Release Notes: Scope Your Search, AdSense Content Block, Organizer Filenames

It’s that time again, happy SmugMuggers! Here’s a quick update on what we’ve updated and fixed over the last few weeks.

Choose Where to Search

This is just what the doctor ordered for all you folks who want to cordon off your viewers’ searches to a specific portion of your site. Now when you click the settings you can choose exactly which folders and galleries get searched using the input in this field.

So, for example, if you took several galleries’ worth of photos on an epic world vacation 2013, fans who are looking for photos of “elephants” in India won’t dig up photos of elephants from your local zoo. Keep in mind that the regular search tips apply, so be sure you’re up to speed.

Tip: This new setting applies to the Search Box content block ONLY, and not to the search box that appears in your site header. That one will continue to search only the page that you’re currently viewing.

NEW AdSense Content Block

We’ve never forced SmugMug customers to display ads on their site, but we do have a fair number of business customers who wanted the ability to display paid ads to their own viewers. Due to popular demand, Power, Portfolio and Business accounts now have the ability to add Google Adsense units to any page on your site using the new AdSense content block.

You can add up to three of these blocks to any page, but please refer to your AdSense Terms of Service for specific information about what you should and shouldn’t do. Enjoy!

Filenames in Organizer

You gave us a lot of feedback about those thumbnails you’re seeing in your site-wide Organizer, and how you wanted to be able to see the filenames for each and every one. It was one of those “Why didn’t we think of that?” moments, so now we’ve added in a toggle for your organizing pleasure.

Find it in the upper right corner of the browsing pane of your Organizer.

Two Slideshow Improvements

Thanks to your feedback on our forums, we’ve added a randomization option to your Slideshow content block, found under the “Display” tab of the block settings. So now you don’t have to decide which photo gets seen first.

We also brought back edge-to-edge, full screen slideshow displays. This applies to the big slideshow that appears after you hit the “full screen” button in any gallery style as well as the Slideshow content block. Note that this applies only if you have Originals enabled in the photos’ gallery settings and if your Original photo resolution is large enough to stretch across the screen. We also won’t stretch (AKA distort) images to fit screens, so you may still see some letterboxing if your image isn’t the perfect shape.


Last but never least, here are our top picks from the mix of other fixes:

  • Added back “Sharpening” settings for Power User accounts.
  • Properly updated the preview URL when you click Hide Owner.
  • Fixed stuttering video playback in some public galleries.
  • Photos in passworded galleries with external linking “Off” will display properly when collected and used as featured photos.
  • Gallery privacy levels (unlisted, private, passworded) are shown in all gallery picker windows.

Till next time. Keep the feedback coming!

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10 thoughts on “Release Notes: Scope Your Search, AdSense Content Block, Organizer Filenames”

  1. PLEASE restore the ability to directly comment a photo under the large right hand image in SmugMug mode. The new method only allows comments on small images. I need to see the large image when adding comments. This is the primary feature I use and the new design is unusable for me.

    I’m happy with legacy so one option that would work for me is to keep legacy forever and not put a drop dead date on it.


    1. Hi John, would you please shoot our Support Heroes a message with a link to one of your galleries where you’re trying to do this? The SmugMug gallery style in the new SmugMug is laid out the same as legacy, so comments should appear under the big photo on the right, as before. It may be something in the settings that’s not right but our Heroes can help us all get on the same page. Thanks!

  2. Is there any way to make the full, edge to edge slideshow act as a background to the page? I know there are lots of hacks in the forums to do this, but I was under the impression that SM was updating the slideshow to do this as well. I know many people want to be able to display a fullscreen slideshow, with their navbar on top of it, on their homepage, without having to use a CSS hack that requires hard-coding in the images. Is this request still in the works?

    1. Hi Aaron! This request was indeed a big one since we launched the new version and we are still working this out. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Gallery expiration dates!!!! It’s been an untouched “want/suggestion” on your suggestion page for like 3 years now. I want real functionality to be added or fixed these days. I don’t care too much about some of these random updates that don’t seem as necessary to the pro user or client to save time on my end of things – and I know I’m not the only one here either. Sorry if I sound nasty here but your job is to make my life easier as a pro photographer and pro account user. You really need to look more into importance of things you don’t have available here first.

    1. I agree with you on wanting to see new features added. There’s a whole list and there’s multiple places where the suggestions come from.

      In terms of these updates: if you check out the dgrin forums, these were some of the most requested features. While it may not be the feature *you* want most, there has been a very popular cry for these (specifically randomize slideshow). I’m glad to see that SmugMug is listening to us and implementing some of these. With patience hopefully they’ll get to all of the ones we want!

  4. I totally agree with Amy above who mentions the need for gallery expiration dates! PLEASE add this functionality soooooooon! It is an extremely inefficient use of our time to manually manage this function for every gallery in the sales pipeline!

    Can anyone at SmugMug give us an idea of when this feature will be added?

    1. Hi Teri, we know that expiring galleries is a big one for pro photographers. If you have not already, would you vote for this on our official feedback forum?

      We can’t give deadlines or hints about what we’re working on, but we love hearing what sorts of things are most important and what would make your lives easier. We track votes on the feedback forum and on Digital Grin and it helps us prioritize. So please weigh in. Thanks!

  5. Where do we stand with Community support in the new layout? Last I saw that was being researched. It’s still the only item outstanding that is preventing me from publishing the new site.

  6. “We’ve never forced SmugMug customers to display ads on their site, ” … this is an obvious lie. They force the SmugMug Ad on the bottom of every page. Even though you pay a great deal of money for the “professional” look and feel – you cannot get it.

    They absolutely force an ad on every page – but they did not used to. This is new, and unprofessional. Just another way they ignore their paying customers.

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