SmugMug Suggests: Get to Know Your Gmail Inbox

If you use the Gmail to check your email, you may have noticed the new tabs at the top of your inbox. If you’re still not sure how this impacts the way you work (or which messages you see), here’s a few tips from us.

SmugMug sends out periodic newsletters and Gmail conveniently files these, along with similar types of emails, into their new Promotions tab. You’ll see a “New” flag in the tab at the top whenever you receive a new filtered message.

While this may seem like it’s “hidden” from you (because your inbox defaults to your Primary inbox), filing it away may actually be more convenient in the long run. Tabs let you read your email on your own time, enabling you to catch up with your favorite brands when you’re ready, without them getting lost in the shuffle.

Still, we understand that some people love the one-bucket approach, so here’s how you can manage your messages.

If you want to hear from us instantly:

Simply drag our newsletter out from your Promotions tab and drop it into your Primary tab. Future messages from us will be received right there, up front and center.

Alternatively, you can disable tabs entirely by going to your Gmail settings, clicking on the Inbox tab and unchecking all the “Categories” boxes. More help is available on Google’s help pages.

If you’d rather take your time:

You don’t have to do a thing. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled for that little badge letting you know that we’ve sent you something new.

That’s it from us. See you next time… in whichever tab you prefer!

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