Get the Legacy Look on Your New SmugMug Site

In the week since the new SmugMug was born, we’ve been blown away by some of the gorgeous websites that we’ve seen from you!

But we’ve been also hearing from folks who miss the old legacy look, and want a newer version of it instead of a completely different website. No problemo, amigo! Here’s how to do it in just a few steps.

1. Use the SmugMug design

Let’s say, for example, you miss our basic legacy SmugMug layout and our basic Theme:

After you’ve migrated your photos, you’ll see all available designs for your account level. If you’re already using something else, simply click Customize > Choose a New Site Design from the top of your page.

Choose the first design, called “SmugMug.”

2. Post your profile

Click the wrench on the top box to open up your profile settings. Fill that in with a little blurb about yourself and what you do. If you wish, invite people to leave a comment or to email you!

Tip: If you’ve already filled in your Profile, you can toggle it to automatically display the content you have there.

3. Display your galleries

If you want your homepage to display your top-level Folders and galleries, you can leave the default boxes alone. Otherwise, click the wrench in the corner to edit what shows up. From the Basic tab, choose specific folders and galleries via the “Select From” dropdown in the settings box.

For the legacy look, you’ll want to change the thumbnail Photo Size to “Small,” and keep the 1:1 ratio.

Then click the Display tab. Tweak the spacing between your tiles, and change the Info Style to “Under.”

To get the classic single column look, click the Layout tab of your customization menu, and change “Stretchy” to “Fixed.” You can specify the width here, but the default is 960 pixels.

From there, you’re all set! You’ve got the classic profile + gallery content all ready and waiting for your fans to see.

Go further

Of course, you can always tweak the settings more on any of the content on the page, or add more boxes to your heart’s content. That’s the beauty of the new SmugMug!

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75 thoughts on “Get the Legacy Look on Your New SmugMug Site”

  1. This is a good tutorial and great hints on editing and set up, Thanks. I am one of the ones who loves the New SmugMug. Change is good and my new homepage helps my clients find folders and galleries more easily, especially the older galleries and folders. I am loving you SmugMug folks! BEST EVER!!!

    1. Hi Carl and thanks for the review! We’re glad to hear that you and your clients are finding the experience to be easier, across all your devices. Cheers!

  2. Agreed it looks great!

    There is a problem though: if I choose ‘photo aspect ratio 1:1’, any thumbnail crops applied to the photographs do not show. The 1:1 crop is simply applied to the centre of the image. The thumbnail crop is a feature that was working really well in the legacy Smugmug, and is not working at all now. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

    1. Hi Danilo, and thanks for the feedback! We do the thumbnails a bit differently in the new SmugMug than we do in legacy, and I know you’ve already emailed us about this. Your request has been forwarded up the chain, so we’ll see what we can do.

  3. Doesn’t work here. I tried using the “Turbo” template. After adding a “Breadcurmb” element the full breadcrumb is never displayed, no matter that the option is checked. No matter what content I place on the “Browse” page, it disappears when when the page is published. I don’t know about the rest of you but I don’t have the time to sit through an hour long Webcast regarding a site that’s supposed to make displaying my photographs *easy*. Smugmug missed the boat on this one.

  4. This is all fine. One burning question I have not been able to find and answer to is how do you turn on custom API applications for the new SmugMug. In the old setup you went through a one time setup to register an application. You also needed an API KEY. My api key moved when I migrated but I don’t see how setup an app. Thanks in advance.

  5. Believe me when I say I still significant promise in the new smugmug however…

    Some other things from the old Smugmug that I would like to see come back are:
    1. The old large slideshow
    2. Galleries where I can choose if I want my audience to see the keywords.
    3. The ability to see what something will look like to my audience, before going live – not a semi-functional preview.
    For the new smugmug:
    1. The ability to delete a design one does not like when one starts over in another design
    2. Greater clarity on how folders and galleries interact, at least in preview I cannot see these how my audience will see them.
    3. Uppercase breadcrumbs

    Hopefully I am mistaken and all of this is available I am just missing something.


    1. Hi Victor, we have gotten a lot of questions about the full-screen slideshow trick that our certified customizer built, so we’ll definitely update this space if a replacement comes around.

      Right now you can:

      – Delete any design that you decide you don’t want to keep. You’ll see all designs you’ve tried out at the top of the screen when you hit Customize > Choose a New Site Design. Just click the little trash can in the center of each.
      – You should already be able to use uppercase letters in your breadcrumbs, as these are generated from your Folder, Page and Gallery titles.
      – By default, your viewers will be able to see keywords for all public photos in a gallery. If you want to display a keyword cloud for all your photos somewhere on a page, you can drop in a Keywords content block.

      It’s more difficult for us to provide detailed, customized help with your site in a blog comment, but if you still have questions or are unclear about how to do something, please ask our Support Heroes!

  6. I spend quite a bit of time identifying my photos – flowers, people, etc. The new format seems to only allow this to be at the bottom where I doubt anyone would notice it. Am I missing something?

  7. any chance you can reposition the DSC-XXXX file /image number so it displays right under the image like it used to? I’ve poked around different formats and in all that identifier is not very easy to see!

  8. I did get an e-mail pointing me to this . . . I’m not the sharpest cookie in the bunch, but I can’t get the “legacy look” using this method. For one, I can only choose one folder (what I assume used to be categories) for the front page. For another, it does not act like the old SmugMug.

    Forgetting for a moment that I don’t see a way to add the favorite portion (I can live without it), I’m interested in having the categories showing when someone comes to my site (all the categories/folders), and then when someone clicks on any of them, having all the galleries under their choice show up in grid format, and then, when they click on a gallery, having the photos show up in a grid on the left, and a large preview of whatever photo they click on show up on the right . . .

    . . . you know, like the legacy SmugMug

    . . . however, this begs the question . . . if the above procedure is claimed to generate the “Legacy” look, why isn’t “Legacy” one of the presets? Or something close to “Legacy”?

    I’m assuming that would have been the first preset you guys would have done. You know, something everyone is familiar with.

    I get you guys think this is a HUGE improvement, but so far I can’t get anything to look like I want . . . and in case it’s not clear, I want the old style view (you don’t even have the same background option, as far as I can tell) also known as (apparently) the Legacy view.

    The reason I want the old style is that I can’t get anything remotely like what I want by playing with any of the presets I’ve tried so far, or creating something from scratch.

    . . . which begs this question . . . if I do nothing, will the legacy view continue indefinitely for people, people who are not me, who visit my site? I ask because while I can put up with whatever annoying format I end up with, I’m not particularly anxious to lose what few viewers come my way by surprising them with a less-than-intutive, funky-fonts, difficult-to-interact-with layout.

    . . . or will I one day be forced to switch against my will?

    1. OK, my apologies . . . don’t know why or when, but when I deleted everything and chose SmugMug again, most everything looked pretty close to the Legacy.

      It will do for now (although I don’t understand why it didn’t the first time I tried it).




    I’m wondering if it will be possible at some point in the future to use the site design templates individually at the gallery level? I love the overall site design I’ve picked out, but sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit (I can’t do more than basic CSS or HTML to save my life), and I really like the other templates – it seems a shame to be limited to one at a time.

    Thanks for your time!

  10. Can I get the Legacy look by removing all the SmugMug Ads in the footer? Since you advertise absolutely no Ads, you would think that this would be enforced. “Improvements” shouldn’t be making the pages look less professional.

    I have never had Ads on my screens before. If you are going to force Ads on our footers now, then please stop advertising “absolutely no Ads”. Walk your talk. Most SmugMug people advertise for you already … if you start forcing your Ads on their sites – you might get the kind of advertising that nobody wants. Or they will go to a site like Zenfolio who also advertise “no Ads” but then backs it up by actually not having Ads anywhere on “your” site.

    Also, I cannot get the icons small like they are on Legacy. You had some excellent layouts that are now totally gone. I don’t want the “screen full of mashed up photos” like a free Flickr site. You need a layout called “Legacy” that lets us keep what we have now.

    The Legacy full screen slideshow that was lost is supposed to be in the process of being restored. That will be good when it happens.

    All the new templates look the same. None of them look as good as what I had tailored my Legacy site to be. I did a lot of work customizing it so that it looks just right. Now I cannot even get what I had, so I am looking forward to some real improvements to restore what was lost. So keep working on it!

  11. Hi
    I just simply dont like the new design. Some parts are easier to manage, but the legacy layout just total fullfilled my requirement.
    The tutorial of bringing back my legacy gallery view doesn not give me the exact original view, which is a shame.
    It would be nice with a radio button to transfer back to legacy view.

    Now I am seriously looking for another cloud service for my Pictures.


    1. I am with you Kim, I had lived with the price increases because of the work I had already done. Now that I have to start over I see no reason to continue to pay more for a services I can get elsewhere for half as much.


  12. I am with Kim, I simply do not like it. I viewed all of the new layouts…frankly I hate all of them. Why should I be forced to design a new website. My legacy website was perfect for what I wanted, not flashy but functional and easy to use and post to. As a nature photographer in Florida the next few months are my busiest time for capturing images… not to be forced into designing a new website. Now that I stupidly tried a new format it has taken over my website and will not allow me to delete it. Thanks Smugmug!!!!

  13. Unless I can permanently retain my legacy sites without migration, or migrate to an exact duplicate of what I now have, I will quit smugmug. The new designs have nothing to offer to my customers and will in fact annoy them. You’ve taken a great site and ruined it.

  14. I absolutely want the slideshow at the top of my page like before! If we are loosing this option, I too will be going to a new site to host my photos. I dealt with the price increase because this site gave me what I needed in a website. But now, I am loosing my biggest selling feature. Also angering is the fact that all my custom logos that I paid lots of money to put on my header and footer have disappeared. This ruins my branding!!! Please tell me there is a way to migrate these things! If not I will be moving on. 😦

    1. Jeni, they don’t care at all about your branding. All they care about is forcing their religious demonic values on all their customers. They spend all their time telling you how great the new system is, and trying to convince you to like it …. rather than listening to you. Because you’d actually have to care about the customer to listen.

  15. How can I display the gallery/folder description, number of photos, and update date, as shown in the legacy smugmug design?

  16. So you have to go through all this nonsense just to get something similar to what used to be the default setting we are used to? And it doesn’t look anything like the legacy Smugmug … even after all the work shown here. Is that the best you can do?

  17. I am all confused about this, I have spent a lot of time trying to design the new layout and I can not get it the way I want. I liked the old layout much better, had just got it figured out and now have to start all over. I am very upset with this. I am not a web designer I am a Photographer.
    We need more help with this if we are to stay with Smugmug.

  18. I feel like I’m missing something…I don’t know how to access the new smugmug at all…is it because I only have power? I’ve been looking for this view legacy button and what not and can’t find anything… I’m really bummed because I want to try the new smugmug

  19. Ok – to utilize the instructions on this page, does your account have to be something other than Basic? In the basic account, there is no “Wrench” on any main screen – you have to be 3 levels in to get that, and then it will only display a menu when you click on one individual picture. I’ve been reading up on this stuff for days – can you confirm which levels this “get the legacy look on the new smugmug” works with?

  20. On Legacy: you have the administrative toolbar in every gallery so that if you ever need to download all of the photos at once, you can or if you need to change the watermarking, you can. The newer one isn’t providing what my network leader needs. Please help!

    1. Hi, this feature is there in the new SmugMug as well because it is essential to account owners. The way we recommend doing admin things like downloading all is to do this through the new powerful Organizer, which lets you do everything from one interface rather than skipping between galleries. It’s accessible at any time by clicking the Organize button in your header, then clicking “Organize Site.” From there you can select the gallery you want and click the little download glyph, which will enable you to download just one selected photo or the whole gallery.

      Here’s more guidance on the Organizer:

  21. I just migrated…my custom web page, CCS, Java Script, etc….all gone. Customer navigation…all gone. My site…gone. I have a project, across 5 countries, spread over one year involving over 300 customers….. Where am I to put my photos and manage my customers? Your FAQ implies a time limit without stating one……when will I and my customers be cut off, and if not, who is going to pay for redevelopment of my web site?

    1. Steve, all your content is still there, no worries! They may just not be linked on your homepage in the default style. You can put whatever links you want in your site-wide menu bar, or drop a Multiple Galleries content block on your homepage so that people can see all the folders, galleries or photos that you choose. If you need help our heroes are always happy to take a look at your site and your legacy site and make some suggestions about what you can do:

  22. Not happy that I cannot have visitors view – esp when most of my galleries are hidden from view. I thought this feature was key, the new view is extremely awkward and archaic – esp when editing gallery settings. Also what happened to the statistical information like photo ranking, total views, etc? I have been playing with the new set up and think it is completely user unfriendly. For the prices you guys now charge and having to learn a this whole backwards set up, I think it is time to leave….

  23. The new look and design is horrible, difficult to navigate or to do anything. Completely not user friendly!!! SmugMug, if you want to experiment with new design, at least leave the old options and ad new for people who wants, but don’t force the change now or ever!

      1. I agree – I will give them the credit that at least I have received replies to my emails, but although I keep expecting different, I get the company line of this change is good for you – it will rip my business to pieces. Other companies I’ve had major problems with ( like zoneedit ), never reply back, despite overwhelming evidence it was their problem.

        I’ve been told we will be forced to migrate – a LOT of pros have not done so and I presume are not happy with the change for a multitude of reasons…

  24. Sorry guys, this new design thing is not working for me. I can’t get the font I used to have, because I have no idea how to do it! I can’t get the slide show on my homepage, because I don’t know how to do it! I can’t arrange my galleries like I used to, because I don’t know how to do it. I can’t get the look that I have now, because your incredibly brief directions don’t explain enough. Five minutes to a new website – HOG WASH!!! I don’t have time to sit and fiddle with this only to get so frustrated that nothing I do is giving me the look I want. Please just let me keep what I have now. If you force me to change to the new “look,” I will leave!!!! I have been with you guys for years, but this new thing you’re doing does NOT work for me. Are you listening at all or am I going to get the company line that change is good for me. I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!

    1. If there is so much work involved just to keep what we have, and you cannot even get close to keeping it the same – what is the point of the exercise? The new Flickr looks awful. Unprofessional and boring. They seem to excel at ruining a great thing, and bringing us all down to mediocrity..,, Good thing they doubled the price to give us what we can get for free elsewhere.

      They need to get their heads out of the sand and get back to listening. Their site is there to give us the image that we want, not what they want. Their egos refuse to admit they screwed up royally. They used to stand for something, now they stand for nothing.

  25. Hmm is anyone else experiencing problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end
    or if it’s the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  26. Followed the instructions to create the Legacy look using the “SmugMug” design and it looks nothing like the design I had and still want. I don’t think I’m going to stay once they pull the plug on the Legacy View. Trying out the options on the new system just makes me fell sick over what I’m losing. Offering more options for those who want them is fine; taking away the option to keep what you like and have worked and maintained for 7 or more years is a poor way to treat loyal users.

    1. They have demonstrated they don’t care what pro photographers want. What they want is for them to leave them alone, and stop forcing them to spend time trying to get what they already have. They’re supposed to be freeing up our time to be taking photos. Instead they are forcing us to spend weeks cleaning up their mess. The amount of work involved is incredible. And then you are still left with the flickr crap that drives customers away. Why don’t they just superimpose an insult on our home page? Why are they trying to make us all a bunch of “cookie cutter” photographers? We design our sites to be unique and different, and they try to remove our creativity and make us all look the same. Did you see the new templates? They all look the same. All the same as the free sites. We are not communists. We want to be different. We want to stand out, not be camouflaged in a sea of ordinary. This is the biggest downgrade ever. No amount of hype can make this downgrade make-work project look desirable. The more people that are bullied into moving to the new cookie cutter layouts the better for the rest of us who will remain with a standout professional look.

      1. Here,here. I think we finally know the meaning of ‘smug’ in smugmug. These people are so self-satisfied with their new ‘flikr’ format that they really cannot see that what they had before was far superior. When you fail to understand your customers your business model is surely doomed.

  27. What I would like to know is this: If they can let us keep our Legacy sites for an undetermined period of time, why can’t they let the ones who want to keep them forever? Why turn a bunch of happy customers into a bunch of unhappy customers or former customers? What we have in our Legacy sites is what makes SmugMug worth it to us. If we have to accept something we consider ugly and unfriendly, we can do that for less or even for free. Why does our beloved (maybe I should say, formerly beloved) site want to turn into style-Natzis. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So let those who like the new convert to it; let those who hate it, stay with what we consider beautiful and useful and friendly!

    1. agree, leave the Legacy as it is: easy and user friendly. It also has cool designs and looks good enough.

      1. Looks good enough? That’s a joke. It is far superior to the “new” layouts that all look like sites you get for free.

  28. Apparently someone didn’t think that way and they decided to change to crap. So yes, it is not the most sophisticated, but very good and looks good enough, so it does not require such modifications as proposed by SmugMug. I just hope they are reading our comments and realize that they wasted lots of money for a new design for nothing, and they will loose more when people will start leaving their site.

  29. Whoa, it’s been awhile since I checked this thread and it seems the masses are not happy. I am a power user and I have no ambitions to sell images. I appreciate the simple new stretchy layouts and the simple neutral gray background I’ve set on a very modestly tweaked standard theme. That said I can feel the pain here.

    The new SmugMug no longer supports the older style API logins. This broke some custom apps that I put together that synchronizes my on and offline galleries. I have been patiently waiting for some clear documentaton on using the API from the new SmugMug and it looks I will be waiting a long time.

    Also, the date filter no longer works for images with EXIF dates that preceed 1970. I scan and restore old images. My oldest image has an EXIF date of 1870. Obviously such dates were not being set by iPhones in those days but many software utilities allow you to set EXIF dates to any valid Gregorian date. The old system filters worked for dates before 1970. The new SmugMug does not. I have repeatedly reported this issue but it’s obviously not a priorty. I am a paying customer and a continued lack of enthusiam for such issues may force me to reasses my relationship with SmugMug.

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment. I will have Cheston Lee reach out to you about the API. The organizer and Apple’s new Aperture integration is built off of version 2.0 of the API and we’d love to have you support it.

      All the best,

      1. Thanks for your reply Chris. Any information about how to use the new API, particularily from JavaScript or C# would be appreciated. I only do a few simple things.
        1) Download gallery metadata
        2) Set keywords
        When constructing documentation good code examples go further than reams of text.

  30. I don’t even have the legacy “button”.. just a black screen with unrelated pics..

    I so miss my calm khaki backgrounds with photo links to all my galleries.. what are “buttons” now just have a symbol on them which always directs me to a place that tells me how GREAT the new smugmug is.. .I am now, daily, desperately trying to find a new “home” for my pics,. I am not a computer savvy person, and the simplicity of this place is what I loved.. Even a dunce like me could figure things out.. Now I cannot even FIND the way back to what I liked.. What was perhaps “needed” was a TRUE legacy for people like me, and a “turbo” version (for the extra fee) for people who wanted the “new” one. A wise person said..:if it ain’t broke..don;t fix it”.. Were millions of people really bugging Smugmug to complicate the site?

    1. Hi Julinda
      I’m sorry you are having a hard time with NEW SmugMug. I think I found your SmugMug site, based on the email that you used here. The legacy button to toggle between the NEW SmugMug sandbox and your legacy look is at the very top right hand side. It’s a large blue rectangle on a blue header. Right beside the button is another to use when you are ready to unveil.
      Right now, the content on your homepage are individual images. If you are going to follow this tutorial you will want to click the customize button, and choose a new design. Start with the SmugMug design to start this tutorial. Our heroes would be very happy to help, so if you’ve got further problems please do reach out to our help desk.

      1. I thought the “new” SmugMug is so intuitive and simple you can do everything yourself in a matter of minutes ….

  31. I’m just overwhelmed. I’m a photographer, not a website designer and that’s what I feel like I have to be with all these different steps. I’m seriously thinking of moving somewhere else.

    1. Hi Paul, We’re sorry to hear that you’re feeling overwhelmed, and of course our Support Heroes are always happy to help if you need a hand achieving a certain look to your site.

      We frequently get requests for step by step instructions on how to do things so it may look long, but it’s really just two concepts: add your boxes and choose settings. Once you learn that, you’re good to go on anything in New SmugMug.

      We’re here for you:

    1. Do they have a sandbox yet where we can play with the new one without destroying the legacy one?

      Do we still have to design a new box for every page we want to view on a map? The legacy was a simple check box. The new SM is a lot of work you have to do over and over and over and over … or it was…. did you fix this?

      The new SM is supposed to be easier, isn’t it?

  32. No matter what I have tried, I can’t get the new smugmug to show me a thumbnail on the main page of the latest photos I have uploaded to a gallery within a folder.
    The main page shows me a thumbnail of the oldest gallery within a folder, not a thumbnail of the latest gallery. The old smugmug used to automatically show the latest thumbnail and I didn’t have to manually select a thumbnail or make any other changes. So it was easy to see if any new photos were added anywhere, as these automatically displayed sorted from latest to oldest on the main page.
    How can I achieve this in the new smugmug?
    I have tried various options and have gone through all the difference settings, but this does not seem to flow through to the thumbnail that is displayed on the main page. To clarify, I put all my galleries within folders, so the only thing that shows on my main page is folders, not individual galleries.

  33. I also had tons of difficulties with the new smugmug. and all the time that was already spent to make my site look the way I wanted it to look…It also seems that New smugmug needs even more time, training, and in the end of the day it will look almost the same… for the most of us… I am leaving my legacy until I figure out something else

    1. Hi Allister

      Thanks for getting in touch. When you’re editing your theme, under the list of available fonts you will see “Browse available fonts”. Clicking the Browse link will take you to the Google fonts page where you can see each of them displayed. Hope that helps!


        1. Hi again. Glad that worked.
          The Home/Browse/Search menu buttons can be changed or deleted using the menu bar builder content block. See this article: There is a great short video at the bottom of that page.
          The links at the bottom left of your page are the footer. To modify what shows in it, open the Customize menu and then click the “settings” button that is at the top right of the tool bar on that screen. Set SmugMug Footer to OFF. That should do it.
          Cheers, Allister.

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