Release Notes, fixes and more

A huge, heartfelt thank you to all of you passionate readers out there who’ve shared your thoughts about the new SmugMug. Whether you’re Tweeting, Facebooking, Dgrinning, emailing or posting comments in our blog, we really do read every single response (even if we can’t always reply personally to every one). Change inspires great feeling in all of us, and it’s been a wild ride seeing just how the new features and tools have affected so many of you.

Since launch day we’ve been hard at work helping you get settled, cataloging your feedback, tweaking and polishing and making things that much better for you to use. So here’s the first batch of updates that gives you a closer look at some of the things we’ve shipped in the last week.

Gallery Comments are back!

When we launched, your gallery comments didn’t migrate with your photos, but we didn’t just chuck them into the trash. Now when you drop in a comments content block, click the wrench in the corner, choose a source and pull in all your previous comments from, say, your legacy guestbook gallery:

Show Off to embed slideshows

You’ve asked for an easy way to embed your photos into external sites, so we brought the Show Off feature into the new SmugMug. When you’re logged in as owner, you’ll see the “Show Off” option in the lightbox view, from the social menu. You can customize a beautiful slideshow of virtually any size to embed in webpages:

Show Off and post an embedded slideshow

Events & Favorites

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback about this feature in the last week, so thank you to everyone who helped us track down and iron out the bumps. We have:

  • … fixed issues your clients sometimes had saving and removing Favorites.
  • … made it so that Event slideshows play perfectly again.
  • … fixed an obscure bug so that all top-level folders display reliably in the Events gallery picker.

Video improvements

  • Slicker, smoother video playback.
  • “Auto” streams a juicy 640×480 and up.

Misc improvements

  • Are you in the EU? You’ll feel at home with our new, rule-abiding cookie consent bar.
  • Presented a cleaner, new crop page on preview mode and unveiled sites.
  • Upped the maximum number of Multiple Photos to 48.

Misc bug fixes

  • Site Meta Title and Description SEO tools use YOUR text (not ours, unless you leave these blank).
  • Tidied up the logged-out view of comments box.
  • Passwords stick to your galleries, even if you move them into Public folders.
  • Fixed navigation into Categories on legacy Sharegroups.
  • You can set pricing on galleries before you’ve even filled them with photos.
  • Gallery descriptions are visible to anyone with permissions to view your gallery.
  • You can sort your Collected images in the Organizer.

Enjoy! As always, please don’t be shy about sharing what you love, what you don’t, and what you think doesn’t look quite right.

More soon,

The SmugMug Family

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148 thoughts on “Release Notes, fixes and more”

  1. Thanks for the fixes!
    BTW I’m seeing that my watermarks show up on my gallery thumbs.

    I think you took away the option to have thumbs show/not show watermarks (which is a good move, there were too many fiddly bits and options in the old interface, poorly organized).

    But I’d like to ask that you make it so that watermarks do not appear in the thumbs. It sure makes my thumbs look bad and I really can’t even imagine why someone would want this.

  2. Plus there have been updates to the Lightroom Plugin. I am not sure all of them, but my issues are fixed. As usual Devbobo was all over it and got me fixed up quickly.

    Don’t forget to update the plugin….

  3. My gallery & folder thumbnails are still showing up as broken image links, even when I’ve set a feature photo for that gallery or folder. Only when I’m logged out though (ie. when I’m looking at my site as a client). When I’m logged in, everything looks perfect. Perplexing… and currently ugly.

    1. Hi Kandise, this is most likely caused by external linking being off in that gallery. We’ve been hearing about this a lot lately, and our engineers are looking into it. For now, you’ll have to turn external linking to “On” or you can use a featured photo from a different gallery that does. Hope this helps.

  4. This has confused me even more – the part about putting your comments back in your galleries. I have chosen the Nyx theme. It seems that the comments feature at the bottom of galleries is already there – I don’t have to put in a separate comments box. So there also doesn’t seem to be a way to then import our old comments to the new in this case. ???

    1. Hi Kara, any comments box can do this. By default it just drops a fresh one in that space, but click the wrench to open the settings, and you’ll see a new “Source” line, as shown in the screen shot above. From there you can select your old guestbook gallery and the comments will get pulled in.

      If you’re having trouble, just write to our Support Heroes:

    1. Absolutely, Kenneth. You can make as many versions of your site as you want and we’ll save them all until you choose to delete them. This way you can swap between designs with just a click. We’ll list all your current designs at the top of the designs page, when you click Customize > Choose a New Site Design.

  5. Oh also: I noticed my password protected galleries were FUBAR on a friend’s Ipad as recently as this Saturday with the Smugmug gallery style.

    He entered the gallery password, and when it opened the page, it skipped to the bottom of the page (below the selected image, where the comments would normally be). Another password prompt appeared in a frame, where the comments should have been.

    Has this been fixed?

    Main Website: Etched in Pixels Photography
    Menlo Park CA, 94025

  6. Great work getting the Gallery comments back.
    Now I keep all my Guest Book entries. That is fantastic!

    Now if you get to fix the slideshow, Ad footers, and geo-tagging it might be worth switching to the new site.

    Can we choose smaller icons now? The size they were in Legacy?

  7. I’m still waiting for 2 “bugs” to be fixed in the captions. Most importantly is the linebreak bug, that one is basically killing my ability to go public with the New SM. I can’t release a website where underneath my photos looks like a big mess. Emailed Support Heroes and still waiting to hear back….

    Basically all line breaks get surpressed (ignored) and paragraphs are just combined into one blob of text. If I manually add ‘s, things work but I don’t really want to go edit the captions in all my photos just to get this to work how it used to work.

    Also, for whatever reason, there’s a bug (design flaw?) in the “SmugMug” layout in that there’s a CSS tag for “max-width.” It’s preventing the captions from filling to the right of the screen. They look super squished and weird. I’ve seen it on multiple sites.

  8. I would like a refund of my annual fee please. All of this is out if my league because I’m not attempting to sell my photos. I’m a family and friends share type of customer.

    Thank you

    Megan Croft

    1. Just getting to grips with the new Smug as I was out of town last week, but pleased so far! Lots of tweaking still to do to my site, but the cleaner more modern themes are great. I’m still a little baffled at times trying to find things (eg collecting/copying photos to another gallery – is there no way to select multiple photos for that? Couldn’t find it), but that’s inevitable with a big change like this. Overall, file management is WAY easier with folders/galleries tree than it ever was before!

    2. Megan,

      It’s not just out of your league, it’s out of mine as well and I’m a software engineer. I’ve struggled with this new setup for well over a week with no result outside of continuous frustration. I’ve tried different themes, different approaches, different browsers, different attitudes on my part, still no joy. When something as simple as a “Breadcrumb” element can’t be made to work correctly there are some serious problems (running it under “preview” took me to a site that my anti-virus software categorized as “malicious”).

      There’s been almost no support from Smugmug because it’s my understanding they are simply swamped with issues. The kicker is that I just joined Smugmug a few days before they sprang this on us. Now it’s a race to find a new site that won’t use its customer base for beta testing before they disable Smugmug “legacy”.

      Best of luck,


    3. Megan, I, too, was a bit frustrated because I’m just a friends and family guy. Most of the customization features are not available to standard Smugmug users (which isn’t mentioned unless you dig around). With standard SM users, you can customize the basics but you can not choose designs. I did upgrade to the Pro SM because I wanted a nice looking site and am very happy. I do think, however, that the basic/standard smugmug users should have a site that is equal in looks to Flickr (which I felt it did not). But I have thousands of photos on SM and would have involved ALOT of work to migrate to flickr. Upgrading to the pro account seemed easier for me. Good luck with whatever you decide.

    4. Hi Meg, we have man, many customers like you who aren’t looking to sell their photos, and who just want a safe, reliable place to keep their photos. We’re sorry to hear that things aren’t working out for you and you’re welcome to contact our Support Heroes with any questions about your options:

  9. Glad to see that some things are being fixed but I’m still suffering from the bug that I seem to be the only one affected by, in that I can’t access my gallery settings in the new smug. It just shows the title and the 2 save/cancel buttons (which don’t do anything) but no settings. Folder settings appear fine and work. I’ve sent 3 emails to help (only the first was replied to, saying they couldn’t replicate it) and posted in the support forum (hero said would pass it on to QA)

    1. Hi Josh,

      Ann here from SmugMug. Nice job with your New Design!
      I just took a peek but I also cannot reproduce this problem. Can you let us know more info, such as browser and operating system? I’ve only found a single ticket from you in our help tickets, reporting the problem on July 30. Did you use a different email address on the other tickets?

      1. A big THANK YOU! to Sheaf who just fixed my gallery settings between the time I recorded a video of my screen showing how it wasn’t working and smugmug processing the video. I am so relieved and can now get started working on my site in the new smug.

  10. irishmeg :
    I would like a refund of my annual fee please. All of this is out if my league because I’m not attempting to sell my photos. I’m a family and friends share type of customer.
    Thank you
    Megan Croft

    So you’re saying you never want them to upgrade and evolve?

    Besides, you are free to leave your site in legacy mode…

  11. Overall, I am very pleased with the new smugmug. I am still fumbling through some of the new design options; but am learning. My major pain area has been with the organizer. I am finding it to be cumbersome and frustrating. Specifically:
    When I access the keyword/captions editor for galleries, I have to click on each thumbnail to select it. Why can’t I click on one and then use my shift key and another click on the last thumbnail I want included?

    My filenames do not show up in organizer. It is difficult to determine which items I want to select for modification from the tiny thumbnail picture alone. The old smugmug screen included the filename. The only place I see the filename on the new smugmug is in the caption/keyword edit screen.

    When I select a subset of items in a gallery and then click on the captions/keywords menu, all of the gallery items are included rather than only the gallery items I selected.

    Any help you can provide will be much appreciated!

    1. Hi Sheila, you should definitely be able to shift+click to select multiple galleries in the organizer. Once you do that and have several galleries selected, hit the Settings button and you can apply anything you see there to all of your selections at once. But we love the feedback you have about filenames, so thank you for mentioning that!

      1. regarding file the old smug you could hover your mouse over a thumbnail or image and the file name would display..this was very useful when looking for a specific to get the file name you first have to display the full image…
        not a gamebreaker..but certainly another one of those minor take aways from what we had with old smug..each individual take away may seem small but they do add up!

      2. I think you mis-understood me on the shift click. I was not talking about being able to do that in organizer, but from the keyword/caption modification screen. I have to either select all or click each individual thumbnail. Because I can no longer collect photos in bulk, I am instead going back to add keywords so I can use Smart Galleries. Pretty tedious job.

        You also did not give any feedback on the issue of selecting specific pictures in organizer but then seeing all pictures from the gallery in the keyword/caption screen.

        Thank you.

  12. I’m using NYX Design and have my homepage display a Collage Landscape of images from one specific gallery that has over 1,000 images.

    I’d like the NYX HOMEPAGE to sort the images RANDOMLY for each view, allowing viewers to see a fresh version and diversity every time they visit, without having to scroll down almost endlessly – slightly similar to a randomly sorted homepage slideshow in Legacy Smugmug.

    On the other hand, I do NOT want to randomize the sorting of the images within the gallery (pointed to by the NYX homepage) so that if a client is returning to purchase an image, once he enters the gallery, it will not be difficult for him/her to locate the specific image based on its previous position.


  13. Just made the transition ! Nice look but I already miss some features like the short links. Hope these will be fix soon (unless they are hidden somewhere I still haven’t found) !

  14. Is the publish to facebook option going to be making a return? It was good, saved me uploading photos twice🙂

    Other than that I’m loving the new site🙂

    1. Agree…the new share to facebook feature leaves much to be desired. Very small thumbnail link to facebook and not nearly as pretty as the old feature. Now, because it links to the entire gallery, if the gallery is password protected I cannot even publish a picture or two of “sneak peak”‘s for clients. This feature alone will probably determine if I renew my pro subscription.

  15. The biggest troubling thing to me is that you can no longer, when logged in as the owner, see the passwords to each gallery! I have many clients that I’ve directed to their photos all on your site. However, when the thousands of people want to know what their password is, I go to look it up, and all I see is ” ******** “. I can’t possibly remember thousands of custom passwords, and “password reminders” don’t do it either since I try and keep those not obvious.

    Having the ability to see my own passwords I created seems to be quite crucial.

  16. I like most of the changes implemented so far, thank you. Smugmug is now iOS friendly. I’m having issue with uploading using Lightroom 4, am I alone?

    1. I am using the latest plugin and am still having major issues publishing photos from Lightroom to Smugmug. As part of my efforts to fix this I also tried to sync Lightroom and Smugmug b/c my new folder hierarchy wasn’t showing up in Lightroom. The result was it asking me to ‘reconcile’ (one by one) over 800 photos. It’s a mess. If anyone figures out fixes to this please let me know.

  17. I really wish you would bring back javascript, I can’t even put my weddingwire badges or use a normal contact form, really not good for my business. Debating the switch now to someone else because of it.

    1. I see your point, but to me I think they need to improve things like print ordering, proof selection, and client communication. Those fundamentals are more critical to business than javascript alone.

  18. One small change I’d like to see implemented is the ability to disable the shopping cart for individual photos within a gallery. Currently the gallery setting affects all the photos in that gallery.

    1. I’ve reloaded the plug-in twice but many of my galleries are now completely broken. All show images in LR5 now listed as Deleted Photos to Remove…. but are still in the Gallery. However, now I publish to the collection. I get a windows warning “Can’t update this collection. An internal error has occurred: can’t parse JSON at char 1 of: □”

      1. There is a new version of the plugin (August 13) …
        I had problems with the previous version too !
        The galleries are Ok but the plugin duplicated the picture in some galleries !
        I don’t think it would be a problem with new picture to publish but the plugin couldn’t correctly handle updates in existing pictures …

        For the messed galleries I had to delete the picture in Smugmug Organizer, sync on the Lightroom side then Publish … At least this worked for the Lightroom smart galleries, the standard galleries seem to be more difficult to handle …

        BTW, I don’t know if the updated plugin is really bug fixed … It couldn’t solve my messed galleries problem …

  19. I still don’t see anything about restoring the support for Communities. As this is a main driver of hits to my galleries, I still consider it a mandatory feature. It is currently the ONLY thing stopping me from making the conversion.

  20. Thanks to the team for the work and for being so reactive! I add a request: I didn’t find a way to collect multiple photos at the same time and when i want to collect a lot of photos in one or multiple galleries, it’s very painful! Could it be possible to do add a “collect feature” in the “organize panel”? Thank you in advance. Bye!

  21. Thank you SmugMug for all you do! I love my new website, still working on refining and learning everything it can do.

    Wondering if there is a way to create a virtual grease pencil mark to select my favorite shots of a session and maybe another color grease pencil for the client to select their favorites before editing? It would be crazy awesome to be able to scroll through a shoot and see grease pencil selections together…does this make sense?? Here is a link of a shoot where a virtual grease pencil mark would be great:

    Thanks again!

    PS – where can I buy a black front zipper SmugMug hoodie?? Love it!

  22. Can I keep my legacy layout with the site screaming at me all the time to change it? I’m one of the Luddites out there who was very happy with the older classic look. None of the new layouts really engage me at all.

    1. Blog option would be terrific, and make it so one didn’t need to reconcile the look of two sites… would definitely be a fan if it were possible to include!

  23. I am having a problem with the favorite icon. No matter what I do, when I go back in to settings, the icon is gone. The file is 16 X 16 and I have saved as both a jpg and png. Neither is working. I believe I saw where other people were having this issue as well.

      1. Click Customize site and then click on settings in the green bar at the top of the screen. The favorite icon as at the bottom of that window.

    1. Browsers often cache the old favicon you were using, so your new one may not appear to show up right away. You can try viewing your site with a new browser than you haven’t used on your site before, but it will show up in due time.

      1. I was very disappointed to see this issue in the DGrin support pages. Seems there was an issue and it is now fixed. I confirmed this because I again added a favicon and the file stuck this time. Seems my request here was just blown off and never properly researched nor did anyone think to follow with me once an issue was discovered. Customer service seems to be lacking lately.

  24. thanks for mentioning to update the lightroom plugin, apparently I have not updated mine in a LONG time, but I just did it a moment ago.🙂 thanks for listening to all of the feedback and requests, I haven’t requested anything or really said anything, but I glad to see you brought back some of the things I love being able to do via my smugmug. the only thing I was not able to really do with my site is add the script for the google plus code which is javascript. everything else I was able to figure out with your instruction and playing around with stuff.

  25. It appears one of the fixes implemented this week is causing “lock” icons to appear on all of the images I designated to display on my homepage. These icons were not there originally and I need to know how to get rid of these icons.

    1. I’m with Stan. I did not bother recording these (dozens) of passwords because once logged in I did not need! so if a client forgot,was easy for me to find it – I just logged in. now? eek

      1. Sites shouldn’t store passwords. They should store hashes of passwords which can’t easily be turned back into the password. This gives customers a lot better security.

  26. Any info on the ability to use Statcounter with the new Smugmug? I’m not changing over until I can get it work again. Right now, I see the coding when it is placed in the footer.

    1. I use Stat counter and it was one of the first things I fixed. You need to get the code for your page from Statcounter, them make a HTML box at the bottom of the home page and paste the code in there, save and publish and it should work.

  27. The directions to retrieve comments are not clear. What page do I need to be on to drag the comment box? I am trying to get them to show up in my guestbook, Gallery.

    1. Hi Jodi, just use the Comments content block. By default it will drop an empty comment form, but you can set the Source to pull from your old guestbook gallery, instead.

  28. Good to have the slideshow back, but the fact that it is based on flash limits its usefulness.

    Has there been progress on an HTML5 embeddable slideshow option?

    1. I love HTML5 slide shows as well, but I have too many old-school clients who use old versions of Internet Explorer which only work well with flash.

      1. I don’t see why there would be a need to remove the flash option. of course with windows XP approaching end of life the oldest versions of IE are thankfully on their way out

  29. Love what you have done with the new smuggie , my only gripe is , i have set up a search bar to search by date range, which works fine, except it shows all the photos with the newest first, as my site is an aviation based site , looking at your search as a slide show, the aircraft land backwards, which is some what annoying, would like to be able to sort the search range by ” oldest first ” POSSIBLE ??????

  30. Win 8 – Chrome and FF do not allow photos to be moved around in the “Organize Site” section. It does work in IE though.

  31. Have slowly adjusted to the new settings, loved the look from the get go and now I have my site working just the way I want it to mostly… just need to figure out how to caption the photos rather than comment.

    1. Hi nvdlboy, just click the little wrench icon that appears under the image. That will pop up a small menu of editing options, including your Photo Details. That’s where you’ll be able to enter photo titles, captions and keywords.

  32. Frankly, I am somewhat disappointed with the new SmugMug. It seems you guys have spent all the effort on improving the customization “packaging” and adding glitz while ignoring so many essential features and actual site functionality. This may be great for some users, but those of us who look for a serious solution to manage photos, are still missing many essentials.

    The #1 requested feature on your Feedback Forum – custom login/access privileges for user groups – is completely ignored! Looks like you haven’t even bothered to start working on it… Why can’t we limit assistant’s access to selected folders/galleries? If I want someone to be able to create new galleries and upload photos (give them the assistant rights), that person automatically gets access to ALL my content. It’s a major flaw and absolutely unacceptable! We have been requesting this to be improved for years. Why are you ignoring this?

    Where is the per-gallery “Map This” button that was such a cool feature in the old SM? Why did you drop that? The new Map content box is NOT a viable alternative. It is a completely different thing – a huge permanent box on a page that hardly anybody needs. It was nice to be able to click a button and temporarily view the map that traces just the photos in the current gallery. Now you are suggesting we put a large permanent Map box on each page or home page? Thanks, but I’ll pass on that. So, as far as many of us are concerned, displaying geo-tagged photos is no longer working in SM. (Read this discussion if you think I’m the only one who thinks like that: )

    The new SM allows changing settings for multiple galleries at once. That’s great. But we still have to first open each folder, select the galleries in the folder, and then apply the settings. Then repeat for each sub-folder. I have just gone through that process and found it still quite tedious. Why is it not possible to select a folder and set the default gallery configuration for all galleries within that folder and its subfolders?? And, btw, when I set the Gallery properties to multiple galleries in a folder, it seems that not even all properties actually get applied to all galleries correctly. (Those are bugs that I hope will be fixed soon, so I can live with that. What I am concerned with is that the design is still misguided.)

    Don’t want to sound rude, but it almost looks as if you only employ “web developers”, JS/HTML5 programmers, but no real software architects who can actually model and implement serious software, design flexible domain models that can support adding/modifying features without scrapping the whole codebase each time? How else can we explain the hard-wired 2-level folder hierarchy that existed for so many years and now has been replaced with another hard-wired 5-level structure? 5 is better than 2, and quite possibly, many people won’t need more, but how difficult is it to implement a generic directory tree structure and let the users decide how many levels they want? No good server-side software engineers on the team? That – in addition to the lack of a good Project Manager who’d keep the trigger-happy designers in check and enforce a good balance of useful functionality and glitz in the product? Designs and layouts are a good thing to improve, no doubt. But that shouldn’t be done at the expense of the real business functionality. My $.02.

    1. Rude.

      My #1 requested feature was a modern looking photo site. Check! If I had multiple assistants working for me that I needed to restrict access, I’d look into a solution ranging in the >$10K per year range, not $250!

      1. Not a serious response, I’m sorry. It is ok if you personally care more about the looks of the site over its functionality. I also like the modernized UI features. However, security and proper content privacy management are extremely important for any site that stores personal/business content. These days, most sites that charge money (even if only $5-10/mo) take that seriously. Or go out of business. Even free sites do that, for that matter. Modern looks should not come at the expense of undercooked essential features. Better user access management has been, indeed, the #1 requested SM feature that SM continues to ignore:

        And, btw, the $300/year I am paying for my SM hosting is not cheap at all. The “>$10K per year range” you are mentioning is unheard of in the consumer market, which SM operates in. Those are enterprise prices for the types of hosting that come with completely different features and services. I know a thing or two about the subject because I do that for a living.

  33. Did the option to publish to a Facebook Gallery disappear? I’ve been having to use the legacy version of my Smug to do it

    1. There is now a “share” option beneath the picture. However, it shares the gallery, not just one picture and it’s a very small, hard to see picture. Very different from the old publish to facebook option which was beautiful.

    2. Jess, we still have Publish to Facebook, but it’s moved to your site-wide Organizer. However it sounds like you want to share an individual photo to Facebook, which is a different feature. Thanks for the feedback!

  34. Some more bugs (or are those features?):
    – Setting Watermarking to OFF in Gallery Settings/Security$Privacy does NOT remove watermarks!
    – someone has already mentioned that watermarks show in the thumbnails, that’s just bad. I second to that.

    1. Actually, it seams the watermarks are not removed if the images in a gallery are virtual copies of the originals that reside in some other gallery. However, the owner’s link “View in the original gallery” is nowhere to be found in the new SmugMug. With large numbers of images and galleries, it is not always easy to find the original gallery the virtual copy comes from. What happened to the link to the original??? Please bring it back!

      1. Well, watermarking works inconsistently indeed. I find that in some of my galleries setting it to OFF does not remove the watermarks at all. Changing a watermark from (picking a different watermark image) takes no effect.

        All together, there are many annoying bugs like that. Settings don’t get saved properly, the position of an image box and/or margins get reset when another content box is added to the page, etc. A single image [content box] always gets centered if I use the original image size ratio, even although I want it left-aligned. It only gets left-aligned when I pick the 1:1 size ratio for the image…

    2. In the old smug setting Watermarking to No in the gallery settings did not remove the watermarks either. That just changes what happens to whatever photos are uploaded after the change. To remove watermarks you had to go to the dropdown tools>multiplePhotosMore>watermarking and select the photos you wanted to remove it from.

      As for the new smug, I couldn’t tell you if it works the same because I can’t get into gallery settings. But if you go to the organizer and select the photos you want to remove the watermark from and hit the edit button, and choose watermarking, the same watermarking tool as the old smug appears.

  35. Sam Pierson :
    I found out the publish to Facebook option : it’s in the organizer when you’re looking at a gallery !

    Sam, thanks so much for leading me to the gallery to publish. THAT was what I was looking for all along. 🙂 Happy again🙂

  36. Didn’t want to send another email to the Heroes, but I wanted to say thank you for all the help I received in the last week. You guys are awesome!

    1. First annoying glitch that I’ve encountered: in some galleries (and only some), the images won’t stay where I’ve sorted them manually. These are portfolio galleries where I want them in a specific order to showcase certain things, and every time I go back to them they’ve rearranged themselves. Is there a randomizing command I’ve missed somewhere, or is it just a bug? Thanks in advance🙂

  37. It appears as though comments left by visitors no longer provide a link back to their websites as the legacy does/did. It was nice to be able to see who was leaving comments and be able to check out their work as well.

  38. Is it just me or is there still no quick way to upload multiple folders automatically and have the same album/folder structure created on sm? I’ve used star explorer to acomplish this but I still have to create each sub album for each folder. It doesn’t work currently on the new format, puts all my photos into a review folder, not sure what the purpose of that is, but was hoping sm had improved there uploading of photos. I would love to see a setup similar to drop box in that it auto syncs defaulting to private until you release the folder for public viewing. Facial tagging would be awesome too. Maybe there’s something already out there that people are using. Let me know. Thanks.

    Side note, what’s the difference between an album vs a gallery, why would I chose one over another?

  39. Thanks for the fixes🙂

    Apart from the cookies bar. I know it isn’t up to you guys but I do hate that it has to be there here in the EU…

    Would it be possible to allow us to customise it? Such as colours, text and placement?

    Also I’ve noticed that when browsing my site on an iPhone, my social links at the bottom of the page appear twice, have I done something silly?

    Thanks for everything smug mug🙂

    1. Hi Dan, and beautiful site! Right now we don’t have a way to customize that message bar, but that’s a good suggestion. As for your social links, that sounds odd since your browser-viewed site looks OK. Could you send a message to our Support Heroes, if you haven’t already done so?

  40. I am happy with the look of the new smug mug and the most of it’s features. There are two features that I used all of the time that are not there now.

    I liked being able to check my site stats to see the number hits, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It appears the stats are no longer available.

    The other feature that I really miss is the communities section. I enjoyed being able to look at images of others with similar interests, ie Black and White, Daily and images. I found I was really inspired at times by the beautiful images of other photographers of similar interests.

    Thank you,

  41. Hi I am not very good at creating websites and i feel overwhelmed by all the options do you have any templates for the new look of course i want to look as good as i can but its just not my forte, any help appreciated Al


  42. I have been reading some conflicting information about whether or not Smugmug will support/have photo communities on the new Smug (Dailies, in particular, but there are many others). I really enjoy the Dailies, participated for several years, and find that not only is most of my site traffic from there, but we interact there and carry it over into the dgrin forums. I have read that Smug will not support/have photo communities in the new smug, but that if we have kept the old legacy site (I didn’t, I switched), we can still access and participate in the communities (although my understanding is that these are now glitchy since the switchover). Is there any official word you can share about whether or not you will continue to have communities on the new smug? I would so very much hate to see them go. I think they bring a lot of knowledge and excitement about photography to Smugmug and make it more than many other photo sharing sites.

  43. Have you fixed the problem that limits the amount of albums I can put on my homepage because 48 is Legacy page has all my 150 plus albums..this is my main complaint about the new system..I have no interest in making fancy looking hompages,I just want what I already have.

    1. Stuart one way to add more than 48 photos is to put multiple content blocks on a page. Then you can have virtually infinite photos, if that’s what you want.

      1. You make it sound easy but I simply cant make head nor tail of any of it..please feel free to set that up for me and I will hit Publish..wont doing else.

        Regards from Stu

  44. I have been waiting for keywords to index for 36+ hours – your help people tell me that the system is slow – is that really true? I thought you used Amazon – is the problem really capacity? If such an issue, why aren’t you posting this on your status page? Come on guys, communicate openly and honestly to your fans – otherwise we will not be your fans – and will loose our business and the business of the people we refer to you.

    1. I am not holding my breath for a reply Macy..I am one of thee biggest critics of the brilliant new easy to use site..every criticism on Facebook has been largely ignored,so I assume the powers that be will be happy to see us take our money elsewhere.

    2. I am also having this issue. In legacy, I could perform a bulk collect of photos; but on the new site, this is not an option. Documentation states that we should use keywords and smart galleries instead. I have gone in and added keywords to many of my galleries (required huge amount of time) only to find I still could not get the collections to work because the keywords are not being found. My frustration level is rising.

      1. Also I dont to add more than 48 photos to my new homepage..I want all my 150 plus albums like I have on Legacy..48 is the limit on the new..

  45. It seems some of my galleries (at least the ones that were made of collected virtual copies of images from other galleries) have vanished, and I cannot locate them in the Organize browser, or by any other means. Looks like the old way to collect photos (that actually worked very well and was easy to use) doesn’t work any more. Please note that the “smart gallery” feature is NOT the same. Often I just need to select several photos and make them show in a specific gallery – without updating the keywords because that may force the images to also show up in some other smart gallery where I don’t want them! Seems no one has thought of that simple use case…

    More and more I get an impression that the whole new SM design was driven by UI programmers who prefer to work on what they personally like and not necessarily what should be the priority from the business standpoint. And the latter means: don’t start telling the customers what they should want, listen to what they ask for. I understan that lots of people who have recently purchased DSLRs and are not computer savvy are psyched about the ability to deploy a fancy-looking site with one-click. That’s great! Especially if the out-of-the-box content provided by the SM designers will remain the best looking part of the site… But for those of us who have used computers before, why reinvent the wheel and come up with new ways of doing conventional things that have not changed in years, that use the same familiar workflow on Macs, PCs, and, finally, with HTML5, literally in all browsers? I often find myself intuitively trying to do something in the new SM in the way I’d expect it to work, only to realize that they want me to do it their way.

  46. Hello,

    I really love the new features :
    Really fun and easy to customize and very good automatic phones and tablet conversion !
    Organizer works very well too !
    Exactly what I was waiting for.

    I had a look to Zenfolio … Sure it’s powerfull but I think the new Smugmug is way easier to configure for the average guy !

    I understand everything in the new Smugmug is working with CSS without having to care about. So it perhaps needs some time to adapt if you have no idea of what’s behind the scene and the limitations going with it …

    Of course there’s some remaining bugs or features to improve but in a few weeks I’m sure it will be a winner !

    Please give Smugmug heroes time !

    1. Please note that your photos may look okay on mobile and table devices but the only way a customer can actually purchase a photo is from a desktop device.

      1. I’m not sure this answer fits with my post but I posted an answer to this one, minutes ago.
        I give you a copy and a comment :
        “I just checked on 3 devices to be sure :
        On Retina iPad the “Add to cart” button is there at the top of a gallery, in both landscape and portrait mode.
        On Nexus 7 Android tablet it’s Ok in landscape mode but not in portrait mode.
        On HTC One Android Smartphone (720p) none of the modes show the Cart button.

        So when Smugmug enters the mobile mode bye bye Cart button, I think it’s a bug but it doesn’t block the cart in every tablet or smartphone but only when the screen width is under a limit …
        I think if you checked on a full HD smartphone it would be Ok … But I don’t have one to try it !”

        The post I replied complained about the Cart button missing in slideshow but I think if the Add to cart button is Ok at the top of a gallery it’s Ok too in the slideshow.
        It was Ok on my iPad …

        1. It is not okay on my Iphone nor on my Android . I had not tried on Ipad, but after reading the response from Heros that they currently did not support any way to purchase from these devices, I took their word for it. I don’t know how to force a customer into landscape mode and don’t want to. I also tried to change the gallery display from slideshow. That worked on my desktop but on my iphone, it still forced me to a collage view and if I click a photo, I am immediately taken to slideshow (even though I disabled slideshow view in my gallery settings) I have had calls from 8 people in the last two weeks telling me they could not find a way to purchase a photo (5 were iPhone 5 and 3 were Android). I would expect every customer to see a cart regardless of device and I should not have to force anything. Please review the dgrin support forum comments regarding no support and let me know if you still agree. I am finding a pretty consistent disconnect between responses on this page and responses on Dgrin and other locations.

  47. stuart dobson :
    You make it sound easy but I simply cant make head nor tail of any of it..please feel free to set that up for me and I will hit Publish..wont doing else.
    Regards from Stu

    I don’t understand what is your problem …
    Dragging new blocks in your page ?
    Don’t want multiple blocks on your home page ?

    BTW, put many pictures on the home page is really a pain in the neck for the one who try to visit your site !
    I really hate the Galery S*** in Flickr for this !!!

    Reading all the comments I’m surprised by the number of answers by Smugmug guys and I found those answers often really relevant so I don’t know why you’re complaining.

  48. Hello again,

    I’d like to know if there is a way to save our site layout as copies the same way we get copies of your original templates ?


    1. Hi nspz-73

      My main complaint is simples..all I want on my new homepage is what is on my Legacy homepage and that is a thumbnail of each of my 150 plus galleries ..on the new you can only have 48.

      1. Ok Stuart,

        You can drag as many “Gallery” objects to your homepage each object limited to 48 thumbnails.
        Wouldn’t it be Ok for your use ?
        You only have to remove the text entries in the second, third, etc block of galleries then set a top and bottom margin to zero.
        So your thumnail could appear in one an only apparent block.

        BTW, did you think about grouping your galleries in folders to have an easier navigation ?
        You could highlight your favorites gallery in a portfolio and provide the folders to access the other galleries.

        Tell me if that helps …

      2. Hi Stuart

        As long as you choose to display all of your galleries by organizer position, rather than display by most recent etc. and you choose to allow pagination and scroll, all of your galleries can appear in a single gallery content block.

        However, this is actually a really difficult way to view your site, for you and your visitors. Organizing into folders would make the viewing experience much nicer for them, and I do believe for you too.

        1. Thank you both very much for replying to my aged of the Heroes told me about pagination,but as yet I have not found such a menu that says this.
          Just to fill you in on my hobby..I have been visiting derelict buildings for nearly 40 years documenting their demise..I get about a thousand views a day and the majority are through what we call Urban Exploration minded explorers,who view my visits and get inspiration to do the same..I have no monetary gain from what I do,hence the way my Legacy page shows all my albums/galleries from the newest down to the oldest.

      3. Stuart,

        I’ve seen your Smugmug Site. It’s nice and simple but I must say I had difficulties to visualize the complete homepage …

        I am tempted to make you an offer :
        You could send me your login and password so I could try to update your Site !

        Off course you would have to trust me for this !
        But with the new Smugmug way I could create several layouts for you to preview without affecting the legacy site or the content.
        When you get a layout that please you, a simple change of your password would lock again this site for me …

        Tell me if you would like to try that …

      4. Hi Stuart, we think it’s awesome that you’re finding great help from the community!🙂 I hid your comment because this public forum isn’t a place where you should reveal your login info, so if you and nspz want to get in touch, we recommend that you do this via email or some other way that isn’t also visible to everyone. Best of luck to you!

  49. Help!!! I have had many issues with the new smugmug one of which has to do with the connection between Lightroom and SmugMug. In Lightroom, I save almost all of my photos in raw and have always been able to select those I wanted to show on Smugmug and create a gallery and when I published that gallery the photos would automatically convert to jpg. This no longer works and I am unable to publish any new photos to smugmug (no matter what format they are in). I also noticed that the folder organization that I set up in the new smugmug was not showing up in the smugmug hierarchy in Lightroom. I have sent an inquiry to the ‘heroes’ but it has now been 4 days and I haven’t heard back so I thought I’d troubleshoot on my own. I found in the lightroom smugmug plugin settings an option to sync photos and hierarchy. This seemed a good option but alas, now it is telling me that I have over 800 conflicts to resolve (many of which seem to be the .jpg vs .nef difference in extensions in smugmug vs lightroom). It is making me resolve these one at a time. This will take me hours … I fear if I cancel the process I’ll lose all of the galleries that I’ve created on smugmug. I’m really at a loss of what to do and I have to say extremely frustrated by this whole transition process. I have spent way too much time on this and keeping running into road blocks. Thoughts? suggestions?

    1. hey KSeb,

      I had the same problems and we’re not alone …
      I think our mistakes have been to try and play with the Smugmug plugin before it was really fixed to work with the new Smugmug !

      With Lightroom smart galleries I found only one solution to fix the messed galleries (In fact on Smugmug side nothing is broken, only the links with the plugin are faulty … I think) :
      1) Use the Smugmug organizer to delete the pictures in the messed gallery.
      2) Use the sync option of the plugin.
      3) Then publish again the pictures !
      It’s not perfect but I tried to fix the conflicts you signaled without any success …

      With Lightroom standard galleries the problem is worse…
      After the 1) and 2) step above I had to empty the Lightroom gallery too then I had to refill the gallery on the lightroom side before publising again !

      Voila …

      If somedy has a better solution I’ll be glad to read it !

      1. Hi – thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the conflicts are across all of my galleries meaning I’d have to delete everything and start over which would take me forever since I don’t have a one to one relationship between the photos in my Lightroom folders and those in my published galleries. Also since I’m not able to sync or publish .nef files (as I was before) then I’ll need to convert all of the pictures that I want published to .jpg first and then publish. I’m working with standard galleries not smart galleries as well so would need to do the complete refill. This would take me weeks and weeks to do. What I would like to see is SmugMug fix the plugin so that it works like it used to and converts the files to .jpg when publishing them and once that’s done recognizes that an .nef file in Lightroom is a ‘match’ for a .jpg file in smugmug. I really like the features and functionality of smugmug and the presentation, etc… but am finding this migration to be so cumbersome that I might just have to jump ship unless they fix some of these bugs. But of course jumping ship would mean a lot of work in getting my photos up on another site. Thanks again. I’m sorry I have company in this!!

  50. I just want to say a massive thank you to the fellow member here who offered and put together my new Homepage.I really do love it,and now it`s published,I can now peruse and figure out what things since going live yesterday,I had over 6,000 views in one day!!Dont know if it was anything to do with the new Homepage,or coincidence.

  51. I do not see any option to buy from a slideshow viewed on a iphone. I have several had several people tell me they would love to buy a photo if they saw an option to buy. Most of my viewers are are cell phones, please help me understand what I need to do to display the add to cart option on a mobile device. It is not realistic to expect that purchases can only be made from a desktop.

    1. @slwolff: I don’t think that today there is a way to purchase photos from mobile devices on SmugMug at all. Visitors can only browse the site on a mobile device but have no access to the shopping cart. People send me emails stating that they see no way to purchase anything. I used to get surprised and would tell them that there should be a “Shopping Cart” button – only to eventually realize that they were trying to do it on a mobile device. Many people today don’t even own anything but a smartphone or tablet.

      1. Yes, I also used to tell people they must have been looking at it incorrectly. I now realize they are not and I am totally shocked that SmugMug released a new package advertising it easily adapts to mobile devices and allows customers to purchase. I do not see any documentation indicating purchases can only be made from a desktop. I also cannot find any documentation indicating easily adapts to mobile devices really means no matter what gallery options you choose, you cannot choose options for mobile devices. They will see collage, be able to select slideshow, will not be able to share, and will not be able to purchase, Most of my customers use mobile devices exclusively; so I am paying for options that hardly anyone will see. This is a major issue and should be disclosed by SmugMug up front.

      2. I just checked on 3 devices to be sure :
        On Retina iPad the “Add to cart” button is there at the top of a gallery, in both landscape and portrait mode.
        On Nexus 7 Android tablet it’s Ok in landscape mode but not in portrait mode.
        On HTC One Android Smartphone (720p) none of the modes show the Cart button.

        So when Smugmug enters the mobile mode bye bye Cart button, I think it’s a bug but it doesn’t block the cart in every tablet or smartphone but only when the screen width is under a limit …
        I think if you checked on a full HD smartphone it would be Ok … But I don’t have one to try it !

        1. It is not okay on my Iphone nor on my Android . I had not tried on Ipad, but after reading the response from Heros that they currently did not support any way to purchase from these devices, I took their word for it. I don’t know how to force a customer into landscape mode and don’t want to. I also tried to change the gallery display from slideshow. That worked on my desktop but on my iphone, it still forced me to a collage view and if I click a photo, I am immediately taken to slideshow (even though I disabled slideshow view in my gallery settings) I have had calls from 8 people in the last two weeks telling me they could not find a way to purchase a photo (5 were iPhone 5 and 3 were Android). I would expect every customer to see a cart regardless of device and I should not have to force anything. Please review the dgrin support forum comments regarding no support and let me know if you still agree. I am finding a pretty consistent disconnect between responses on this page and responses on Dgrin and other locations.

          1. slwolff :
            It is not okay on my Iphone nor on my Android . I had not tried on Ipad, but after reading the response from Heros that they currently did not support any way to purchase from these devices, I took their word for it. I don’t know how to force a customer into landscape mode and don’t want to. I also tried to change the gallery display from slideshow. That worked on my desktop but on my iphone, it still forced me to a collage view and if I click a photo, I am immediately taken to slideshow (even though I disabled slideshow view in my gallery settings) I have had calls from 8 people in the last two weeks telling me they could not find a way to purchase a photo (5 were iPhone 5 and 3 were Android). I would expect every customer to see a cart regardless of device and I should not have to force anything. Please review the dgrin support forum comments regarding no support and let me know if you still agree. I am finding a pretty consistent disconnect between responses on this page and responses on Dgrin and other locations.

            I don’t think it is so disconnected :
            The mobile mode is not supported.
            But the mobile mode is activated under a precise screen width (I would say around 1080px…) so it depends on your device screen width !
            I think their old dialog box used for the Cart has to be trashed and rebuild to fit on small screens…

      3. My sentiments on some of the choices SmugMug has made with the new platform don’t go along with the over-the-top self-congratulatory fanfare we have been presented with… Some of the useful legacy features or workflows were simply dropped or crippled in the new platform – without a warning. Most likely, because it became technically not trivial to keep them. That’s the only reasonable explanation I can think of. I have been designing and implementing enterprise software for a living for almost 20 years. I am very familiar with the specifics of the culture and life cycles of a wide variety of software projects. The fact that SM chose to spend so much time and effort on delivering the obviously important glitzy part of their product while neglecting to maintain focus on the even more important business features and robustness (dropping the ball in many ways), may be an indication of the weakness of the technical leadership. If a developer or tech lead comes to you all excited about the new cool UI paradigm, there are many questions you’d want to ask: is it going to affect the important and popular features we already have, is it going to divert us from other essential efforts, will it take so much time that we would have to cut down on functionality, is it going to dictate how other layers are implemented (God forbid!!!) etc. You always have to find compromises and, perhaps, instead of spending months primarily on the nifty stuff, invest more time and effort into a better/smarter architecture that would accommodate the nicer looks AND the powerful functionality. (You may have to hire the people who know how to design such architecture.) How can anyone today come up with a brand new (not updated and repackaged old, but all new!) web product whose most important features seize to exist if the site is viewed on mobile devices? Yes, designers work with laptops, desktops and huge monitors, sure. But the customers who order photos – literally, almost 100% of them – never let go of their smartphones all day long. And we are only witnessing the beginning of this trend!

        1. I would rather think (hope) that they gave priority to the new UI to be able to compete with other photos sites and they will fix the remnants of old time if given time to do so :
          I really think the Add to Cart “bug” on mobile is only a dialog box redesign matter to fit low resolution devices.
          The share (ugly…) dialog box should be easily fixed too.
          About sales the lack of localized solution will be way harder to fix…

  52. I have several questions from repeated customers, asking why display of their Favorites photos has changed. When they mark the Favorite photo, the images get grayed out and the grey heart is placed in the middle of them. To make matter worse, when they click to see their selected favorites, all images continue to be grayed out. It is very counter intuitive to make Favorites less visible. Could we do back to making images with red heart and displaying photos at full color, at least on the selected Favorites gallery?
    Thank you

  53. Here is another minor annoyance…in the old smug when you hovered you mouse over a thumbnail you would get the file number popup so that we could easily pick out a file by file in the smugmug default design that no longer happens…
    and I see that in the collage landscape design..if you now hover your mouse over one of the collage thumbs sometimes you get the file numbers and sometimes you get the crazy smugmug file designation instead of your own file come on what the heck does that smugmug file name mean to any of us..

    this is but a small but another of the minor annoyances that have replaced what used to be a very useful utilitarian site.
    It may look better..but that is it.

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