Get to Know Alumini Prints by Loxley Colour

We’ve always been thrilled blown away by the incredible quality of our four print labs, but we still run into quite a few SmugMug customers who don’t know that we offer a way to print photos, period. So in the spirit of spreading the good news, we’ll periodically feature our labs’ favorite print products and dig a little deeper so that you can dig right in and try them for yourself. Remember that print products and merchandise are available for purchase direct from your galleries at any time.

Our first featured lab, Loxley Colour, is located in the UK to more conveniently service our Portfolio and Business customers (and their clients) in the EU, although they will ship your goodies anywhere you wish. Today they’re talking about their robust, waterproof Alumini prints, which feature your image, a durable aluminum surface and a total of 4 optional finishes. Enjoy!

Where does Loxley Colour find inspiration about new products that it offers?

Finished Alumini Print at Loxley Colour

We continually strive to offer our customer the best products on the market, and that takes a lot of research. We study what’s going on in markets all over the world and we listen to what our customers need to make their business thrive. Everyone in our company is encouraged to give input into what our portfolio offers our customers. We have a dedicated research and development team that takes our collective inspiration and creates products of the highest quality. We never stop thinking about how we can make our existing products better and how we can bring new products to the market to inspire our customers and our customers’ customers.

Alumini Prints: What and Why

Detail of Alumini Prints at Loxley Colour

We introduced the Alumini print to the market in 2010. Loxley Colour was the first lab in Europe to bring this product to the market. We worked closely with specialists in the USA to perfect the process and bring it to photographers in the UK and Europe. The product has a real WOW factor, unlike anything out there in the market. The Alumini print process adds a whole new dimension to wall products. We’ve worked tirelessly fine-tune and improve the process to allow us to offer our customers bigger sizes, up to 60×40”.

What do your employees think about the experience of crafting your products?

Preparing Alumini prints at Loxley Colour

Every one of our products is developed and honed to perfection in-house. The team at Loxley have a hands-on approach in creating every one of our products, including the Alumini prints.

Gary, our Alumini team leader & creator extraordinaire, gives each order a personal touch from start to finish, taking the time and care to ensure the quality of each image is flawless as it can be.

Inspecting Alumini prints at Loxley Colour

“Working with such a unique product is both a challenge and a delight. Because of the nature of the material, it takes time and care to ensure the final product is perfect for our customer.” He adds, “I see some of the most amazing images arriving in the Alumini department. From the vibrant wedding scenes to awe inspiring landscapes, they’re all a real pleasure to produce.”

How do you ensure consistent quality and durability with so much demand?

Preparing Alumini Prints at Loxley Colour

Each product within the Loxley Colour portfolio is tested, fine tuned, tested and tested again to make sure it’s the best product possible. We never bring a product to market which hasn’t painstakingly developed in house beforehand.

Before introducing the Alumini an intensive research and development process ironed out the finer details of the process and ensured we’d bring to market a unique product, with a range of options straightaway. Since its introduction, much like its popularity, we’ve gone from strength to strength and not only gone bigger and better with our range, offering sizes up to a show-stopping 60×40’.

What makes the Alumini prints such a fabulous product?

The Alumini has so many appealing features: it’s unique, durable, versatile, weather and moisture resistant. Its ability to make vibrant photography stand out and create real impact is second to none. Clarity of image is truly something to behold, particularly in our most popular finish – Gloss.

Finally: What’s your advice for keeping Alumini prints looking perfect forever?

Preparing Alumini Prints at Loxley Colour

The Alumini from Loxley Colour is an innovative metal print wall product produced using state of the art high definition print technology. Due to the nature of aluminium, from time to time there may be slight imperfections by way of subtle craters or bumps. Whilst we take the greatest care to ensure each sheet is inspected and these are avoided, or kept to an inconspicuous area of the print, some may still be visible.

Whilst the Alumini is weather and moisture resistant, direct sunlight may fade the print, so please keep them out of direct sunlight. The Alumini is at its most impressive teamed with vibrant, colourful photography. It’s the perfect product for landscapes, high key photography, feature wedding and portrait images and any image that creates impact.

We hope you’ve all learned something new about our labs and what they offer, regardless of where you live and what you love to photograph. If you’ve never before turned your images into beautiful prints at SmugMug, we recommend that you give it a try! Simply log in to your account and look for the Add to Cart button in any of your SmugMug galleries. If you’ve disabled printing to visitors, the button will read “Owner Buy.” Learn more about printing at SmugMug.

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14 thoughts on “Get to Know Alumini Prints by Loxley Colour”

  1. Wouldnt it be great if out customers could get an idea what these look like before purchasing…
    Pity Loxely wont allow use of any of the images on our site nor does the smug mug cart give an indication of what they look like
    EVERY SINGLE OTHER sales channel does
    Can you guys start favouring people who sell rather than people who don’t we need these tools to help us make our yearly fees back

    1. Hi John – Loxley Colour customers are welcome to use detail shots of our products featured on the website that don’t contain other photographer’s images. A large majority of our customers who feature the products on their website or brochure, and want a more full scale shot, overlay their own images on the products to showcase their photography and the products together. We also offer a sample discount for those customers who would like to feature the products in their studio or collection.

      1. I asked and was told no via your facebook page.
        So which types are you allowed to use?
        I did also ask about the cart and integration like you see on most pods but that’s being worked on.

        1. As mentioned on the facebook page, we’re working on a solution for our customers that’s alternative to this, however it’s a very involved process due to the volume of products we have to available. You can use detail images that don’t feature images, (we’re sure you appreciate the need to stress that you don’t use images that feature other photographers work) however we have a host of images that feature the finer details of the products and not our customers photography, those you might find useful to use. 🙂

  2. You could have 100 fabulous labs, and it won’t help us at all if they are in foreign countries, as ALL of your labs are. We don’t really care if you are giving multiple labs to others while you continue to neglect the entire country.

  3. Hi, when can normal customers get prints in the UK rather than having to ship from the states? I love SmugMug but this aspect is infuriating.

    1. Hi Mike
      All of my prints ship from Loxley in the uk.
      You need to choose the lab when you create your price list. Not try and change after.
      I have a few lists in case anyone from the USA wants to purchase. On the whole Loxley orints are beautiful quality. .There are a few smug tutorials on making price lists up just Google it🙂

      1. I think when mike says “normal customers” he means people without the Pro/Business account. I think his only options right now are “EZ Prints” in the US.

        1. Aaron Meyers :
          I think when mike says “normal customers” he means people without the Pro/Business account. I think his only options right now are “EZ Prints” in the US.

          Yeah thats a problem which should not be one really
          I don’t get why smug offer the restrictive labs scenario it does not make any sense at all
          the same as being allowed to offer discounts or not. these are things that really don’t cost them anything to implement unless of course i am mistaken and they do?

  4. So “Alumini Prints” are essentially the same thing as a “Metal Print”? Why change the name that so many people are familiar with?

    When I first read it, I read it as “Alumni Prints” (like an alumni of a university … I missed the “i” between the “M” and “N”) and was so confused!

    1. Hi Aaron, “Alumini Prints” are the prints that are offered through UK’s Loxley Colour and “MetalPrints” are what are offered through our US-based lab, Bay Photo. Hope this helps!

  5. Alumini prints – I also read it as “Alumni Prints” … I had no clue what the product was until I read this. If I misread it as well, then certainly people who are not British will have no clue. Why not call them METAL or ALUMINIUM or something like that so it is clear to people who do not have English as a first language ?

    And please note – the rest of Europe uses CENTIMETRES and the picture frames here are sold in CENTIMETRES. The simple print is impossible to order “at a glance” to fit an existing frame because there is no attempt to use centimetres on the site. Whilst Loxley has lovely products, and will be a great choice for some people, I do not see why there is no translation to centimetres for the rest of Europe !

    And then we have the whole postage shipping issue from the UK over an ocean to find the rest of the EU – why not also find a photo lab that is on the continent to work with – so the shipping is not so problematic. There are good French, German and Dutch labs out there !!!

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