weren’t able to see exactly what you’re having trouble with. Our Support team typically replies to requests within hours, so it sounds like at least some of your requests may have gotten lost or filed in a spam folder. Would you mind sharing more info about what you’re trying to do so that we can help you get everything set up the way you want?

  34. I am having such a hard time setting my security and privacy settings… Very unhappy …Is one live person to help me to much to ask?

    1. Hi Melanie! You can always just copy the URL out of your browser’s navigation bar when you have the gallery open and share that. Another way you can get a link to share is to look for the universal “Share” icon, which is a small box with an arrow pointing out of it. Clicking that (it’s usually under the photo) will open up additional share methods, like Facebook share and email sharing. Let us know if you still need help!

  35. Good luck getting help with smugmug, by the time they reply to your email your site is fully messed up or you fixed it your self. I do not see why smugmug has support because they do not support anything but taking hours upon hours to get back to you for help.

    1. Hi Jason, it sounds like you just had a bad experience with our Support Heroes, which is highly unusual so we’d love to know why and see how we can make it right. We typically have very short response times, although when we first posted this blog post last year we did have much higher volume of tickets than usual.

      However, please let us know how we can help or if we can locate your most recent ticket for investigation purposes. All we’d need is a link to your SmugMug site, if so.

      1. The team did not help me out what so ever, they still do not have my website correct, I was having an issue with the website and they could not help me out what so ever, I had to spend over 3 hours on how to figure it out myself. It still is not like normal and how I wanted it but since you can put this up I must need to speak with a web developer and not a help desk in my emails. Support Heroes, they are Heroes at avoiding the whole issue so the customer has to deal with the problem and try to fix it himself.

  36. I finally told them to forget about it and I will try to fix the issue because they could not. I am still not happy with what happened and it is not the way I want. Since I uploaded a photo and it took everything to the 2nd page, then I tried to get rid of the photo that was linked to the 2nd page and replace it with a photo on the 1st page. Well that did not go so well. You should tell you customers once they have there web page setup do not mess with it or you will have to spend hours to fix it or redue the whole thing.

    1. Hi Jason and thanks for sharing the additional info so we could find your ticket! We do apologize, as it turns out that we had about 30 minutes this morning when our ticketing system was not delivering messages as they were coming in, but that has since been resolved, and shouldn’t have caused the visibility issues you were having trouble with on your site.

      You should hear from one of our managers shortly, so please keep an eye out for his reply!

  37. I just transferred back to smugmug after having my portfolio hosted at a different host but and this host was great but they can’t sell photos the way smugmug can so I decided to give the 14 day trial a try. After playing around for 2 days, smugmug had my money and I am back with them. All my questions were answered quickly and the new way to design a web page is not bad-still not as easy as others but not really that complicated after an hour or two of playing. Bottom line: site looks great, customers can order photos, superior customer service, my smugmug page looks just as good (OK, mobile version looks better on smugmug) as my old page….you guys rock!

    1. Hi Rudy and thanks for circling back with us and taking the time to give us a review.🙂 We’re so glad to hear things have been working out for you. As usual, let our team know if that ever changes!

      1. that is good for you, I have seen my pics being stolen from my web page and posted on facebook even though I have the security enabled on all my pics, you better watch that since there site is truly not secure.

  38. Not sure why you all have this link in your email responses because it is old and useless. I find the entire thing impossible to use. A huge waste of money. And I don’t think you all are keeping up with the times by making a very difficult to use website. I absolutely hate my experience with a purple passion

    1. Hi Keni, we definitely want to talk more with you and get your site issues fixed! I took a look at the tickets you have open with us and you’ll be hearing from one of our Support managers shortly. Don’t worry – we’ll get your site up and running!

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