Release Notes for August, Part Deux

We’ve been fixing a lot of stuff lately so we thought it’d be a good time to update you all on a few more things we’ve shipped this month. Without further ado:

Embed Videos from Vimeo

You asked, we delivered! You can now embed your Vimeo videos into your pages, in addition to SmugMug and YouTube videos. You’ll find that content block under the “Video” section of your customization menu.

Use Wufoo

Want more than just our basic contact form? No problem – the folks at Wufoo specialize in embeddable forms in all shapes, colors and sizes! If you’ve already got a Wufoo account, simply grab the shortlink they give you and look under the “Social” section of your customization menu. You’ll find the new Wufoo Form content block ready and waiting for you to paste it in.

Keep Better Tabs on Us

What’s more important than the status of Probably not a whole lot, so we’ve made it better than ever before. Check it out now and get familiar with it, so if you think you’re seeing something strange, you can peek in and see how we’re doing.

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Miscellaneous improvements

  • Statcounter and Google Analytics work properly on migrated and unveiled SmugMug sites.
  • Added the ability to discard your changes while in customization mode.
  • Animated gifs display motion at all SmugMug sizes, not just Originals.
  • Fixed UTF-8 fonts to display correctly.
  • Added navigation arrows to SmugMug gallery style
  • Option to hide the Slideshow button in Gallery Settings.
  • Added option to add separators between your menu bar links.
  • Cleaned up the lightbox so the same arrows and options show up no matter where you’re using the lightbox.
  • Favicons should stick. For really-real this time.
  • We smacked Smart Galleries so that they fetch new photos faster.


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55 thoughts on “Release Notes for August, Part Deux”

  1. I’m surprised you buried ‘ability to discard your changes’ under Miscellaneous improvements… that’s a huge improvement!

  2. Nice updates
    any chance you are gonna bounce into the 21st century and offer mobile device purchasing?
    By that i mean the ability to purchase from a mobile device
    asking Pro’s to beg for votes on the begging for votes site is not the way to deal with it.
    It should be just there like EVERY other site in the world that has e-commerce
    Go on do something ground breaking for your 15% commission and you might even make more.
    More options for sales = more options for 15%’s nice and simple

    1. What John said…Pa-lease…I was SHOCKED to find out e-commerce isn’t available on smartphones. In a day and age where the majority of the nation uses smart phones EVERYWHERE they go, my sales are limited to people who have to physically sit down in front of their computer to complete a purchase? On top of that…many of my clients have let me know their corporations have smugmug BLOCKED because it’s a photo housing site, so the ease of being able to purchase from a smartphone is essential to be able to make that quick sale on event sales. Does Flickr have the ability for their customers to purchase from a smartphone?? In my opinion this simple functionality should be a TOP priority for smugmug clientele.

      1. E-commerce for Smart Phones would be nice. I didn’t realize that you could not purchase on a phone. I am hoping that some of the changes SmugMug has made makes the site easier for my customers to use but several of them use their Smart Phones to access the website to begin with. No wonder they haven’t been able to purchase photos thru the website!

  3. Can you PLEASE get rid of the forced heirarchy of folders before galleries for homepage organization. This one thing is killing my ability to keep my site as clean and easy as possible to navigate. Thanks for all the bug fixes and updates!!

    1. I agree 100%. I have contacted Smugmug regarding this issue a half a dozen times but I either get no response at all from SM or they just send me a link to a video I can watch (and the video has nothing to do with this issue).

    2. This is already done. There is a different content block called “Folders, Galleries & Pages” that will let you sort however within.

      1. Goto CUSTOMIZE, CUSTOMIZE SITE, then choose where you would like this placed. On my site I’ve chosen “On all Folders”. Choose the CONTENT tab below and it will show “On all Folders” and below that what you have chosen to include. If you currently have a navigation block there (or several, maybe one that is folders, one that is galleries and one that is pages) you can replace that with one block called “Folders, Galleries, & Pages”. Before removing you current blocks, I would make note of the settings for each (wrench icon) so you can make the new block the same. Once you have removed the old blocks, scroll down, choose NAVIGATION then drag “Folders, Galleries, & Pages” out on to your layout. Adjust the settings to control the “sort by” and “sort direction” and publish (or preview) the changes. Now you are done.

  4. What about the watermark issue on the Folder and Galleriy Display thumbs? Also, the ability to use javascript and header tags like I am on my current site. Waiting….

  5. I am wondering if you will add back the hover option so that people can hover over video’s and get the descriptions. All my video’s start with the same frame so this ability would be huge especially in search. Right now search just returns thumbnails with gallery namme. Keep up the good work.

    1. On another side not the ability to add adsense to the page is also huge. This is how I derive a percentage of my income each year and is super important to me and others.

  6. Dowoo Lee :
    Any chance the homepage slideshow could display more than the current 40 photo selection limit?

    that was one of the things I noticed was a change, I too had more than 40 in my original slideshow folder and I had to select a lot less and be that much more picky, would be nice to have more though.

  7. I’m running the new SM on both my personal and business site, and I appreciate your constant work to fix the kinks in the system and respond to feedback. But mostly, I just wanted to say – I am madly, passionately, and totally IN LOVE with the new site! The look is clean, modern, and inviting, the site is much faster, and the increased organizing flexibility is a huge improvement. My users are raving. Thanks!

  8. No adsense keeps me from updating to new smugmug. I wish in legacy smugmug it was possible to have more columns of galleries on the home page.

  9. I may have missed this somewhere.. but I would like the ability to assign a Price List at a Folder level. 2nd) the ability to create a download(s) package where I can offer more options than just a single download or complete gallery download/purchase.

  10. Still no digital file delivery delay or self fulfill button of some sort. I waited with baited breath so see that hopefully in the new roll out. Sadly it didn’t happen and I’m forced to continue with the ugly Paypal buttons for now.

  11. How about fixing the Lightroom plugin so it works with SmugVault? Also, we need the ability to sell items through keyword links (and yes, I know about events, but that doesn’t work for me).

  12. Am I the ONLY person who des not want SMUGMUGs logo on my shopping cart?

    Am I the only one who thinks its funny that they touted ( On their website mind you ) 100% Customizeable! When you cant change anything on the shopping cart??? How on Earth is that 100% customize-able??

    KUDOS on fixing the favicon…thats a start.

    1. you can customise the shopping cart on mine you can anyway
      Its still SMUG MUG then the artist mind you
      Smug want their cake want to eat it and not give out the crumbs
      They NEVER EVER EVER listen and put everything to votes
      the heroes are far less than heroic these days taking days to get back.
      the new site i use loads badly and a lot of the time it wont load again once you have clicked on an image
      especially on tablet devices
      sometimes i think i was sold snake oil
      my images do look better on smug mug but with 15,000 odd hits this month and no sales other than a referred digital licence its getting traction but making no traction

      1. May be important to not that while you have 15000 odd hits this month, most users are “hitting” from smartphones or tablet devices and SmugMug doesn’t have e-commerce set up on those devices. So while your clients can look and look and preview and study your images from their phones or ipads, they have NO WAY to purchase them. For our clients to be able to purchase our images..they have to be sitting at a computer. That is pathetic.

        For additional visibility, post your comments on their FB…

    2. One thing to remember guys, is that at that point the ball is almost completely in their hands. They can, and will, handle ALL support for YOUR customers concerning their purchase. This is what you are paying for by the way. Also, as the photographers, there is very little we can do for support other than contact SmugMug ourselves. Let them take the heat, and the praise, when it’s due.


    1. I haven’t had any issues ’til just a minute ago. I had to go to the Upload link and it took me to the “one at a time” option so I had to select the HTML5 uploader. Now it’s coming back up correctly when I click the link and choose a gallery. Could have been an upgrade glitch? Hope this helps.

    2. Oh, when you go to the Canyon, if you’ve not been to the North side, you need to go. In my opinion it’s nicer, more natural and less crowded than the South side. Worth the trip.

  14. Thanks for the work and the updates. I anticipate it will only get better as it has in the past.

    When I tried to use the new Wufoo Form content block, I end up with the plain Jane, nondescript form as shown above. Actually worked out fine for me as it forced me to try using it with a menu link on the homepage. Works great! Click the link and a pleasing little form pops up in a new tab.

    Maybe that’s the best way to use it anyhow.

    Thanks again.

      1. I have been trying to do this with my gallery In the organizer but since there are no descriptions I have no way of knowing which videos are which because all of them start with the same poster frame Image – am I missing something here it seems like without the description data I’m screwed with my 88000 videos hosted by SmugMug. anybody help would be appreciated.

      2. Are you trying to bulk edit galleries, folders or individual videos/photos? You can bulk edit gallery and folder settings by selecting all of them in the site organizer and choosing settings. Now if you can’t tell which is which from the Featured image or the gallery/folder name, then how did you do this before? The legacy bulk feature had only gallery names to choose from (but you could select galleries from multiple categories, which you can’t do now)

        1. Great question I never needed to do this before since I could enter a keyword search and customers could hover over the thumbnail and get the description, now it just returns the gallery name on the thumbnail and all poster frames are the same. So short term I was going to organize by gallery but without a filename, caption, or etc it seems impossible without previewing many videos. also if I remember in the past I could do a keyword search then select all and move to a gallery very easily and or caption that keyword search very easily. Please help me if you have a better way.

  15. It’s a start, but there’s a long way to go yet. Since I switched my site visits have halved and I have made NO sales at all. Something wrong with the SEO here guys. You still say it’s 100% customizable. It’s not and that is false advertising. I want buttons to say what I want not what you think I want! We’re paying for a premium service and not getting one. If I hadn’t spent hundreds of hours on my site and uploading 50gb + of aerial photos I’d have left by now as I’m sure many will have done already. It needs sorting and fast. Zenfolio and Photodeck will be rubbing their hands with a huge smile on their faces!

  16. I am very happy with my “old” site, but after playing in your “sandbox”, I am stuck in sandbox hell. Every time I log into my smugmug site, i get the “sandbox” view. PLEASE GIVE ME A WAY TO GO BACK TO MY GOOD OL SMUGMUG SITE.

    BTW, the reason I hate the new SM is the same reason commit #3, Outer Focus Photos, I want all my clients galleries on my homepage (just like it has always been).

    I have contacted your “support heroes” but all they do is send me links to videos I can watch to learn how to create a new site. I don’t want a new site, I want my old site back!!

    1. I 100% agree too.

      The new look is not geared towards image and print sales, it is geared towards social networking/image sharing. I bought SmugMug Pro because I’m a professional photographer and I sell my images; I don’t give them away. The new SmugMug is more like a visual social media.

      Personally, last year I noticed SmugMug going downhill and began wonder if they might be a sinking ship. With the new re-design, I wonder if it is a last-ditch effort to save the ship. I’ve seen this type of behavior from numerous companies in Silicon Valley. It will be interesting to see if they are around next year this time.

  17. Oh and i forgot
    now we have to put up with pintheft because smug mug think its ok to allow thieving magpie lowlife zombie pinterest addicts to pin our stuff as they have STOPPED us being able to insert the code to prevent casual pinning
    I dont want my work next to vaginas on pinterest and my work being eternally licensed to them even though i have not agreed to do it some thieving magpie zombie pinterest addict is now effectively allowed to.
    Its also forced me to put on BIGGER watermarks
    Its ok for use to get pumped but even this blog does not have pinterest buttons
    dual standards guys dual standards

  18. You should probably increase your graph size on your status page. Your load times are so long right now you can’t even fit them on your own graph.

    I uploaded 73 photos over an hour ago and you have processed 1.

    1. I only have 8 uploading Matt, and they’ve been processing WAY too long.

      Do you think they went on vacation and left nobody on call to fix things? Of course, my client is waiting to see her photos… this looks badly for my company when I have a client waiting to see her retouched images, and I’m waiting so I can close the studio and start my weekend. (Yeah, I’m a little ticked off right now.)

  19. In 1775, Patrick Henry said, “I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

    In 2013, SmugMug users are saying, “Give me Legacy SmugMug or give me a refund.”

    I’m having the same problem Matt. It’s taking hours to “process” the images, and they used to be done quickly. I’m with John, I think SmugMug has pandered to the thieving public and forgot about the businesses that were using their product as a business tool. And, like rnuff I want the OLD SmugMug back. Don’t tell me the new one is better. From where I sit, it looks bad.

    I’d really like my annual fee pro-rated and refunded. Although the terms state that’s not allowed, I’m sure a judge would rule that SmugMug changed the way the site works and thus voided those terms. (I smell a class-action.)

  20. Thanks for all the updates. Most I do not use are even understand, but these updates are encouraging me to check them out closer and learn more.

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